Fur-tastic Finds: 35+ Innovative Products Every Pet Owner Needs

By Joyce S February 4, 2024

This article was originally published on funcatz

As responsible pet parents, we understand the importance of providing our precious companions with all the essential goodies they need to thrive. From delicious food and water bowls to cozy crates or carriers and, of course, an array of unique toys, these are must-haves everyone knows to acquire before bringing a pet into their lives. 

If you’re welcoming a precious little puppy into your loving home, it’s essential to ensure their safety and well-being, just like you would for a tiny human baby. Puppy-proofing your home is a must-do to create a secure and nurturing environment for your furry bundle of joy.

Whether you have a nervous pup or a jittery kitty, having the right tools can enhance your life and your furry friend’s. From innovative gadgets to handy accessories, these cool tools are sure to make your daily routines smoother, and your pet’s tail wag even happier!

Dog Crate

An appropriately sized dog crate is an absolute must-have for crate training. It’s a wonderful way to keep your puppy safe and sound when you’re not home. Plus, it creates the coziest little safe haven for your furry friend to rest and relax. 

Image courtesy of Fable

It’s just so heartwarming to see them all snuggled up and happy in their own little space. This crate is absolutely lovely, and even has the added bonus of serving as a charming side table. Your adorable pup will love unwinding in this cozy little space.

A Catio: Paradise For Cats

This is an amazing outdoor sanctuary for your beloved feline. This catio has a ramp and multiple levels for your indoor cat to enjoy and discover the outside world. Indoor cats sometimes feel bored, but they have plenty of opportunities to find joy and excitement in their cozy surroundings. 

Image courtesy of twincat23/ PetSmart

A catio can be as cozy as a window box or as spacious as a large room. And you don’t need a lot of space. A small spot that’s rarely used can be perfect for a spacious outdoor catio. Since cats love climbing, they don’t mind a tall catio instead of a wide one.

A Hands-Free Leash

This groundbreaking new walking system is a fashionable, modern, hands-free, and convenient alternative to the traditional hand-held leash. It’s crafted to suit any lifestyle perfectly. You’ll love how versatile this accessory is. It can be worn as a belt, crossbody, or around the wrist.

Image courtesy of Fable

This leash offers you four convenient fastening styles to keep your furry friend safe. You’ll love the freedom it provides and the ease of use with its lasso, fixed collar, conventional leash, and slip-on options. It’s the perfect accessory for any dog owner.

A Grooming Tool

This grooming tool attachment is designed to fit perfectly on your vacuum cleaner, making it super convenient to remove all those pesky hairs from your pup. You’ll love how easy it is to keep your furry friend clean and tidy and stop worrying about loose hairs all over your place.

Image courtesy of Dyson

You can simply brush and watch the hairs disappear into the vacuum. This is a hassle-free way to keep your space clean and allergen-free. This awesome tool will bring so much joy and convenience to your life and that of your pet. Get ready for lots of smiles and wagging tails! 

A Scratchboard For Your Dog

A scratchboard is like a fun spa treatment for your furry friend. It’s a board that has been affixed with sandpaper. Once you’ve taught your furry friend how to use it, you’ll find that just a few enjoyable weekly sessions will help keep those front nails perfectly filed. 

Image courtesy of ScratchPad for Dogs / Etsy

This god-sent tool will make nail filing a breeze for your pet. No more struggling to keep them still while they try to escape. The scratchboard acts like an emery board, gently smoothing your dog’s nails to keep your beautiful floors scratch-free. 

A Cute Sofa

These adorable little sofas may look like miniature couches, but they are specially designed for pets to relax and unwind. Not only do these beds keep your pets comfortable, but they also help to keep them off your couch. It’s a win-win situation that will make everyone happy.

Image courtesy of Funny Fuzzy

It’s also a breeze to keep clean with cushions that can be easily removed and thrown in the washing machine. They’re attached with hook-and-loop strips that make detaching them a piece of cake. Dogs of all sizes can easily hop on and off the bed.

Waterless Shampoo

Sometimes, you can’t bathe your pet, but that’s alright. Perhaps your cute pooch doesn’t like it yet, and you don’t want to spend 30 minutes playfully avoiding wet escapes. If you are on the go, busy, or unprepared, waterless shampoos come in handy. 

Image courtesy of Wild One

Dry shampoo is a lifesaver for pets who are frightened around water or have trouble staying calm during bath time. It’s an excellent alternative that keeps them comfortable and fresh without stress. It’s also a wonderful option for wounded or recovering pets. 

Poop Bags

The next product lets you enjoy strolling your pet without lugging trash bags. This fantastic poop bag holder is made of strong and lightweight materials that allow you to quickly clean up after your pet. It also clips onto your dog’s leash so you can enjoy walks and outdoor fun.

Image courtesy of woofandwonder/Instagram

While walking in a park or relaxing on your lawn, these bags bring you convenience, keep the environment clean, and free your hands to enjoy nature. Going for walks with your pets should be about having fun and unwinding from the everyday hassle. 

Stylish Couch Cover

Dogs offer us love and enjoyment, yet their playfulness may wear down our furniture. A comfy dog bed or a sumptuous sofa for your pet is something you might not want to buy, which makes a couch cover or sofa-protecting blanket the go-to solution. 

Image courtesy of Molly Mutt

It adds character to your living area and saves you money by keeping your furniture looking new longer. Sturdy, waterproof textiles like cotton, canvas, or microfiber covers are preferable. Also, look for machine-washable covers to keep them fresh and comfy. Consider elastic band or strap ones, too. 

Inflatable Bed

Why not try an inflatable air bed for your pet on your next trip or for warm outdoor rest options? This flexible solution will calm and please your dog. Inflatable air mattresses outlast dog beds. Also, their shape-retaining structure ensures your pet always sleeps comfortably. Some types have pumps and inflate or deflate in minutes. 

Image courtesy of Diggs

Improving sleep quality and comfort is the goal. The cushioned “lip” on the edge of most dog beds allows dogs to rest their precious heads. Additionally, the bed’s PVC structure makes it scratch-proof and durable. A soft, cozy fleece blanket is then delicately put over the bed.

BumBag With Poop Bag Access

Since you want easy access to all your dog’s stuff when traveling or walking around the park, a bum bag is a good idea. You can bring treats, poo bags, leashes, and balls for the walk. A lovely cross-body bumbag eliminates the need for hefty backpacks. 

Image courtesy of Pet and Co

The attractive design makes this dog-walking bumbag ideal for pet sitters and pet parents, and the poop bag dispenser hole is simply excellent. Plus, the zippered side compartment is perfect for your phone, flashlight, money, and keys. If it rains, the bumbag will protect everything inside. 

Pool Table For Your Kittens

Cats are such fascinating creatures. Their playful nature never ceases to bring joy, laughter, and a few broken vases in the living room. This little elevated pool table is perfect for agitated kitties who enjoy tossing and scratching your belongings and furniture. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

It was crafted to cater to a cat’s playful instincts and interests. With its felt balls and wooden cue sticks topped with feathers, this cute miniature pool table is sure to captivate your furbaby and bring endless joy to their playtime.

A Dog Zipline For Fun Car Rides

Everyone cracks a smile when they see a dog’s little head coming out of a car window, greeting everyone with their cute smile and naughty faces. Similar to taking dogs to the vet for regular checkups, vehicle ziplines are a safe and excellent way to drive your pup around.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Car ziplines are like car seat belts, except they’re more versatile. They gently extend over car seats, providing a fun and pleasant passage between car seats. It’s a fantastic product for pets since it allows them to move freely while clipped in.

Snack Board

The most amazing dog puzzle toys are designed to spark curiosity, provide delightful mental stimulation, and assist dogs in enhancing their problem-solving abilities. This easy-to-use interactive toy is perfect for little pups and other popular pets. With a snack board, pet parents can enhance playtime.

Image courtesy of Amazon

The board’s design allows you to add wet food or spreadable treats into the holes. The challenging game makes play sessions last longer and snacking more fun. As your dog gets better with simpler puzzle boards, find more challenging designs to keep it happy and well-fed.

Magnet To Make The Fish Bowl Clean

Cleaning aquarium tank glass is crucial, but it can be difficult. That said, keeping your gorgeous undersea world sparkling clean and vibrant is worth it. You should clean the inside and exterior of the tank sufficiently to keep it crystal clean, and when you use the finest aquarium magnet cleaner, the procedure becomes easy.

Image courtesy of Amazon

An algae magnet cleaner for aquariums is basically two scrub pads with magnets in them. One scrub pad gets to cozy up inside the tank while its partner gives the outer side a gentle hug. This fantastic tool will make cleaning your fish tank a breeze, making the process so much easier. 

Cat’s Hammock

Macrame work is exquisite. Imagine how lovely it looks as a house décor or plant holder. It gives any room a charming touch of elegance. But they can do so much more than hold plants. They also make wonderful cat hammocks.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Hammocks are excellent for anxious, stressed, or adventurous cats since they’re naturally drawn to higher locations. They provide your cat with a pleasant place to sit and decompress. The best part is that these hammocks can reduce your cat’s tension and add a charming decorative touch to any room in a home.

Bird Fun Time

Keeping parakeets, cockatiels, or other cute little birds cognitively active and happy is a top priority for feathery pet parents. This adorable bird wooden tabletop toy is carefully designed to provide your pet with countless hours of sheer joy and activity. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

It’s a safe and healthy toy for your feathery pet and brings nature indoors. Your bird will go crazy with the mini hoops and basketball toys. You can go read a book and relax while your bird moves around with glee as it exercises and plays with you.

Smart Pet Feeder

Anyone who wishes to feed and care for their beloved cats even while they’re away should consider an automated cat feeder. They help pet parents make the mornings more practical by automating their pet’s feedings and ensuring they get the right amount of food. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

A smart feeder has plenty of room for both food and water. It’s clog-free and has removable parts, making it super easy to clean. All you have to do is set up your pet’s feeding routine on the smart feeder app, and voilá, you’ll be able to control their meal access all day long. 

Black Light To Spot Mysterious Pee Spots

Even though pets do frustrating things, like peeing on your bed or on your favorite rug, our hearts belong to them. One thing that often happens is your pet peeing on forbidden grounds when you’re not around. So, it’s important to do some detective work and sniff out any smelly corners.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Going full Sherlock Holmes mode with a black light urine detector is your secret weapon for finding those pesky urine stains, whether they’re fresh or old. With this handy tool, you’ll be able to swiftly eliminate them and keep your space fresh and clean.

Bike Attachment For Your BFF’s Leash

Taking a relaxing bike ride with your pet without having to balance a leash and handlebars is wonderful. That’s why getting a bike-mounted leash adapter is an excellent idea. There’s nothing better than the thrill of enjoying every second of an adventure with your best buddy. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

This leash connects to the bike seat mount and ensures your pet is safe on bike trips and walks. It’s also one of the best dog bike leashes for jogging. It snaps on and off easily, protecting your pet. Your cute dog can now enjoy walks without feeling constrained because they have some freedom. 

A Little Fountain

Does your pet prefer to drink water straight from the faucet? This fantastic fountain recreates that experience minus the need to worry about your sink. Sometimes, your cat doesn’t drink as much water as it needs to stay hydrated, even though they have wet food or a water bowl available to them. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

But don’t worry. A cat water fountain can be a wonderful solution for this annoyance since cats simply adore drinking running water. As such, having one will make your cat’s day even more delightful. Plus, you can effortlessly take it apart and reassemble the parts to clean it.

Wall-Mounted Cat Bed

Cat shelves make you and your pet happy. These snug and exciting spaces let your cat relax and play. Living small? Worry not. Some of the best cat beds are shaped like shelves or cubes, making them cool playing spots for them. They’re ideal for organizing your cat’s comfy house. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

Cats love climbing on and relaxing in pleasant elevated places. They also thoroughly enjoy having trees especially designed for them to play, climb, and take naps. As you can see, there are numerous options for pet owners, even if you live in a smaller house. 

The Cutest Bulk Bed Ever

Having a cozy place for your precious fur baby to sleep is an absolute delight for any loving dog parent. If you’re lucky enough to have two or more dogs, you know that finding enough space for them to relax can be a challenge. That’s where a dog bunk bed comes in.

Image courtesy of Amazon

They provide not just one but multiple cozy sleeping areas for your adorable furry friends. Now, all of your beloved pets can enjoy a nap together in their own spots. It’s like a slumber party for your pups! These are perfect for both small and large doggos.

Bully Stick Holder

Bully sticks and chews are absolutely fantastic for so many reasons. That little piece that’s just too tiny to hold but too satisfying to resist can sometimes be a bit tricky to handle. So, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s always better to be safe and prevent any potential accidents.

Image courtesy of Amazon

This awesome chew holder ensures that your furry friend can enjoy their bully stick without any worries. It adds a fun and exciting challenge for your pup, making their chewing experience even better. Also, it helps them savor every moment of their chewing, especially if your puppy is teething.

Relaxing Moment For Your Furry Friends

Just like with people, a massage can bring so much joy to your pet, making a wonderful difference in both their mental and physical well-being. As such, massages should definitely be added to your dog’s regular grooming routine because they also strengthen the bond between both of you. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

Not only does a massage feel incredibly good, but it also works wonders for the body by promoting natural oil production. Plus, it boosts blood circulation and works its magic in easing muscle tension and soothing those pesky aches. It’s truly a delightful experience. 

A Stain-And-Odor-Free Carpet

Every pet-loving family needs pet odor eliminators, whether you have a sweet puppy, a caring adult cat, or a fuzzy buddy with gorgeous paw prints. Imagine detecting an ocean-like pee stain on the carpet left by your cute puppy that now wiggles its tail as if nothing happened. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

This stain and odor remover eliminates bad odors and stains from pretty much anything. It cleans carpets, floors, kennels, furniture, and clothing easily and safely. Before using it, blot the stain carefully. Next, slowly pour some warm water over the stain and use a cloth or paper towel to absorb everything, repeating if necessary. 

A Fashionable Insect Repellent

The Bandana bug repellant is an amazing scent-free solution that leaves no sticky residue on your pet. And the best news is that it won’t be absorbed by your pet’s skin or fur. It repels mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and flies, especially those that can spread Lyme disease and heartworms in a heartbeat.

Image courtesy of Amazon

This fashion bandana distributes bug repellency to your pet’s body, providing comfort without obvious protection, and it shields your pup’s fur safely. You’ll love how the fashionable and practical bandana keeps your pet looking great and protects them from harmful insects.

Scratch Pad

Some dogs have trouble getting regular nail trims. If you doubt that, TikTok and Instagram pet accounts are filled with some of the most dramatic – and fun – dog nail-clipping sessions. This scratchboard, available at pet stores, is a wonderful, affordable solution, and you can make it your next DIY project. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

If you don’t trust yourself to handle a project like this, trust us when we say this post is extremely affordable. Once you’ve purchased it, simply hang it somewhere your kitty can easily access it. Remember to gift them with some tasty treats after each session!

Elevated Bowl

Whether you have a lovely young kitten or a smart older cat who needs additional care, a high-quality food bowl that ensures their comfort throughout mealtime is a wonderful idea. Their well-being can improve greatly with comfortable raised bowls for food and water. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

Raised bowls are sturdy and easy to access, preventing spillage. Your pet’s height should also fit properly, so pay attention to the different heights the bowls may have. Some of them also include slow-feeder puzzle features, which are excellent for pets that eat too fast. 

A Real (Bearded) Dragon

Bearded dragons are quite tame and calm when handled gently and with kindness. Having one at home can lead to a lot of funny exchanges between you and the animal. With a cool and collected reptile as a pet, it’s only natural to want to joke and play around with it. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

What a stroke of genius to dress a bearded dragon with actual dragon wings! They’ll look completely magical at Halloween. Your pet will stand out like never before with these dazzlingly butterfly-inspired wings. Plus, they’ll also protect your lizard’s skin from harm.  

Digging Time

Dogs have a wonderful natural instinct for digging, but, of course, we prefer it when they keep their digging mischiefs out of the garden, carpet, and comfy couch. Thus, encouraging them to explore other activities, like engaging with fun and captivating toys, can be quite helpful. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

This fun digging toy nurtures your dog’s natural instincts to dig while keeping your garden and furniture pristine and hole-free. You can also place some yummy treats between the flaps and encourage your pooch to use their clever brain to discover them. 

No More Pet Hair

Dealing with pet hair on your clothes, rugs, furniture, and vehicle upholstery is so time-consuming. The best tool for this cleaning mission is a roller designed specifically for removing pet hair. It looks like a lint roller at first glance, but it’s made with a textured red cloth instead of adhesive tape. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

It only takes a few moves over the affected area with the roller for the pet hair to vanish. Also, because you won’t have to pause every few swipes to peel off a sticky sheet, this tool is more time-efficient than a standard lint roller. 

Playcenter For The Lazy Kittens

Activity centers for cats are far better than standard toys. But getting one doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all your old toys. Keep them, and you’ll have the best of both worlds. The products are excellent options against boredom. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

There’s a great selection of activity centers in pet stores for your bored kitten. These adorable toys are a warm refuge full of fun features that will provide your pet with so much delight. They’ll love exploring the plastic arch system with a ladybug-shaped mat beneath it.

Collapsible Crate

Dog crates that collapse are super versatile. They’re like the Swiss Army knives of dog crates. They are foldable for easy storage, perfect for travel, and super easy to move around. Lots of pet parents start shopping for crates when they’re trying to house-train a puppy. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

But crates are also awesome for adult dogs who dig the cozy vibes of a crate instead of a regular dog bed. If you have a little pup, think about getting a crate with a handle on top. That way, you can easily carry your furry friend when you’re heading to the groomer or vet.

Convertible Scratch Pad

If you want to stop your furniture from getting wrecked, just make sure your cats have something they can scratch on, like a scratching pad. This particular scratching mat is pretty cool because it can also be used as an end table. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

You can set it up in three different ways using the clips that come with it. If you want to use it as a side table, all you have to do is clip it onto the frame sideways with the mat facing down. Easy peasy.

Dog Bathing Set

There are tons of tools that make it super easy to wash your dog anywhere other than your boring old bathtub. This awesome dog bathing tool helps you spray your dog and lather it up at the same time. It’s a game-changer!

Image courtesy of Amazon

The spray nozzle is made to fit hands of all sizes, and the strap that comes with it keeps it securely attached while you’re using it. You can actually use both hands to control your dog while washing it because of its cool design. 

Betta Fish Hammock

Everyone knows that bettas love to take naps. And if you want to make a chill and cozy spot for your betta, there’s nothing better than a hammock. They’re super affordable, look awesome, and the best part is – your pal will totally love ’em. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

Betta hammocks are basically a flat surface that goes underwater and sticks to the glass of your fish tank with a suction cup. There are loads of betta hammocks out there, but the most popular one looks like a leaf. This hammock gives your betta a chill place to kick back and take it easy. 

DJ Kitty

You probably don’t know this, but cats are incredible DJs! Now your cat can show off its DJ skills and keep his nails sharp with these awesome scratch posts that are shaped like turntables. They actually spin when your kitty digs its claws into them.

Image courtesy of Amazon

This changes the game for interactive cat toys by allowing your cat to become a cool DJ with a super fun cat toy they can really go wild with. Don’t let your cat get all worked up when it’s time to play with it; it’s time to mix things up!

Perfect Pictures

We all know that getting the perfect pic of your dog is super hard. Older doggos might not have enough energy to care about a camera, while younger puppies might be too hyper to stay put for a pic. You’ll have to be patient!

Image courtesy of HGTV

This baseball-like accessory is a cell phone attachment with a clip and a tennis ball. This cool gadget sticks near the camera on a phone or tablet, making the dog look right at the lens. With a built-in squeaker, it’s even easier to get your dog’s attention.

Travel Tote

Your dog’s travel bag should be big enough to fit all its favorite stuff but not too heavy to carry. Go for a bag that has some extra space so you can stash any extra stuff you might find. Also, pick one that fits your dog’s size and breed. 

Image courtesy of HGTV

Think about a bag that’s super easy and convenient to carry leashes, poop bags, and all that outdoor stuff you need. Also, make sure there’s enough room for toys, towels, and blankets too. Having a spot to store feeding bowls and mats makes feeding time easier.