Dollars Don’t Define Taste: ‘RefashionedHippie’ Rates The Rich’s Outlandish Buys

By Romy M January 17, 2024

This article was originally published on befashionly

Get ready to dive into the wild world of rich folks’ spending quirks! We all know they drop big bucks on mansions, yachts, and caviar, but hold onto your hat because we’ve uncovered some seriously bizarre fashion choices. Sure, fashion is a form of self-expression, and money can make a statement, but get ready for a rollercoaster ride of excess!

Thanks to the fashion sleuth ‘refashionedhippie’ on TikTok, we’re about to spill the beans on the mind-bogglingly expensive items that the wealthy elite can’t resist in the series “Stupid Rich People Fashion.” Brace yourselves for $10,000 press-on nails, outlandish balloon shoes, and the pièce de résistance—a nonchalant $2000 Balenciaga trash bag. Get ready to be amused, maybe a little baffled, and try not to let the inevitable feeling of being a tad less rich creep in!

Silver Tin Can (…You Afford This?)

Would you like to purchase a silver tin can that doesn’t come with food and has absolutely no purpose? Well, for some reason, rich people would jump at this opportunity. Perhaps the fact that it’s $10,000 makes it more appealing to them.

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

If you are one of the rich people to be fortunate enough to own this Tiffany & Co. tin can, you might be wondering what to use it for. It’s perfect for those loose scrap diamonds or as a snack for your pet goat.

Flower Power

With money comes great stupidity. Someone thought it was a good idea to put a tail on the front end of a floral shoe and slap a hefty price tag on it. Not only will you be paying for this ‘interesting’ shoe, but also a hospital bill when you fall on your face.

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

We’ve already mentioned one risk of wearing this shoe, but there are worse consequences. Picture this: it’s 1:00 AM, and you need the bathroom. You get up and try to slide on your Lueve shoe. Instead, you mistake the shoe for your cat. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


Oh, what is this we have here? Maybe a tampon pouch? That would make more sense than a chewing gum holder. We don’t know what would possess a person to buy something so useless especially since it costs over $1000.

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

We wouldn’t be surprised if this brand started selling gold-infused gum to go along with this item. It’s too bad you’ll only be able to fit five pieces in the gum holder. We guess you’ll just have to buy two or three.

Knight in Shining Plastic

We are sure you are aware of Balenciaga’s reputation after that sketchy advert. It seems they’d like to dig themselves deeper with these unappealing flats. At least the sale of just one of these shoes could pay for a lawsuit.

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

These 800 AD knight shoes cost a princely sum, but you might snag actual armored footwear for less—maybe even a full suit of armor! Alternatively, splurge on these and revel in the joy of knowing your feet are in tip-top historical shape, ready to conquer any modern-day quest.

Prada Plastic

Wondering if a $500 plastic hair clip is a hair-raising idea? You’re spot on! But here’s the silver lining: it’s not just a clip; it’s a bold statement that says, “I invested my rent money in Prada plastic chic.” Two functions: taming locks and flaunting financial flair!

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

If you’re one of the people who bought this clip, you might not want to hear this. We hate to break it to you, but it likely cost less than $1 to make. Plus, it looks like you got a plaster stuck in your hair…

Posh Pooch

Sure, owning a dog has its costs—vet bills, kibble, treats galore. But fear not! Elevate your pup’s playtime with a Celine dog toy, a steal at $220. It’s the canine equivalent of chump change, turning your furry friend into a high-fashion hound without breaking the bank!

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

Purchase this dog toy, and we’re half-expecting a pure-bred Golden Retriever bundled in! We’re puzzled by those splurging on a canine plaything from a luxury fashion brand. Perhaps the plush pup is a bonus feature for those who take doggy indulgence to a whole new le

Wrinkly Skin Heel

Ever seen those wrinkly, hairless cats? Well, guess what inspired these shoes! We have another theory, but we’ll let your imagination run wild. Oh, and did we mention the price tag? A mere $700 for a feline-inspired fashion statement that’s sure to turn heads and paws!

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

It is sad day for humanity knowing that a wrinkly Prada shoe is considered fashionable. What’s next? Celebrities dressed as cats? A skirt that looks like a towel? Oh wait, that already happened. Perhaps these shoes aren’t that bad. 


When Balenciaga teams up with The Simpsons, you get a $800 sweatshirt! Knock off $760, and we might consider it. Guess what? You can grab a Simpsons hoodie on Amazon for a cool $20—because who needs the high-fashion markup when you’ve got cartoon chic on a budget!

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

At almost a grand, you’d expect an embroidered masterpiece, right? Or at least some action on the sleeves and back. But alas, what you see is what you pay for. It’s a classic case of high-priced simplicity—the kind that leaves you scratching your head instead of your wallet!

What Rubbish

We never thought in a million years that carrying a Balenciaga trash bag around would be called fashion. Clearly, being poor is considered the new chic! At least now we can say it gives new meaning to the word trashy.

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

Do rich people know they can go to a grocery store and purchase a real trash bag for way less than $1,790? Although, the Balenciaga logo they printed at the front and the calfskin it’s made of must make it invaluable.


While playing chess, almost everyone wishes they’d rather be moving sterling silver pieces instead of those ugly plastic ones. Why would you even play chess if the board isn’t made of 24k gold? Of course, ‘everyday objects’ should be worth $120,000.

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

Tiffany & Co. seems to have a knack for persuading the affluent to splurge on seemingly overpriced treasures. Case in point: a chess set that’s simplicity personified. It’s like they’ve mastered the art of convincing you that opulence lies in the understated. Checkmate, rich folks!

Rumpelstiltskin’s Favorite Embroidery Kit

Embroidery just got a high-priced makeover! Fendi’s taking it to the next level with a jaw-dropping $4,000 embroidery kit. Forget threads; they might as well be weaving gold and silver! Crafting your masterpiece just hit a whole new level of luxe—highway robbery never looked so stylish!

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

Splurging $3,890 on an embroidery kit? Chances are, you’re not threading needles yourself! Why bother when you can hire a pro? Word of caution, though: be ready to barter with your first-born. This DIY luxury comes at a price, and it’s not just monetary!

The Poots of the Season

When you hear the words ‘crossover’ and ‘Balenciaga’ in the same sentence, run away. In this edition of ‘what on earth did Balenciaga do?’, they collaborated with Adidas to sell shoes integrated into pants for the whopping price of $3,790.

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

You may be wondering what these are called. They have a name, pantashoes, but we feel this was a missed opportunity. Just to name a few: shants (shoe pants), poots (pants boots), or hants (heel pants). Honestly, they should hire us for their next crossover!

Fiercely Fugly

The genius behind this fashion faux pas deserves a playful time-out. It’s a far cry from elegance and fierceness—more like a comedy in shoe form. If you’ve got the cash for this, surely you can afford boots and cleats separately, right?

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

If these shoes have taught us one thing, it’s that there’s a time and a place for everything. But there’s no time and place where you should wear this. We understand it’s supposed to be for the indecisive; however, they should realize this isn’t the right choice.

Put it on your Bucket List

If you’d like to keep your sanity, don’t look up the Hermes equestrian line. To illustrate its insanity, we’d like to show you this $940 bucket. The worst part is that people spend that much money on a horse, let alone themselves.

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

For us mere mortals who can’t splurge on Hermes’ equestrian wonders, adding this bucket to your bucket list is a solid strategy. Or, here’s a thought: live vicariously as a rich person’s horse. It’s a unique take on “neigh”-borhood watch, and you get to skip the hefty price tag!

Spoonful of Debt

Ever wondered about a Nutella bracelet? Us too! Frankly, we’re as puzzled as you are. Apparently, it’s aiming for a spoonful-of-Nutella vibe (we’ve got a couple of alternative theories brewing). It’s the sweet mystery of accessorizing—a blend of fashion and hazelnut-chocolate speculation!

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

In Refashionedhippie’s video, she wondered if Nadine was all right after learning she was trying to sell the bracelet for $38,650. We’re sure she’d be amazing if just one person purchased her jewelry. We can’t say the same for the buyer though.

Balenciaga’s Reaching New Heights

Crocs: beloved for comfort and ease. Enter Balenciaga, attempting a crossover that threatens ankle integrity and bank accounts at $850 a pop. Are they trying to reinvent the wheel or just give us a high-priced stumble? Stick with the classic Croc comfort—your ankles and wallet will thank you!

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

Crocs are already fairly expensive, but now you know you definitely can’t afford these. Apparently, they were sold out, but we think that means they sold about five. That’s the only plausible explanation of how they could have sold them all.  

Cankle Boots

These boots are making us squirm—heels pretending to be boots, plus the goat and calf skin combo? Uncomfortable much! But hey, if cankles are your dream, these might be your Cinderella moment. Who knew fashion could be such a peculiar blend of aspirations and, well, goat vibes!

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

Wearing these boots might seem like a fashion nightmare, but let’s spare a thought for the goat who didn’t sign up for this footwear legacy. Picture the goat’s face! Plus, who’s splurging over a grand on this quirky leather tale? Fashion mysteries abound!

Money to Burn

For a mere $10,800, Chanel’s offering a clear gas can-shaped purse—because where else would you stash your chewing gum holder and plastic Prada clip? It’s the pinnacle of quirky luxury—who knew a gas can could fuel such high-priced fashion aspirations? Pump up the style, pun intended!

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

This transparent bag screams “rob me” louder than a megaphone. Flaunting your stacks of cash and gold bars is one way to make a statement. But hey, it’s still an upgrade from strolling around with a Balenciaga trash bag. Talk about turning trash into a see-through cash stash!

Pricy Ponytail

For those who constantly lose hair ties, consider the $480 scrunchie a bold investment in the art of vanishing accessories. It’s like a magical act—disappearing hair ties, now featuring a luxe twist! Because who said losing things can’t be done in style?

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

Ordinary folks have a built-in survival instinct against splurging $10 on hair ties. Meanwhile, the rich seem immune to this peculiarity. The heist extends beyond Miu Miu; Prada and Chanel also gladly snatch a few more bills from you for their high-end hair accessories. Wealthy hair, richer pockets!

Brewful Heels

Nothing fazes us nowadays. Flashback two pictures, and we’d have chuckled at the idea of heels adorned with fake flowers and a beer can heel. Fast forward, and we’re contemplating tears. Who knew fashion could be this emotional rollercoaster? Cheers to bizarre trends!

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

This shoe might be forgiven with a $10 price tag from a quirky designer. Alas, reality stings—Dolce & Gabbana is peddling it at $4,000. The structural integrity? Probably on par with the budget-friendly version. It’s like the Cinderella story, just with a heftier bill and less fairy godmother magic!

Bankroll Ballpoint

Amidst the fashion chaos, here’s a rare gem that looks decent. However, the catch? It’s a cool $40,000. Stationery enthusiasts, brace yourselves—your soul might be the new currency for this fancy pen. Who knew the write way could cost so much!

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

At $40,000, that pen better be scripting dreams into reality! It might just be your ticket out of debt—the ultimate golden wand. Fingers crossed that the gold’s legit, but hey, even if it’s not, at least you’ll have a “really cool” pen. Priorities, right?


The trend’s clear: the wealthy embrace spending fortunes on utterly random attire. Case in point—this hamburger ring. Because nothing says opulence like flaunting a juicy burger on your finger. It’s the epitome of haute cuisine-meets-high fashion, or just a quirky way to say, “I’ve got beef with conventional jewelry.”

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

$19,680 for a ring like this? That’s just hilarious. Frankly, we’d rather see someone drop that cash on a mountain of actual hamburgers. At least that’s a stylish feast worth flaunting, and you won’t risk your fashion reputation biting into it!

Finger Tip Trust Fund

Recall those $10,000 press-on nails? Feast your eyes. If you expected them to scream luxury, think again. They’re more “dollar store chic” than a pricey statement. This has to be a cosmic joke—because no one pays a grand for nails that look like pocket change!

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

Dreaming of genuine gems on these press-on nails? Sadly, refashionedhippie spills the beans—they’re faux. But hey, there’s a generous $10 discount to soften the blow. If you’re shelling out big bucks for press-on bling, that discount might just be the cherry on top. Who says luxury can’t come with a deal?

Golden Throne

Does anybody remember the fancy toilet from that one episode of SpongeBob? We believe this Louis Vuitton toilet was made with that in mind. But we have to say, we prefer the one from SpongeBob. At least it had a jewel-encrusted toilet paper holder. 

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

Although this concept is ridiculous, it does look comfier than anything we have ever sat in. If you thought your husband spends ages on the toilet, imagine how long he’d be on this one. You would never get him off!

Glorified Gift Bag

Gift bags on a budget? Not at $1,200! This chic carrier’s true calling is far from gifting; it’s a stealthy member of the Hermes equestrian squad. Because who wouldn’t want a bag that doubles as a conversation starter about horse-inspired fashion whims? Talk about a bag with hidden talents!

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

Now that we know what it was made for, it makes even less sense. At least you can use it to store the other absurdly priced items in their line like the $260 comb or $345 hoof pick. And you can look unappealing while wearing it. 

Green with Envy

Most people look forward to the day they can afford to purchase their first home. Not only do a lot of rich people own multiple homes across the world, but they can also afford to buy a mini greenhouse that’s the price of a regular house. 

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

You may not be able to fit your foot inside this $275,000 sterling silver greenhouse, but maybe if you’re friends with Tinker Bell, you might be able to put it to good use. Or you could use it to store your gold bricks.

X-pand Your Horizons

Admit it, we’re all curious about strutting in these shoes. But the $1400 price tag? That’s a firm “nope” from us. While they’re cool, practicality takes a back seat. Picture someone sprinting in these—it’s a marathon of fashion meets functionality, and we’re just here for the imaginary spectacle!

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

Dubbed “x-pander sneakers” for a reason—your bank account needs expansion before diving in. Might as well broaden your horizons and embrace your inner kangaroo; you’re halfway there! These shoes are not just about fashion; they’re a leap into a whole new financial dimension.

Pump up the Party

Fashion’s famed for squeezing production costs, then slapping astronomical price tags. Loewe’s taking it up a notch, peddling what seems like a kid’s craft project for $1,850. Forget DIY; this is more like “Dress It Yourself” with a luxe twist. Artistic expression with a hefty price—the ultimate masterpiece!

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

This red balloon pump (we mean the shoe, not the inflator) would be perfect to wear to a kid’s party. It’ll match fantastically with your clown costume and red nose. Perhaps you can even start pulling them off and make balloon animals. 

Graffi-tea Gathering

You’d think, “Wow, a budget-friendly table!” Nah, just kidding. Witnessing the price of this coffee table might trigger an existential crisis and leave you gasping for air. Who, in the realm of sanity, can cough up $85,000 for a coffee table? Maybe it’s magic, turning your savings into dust!

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

If you’re not a billionaire, you could just DIY. Buy a cheap coffee table from Ikea and ask your friendly neighborhood vandals if they would like to decorate it for you. It would look better, save you 85k, and probably be more legible than Horchow’s creation. 

Profits: Net Zero

We have so many questions. Firstly, why is this man wearing a shirt with a shirtless chest printed on it, and why is the belly button so low? Secondly, how are they selling the rubber woven vest (alone) for $495? Thirdly, why, just why?

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

Good news for anyone who has purchased this vest: it has multiple uses. Got a fishing trip next week? Wear this bad boy, and you’ve got an instant fishing net. The back of your fridge broke? Slap this on there, and it’s good as new.

Mini Melon Pouch

Small bags are not new to the fashion scene. They’ve been around for ages, haunting us with every appearance. Refashionedhippie said it best: they are basically useless. The only thing they might be good for is your chewing gum holder.

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

Most of these mini bags look fairly normal and might be worth purchasing if they were cheaper and bigger. But the one thing we can’t get over is the mini watermelon purse. It’s ironic, considering watermelons are usually much larger than that.

Kitty Bling String

Owning a Tiffany & Co. sterling silver ball of yarn would be a dream for any knitter or crocheter. Unfortunately, $18,000 is probably out of their price range. They’ll have to live their dream with cheap yarn and silver spray paint.

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

The question we have about this “everyday object” is whether it’s an actual useable ball of yarn or merely a sculpture. From what we’ve learned in this series, we’re going to assume the latter. It seems rich people like expensive things they can’t use.

Pay Bed

Fancy a day bed that’s comfier than a park bench? Well, tough luck – this one’s out to challenge your life choices. Maybe reconsider and stick with a cozy couch or a regular bed; they’ve got the whole “daybed” vibe without the discomfort of contoured confusion!

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

Instead of spending $3,427,50 on this Cade Leather Daybed, it would be wiser to invest in a good mattress. At least it would protect your neck and back rather than destroying it. Picture the naps you could have on a $3000 orthopedic mattress. 

Jeans + Boots = Joots

Oh no, not this again. We already had to endure the horror of those Adidas and Balenciaga poots, and now we’re being tortured with the joots. We didn’t know it could get worse than bright red pants connected to heels, but we were mistaken.

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

Besides being unfashionable and super strange, these pants present one specific problem. There’s nothing you can do when you go to someone’s house, and they ask you to take your shoes off. Either you cut them, or you walk around half-naked.

Saint Abhorrent

If you thought those Starbucks travel mugs were expensive, boy, do we have a surprise for you. This coffee cup from Saint Laurent is going for $125. You would think there was something special about it, but the only difference is the name printed on it.

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

Sure, it’s double-walled glass (fancy!), but that doesn’t automatically make it worth a splurge. If anything, that pricey feature should be a red flag. Picture shelling out a hundred bucks only for it to shatter at the first slip. Stick to trusty metal travel mugs—they’re cheaper and less heartbreak-prone!

Beta Outfit

If you’re rich, we have amazing news for you. You could pay $4,000 to look like a Betta fish. In case you’re not familiar with them, they have vibrant, flowing fins and are known for their beauty. The difference is you won’t be if you wear this outfit.

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

Looking like a fish might not scare you, but we’re sure kids running after you with a pinata stick will. There are so many downsides to this outfit that it’s not worth it. Just because you can doesn’t mean you shou

Pricy Pooch

Every woman dreams of the perfect wedding dress, but alas, budget constraints often intervene. However, if you’re a lucky rich lady’s dog, voila! Your pup problems vanish in a puff of luxury when they deck you out in a thousand-dollar dog dress with a matching bow. Canine chic at its finest!

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

We don’t understand rich people. Why buy your dog expensive toys and dresses when it’ll get destroyed within 5 minutes. Dogs used to be hunters and predators, and now they’re being shoved into human clothing. Can the dog even walk with that on?

Swindle Saddle Box

Before this post, we didn’t even know saddle boxes existed. Now we’re wishing we could go back to a time when we weren’t aware they cost $710. The box probably costs more than the saddle it’s supposed to store.

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

When you see a price like that, you assume you’re buying a good quality product. Refashionedhippie so graciously pointed out that’s not the case. You would be paying nearly $1,000 for recycled cardboard and craft paper. The only positive of that is it’s environmentally friendly.

It’s all Gucci

In school, we all knew one kid who had the best pencil case and stationery, and we were all jealous. This feels like the boujee version of that. Except we might not be as jealous of rolled-up fabric with a few pencils tucked inside.

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

Gucci is capitalizing on this $800 colored pencil set. We refuse to believe pencils can cost as much as rent. Don’t wealthy people realize they could probably buy an entire art studio for the price of this Gucci blunder.

Traffic Cone Tracy

We would complain about joots and poots again, but it turns out this isn’t pant-boot combination. It’s actually ridiculously high boots from Vetements. We can’t tell if it’s better or worse than the joots. We’ll go with better since the model is wearing pants underneath.

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

A few things came to mind when we first laid eyes on these boots. This woman must be going fly fishing followed by dinner and doesn’t have time to change. That or she’s dressing up as a traffic cone for Halloween.

Don’t Sheep Alone

Someone needs to do something about luxury brands using every kind of animal skin to make their products. At some point, there aren’t going to be any more goats, sheep, and calves left. What did the sheep ever do to Old Hickory Tannery?

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

You don’t need to purchase this Sherwood Sheepskin Settee for $12,570 when you could just pay a farmer a hundred bucks to take a nap with his sheep. Yes, you might get fleas, but at least you would make a new friend instead of breaking the bank. 

Yeezy Money

Ah, Yeezy. Enough said. We don’t understand the hype around these shoes. They don’t seem to have any support, and it looks like they’ve stepped on some alien tentacles. Kanye should stick to the rapping because these shoes are not it.

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

We’re so grateful that Yeezy sneakers are not a thing anymore. You might see someone wearing them on the street, but as of 2022, new Yeezy shoes will not be produced. It’s good for us but not so much for Ye.

Hoodie Hoax

Hoodies are simple items of clothing that are comfortable and usually affordable. But there’s nothing affordable about this $935 sweater. You could get something similar for about 90% less at almost any regular clothing store; it might even be better. 

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

We love how it says “how to style” in the corner, like it’s difficult to style a hoodie. That tool would have been more useful for that pink abomination we saw earlier. In this scenario, it should’ve said “how to afford”. 

Pin your Clothes

Once again, Tiffany & Co. have turned an everyday object into a sterling silver mess. Instead of buying a hundred regular plastic ones that work perfectly, you could waste your money on one silver clothespin for $550 (and you can engrave it). 

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

When you have too much money you don’t know what to do with, Tiffany & Co. is the perfect shop for you to visit. You can buy a mini greenhouse and an empty tin along with your clothespin – and make sure it’s sterling silver. 

Scrunchie Silliness

*Cue posh accent* – ‘Oh how we would love to purchase this printed silk twill scrunchie from Prada to tie up our luscious golden locks. It’s too bad it costs only $480. We were really hoping to make a dent in the trust fund’. 

Image courtesy of refashionedhippie/Tik Tok

Life hack: if you remove the Prada logo, you’ll find the value of the scrunchie dips below $10. But who are we to judge if you’d like to keep the Prada logo that no one will see when your hair is in a ponytail.