When The Cameras Stop Rolling: Celebrities Being Regular Folks In Private Moments

By Amy M

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Red carpets, flashing cameras, millions of adoring fans, and designer clothes – that’s what comes to mind when we hear the word “celebrity.” It may seem as if they live on a different, more glamorous planet, but celebs do have moments that are quite relatable to us regular folk.

Sure, they might have Lady Gaga and John Stamos’s phone numbers in their contacts, but they too often take public transport, spend time at home with their loved ones, take care of chores, and enjoy some self-care at home.

It’s not always all glitz and glam for stars – wearing Prada and attending fancy events – and we have 45 images to prove it. So, kick back in your comfiest seat and scroll to see how the rich and famous are essentially just like us.

Karaoke Night

Gisele Bündchen isn’t just a model who struts on runways and poses for magazine covers. She is also a mom of two who likes to spend time with her family doing things many people often do – sing karaoke in comfy clothes at home.

Image courtesy of gisele/Instagram

It’s almost hard to believe that one of the highest-paid models isn’t always at a five-star restaurant eating lobster, or, you know, doing rich and famous people things and often spends time at home singing with her daughter. It’s really heartwarming to see.

Chef Serena

Cooking classes aren’t just a thing for ordinary folk – some celebrities also want to learn how to whip up the perfect dish. Here is tennis pro Serena Williams with her daughter about to cook up a storm. This is a bit off-topic, but we must say we adore their aprons!

Image courtesy of serenawilliams/Instagram

Since private chefs are a common thing in the celebrity world, it often shocks people when a star shows interest in preparing a meal themselves. Also, we must mention how heartwarming it is to see parents doing things like these with their kids. It’s definitely core memory stuff.

Daddy Daughter Time

We’re ending this post with this image that Dwayne Johnson posted to his Instagram in March to show you that a celebrity also makes time to play with his kid. Here, he let his daughter give him a beautiful makeover. Looking good, Dwayne!

Image courtesy of therock/Instagram

Dwayne captioned the hilarious yet adorable photo, “What starts off as “Daddy, it will just be a manicure.” Well, one day, when she gets older, she may want to get a regular job and become a makeup artist. Who knows?

Chore Time

When Julianne Moore isn’t on movie sets and striking a pose for the paparazzi, she’s spending her Saturday washing trash cans outside her home. Here, we thought all celebrities paid people to take care of all their household chores, but we were wrong.

Image courtesy of juliannemoore/Instagram

If there ever comes a time that you feel bad for spending your weekend doing chores instead of relaxing on a yacht with a drink in hand, just know that you’re not alone – actress Julianne Moore is probably doing the same thing.

But first, Food

Rachael Ray once said that famous people are like the rest of us, and just like us, they often get bitten by the foodie bug. Turns out the professional cook was right – here is actress Toni Collette enjoying a delicious cannoli.

Image courtesy of toni_collette_official/Instagram

In Toni’s Instagram video, she admitted that she never eats stuff like this. But then again, celebs are human, so they break their diets, too! She probably also told herself she would restart the diet the following day and then enjoyed more sweet treats, as we all do.

Keep Calm and Clean Like Mario

Celebrities – they clean their dishes as well! After enjoying a meal with the fam, Mario Lopez made sure to clean up and load the dishwasher. Looks like he’s a popular actor and TV host by day and a regular dude with chores at night.

Image courtesy of mariolopez/Instagram

He posted this on his Instagram for an ad, but since the Saved by the Bell actor is married with three children, we imagine he does this after most meals. There must be a ton of dirty dishes to clean up afterward.


Do you love the feeling of taking all your loose change to a Coinstar machine and getting notes? Actor Jerry O’Connell sure does. The famous actor wanted to give a shoutout to this machine company just because he really likes it.

Image courtesy of mrjerryoc/Instagram

If we were shopping while Jerry O’Connell was there, we wouldn’t have even realized that we were in the presence of a famous person. You just don’t expect a famous person to use this machine like many of us do. Anyway, we love a down-to-earth actor.

Mini Spa Day

Household names don’t just go to fancy spas. They also make their own masks and have a mini spa day in the comfort of their home. Well, at least that is what it looks like singer Ciara and her mini-me did some time back.

Image courtesy of ciara/Instagram

Even though not all of us put on a homemade avocado mask in a mansion while waiting for our music video to drop, it’s still nice to see that CiCi and her little girl also enjoy a little downtime glowup every now and then.

Ramen is the Answer

Eva Longoria always says yes to a bowl of ramen, just like many of us.  She doesn’t shy away from indulging in a full meal. Based on how perfect most stars look, you would imagine their go-to order in a restaurant would be a salad. And you probably wouldn’t be wrong.

Image courtesy of evalongoria/Instagram

So, it is refreshing to see that not all celebrities stick to and encourage eating tiny portions. The Desperate Housewives star does diet, but she believes it’s good to eat everything in moderation. We’re sure most people will agree with that.

O Christmas Tree

A lot of people don’t take down their trees straight after Christmas, including Busy Philips. She couldn’t figure out how to get the tree out of her home, so she said she would just leave it there as art. Name a more relatable celeb.

Image courtesy of busyphillips/Instagram

It is quite surprising to see that an actress lets Christmas decorations become part of her home décor, as a lot of us are guilty of that. You would imagine they would be ashamed of it in case they have other equally famous friends come over. But Busy doesn’t mind.

Matthew Scissorhands

Alright, alright, alright, here we have superstar Matthew McConaughey giving his son a haircut at home. His star status doesn’t stop him from doing things that a regular, frugal parent would do. Now parents can say they have something in common with him.

Image courtesy of officiallymcconaughey/Instagram

Parents take note – next time your kid complains that you don’t take them to a hair salon, show them this pic so they can see it’s a thing, even among celebs. Though it may be strange, we suspect it will make one or both of you feel better!

Sunday Snuggles

Drew Barrymore is the queen of daytime television and apparently also the queen of relatability. She loves to rest and relax by lying in bed and snuggling with her pets at the end of a busy week. We can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday.

Image courtesy of drewbarrymore/Instagram

Everyone needs a lazy day that consists of reading in bed and cuddling with their kitty. If you’ve not done it before, try it, and you’ll be hooked! It’s always wonderful to see this side of her on social media.

You Grow Girl

We are ecstatic to welcome the winner of American Idol, Carrie Underwood, to the “stars- they are just like us” club. Like many of us, she too grows her veggies in her garden. Just look at her very impressive carrots.

Image courtesy of carrieunderwood/Instagram

We’re used to seeing celebs shop for organic veggies instead of getting their hands dirty, which was quite a pleasant surprise. Growing your own veggies is always beneficial for one’s health since it’s 100% organic and is also quite therapeutic.

Ready, Set, Drill

During the writers’ strike in July, Morena Baccarin kept herself busy with handy work at home. She even joked that people could hire her. Well, then she’d really be like the rest of us – she’d have a job that isn’t on a movie set with other stars.

Image courtesy of morenabaccarin/Instagram

In September, the star once again posted a pic of herself working with a drill. To all the haters out there who say famous people can’t do things like simple repairs and simply hire professionals to do things for them, Morena is here to prove you wrong.


Chuck E. Cheese “Where a kid can be a kid” and celebs can be just like the rest of us. Yep, it’s not always fine dining and country clubs for stars. They also like to take their kids to the popular entertainment center and play games. 

Image courtesy of courtneym_lopez/Instagram

Courtney Lopez looks like she really had a blast with her son. She did say, “Love Chuck E. Cheese,” and we think most people would say they do, too. So, the next time you take your kid to play games and eat pizza, watch out for an A-Lister!


Models and actresses may seem like they’re flawless all the time, but now and then, they post pictures that show us that they are human, too. Here is fashion model and actress Molly Sims, makeup-free and all sleepy on a couch.

Image courtesy of mollybsims/Instagram

Taking a nap on the couch next to a laptop is something we have all done before. Working on the computer on a cozy couch always has a way of inducing sleep. Now, we also feel like we need a nap!

When in the Garden

Former contestant of The Bachelorette, Tyler Cameron, snapped this pic of himself watering the lawn in January. He may not have received a final rose on the show, but based on this photo, these days, he gets to see many while gardening.

Image courtesy of tylerjcameron/Instagram

Watering the lawn is a chore many people take care of. However, we doubt the same people can say they look this good while doing it! Seriously, this is meant to be relatable. How does he not even look tired?

Do you have any Threes?

Here is the star of Amazon Prime’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Rachel Brosnahan, playing a game of cards. It’s cool to know that a celebrity like her also likes to spend her downtime doing something low-key like this. It’s a fun way to spend time with your loved ones.

Image courtesy of rachelbrosnahan/Instagram

Now we know when Rachel isn’t on a stage, slaying on the red carpet, or at an event with her famous friends, she’s probably somewhere schooling someone with her card skills. Hmm, we wonder if we could invite her to a game night.

Moving Is Fun

In December 2022, Hugh Jackman treated us to a glimpse of what his place looked like after he had just moved – he just had boxes all over the show. We understand. Moving out is a stressful and chaotic time.

Image courtesy of thehughjackman/Instagram

The Wolverine actor actually had a Q&A on Zoom during this time, so he had to find a spot where no one could see the boxes. Like Hugh, we have all, at some point, needed to hide our messy house from people online. Thank God for virtual backgrounds!

Cyclin’ Around the City

“Start spreading the news,” Hugh Jackman likes to rent bikes in New York. The actor posted a snap of himself grabbing a Citi Bike to get around the Big Apple. It is a fun way to exercise and see the beautiful city. 

Image courtesy of thehughjackman/Instagram

There is definitely something in the air in New York that makes celebrities, let’s say, normal. They rent and ride bikes and take subways instead of using private cars. Maybe New Yorkers’ chill vibes and nonchalance have something to do with it.

Self-care Saturday

Millie Bobby Brown, the actress who rose to on Stranger Things, showed us how she likes to spend a Saturday. It’s not very different from something we like to do on some weekends – chilling at home in a robe, enjoying a self-care day.

Image courtesy of millybobbiebrown/Instagram

Whenever you have FOMO, just know that not all youngsters, or even celebrities, go out partying every Saturday. It is perfectly fine to just stay at home with some under-eye patches in your comfiest robe. Just ask Millie, and she’ll confirm.

Proud Parent

Actor and comedian Kevin Hart recently did something most parents eventually must do – he dropped his daughter off at college. After he helped settle her into her dorm, he said he cried in the car. Parents know the pain.

Image courtesy of kevinhart4real/Instagram

Kevin Hart might have acted in many movies, sold out shows, been on many stages, and been besties with Dwayne Johnson, but at the end of the day, he is just like any parent. He’ll always be there for his kids and drop them off at college with tears in his eyes.

A Morning in the Life of Dwayne

Speaking of Dwayne Johnson, this guy starts his morning like some of us – with a cup of joe and some journaling. The Rock also writes about his, to quote him, “goals and stuff.” Journalling is known to be very therapeutic, so we’re not that surprised that celebs also do it.

Image courtesy of therock/Instagram

We know you probably thought that someone like Dwayne typically wakes up and immediately lifts some weights, but that is not always the case. Frankly, if he didn’t post this, we probably would have never known that he also journals.


If you have ever wondered about what you could find in Jessica Simpson’s closet, your mind probably thought of luxurious, limited-edition designer pieces. While you might not be wrong, there’s something else you’d find – her 8th-grade head cheerleader letterman jacket.

Image courtesy of jessicasimpson/Instagram

Yep, stars are sentimental creatures, too. We can all admit to trying out old clothes and accessories we found in the closet while rearranging stuff. Before this post, if you had told us that a celebrity like Jessica did that, too, we would have found it hard to believe.

Chocolate is Bae

Lookie here: Mindy Kaling shared her love for Reece’s Miniature Peanut Butter Cups on her Instagram in August. You shouldn’t feel bad about indulging your sweet cravings, and it seems Mindy believes that too. We knew we loved her for a reason!

Image courtesy of mindykaling/Instagram

Most celebs only ever show themselves drinking green smoothies or only eating greens, but let’s face it, a bland diet is not sustainable. We appreciate Mindy for not hiding the fact that she has a weakness for anything sweet like most of us.

Palm Springs 92240

Beverley Hills 90210 star Jennie Garth is actually better than most of us when it comes to fending for herself! After spotting a tree full of fruit, she climbed it and picked a couple to take home. According to the actress, Palm Springs has the best citrus trees. 

Image courtesy of jennygarth/Instagram

We often think stars of her caliber would only be interested in promoting expensive organic grocery stores to find amazing fruit, but we’re pleasantly surprised that the fruit she’s recommending is actually free. Well, at least if you have fruit trees on your property!

Fun in the Sun

Olivia Munn enjoyed a causal beach day with her toddler. They showed us that they don’t need to be on a yacht to have some fun in the sun. All they needed was some beach towels, soda, and some sunscreen, which is what most of us take to the beach.

Image courtesy of oliviamunn/Instagram

Olivia captioned the photo, “It takes two adults to put sunscreen on one toddler. And we didn’t even do a good job.” She was referring to her and her partner, John Mulaney. At least we know we are not alone in parenting struggles. Toddlers can be a handful.

Pop goes the Tyre

Celebrities may seem like they have a perfect life, but they are also not immune to car problems. Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughter Scout Willis found herself in a bit of a pickle when her tire burst in April this year.

Image courtesy of scoutlaruewillis/Instagram

She joked, “I love chaos.” Well, don’t we all? The world is a chaotic place, even for celebrities. Fortunately, famous or not, someone always comes to your rescue (hello, Triple A!). We are glad that she survived the ordeal unscathed.

Swinging Saturday

Popular American television presenter Andy Cohen enjoys taking his daughter to the playground as much as any other parent. He was all smiles here in his cozy cardigan while his daughter had the time of her life on the swing.

Image courtesy of bravoandy/Instagram

It’s nice that in big cities, celebrities can go about their daily activities like the rest of the world without being harassed. We’re sure they enjoy the moments when they can enjoy some privacy. The swings at the park are a lovely way to spend a Saturday.

Keeping Minty Fresh

This photo captures Millie Bobby Brown having an everyday movement. This unglamorous activity is performed by all of us as part of dental hygiene. Her posting this moment in a Jonas Brother T-shirt makes her feel very real to her fans.

Image courtesy of millybobbiebrown/Instagram

This snap is quite special because aside from showing this side of Millie, it also declared that she was a huge fan of the Jonas Brothers. Oh, we get it. Those boys had us hooked from the moment they started releasing hits as teens.

What time is it? Family Time!

Megastar Zac Efron showed us his down-to-earth side with this photo that showed him spending some quality time reading to his sister on Valentine’s Day. He really is like many of us who spend V-days single and surrounded by family. There’s no shame in that.

Image courtesy of zacefron/Instagram

Zac isn’t fazed by his celebrity status – he still enjoys spending time with his sister. It’s moments like this that make us feel more connected to celebs like him. It really warms our hearts to see him showing his big brother side.

Just Chillin’

The Sopranos actor Robert Iler looks like he is happy to be a regular Joe. Here he was chilling with his former costar, Jamie Lynn Sigler, and her kids at her house. If visiting friends is not the most common thing amongst regular people, we don’t know what is.

Image courtesy of nottodaypalshow/Instagram

The former actor mentioned that they also watched the UFC fight night. Though it may not sound like a thing, celebs, actors included, also enjoy shows. And quite honestly, a night in with your pals can be more fun than a night out on the town.

Farmers Market Fun

Farmers markets are the best place to find fresh produce at good prices, so celebs also frequent them. Here is actress Ashley Park browsing for some healthy goods in Paris. That’s definitely the face of someone who knows they found a good bargain.

Image courtesy of ashleyparklady/Instagram

The Emily in Paris actress wrote in her caption, “Found the hat for €5. We likey?” Yes, we like the hat very much, it is gorgeous. She is certainly that friend you always bring to help you haggle. Way to go, Ashley!

Stitch the Time Away

Scout Willis has a pretty normal pastime – crocheting! This keeps her busy during flights. Who would have thought that a celebrity would also enjoy making her own clothes? She often shares her finished creations on her social media page, and they are beautiful. 

Image courtesy of scoutlaruewillis/Instagram

If you crochet your own pieces, you now know that this star is also part of the yarn club. And if you have been meaning to join the crochet craze but haven’t gotten the motivation, take this as your sign.


Ellen DeGeneres enjoys working up a sweat and distressing by playing pickleball. Many people play the sport as it’s an action-packed game and has many health benefits, so it’s a no-brainer that an A-lister would also hop on to the bandwagon. 

Image courtesy of ellendegeneres/Instagram

In 2020, Ellen went on YouTube to say this about pickleball; “It is something that people are playing a lot of, and I’m obsessed with it.” She even got a back injury from playing the game so often. You read it here, folks: pickleball is a thing.

Gone Fishing

Surprise everyone: the star of The First Wives Club, actress Goldie Hawn, is a keen angler. Here she Is, waiting for a fish to bite in Alaska. We bet many fans didn’t know that she shares a passion for the sport like many everyday people. 

Image courtesy of goldiehawn/Instagram

While on a fishing trip in July, Goldie sang Alaska’s praises, calling it a piece of paradise. Everyone knows it’s the best place to fish for halibut. On her Instagram, she was quoted as saying, “A halibut or two on the tip of my rod.” We’re glad she had fun.

A Whole Mood

American actress and TV host Sherri Shepherd is a whole mood in this pic while riding the subway in New York. Those who live in the Big Apple can relate to being on the subway in sweats, looking tired and depressed like Sherri here.

Image courtesy of sherrieshepherd/Instagram

You might be wondering why she looks so blue. Apparently, her teenage son didn’t want to sit next to her. So, here’s a message to all the moms out there: it doesn’t matter how famous you are, your kid still won’t want to be seen with you when they ‘grow up!’

She Shoots, She Scores

Six Flags, America’s favorite thrill park, also attracts A-listers. Millie Bobby Brown headed to Six Flags Georgia, also known as the Thrill Capital of the South, in July this year to shoot some hoops. What can we say? She’s just a regular gal. 

Image courtesy of millybobbiebrown/Instagram

Amusement parks are the best place to make some memories. Millie even said that she had the best time there. Who could hate playing games? We heart Six Flags just like Miss Millie. If you don’t have a Six Flags where you live, basketball in the park or the local court also works.

Batta Batta Swing

What is America’s favorite pastime? We will give you a clue, “Hey, batta batta batta swing batta batta!” That’s right, it’s baseball! Celebrities also delight in watching the sport and cheering for their favorite team. Keke Palmer attended a game with her ex and her little angel back in April.

Image courtesy of keke/Instagram

The actress was in the stands supporting The Los Angeles Angels. You will often catch Keke at a baseball stadium. She has even been invited to pitch the first ball at a game. We wish we could say the same.

Fire Safety First

Eva Longoria got busy around her house and changed her smoke alarm in August. See, we’re not the only ones who have to sort out mundane yet very important tasks at home. Anyway, it’s good to see that Eva is just as safety-conscious as everyone should be.

Image courtesy of evalongoria/Instagram

In the past, we only ever saw celebrities get on a stage. Now we get to see them get on ladders to replace things. We no longer put them on a pedestal. Well, at least not as much. We view them as being almost on the same level as us.


“Yo bro, who got you smiling like that?” Our fave werewolf from Twilight, Taylor Lautner, ‘cause he enjoys bubble baths like us. He probably likes to relax and while his cares away in the tub after a long, hard day.

Image courtesy of taylorlautner/Instagram

Lautner wrote this under his soapy pic, “Spent 45 minutes setting up this bath just to get sweaty 5 minutes after getting in.” The actor is just as funny as he is relatable. This has got to be one of our favorite celeb posts.

Choo Choo

Here is English singer-songwriter Sam Smith ditching luxurious first-class flights and private jets with caviar and champagne and opting for the train. We love to see a celeb using one of the most common and pocket-friendly options for traveling.

Image courtesy of samsmith/Instagram

We know Sam Smith sang about getting on the midnight train on Midnight Train. Still, we never thought he would actually use this mode of transport like regular people do almost every day. Maybe next time you travel from Boston to New York City, you’ll catch a glimpse of the Unholy singer!

Don’t Rain on Me

Stars get caught in the rain too, and you know what else? They also forget their umbrellas. American broadcaster Tamron Hall and her gal pals took shelter under a piece of plastic at a Beyoncé concert that took place in July.

Image courtesy of tamronhall/Instagram

Tamron and her friends probably spent hours getting ready for Queen Bee’s performance, so they were not about to get their perfect hair and makeup ruined, and we all get that. We love the rain, but damn, it can ruin your whole look!

Sun, Sand, and Jenga

Selena Gomez’s heart wants what it wants, and on January 2, it wanted a normal chilled day spent at the beach playing a game of Jenga with her friends. Oh, and for anyone who is wondering how she did, she lost that round.

Image courtesy of selenagomez/Instagram

We don’t know if we are the only ones who thought this, but we imagined that a celeb like Selena would pick reading a book in fancy sunglasses at the beach over this. Well, we’re glad that she also gets to experience the joys and frustrations that a game of Jenga brings.


Priyanka Chopra may be married to Nick Jonas and be a former Miss World, but what makes her like us is that she admires the beautiful night sky. Stars also look at the stars. It’s a fascination we all share.

Image courtesy of priyankachopra/Instagram

We wonder if the actress also belts out the song, That’s Amore like we all do as she looks out to the night sky. Is it just us? Oh well, you guys should try it. Just make sure no one is looking!