The Curated Curiosities: 35+ Odd Thrift Store Finds That Defy Rationality

By Aileen D

Thrifting is a whirlwind of joys and challenges, where you can stumble upon a hidden gem amidst forgotten or undervalued treasures. The thrill of uncovering a valuable item and making a quick profit is unparalleled. However, it’s important not to overlook the reality of encountering mystery stains, questionable smells, and ill-fitting pieces in your endless quest for the perfect find.

That’s precisely why thrifting isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It’s a treasure hunt that demands your time, patience, and a keen eye for spotting the ideal item for yourself. Sometimes, you’ll just have to admit that a brand-new outfit is better for a special occasion. Thrifting might not fit the bill when it comes to hygiene and customization. But when you’re up for a unique adventure, a cautionary tale to share, and a shortlived experience, thrifting is a world of possibilities!


Picture yourself stumbling upon a colossal teddy bear, so huge that it can engulf you in its fluffy embrace. The sheer joy and comfort it brings are unmatched! You can snuggle up, forget all your worries, and feel like a kid again, without having to break the bank.

Image courtesy of bleucloud99 / Reddit

While a giant teddy bear may seem appealing, let’s address hygiene. Think about the dust bunnies and allergens lurking within those fluffy depths. It’s a tough choice, we know, considering the cleaning challenges and potential respiratory issues. Perhaps it’s safer and simpler to opt for smaller, equally adorable cuddle companions.

Calling All Eccentrics

Here we have a mannequin, bedazzled from head to toe with shimmering sequins, plastic pearls, and delicate lace. It stands there, an eccentric fashion statement, catching your eye and daring you to touch it. Careful now; there just might be bobby pins poking all throughout.

Image courtesy of operachick209 / Reddit

Who is the mastermind behind this bedazzled mannequin, and what purpose does it serve? Was it destined to be the star attraction at a glamorous fashion show or the undeniable showstopper in a daring boutique display? We could brainstorm many reasons, but here’s the bottom line—it’s an absolute scene-stealer.

Perfect for Skidding Knees

These wheels are a dream come true for our little adventurers aged 6 to 10! Bursting with vibrant colors and built to withstand the wildest escapades, these skates combine fun and safety. Just remember to strap on your knee pads and helmets, and you’ll be all set to roll into a world of excitement!.

Image courtesy of stfx2012 / Reddit

Imagine the joy on kids’ faces as they glide and twirl, gaining confidence with every stride. It’s a delightful way to keep active and develop motor skills, at least until they scrape their knees. But it’s a lesson in resilience!

Plus Tetani

You won’t believe what we discovered at a yard sale! A true treasure—a rusted lodge cast iron fish mold pan for just five bucks! Sure, it had its fair share of weathering and wear, but that only added to its undeniable character and charm. Just picture whipping up a batch of pancakes in this beauty.

Image courtesy of ToxicStardust / Reddit

With a touch of elbow grease and a generous helping of tender loving care, this culinary treasure is bound to sparkle like it’s brand new. Grabbing this incredible bargain was an absolute no-brainer. It’s truly astonishing what hidden gems await us in the most unexpected places; this fish mold pan is a testament to that.

The Many-Faced Clowns

Imagine entering a room and instantly being captivated by an oil painting demanding your full attention. It’s a mesmerizing sight—a gathering of multi-faced clowns, each one sporting its own distinctive expression. Some proudly showcase wide grins, exuding an air of both delight and mischief, while others whimsically puff away on comically oversized cigars.

Image courtesy of poshfiend / Reddit

There are sad clowns with tear-streaked faces and smirking clowns hiding secrets behind their painted façades. It’s a captivating blend of emotions. Love or fear them, these clowns evoke a range of emotions that make you wimp like a kid again.

Feed Me

Hold on to your hats, folks, because we just stumbled upon a mind-boggling listing on Facebook Marketplace. Someone is selling a “trash topper” in the form of a clown with a wide, gaping mouth—for a jaw-dropping price of 300 dollars!

Image courtesy of SamusAran47 / Reddit

Paying big bucks for a trash-themed clown seems a bit, well, trashy. But one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, right? Perhaps there’s a secret fan club for bizarre clown decor out there. Or maybe someone just wants to discourage you from emptying the trash can!


Doyle’s works are timeless classics. The thrill of following Holmes and Watson through perplexing cases, deciphering clues, and piecing together puzzles is simply exhilarating. In a world where deduction reigns supreme, every adventure leaves you craving more. Elementary, dear reader!

Image courtesy of brittlovesbooks92 / Reddit

Guess what this Redditor stumbled upon; a chalk ware figurine of Moriarty himself, the arch-nemesis of Sherlock Holmes! For just seven bucks, she couldn’t resist bringing this villainous treasure home. It’s like having a piece of Holmes’ world on her shelf, a constant reminder of the thrilling battles of wits.

Must Feed Cheese

Let us tell you about a party blunder we witnessed. Someone walks into a lively gathering wearing a low-quality Minnie Mouse mask they scored from a thrift store. The enthusiasm drains from the room as everyone takes in the poorly crafted, barely recognizable face.

Image courtesy of id0lize / Reddit

The disappointment is palpable, like a deflated balloon. It is a reminder that sometimes, bringing a lackluster item can inadvertently burst the bubble of excitement. Lesson learned: when it comes to party props, aim for quality over thrift store finds.


This furry friend has a bone to pick with its owner. You see, its owner had this grand idea of dressing it up in a matching Winnie the Pooh outfit. Little did its owner know the regret that would haunt his poor pup.

Image courtesy of Downhome / Reddit

Its tail drooped, and the once-playful spirit faded. It was a moment of realization that dogs have fashion boundaries too. And it would rather its eyes be covered than see itself dressed in someone else’s fur. Sorry, buddy, no more Pooh Bear adventures.

Lemme Show My Bird

You won’t believe what’s now towering over this Redditor’s bedroom desk—none other than a 5-foot-tall Woody Woodpecker! Call it whimsical or borderline crazy, but this flamboyant bird brings a dose of childhood nostalgia. Just look at it, with its lifeless eyes and forced smile.

Image courtesy of fun19922023 / Reddit

Sure, some may call it unconventional decor, but hey, who needs ordinary when you can have an oversized cartoon icon cheering you on as you work? Most of us have Woody Woodpeckers that can’t even stand to cheer us on every hour or every day.


Being a Star Wars fan is like embarking on an epic journey across galaxies. It’s a universe of adventure and imagination, from lightsaber duels to iconic characters. Whether quoting Yoda or debating the best movie, the Force is strong with us fans.

Image courtesy of filmbuffy42 / Reddit

If you’re a true Star Wars fan, you’ll know this guy. Love him or hate him, that floppy-eared Jar Jar Binks is unforgettable. Being able to identify him instantly is like a secret handshake that only the die-hard fans understand. Mee-sa proud to be part of that club!

Before Emojis

We stumbled upon this hidden treasure for craft enthusiasts. It’s the perfect nook for storing buttons, threads, and dressmaker’s pins. But here’s the twist—each drawer is decorated with a unique face! Smiling, winking, surprised—you name it.

Image courtesy of lexikhaos / Reddit

It’s like a quirky gallery of expressions that makes every visit to retrieve supplies a delightful experience. Organizing and crafting become even more enjoyable with this charming companion by your side. You’d be more likely to draw some cabinets shut while pulling on others.

Tough Grandma

Hold on to your seats because we have a thrift store tale that’ll tickle your funny bone. Picture this: a stool designed to resemble Grandma’s old legs. Fortunately for her rickety bones, this stool will remain stationary around the house.

Image courtesy of DiggityShack / Reddit

The detailed wrinkles and the dainty slippers make it a delightful conversation starter. Sitting on it feels like getting a warm hug from Grandma herself or hearing her crackling laugh. But beware, some might find it slightly eerie. After all, why wouldn’t you want to let Grandma do the resting?

Collect Them All

Guess what we stumbled upon in a Pokémon-themed thrift store? A true gem for collectors—a Psyduck figurine that will take anyone straight back to their childhood. This quirky, yellow duck Pokémon with its perpetually confusing expression is a comforting sight to see, especially now that we can afford it.

Image courtesy of Tronesos_Azurnat / Reddit

Adult money, ah, the power it holds. Finally, we can indulge in the treasures we couldn’t afford as children—fancy gadgets, nostalgic toys, or in this case, a Psyduck. It’s a delightful reminder of freedom and a sprinkle of childhood dreams brought to life.


Hold your horses, folks! We’ve got a beef-tacular tale for you. In the mood to waste some time and money, we swaggered into an antique shop and stumbled upon a beautifully carved bull figurine. And guess what? It was priced at a jaw-dropping $5!

Image courtesy of Natesantiqueshop / Reddit

Who could resist such a bullish bargain? Now, this dapper bull proudly graces our shelf, flaunting its intricate details with the swag of a bullionaire. It’s enough to make us feel like matadors waving our red flag in front of this majestic beast.

Wrong Aim

Imagine lounging on your porch, lazily sipping your lemonade, when suddenly, a gigantic moth swoops down out of nowhere and lands on your face. Startled, you spring to your feet, desperately trying to swat the creature away while frantically counting the steps leading to the flight of stairs on your porch.

Image courtesy of AliEffinNoble / Reddit

You successfully tear it off, only to discover that it isn’t just an ordinary moth. It was a living, talking creature with a tiny face, dressed in a suit as if on its way to work. As you attempt to squeeze it, it pleads with you, explaining that it had accidentally misfired from a catapult.

Needs Some Budget

Know what’s surprisingly attractive? Proper grammar. There’s just an inexplicable charm to a well-placed comma or flawlessly constructed sentence that can make a woman’s heart flutter. Call us grammar geeks, but good grammar is akin to a suave charmer—it has the power to elevate anything and give it an air of sophistication.

Image courtesy of elizabethany6 / Reddit

We happened to come across a tragic item plastered with incorrect grammar. Nothing shouts “cheap” louder than a product that lacks basic spelling and grammar accuracy. It’s as if its manufacturers neglected the importance of proofreading. It’s a complete cringe fest!

Off gaze

We happened to find this decorative bust of an androgynous lad. The sculpted features are captivating, blurring the lines between masculinity and femininity. As we prodded further we saw that there had been a line attached to it, and you can use this as a night lamp!

Image courtesy of corpuscalos / Reddit

But picture this: its eyes fixated on you, piercing through the darkness of the night. Having someone stand watch while you complete your homework is not the most reassuring thought. And if you shift its position, redirecting its gaze even slightly, you’ll be left wondering whom or what it’s peering at behind you.

Cherished Finds

Thrift shopping is a world where one person’s cast-offs become another person’s cherished finds. Take this prosthetic dinosaur head for example. It might have decorated the head of a prehistoric beast once, but now it hangs upon the wall of this Redditor’s theater room.

Image courtesy of jus_havin_fun / Reddit

This Redditor has taken quite a liking to this dinosaur’s head. She and her partner have even named him Fes. Every once in a while, they strike a conversation with the severed head, certain that despite their taunts, it can’t bend down and eat them.


Amongst the sea of random knick-knacks, this Redditor discovered a genuine treasure. The thrill of finding such a gem at an affordable price is pure magic. Who needs a pirate’s map when you can gaze upon an enamel tooth in thrift stores?

Image courtesy of BeautifulJustDaWayUR / Reddit

Thrift shopping is not just about scoring a bargain; it’s about the joy of embracing individuality and giving new life to pre-loved items. So next time you’re up for an adventure, grab a cart and dive into the wonderful world of dental tooth mining!

With the Addams

You won’t believe the jackpot we hit at the thrift store: collector’s dishes adorned with beautiful yet undeniably creepy doll faces. Who wouldn’t want to eat their pancakes while staring into the soul-piercing gaze of a porcelain doll? It’s like breakfast with the Addams Family.

Image courtesy of pterribledactyls / Reddit

Visitors may find themselves simultaneously impressed and slightly unsettled upon laying eyes on these hauntingly exquisite plates. The fusion of elegance and sheer creepiness is a rarity that captures attention. After all, who needs mundane, ordinary dishes when you can savor a meal accompanied by goosebumps? Bon appétit!

Pretty Deceiving

Brace yourself for the most cunningly deceptive stuffed toy we’ve ever come across. At an initial glance, it exudes impeccable attire and a sense of sophistication. However, as you lock eyes with it, a wave of terror washes over you! Its face—a baby mouse with beady, upward-gazing eyes.

Image courtesy of Downhome / Reddit

It embodies a paradoxical charm of an adorable rodent harboring a sinister agenda. Caught between smothering it or fleeing for safety, we find ourselves at a crossroad. Never trust a well-dressed mouse, for they are undoubtedly scheming something devious—perhaps depleting the house of cheese or orchestrating a grand cheddar feast for fellow rodents.


Get ready for the intriguing tale of the green stuffed toy we chanced upon. Its eyes, nearly worn away from years of affection, seemed to have witnessed a myriad of adventures. And alas, the unfortunate creature—their nose chewed off, as if it had endured an encounter with a mischievous puppy.

Image courtesy of Electrical-Pin-8830 / Reddit

Yet, something was endearing about its worn-out appearance. It had a character like a veteran storyteller with a few missing pieces. This Redditor couldn’t help but bring it home, a reminder that imperfections make us unique, and even a battered toy can hold a special place in someone’s heart.

From Umbilical Cord

Get ready for a spine-chilling tale. We stumbled upon a sculpture, or rather an abomination, in the form of a grotesque baby. And we’re not referring to the usual adorable cherub-like features; oh no. We encountered a baby with distorted characteristics—hooded eyelids and a wicked grin that sent shivers down our spines.

Image courtesy of boxoffingernails / Reddit

Who would willingly welcome this unsettling creation into their home? It resembles a surreal art project that took a dark turn or perhaps an effort to ward off unwanted guests. If that’s the case, we must commend them, for it effectively evicted us from the thrift shop.

No overstaying

Among the eclectic furniture finds, there it was—an oddity that took the cake. We couldn’t help but take a closer look at it. Here was a slice of a prosthetic human, carefully preserved in a glass box, proudly masqueraded as a decorative piece.

Image courtesy of kenkreie / Reddit

This Redditor scratched her head and wondered if her room really needed a preserved limb in a display case! It was even better that her guests would be questioning whether it was real or not. At least they had a topic of conversation for hours on end if they’d dare stay

Treasure Trove

Thrift stores house an unparalleled assortment of eccentricities. Amid the sea of peculiarities, we encountered a collection of stools that would leave you astounded. However, the collection’s crown jewel was an extraordinary stool crafted from what seemed to be the calves and feet of an Irishman, serving as its pièce de résistance.

Image courtesy of Ocean12air / Reddit

Talk about taking “put your feet up” to a whole new level! We couldn’t decide whether it was genius or just plain bonkers. Regardless, it’s the kind of furniture that would leave guests speechless or questioning your taste in decor.

Who To Gobble Up Next

This Redditor’s eyes locked onto a pair of seemingly boring stuffed toys. But upon closer look, he found that these dolls have sharp teeth and beady black eyes that seem to pierce his soul. He couldn’t help but imagine them plotting something sinister.

Image courtesy of TartofDarkness / Reddit

Ever since he had bought them, he has been kept up at night, wondering just who of the two was kicking at the doors. He tossed them in the washing machine to punish them, but he wasn’t certain the two had been taught a lesson. He’ll have to wait for nightfall.

Heights of Creativity

Brace yourself for the most peculiar thrift shop find imaginable. These treasures can only be stumbled upon while sifting through heaps of toys. This Redditor chanced upon a giraffe toy that appeared innocuous at first glance yet grew increasingly unsettling the higher one’s gaze traveled.

Image courtesy of PInkPeacockFinds / Reddit

Someone had made the unsettling choice to grant this unfortunate giraffe a twisted makeover by attaching a severed Barbie head to its neck. Who on earth conjures up such peculiar creations? It’s akin to a nightmarish fusion of toys gone awry, yet it undeniably showcases the depths of morbid creativity.

Really Emotional

We would have imagined finding this shirt in a flea market, but instead found it in a surplus store. Every single oversized shirt has Kim Kardashian’s iconic crying face printed on it. Dozens of them! It’s like a surreal shrine to emotional moments.

Image courtesy of AmaLMa / Reddit

If you ever need a good laugh or want to confuse your friends, just rock one of these shirts and watch their reactions. Kim K’s tears, making other people cry as they break into a fit of laughter. Definitely fashion fabulous!

Five-Star Fly Feast

This Redditor stumbled upon a frog, wearing a bib like it was about to dig into a five-star fly feast. She paired it with a skirt that would make fashionistas ribbit with envy. And guess where it’s seated? On a stool cabinet.

Image courtesy of sonicsink / Reddit

If you want to keep nosy strangers away from your valuables, we’ve got the ultimate solution. Employ a fearless guardian—a frog wearing a bib and a skirt! No one will want to mess with a fashion-forward amphibian ready to defend your belongings.

Equal Measures

This Redditor spotted this thrift bag with a design straight out of a B-movie nightmare—a grotesque monster staring at her like it wants to devour her soul. But here’s the kicker—she looked at the price tag and saw it was cheap!

Image courtesy of mrsblanchedevereaux / Reddit

She couldn’t resist seizing the chance to possess a fashion statement that boldly embodies both “fashion faux pas” and “horror movie extra.” Thus, this Redditor now confidently flaunts her unique thrift bag, simultaneously striking fear into the hearts of fashionistas and garnering compliments in equal measure. That’s what true fashion is all about—embracing the unconventional.

Fresh Lobster Meat

Attention, slipper enthusiasts! Prepare yourselves for groundbreaking news that will revolutionize your cozy game. We have come across a pair of remarkable slip-ons that will elevate any OOTD. And here’s the kicker: if you stomp your feet with enough force, you might be rewarded with a delightful burst of savory lobster meat goodness!

Image courtesy of aviderin / Reddit

Why settle for mundane slippers when you can make a bold fashion statement with pinchy style? Bid farewell to ordinary footwear and embrace the claw-some realm of comfort inspired by crustaceans. Say goodbye to the mundane and dive into a world of whimsical crustacean-inspired fashion!

Adorned With Sauce

Prepare to be astounded by the epic feast we encountered in a thrift shop—a sweater adorned with a design of spaghetti bolognese and meatballs in all their glory. It’s akin to donning a wearable culinary masterpiece! One could almost imagine reaching out and scooping up a handful of the savory dish.

Image courtesy of RabbitBeard / Reddit

With every intricately woven strand of pasta and mouthwatering meatball, this sweater exudes the essence of “foodie fashion.” We can already envision the perplexed expressions and hungry stomachs it will undoubtedly provoke. Who needs to place an order when you can proudly wear your favorite comfort food wherever you go?

The Casserole Queen

Get ready to don your aprons, folks! Karen, the undisputed casserole queen, has reached a momentous decision—she’s finally ready to embark on a culinary adventure. After countless hours of indecision and perusing through recipes, she’s prepared to plunge headfirst into a world of culinary triumphs and potential disasters.

Image courtesy of Cassie_1991 / Reddit

Prepare for a flavor explosion that will make your taste buds dance a lively tango! Karen is eager to share her triumph with everyone, delivering a casserole experience that will leave you yearning for seconds (and perhaps reaching for a glass of milk to tame the spice).

Questioning Reality

A bold manufacturer creates a stuffed toy inspired by the majestic Great White American Pelican, but with a twist that’ll make you question reality. Brace yourself for a cuddly creature sporting jagged teeth! As expected, it was only sold for a limited time.

Image courtesy of keetzkeetzmf / Reddit

Why settle for a soft and fluffy companion when you can have a toothy menace by your side? It’s the ideal gift for those who prefer their cuddles with a touch of danger! Embrace the unconventional and let this peculiar creature bring a thrilling twist to your collection of companions.

Can It Handle Our Weight?

Amidst all the usual items we can find in a thrift shop, we spot a wooden moose. But here’s the kicker—sitting on a tiny couch as if waiting for a companion. Naturally, our curiosity gets the better of us. Can it handle our weight?

Image courtesy of codeesins / Reddit

The possibilities of the moose’s past purpose and the countless individuals who may have occupied its seat are left to our imaginations. Astonishingly, its limbs have endured without fracturing, a testament to its durability. So, why not gather ’round and take turns sitting on its lap, embracing the whimsy and charm it exudes?


It’s time for a confession: we unabashedly adore everything related to the prehistoric era. You can only imagine our sheer delight when we chanced upon a showerhead resembling a dinosaur’s fossilized remains! Instead of spewing fire, it playfully coughed up water, adding a touch of whimsy to our daily bathing rituals.

Image courtesy of unknown / Reddit

Now, as we step into the shower, we’re surrounded by the fossilized remnants of these magnificent creatures. It’s like bathing in a time machine, embracing our inner paleontologist. Dinosaurs may be extinct, but they’ll forever reign supreme in my bathroom kingdom!

Run if UFO Spotted

Buckle up, Earthlings, because we had just stumbled upon proof of extraterrestrial beings. Here we have an alien baby suspended and preserved in fluid. It will eerily light up in the dark if you plug it in, but it’ll be harder for you to fall asleep.

Image courtesy of PM_ME_YOUR_HARIBO / Reddit

Talk about a cosmic surprise! If you purchase one, it will be like adding a touch of intergalactic charm to your bedroom. User beware: you might be sucked out of your home by UFOs in search of this baby at any time.


Hold onto your wallets, because I’ve discovered a purse that will make you think twice about saving all your money! Now, you will have reason to splurge everything every pay day. Anytime you zip these things open, you will be met with a piece of monstrosity.

Image courtesy of Whatshername_Stew / Reddit

Jagged, grayish mummy’s teeth. Talk about a dental dilemma! Sure, it’s a clever way to discourage saving, but we can’t help but wonder if the purses have a hidden agenda—maybe they’re secretly trying to get a taste of our knuckles.

Eat Up

Tired of scaring your kids to eat their vegetables? Well, fret no more. Just hang this rogue clown and we’re certain that your kids will be paralyzed in fear, seated atop their high chairs, forcefully chewing down broccoli, celery, and carrots. This is a circus act with a nutritional twist!

Image courtesy of TOMTREEWELL / Reddit

We can almost hear the clown’s mischievous laughter as children take one look at the painting and eagerly reach for their broccoli. So, if your kids ever need a little extra motivation to gobble up their greens, just show them the clown painting, and guaranteed, they’ll grow up athletic but scaredy.


This Redditor was greeted by this chronologically challenged clock. It was leaning to the right, like it had one too many cups of coffee too early in the day. It might have grown tired of timekeeping and decided to expend the energy by greeting (or scaring) guests.

Image courtesy of bunnybutt1982 / Reddit

If you are ever in need of a clock that embraces imperfection and marches to its own tick-tock beat, look no further than the leaning wonder. We can’t guarantee the accuracy of the time but we can guarantee that timekeeping has never been so delightfully askew!

Sold Separately

Picture your guests’ reactions when they see this monumental masterpiece. They will race to get a seat on this giant hand that serves as a seat in your living room. It’s a hand that’s so colossal, it could high-five Optimus Prime without breaking a sweat. *Limbs sold separately.

Image courtesy of Responsible_Play_400 / Reddit

Who needs boring old chairs when you can plop down on a hand larger than life? Just be sure to remind your guests to mind their manners—no tickling the giant fingers, otherwise they might just be crumpled into non-existence.

Between Friends or Feasts

Hold onto your appetites, folks, because we have stumbled upon a truly bizarre discovery—an anti-pick location that’s meant to discourage cannibalism among its users. Guess we won’t be having those cannibal buffets anytime soon. *instant applicator included and results 100% guaranteed!

Image courtesy of Vegetable-Language45 / Reddit

It’s like a culinary intervention just in case you feel like choosing between friendships or cannibalistic feasts! We can only imagine how long it’ll take before users are sufficiently satiated with vegan stir-fry meals. Add a dash of this and that dish is to die for, without actually dying!

She’s Seen Things

Lucky us. We have just stumbled upon a classic 1970s tabletop decoration—a witch on a broom. But this witch has a mischievous sparkle in her eye that suggests she’s witnessed some questionable things in the bedroom. Oh, the secrets she must hold!

Image courtesy of renisiman / Reddit

She’s seen homeowners attempt to assemble furniture without instructions and struggle with tangled cables like ancient curses. She’s watched as people fumble with duvet covers and battle with unruly pillowcases. This saucy sorceress has seen it all, from failed attempts at DIY romance to epic pillow fights gone wrong.

Daddy Oak

Hold onto your chainsaws, folks! We’ve got a tale that’ll give you shivers down your bark! While exploring the depths of a forest, and collecting Red Oak lumber to make furniture and paper with, we stumbled upon this pile of wood, with a maleficent face warning us of deforestation.

Image courtesy of Extreme_Distance6241 / Reddit

This mischievous wood spirit had an expression that could make even the bravest lumberjack tremble. We half expected it to start whispering secrets or demanding sacrifices. But we will probably exact that upon ourselves in the next decade or so.