Bathroom Bliss: 35+ Creative And Space-Saving Towel Storage Ideas

By Navkiran K January 11, 2024

This article was originally published on morehackz

Welcome to a world of clever solutions and creative wonders—where bathroom towel storage becomes an art form in space-saving! In the bustling realm of daily routines, the bathroom often holds a trove of treasures, towels being the unsung heroes of our everyday comfort. But fear not! If space is at a premium, behold a treasure trove of ingenious ideas to rescue your towels from chaos and clutter. 

These inventive solutions aren’t just about clever storage practices but about crafting a harmonious blend of functionality, style, and savvy space management. Prepare to embark on a journey through a wonderland of innovative ideas that promise to declutter your space while adding a splash of personality and charm! It’s a transformation like you’ve never seen before.

1. Rectangular star-design towel hooks

If you adore filling spaces with plants, this towel hook design will catch your eye. It’s crafted from wood, forming a rectangular shape at the top, with wooden bars crisscrossing inside to fill it up stylishly. Hanging from the bottom of this rectangle are hooks ready for your towels. 

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But the charm doesn’t stop there—the rectangle itself sports a lovely circular plant design, adding a natural and classy touch. The wall behind this creation isn’t left bare—it’s adorned with positive messages like ‘Hey, there!’ and ‘I like you AND I love you,’ making the whole setup even more delightful.

2. Wall-mounted wooden towel storage space

This wall-mounted wooden storage space is just the thing for folks who prefer their towels neatly rolled up instead of hanging on hooks. It’s crafted from top-notch wood and designed to fit right into your wall, creating a tidy storage solution. 

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This nifty space isn’t just for towel rolls; it features three shelves stacked on top of each other. That means you can stash your towels and other daily essentials, keeping everything organized and within easy reach for yourself.

3. DIY modern wood floating rack

Imagine a sleek, modern towel holder with sharp angles and sturdy metal bars—enter the C-shaped towel rack! This cool setup is designed to fit perfectly on any blank wall space, whether it’s above your toilet or hiding behind the bathroom door. 

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Here’s the best part: it’s a DIY project made of wood, allowing you to paint or stain the frame in any color you fancy. You can personalize the size to suit your space like a glove! It’s a practical and stylish way to make the most out of unused areas in your bathroom.

4. Door knob towel hooks – recyclable and reusable

If you’re into giving old things new life, these door knob towel hooks are right up your alley! They’re not your regular hooks—they’re actually doorknobs and key cases that aren’t being used anymore. So, here is a DIY hack for you to store your bathroom towels.

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Instead of allowing them to gather dust, you can easily repurpose them as towel hooks by simply screwing them onto the wall. They provide a quirky and functional way to hang your towels while giving a second chance to items that might have otherwise been discarded.

5. Hanging towel bar for your lovely bathroom corner

This hanging towel bar is a game-changer for your bathroom’s vibe—it effortlessly adds a touch of elegance. It is positioned beside your bathroom sink and features a brick-like shelf perfect for adding some greenery with potted plants. Below the shelf, a hanging bar extends downwards, ideal for neatly draping your hand towel. 

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The setup not only fits a practical purpose but also improves the aesthetics of your restroom, especially when paired with a stunning bathroom mirror. Let’s start with this idea for an impactful way to elevate the beauty of your bathroom corner. 

6. Bathtub-side towel roll basket

Picture this: soaking in a relaxing bath, and the last thing you want is to scramble for a towel when you step out. That’s where the towel roll basket comes in the clutch. It’s designed for convenience—you roll up your towels and neatly stack them inside.

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Then, place the basket on a stool or table right by your bathtub. That way, when you are done indulging in a soothing bath, your towel is ready and waiting for you. No more towel-hunting missions and dripping on the floor—just pure relaxation!

7. Minimalistic parallel bar design

Imagine wanting something that’s both uncomplicated and sophisticated—this design fits the bill perfectly. What’s great about it is you don’t need a whole setup to make it work. You take two bars and set them up side by side, horizontally. Stick these bars to the wall using tape loops or Velcro loops.

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If you want something really simple but classy, the minimalist parallel bar design is just what you need. It’s super easy to set up—just two bars placed side by side on the wall. You don’t need anything fancy; tape loops or Velcro loops will perfectly hold the bars in place.

8. Meshed towel roll basket stand

This towel storage stand is like a superhero in your space—it’s all about multitasking! On top, it doubles as a mini table where you can keep your everyday must-haves or even add a touch of green with some plants. Right below that, it’s got two basket-style structures that are perfect for stacking your rolled towels.

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But that’s not all— along with keeping them neat and ready for use, those baskets also offer space for other essentials, like storing extra toilet paper rolls or anything else you might need close at hand. It’s a storage powerhouse that’s both practical and versatile!

9. Buttoned towel hooks for an elaborate wall

A tailor-made setup for those who want their towels hung stylishly without stealing the spotlight from their gorgeous wall or space. The hooks here are super sleek—just simple buttons. They’re minimalistic to the core, ensuring all eyes stay on that fabulous wall art or the beauty of the space around them. 

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Imagine using sturdy metallic buttons and effortlessly hanging your towels in your most cherished spot of the house. It’s a subtle yet chic way to keep your towels handy for your guests while letting your stunning wall or space take center stage.

10. Utility wire racks for bulk storage

It’s rare to have all your towels out on display simultaneously. So, here’s a smart trick to keep things organized: wire racks. These nifty racks can be set up in any closet space, allowing you to create custom shelves tailored to your needs. Pair them up with some stylish baskets, and boom! 

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You have a fantastic system to keep all those extra towels and bathroom essentials neatly organized. Plus, installing these racks is a breeze—it’s just a few screws, and you’re good to go. You can effortlessly adjust the shelf height to fit whatever storage containers you prefer.

11. Rustic wooden ladder drying rack

Imagine bringing a touch of rustic charm to your bathroom—wooden ladders are the secret ingredient! They aren’t just for farmhouse vibes; they come with sleek lines that can easily match any decor style. You can paint or shade them to blend seamlessly into your space. 

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But here’s the cool part: these ladders aren’t just for looks. They double up as leaning towel holders, making it super convenient to dry multiple towels simultaneously, especially when you’ve got a bustling shower-sharing situation. This isn’t a fancy, complicated project—it’s a pretty simple $20 DIY.

12. Sleek metallic curved towel holder

This towel holder is a space-saving champ—it’s sleek, made of metal, and won’t hog up much room. Painted in a sleek black color, the cool leafy design at the top adds a touch of nature-inspired beauty. It’s got four to five curved levels where you can neatly stack up your rolled towels.

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It keeps everything tidy and accessible. And that’s not all—down at the bottom, there’s even a basket space to stash away extra things. It’s a practical yet stylish solution that packs a lot of functionality without eating up your precious space!

13. Vertically parallel hanging towel holder

This towel holder setup is a multitasking wonder! Up top, there’s a sturdy brick shelf—perfect for displaying your favorite plants or keeping your everyday essentials within easy reach. Hanging from the shelf are two sleek vertical hoops running parallel to each other. 

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These hoops are designed to let you neatly stack your rolled towels, making it super convenient to grab one. The vertical bands have a sleek black finish, while the brick shelf sports a warm brown color. It’s a blend of practicality and style that adds a touch of organization and charm to your space!

14. Bathroom essentials towel storage container

Imagine a super simple rectangular container, perfect for storing your rolled towels upright. It’s minimalistic and sleek, designed to sit steady on any sturdy surface, giving you easy access to clean towels whenever needed. So, the next time you have guests at your place, it will be easier for you.

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What’s neat is it’s got a clear message printed right on it: ‘bathroom essentials,’ so there’s no mistaking its purpose. It’s a straightforward yet stylish solution for keeping your towels organized and always at hand for your guests and friends.

15. Wooden bar towel stacking unit

This clever bar is hollow inside, providing plenty of room to neatly stack your rolled towels horizontally, one on top of the other. You’ve got options too! You can color-coordinate your towels as you stack them or arrange them in different sequences for a fun touch. 

Image courtesy: Little Shed Workshop/Ebay

Despite being super functional, this setup won’t take up much space at all. It’s a stylish way to manage your towels while adding grace to your space. It’s a smart and chic way to keep your towels contained while adding a tinge of flair to your space.

16. DIY Modern farmhouse beaded towel ring

Wooden beads are making waves in interior design, showing up on various decor items, from chandeliers to festive garlands. Now, they’re stepping into the spotlight with smaller accent pieces like this beaded towel ring. Spoon, Fork, Bacon got creative, using Rit Dye to add vibrant hues to simple wooden beads in her DIY project. 

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What’s cool is you can customize the colors to match your decor perfectly. With just three main parts—beads, leather, and a metal ring—this project is super doable, even for beginners! It’s a fun and easy way to add a trendy touch to your space with a personalized twist.

17. Wall-mounted cabinet space towel storage area

Think of this as a bathroom cabinet’s stylish cousin. Split right down the middle into two rectangles, it rocks that classic wooden brown look. The top shelf? Perfect for neatly stacking your fresh, rolled-up towels. That’s where your bathroom essentials find their cozy spot, all organized and within reach.

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There’s even some extra space for your beloved plants to brighten up the setup. It’s like having your own organized, stylish hub for both towels and bathroom must-haves—all in one sleek structure! It’s a smart way to keep everything in its place while adding a stylish storage solution to your bathroom routine.

18. Clip design towel hangers

Here’s a super creative gem that’s bound to catch your eye! Picture towel hangers shaped just like those cloth clips you use for laundry. They’re colored in a rich brown shade and crafted to look incredibly realistic. It’s a standout piece that instantly draws attention with its clever design. 

Image courtesy: Rustic Carolina Dreams/Etsy

Trust me, these towel hangers are a must-have—they’re unique, eye-catching, and add a playful touch to your bathroom! It’s one of those items that instantly becomes a must-have for anyone looking to add a playful yet functional twist to their space. 

19. Simple wall-mounted towel container

Imagine a simple yet clever rectangular box made of bars that’s all about practicality. It’s like a sleek little structure resembling a box, and it’s designed to fit into a corner of your wall snugly. It’s so minimalistic and straightforward that it’s almost zen-like.

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All you need to do is stack your rolled towels right into it through the open side—easy peasy! It’s a no-fuss, space-saving solution that keeps your towels organized without any extra frills. Just a clean, functional design that effortlessly blends into your space!

20. Designer text hooks for visual element

Imagine a setup that’s both smart and practical! This one’s got a head that’s more than just a head—it’s a handy shelf. You can stack all sorts of things on it depending on what you need, whether it’s toiletries, plants, or whatever suits your fancy. But that’s not all—the real stars are the hooks. 

Image courtesy: Drakestone Designs/Etsy

They’re not your ordinary hooks—they actually spell out ‘towels,’ making it crystal clear what they’re meant for. These hooks are the perfect spot to hang your towels, giving you a functional yet stylish way to keep them within reach. It’s a clever design that combines storage and clarity, making your space organized and visually appealing!

21. Wall-mounted metal towel bars

Here’s a towel holder that adds some flair to your room and is utilitarian. Interestingly, it’s mounted at the top through bars with a distinctive ‘L’ form painted a sleek black hue. Because of its wall-mounting style, you can arrange your towels in a neat place. 

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Here’s a creative idea: you could even match the bars’ colors to your wall! If you match them to the color of your wall, the entire setup will have a subtle yet stylish touch that will make it stand out as a sophisticated addition to your room while blending in perfectly.

22. Side-stacked floor shelf for towel storage

Picture a simple yet stunning shelf that’s a total game-changer for your bathroom setup. It’s designed to sit right on the floor, snugly nestled next to your basin, offering ample storage space for all your bathroom must-haves. This shelf is all about elegance with its beautiful wooden appearance.

Image courtesy: OrsoWoodworking/Etsy

It is a classic choice that customers often gravitate towards. It’s the perfect spot to keep your essentials within arm’s reach, making your bathroom routine a breeze while adding a touch of timeless charm to your space. Simple, practical, and stylish—a winning combo for any bathroom!

23. Distressed metal farmhouse bathroom caddy

Imagine falling head over heels for a three-tiered bathroom caddy that’s all about that modern farmhouse vibe. This beauty is built atop a vintage handcart for the bathroom, flaunting charmingly distressed metal baskets in three different sizes, just oozing that country-style charm. 

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You can stash towels, bath goodies, and even a few decor pieces in there, making your spa days or, let’s be real, the kids’ bath times a breeze. This piece isn’t confined to the bathroom! You can pop it into your kitchen or office or even use it as an outdoor planter.

24. Simple, elegant leather and metal towel ring

A towel ring that’s all about that minimalist, Scandinavian vibe—effortlessly chic and charmingly simple: it’s proof that small things can make a big impact without taking over your space. This dainty towel ring is a true gem, boasting neutral colors and a sleek design that’ll stay stylish for years to come. 

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It’s a piece that seamlessly fits with various themes like traditional, mid-century modern, or farmhouse styles. And if you’re not feeling like a DIY pro, no worries! This towel ring comes as a kit, making installation a breeze with just one screw. 

25. Barber’s cabinet bathroom shelf

Enter the vintage vibes of a barber’s cabinet-turned bathroom shelf—a unique twist that brings a touch of history into your bathroom decor! Imagine a classic barber’s cabinet repurposed into a charming shelf for your bathroom. Picture those compartments and drawers now holding your bathroom essentials, creating a stylish storage solution. 

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It’s like adding a dash of old-school charm to your space while keeping your toiletries neatly organized. With its antique allure and functionality, this cabinet-turned-shelf is not just about storage—it’s a conversation piece that elevates your bathroom’s style in a quirky and delightful way!

26. Industrial, strappy metal towel rack

These sleek metal towel racks bring the luxury hotel vibe into your bathroom. They’re not just about holding your extra towels—they’re like decor pieces that spruce up your bathroom’s entire look. These wall-mounted racks are game-changers, especially for smaller bathrooms or those without a linen closet. 

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They help clear up your counters and floor, giving your space a tidy, spa-like feel while making it super easy to grab a fresh towel whenever you need one. Plus, when you’ve got guests over, these racks are a lifesaver for the guest bath—letting them help themselves to clean towels without any hassle.

27. Door service mounted towel bars

Towel bars that are fixed on doors are a brilliant way to save space. Installed on the rear side of your door, they are ideal for your small-size bathroom. Imagine that your towels are always easily accessible even though they are neatly placed behind the door.

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They’re fabulous, particularly for bathrooms with little wall space or if you are looking for a creative method to arrange their towels without taking up more space than required. They also take very little time to install and tidy your bathroom!

28. Tiered trio ascending towel baskets

Tiered trio ascending towel baskets are a practical and stylish way to tidy your towels! Picture this: three baskets stacked one above the other, each smaller than the one below, creating a lovely tiered effect. It’s like having your towel storage tower.

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These baskets are fantastic for neatly organizing towels of different sizes or for separating clean towels from used ones. Plus, they’re not just for towels—use them to store other bathroom essentials like toiletries or even add a hint of greenery with some plants in the top basket.

29. Newsstand-style towel & toiletries rack

Imagine having your own newsstand-inspired towel and toiletries rack in your bathroom! This rack is like a mini station for your essentials, just like those stands you see with magazines and newspapers. It’s got clever compartments and hooks designed to hold towels, toiletries, and more all in one spot. 

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Just imagine the convenience for yourself—everything you need is neatly organized and within arm’s reach. It’s a stylish yet practical addition that adds a touch of organization and charm to your bathroom, making your morning routines or evening unwind sessions a breeze!

30. Woven provincial rolled towel basket

This towel storage idea is like stepping into a cozy vibe because the basket is in rustic style. The design screams warmth and countryside charm. The most important part is that the basket can be used for anything other than towelsc. You can keep extra clothes in it.

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Try storing your bathroom essentials and cute bathroom decor to give the house a more aesthetic appeal. The basket will fit right into your interior of the house and the original theme of the bathroom as well. You can keep your towels organized and your bathroom looking oh-so-inviting.

31. Above-the-door towel cubby

This above-the-door towel cubby can magically seem like a clever cabinet hanging. It is like turning an underutilized space into a storage powerhouse. Basically, it is a secret compartment for your towel storage, allowing you to make use of every inch of your bathroom.

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It is a convenient storage idea where your towels are neatly tucked away, freeing up precious floor or counter space. This idea is perfect for small bathrooms and organizing your towels without sacrificing any space. Plus, it adds a bit of unexpected charm to your bathroom decor! 

32. Pantry style farmhouse shelving

You can also get pantry style farmhouse shelves to have a more countryside vibe to your bathroom. The best part is that you can customize it according to your budget and bathroom needs. The frames can be used to store towels and other toiletries. You can also decorate the interiors elegantly.

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The farmhouse shelves will add a cozy touch to your bathroom, making you feel like you are staying in a countryside cottage. They’re not just storage but a statement piece, blending practicality with that warm, inviting farmhouse aesthetic. Perfect for organizing your bathroom essentials while giving your space that touch of down-home charm!

33. Bicycle basket towel holder

Let’s pedal into creativity with a bicycle basket towel holder—a quirky twist for your bathroom! You can hang up the bicycle basket and make it the most adorable spot to stash your towels, adding a playful vibe to your bathroom.

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It’s fun to inject some personality into your decor while keeping your towels neatly organized. You can paint the bicycle basket with your preferred color or match it with the bathroom interior. Try to have as much fun with this idea as possible and include your kids in this activity. 

34. Antique rolling toiletry table

Nothing is better than having an antique rolling toiletry table straight out of history for your modern bathroom. It’s like having a piece of the past right in your home. You can add a beautifully crafted vintage table on wheels designed to hold all your bathroom essentials in style.

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It’s not just functional; it’s a statement piece that can add that touch of elegance and nostalgia to your space. With its antique charm and practicality, it’s a conversation starter and a clever storage solution all rolled into one, especially for your bathroom.

35. Repurposed wash tub towel storage

Everyone desires a creatively repurposed wash tub towel storage, which will make people stop and stare. Thankfully, it’s easy to turn an old classic into a stylish towel storage solution. Take a vintage washtub and give it a new life in the most creative way.

Image courtesy: TheRusyBucketVT/Etsy

Afterward, you can keep neatly rolled towels in the tub and add a cozy vibe to your space. You can either paint the tub or keep it as it is. It’s all about giving new purpose to something old while adding character and functionality to your bathroom decor.

36. Railway crate repurposed shelving unit

Here is a unique twist for your bathroom decor and storage facility. You can use a wooden crate once used for transporting goods on trains in your bathroom. This way, you can add a touch of history to your interior decor and stack up more things in one place.

Image courtesy:

Picture these crates stacked up, creating this funky, open shelving system where you can neatly organize towels and toiletries or even add some decorative touches. It blends rugged charm and functionality, adding a hint of eclectic style to your bathroom. 

37. Individual disassembled crate shelves

A creative and personalized touch for your bathroom with individual disassembled crate shelves! It’s like a DIY dream come true. Imagine taking apart wooden crates and transforming them into your very own set of shelves. Each crate becomes a unique shelf, allowing you to arrange them however you fancy.

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Stack them, mount them on the wall, or create your unique arrangement. These crate shelves aren’t just for towels; they’re versatile storage spaces for all your bathroom essentials or even some cute decor items. It’s a fun and crafty way to add your personality to your bathroom while keeping things organized.

38. Ship’s deck block style shelves

Picture sturdy wooden shelves resembling the rugged blocks found on a ship, giving your bathroom that seafaring allure. You can stack these block-shaped shelves or arrange them along the wall, creating a unique and eye-catching display for your towels and bathroom essentials. 

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It’s like bringing a touch of the high seas right into your home, all while keeping your space organized in a way that’s both practical and full of character. Get ready to sail into nautical vibes with the ship’s deck block-style shelves—a creative twist for your bathroom!

39. Open wardrobe towel & linen storage

Transform an open wardrobe into a versatile storage space for your towels and linens. It’s like giving your linens a stylish home while keeping them easily accessible. Picture neatly folded towels and linens arranged on the shelves of this open wardrobe, adding a hint of organization and grace to your space.

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It’s a fusion of practicality and style, giving your linens a designated spot while adding a trendy flair to your home decor. It is an open wardrobe turned towel and linen storage—a brilliant way to blend fashion with function in your home!

40. Folded towel “laundry” basket

Explore the folded towel “laundry” basket—a clever way to keep your bathroom tidy while adding a dash of creativity! Imagine a stylish basket designated just for clean folded towels, making it easy to grab one when needed. This isn’t your typical laundry basket—it’s more like a designated towel nook! 

Image courtesy:

Picture neatly folded towels stacked inside, giving your bathroom a clean and organized look. It’s both functional and decorative, adding a touch of charm to your space while keeping your towels at arm’s reach. It’s a simple yet creative solution to keeping your bathroom tidy and your towels readily available for your everyday routine!

41. Workman’s ladder wooden towel holder

Add a whiff of rustic charm to your bathroom with a workman’s ladder wooden towel holder—a quirky and creative twist for your towel storage! Picture an old wooden ladder repurposed into a unique towel holder. It’s like giving new life to an everyday item, transforming it into a functional and stylish piece for your bathroom. 

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Just envision neatly rolled towels hanging on the rungs of this ladder, adding a cozy and vintage vibe to your bathroom space. It’s not just about storing towels—it’s a statement piece that brings character and warmth to your bathroom decor.

42. Simple shelving towel storage ideas

Let’s dive into some brilliantly simple shelving towel storage ideas for your bathroom! Imagine installing basic shelves in your bathroom—nothing fancy, just straightforward and practical. Picture those shelves adorned with neatly folded towels, creating a clean and organized look. 

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It’s an effortless way to keep your towels at arm’s reach while adding a touch of functionality to your space. These shelves aren’t just for towels; they can hold baskets of toiletries or decorative accents, making your bathroom both stylish and efficient.

43. Horizontal bookshelf-style towel shelf

Let’s explore a creative and clever way to store towels with a horizontal bookshelf-style towel shelf—a fantastic twist for your bathroom decor! Imagine a bookshelf designed horizontally, repurposed to hold neatly folded towels instead of books. Picture those shelves, usually home to novels, now hosting towels arranged in a stylish and organized manner. 

Image courtesy:

It’s a practical and chic solution, providing ample space for your towels while adding a touch of literary charm to your bathroom. With its unique style and functionality, it’s like giving your towels their shelf, creating a trendy and innovative storage spot that adds character to your space!

44. Country window repurposed towel rack

Welcome to the charm of a country window repurposed towel rack—a delightful and whimsical addition to your bathroom! Imagine taking an old wooden window frame and turning it into a creative towel rack. Picture the window panes transformed into sections for hanging towels, giving your bathroom a touch of countryside allure. 

Image courtesy: Melissa P / Pinterest

It’s like bringing a piece of rustic elegance into your space while providing a unique spot for your towels. This repurposed window adds character and is a practical and visually appealing way to keep your towels organized.

45. Versailles jardin scrollwork towel rack

Transport your bathroom to royal elegance with a Versailles Jardin Scrollwork Towel Rack—a regal touch that adds a touch of sophistication! Picture an ornate towel rack reminiscent of intricate scrollwork found in the grand gardens of Versailles. It’s not just a rack; it’s a piece of art for your bathroom. 

Image courtesy:

Envision the graceful curves and detailed patterns that hold your towels, adding a luxurious flair to your personal space. This rack isn’t just functional; it’s a statement piece that brings opulence and grandeur to your bathroom decor. A towel rack can add a luxury feel to your space.