Oprah’s Promised Land: A Glimpse Into The Queen Of Media’s Lavish Homes

By Ekhama O January 21, 2024

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Best known for hosting one of the longest-running daytime television shows in the entertainment industry Oprah Winfrey is a certified legend in Hollywood. The Oprah Winfrey Show is also one of the highest-rated of its kind in history and earned Oprah the name she has today. But that isn’t all she has to show for being the wealthiest African-American of this century.

Often ranked as the most influential woman in the world, it’s no secret that Oprah has amassed a lot of wealth. The multi-billionaire is also a philanthropist and has multiple ventures she endeavors in. But during her spare time, she loves to do a lot, including chilling in her luxurious real estate collection. Here’s a quick tour of the exquisite places Oprah calls home, starting with The Promised Land estate.


Having a hundred-million-dollar home is no walk in the park. A place that expensive could not have been built just about anywhere. It had to be somewhere fitting of that grandness, and Montecito, California, was just about the right spot.

Courtesy of Google Earth

It’s got beautiful coastlines, and her home, in particular, is situated atop a hill to give the billionaire the privacy she deserves. Montecito is one of the most expensive suburbs in the world, so it’s no surprise Oprah’s “promise land” is located there.

Size – Google Maps

One doesn’t spend a hundred million dollars on a cottage. Calling Oprah’s home a magnificent paradise is probably one of the best ways to describe this mammoth property. With about 70 acres, that place could fit in a whole community!

Courtesy of Nimvo

The house, first built sometime in the early 1900s, is more than twenty-three thousand square feet in size and is surrounded by her lush garden. We’d be surprised if the businesswoman didn’t have to use a cart to get around that place!


When we said we would give you guys a full dive and review of the stunning place Oprah calls home, we really meant it. From the location to size and now even the layout, there’s so much this property has to offer.

Courtesy of Oprah/Instagram

Seeing how huge the place is, it’s no surprise that it features a staggering six bedrooms, fourteen bathrooms, a library for her book collection, a cellar, and even a theatre, among other amenities. Outside, there’s a fantastic garden with so much more than we could mention.


One of the most unique and beautiful places in Oprah’s hundred million dollar home in the star-studded neighborhood of Montecito in California has got to be her luscious rose garden. The place is beyond ethereal. You probably know this already because it’s a bit famous.

Courtesy of Joe Pugliese/CBS

It took a lot of careful selection and planning with the best of the best to bring her vision of a garden to life. She chose most of the details for the place, which now serves as her personal backdrop when she conducts interviews.

Book collection

The whole point of having a big home is to fit in everything you want and could possibly need in a space that’s yours. That’s why we weren’t surprised when we learned she has an extravagant garden and a book collection comparable to a library.

Courtesy of Oprah/Instagram

The mogul is an avid lover of books and reading and even once said that nothing, not one thing or activity, can replace the experience of a good read. She describes it as being transported to a different realm through words and language.


As someone whose entire career has been based on how she is in front of the screen, whether acting or interviewing, how she looks really does matter. Oprah always has to look breathtaking whenever she’s in front of a camera.

Courtesy of Oprah/Instagram

Before considering the jewelry she adorns herself in and the makeup professionals use to make her look spectacular, we’ve got to talk about that gigantic closet of hers. She has a massive walk-in wardrobe with fitted cabinets to house her impressive collection of designer clothes.

Movie room

Sometime in early 2022, Oprah offered a sneak peek inside the many rooms of her California mansion, and one of the very first ones we got a glimpse of was her home theatre. It was like no other we’ve ever seen. To say we were wowed is an understatement.

Courtesy of Oprah/Instagram

She has a collection of cozy cream-colored chaise lounges with equally warm-looking blankets and accessories positioned as a crescent around a gigantic projector. Oprah, alongside her long-time partner, frequently has guests over, and that’s where they chill when watching movies.

A jade bathtub

Let’s face it, the best part about being as wealthy as Oprah is all the things you get to afford with that money. Your needs are already fully covered, allowing you to indulge in all your wants and even more.

Courtesy of Luca Trovato

One of those indulgences for Oprah was a hand-carved onyx bathtub made from a single piece of the precious stone. Made in Italy, it is one of Oprah’s most prized material possessions and one of the highlights of her home in Montecito. 


People get a change of vision and ideas all the time, so it is understandable when they decide to get their homes renovated even though there is really not much damage or wear and tear in the space. Sometimes you just want to upgrade the place.

Courtesy of oprah.com

This is especially true and easy if you’re a billionaire, which is precisely what happened in Oprah’s case. She started reconstructing her house sometime in 2012 and got rid of her lavish jade tub, amongst other things, to make the house what it is today.

The teahouse

You know you are rich when you can designate a decent portion of space in your million-dollar estate for yourself. A place where you can just get away from it all and conduct all the interviews you could possibly want. 

Courtesy of oprah.com

She doesn’t use the teahouse as often as you would expect, but the comfort of having it and just knowing it’s there whenever she needs it is more than enough for this queen. Now, that’s what we call being loaded!


We aren’t the most decor-literate people on the globe, so we were caught off guard when we heard Oprah has a sunroom. After googling what it was all about, we weren’t surprised that a hundred-million-dollar home would be fitted with such.

Courtesy of architecturaldigest

The breathtaking sunroom allows the star to absorb all those warm and beneficial sun rays. According to sources, it also serves as her garden teahouse. It’s covered in shutter-styled walls and loaded with plants to give it lots of greenery.  


The Promised Land estate has a lot of character, with each room being unique enough to fit the philanthropist’s needs and wants. Most of the rooms and spaces have walls painted in bright colors to give them an air of elegance and beauty.

Courtesy of oprah/ Instagram

The mansion at the center of the estate was built in a neo-Georgian revival style and is a staggering twenty-three thousand square feet. Can’t say we’re too shocked. We wouldn’t have expected anything less from the Queen of Media herself!

Dining space

Of course, you’d expect every part of her abode to match how gorgeous and fabulous the last one we featured was. And while Oprah maintains the “classy” factor in every inch of her home, some parts are much simpler than others.

Courtesy of Oprah/Instagram

The dining space is one of those areas, with the room and decor being much more subtle than we’d expected from a hundred-million-dollar mansion. Regardless of its simplicity, the room is covered in a large rug, and the furniture still leaves us in awe. 

Equestrian Farm

Although Oprah already had lots of space with just the home in Montecito, she jumped at the chance to bag herself a farm worth nearly thirty million dollars right next to where her dreamy California home was situated. Timing really is everything, folks!

Courtesy of Sage Auctions

But this is no regular farm. It’s one that was meant to house horses, and although there were absolutely none when Oprah purchased the property, it was still incredibly appealing to her. She already had a vision for the property and brought it to life after she made it hers.


Like there wasn’t already enough to love about this equestrian farm (the Seamair farm, as it’s also known), the property also features a pond. Combined with the rest of the property and all the features of her mansion next door, Oprah has basically got it all right there!

Courtesy of Marty Rogers/ Sage Auctions

The koi pond is nothing short of picturesque, with ornamental plants and a beautiful structure that makes it look like it’s something out of a fantasy movie. Taking a walk through here on a warm sunny day has to be such an incredible experience.


With all the things she does, we highly doubt Oprah spends much of her time in this property at all. Which begs the question, who actually gets to enjoy all these views, that gorgeous pond, and the cherry on top of it all, this beautiful pool?

Courtesy of Marty Rogers / Sage Auctions

Whoever does has to be one lucky person because if there’s anything California is known for, it’s the sun that comes out during the summer. It gives you the perfect opportunity to dip and dive in a pool like this. 


Besides the gorgeous home, Oprah has on the beautiful island of Hawaii, a gigantic farm is another property she calls hers on the island. It’s situated on an elevation so optimum sun and rainfall can get to the plethora of crops she grows there.

Courtesy of Chris Cramer

Oprah and her favorite health expert are at the forefront of managing the luscious farm where they grow a variety of veggies, from carrots and tomatoes to beets and turnips. She even has hens that lay big fat eggs for her over there!

Maui home

One thing about being rich is that you can take the little and ordinary things and transform them into so much more with the resources you’ve got. That’s exactly what Oprah did when she created this little paradise for herself in Maui.

Courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Rumor has it just a little renovation was supposed to be done to make this the perfect escape, but it later turned out to be a really big project. It’s now a fantastic farmhouse with a lot of open space and land for the star and business mogul to enjoy.


Anyone who has read a few of Oprah’s pieces or gotten acquainted with any form of her work knows she is a very symbolic person. Most of the unique and artistic things she has around her properties represent something to her.

Courtesy of Michael Arnaud

This painting, named “The Waterboy,” is one of the many she owns. It stays in her Maui home. She says something drew her to this piece of art. Particularly the fact that the subject looks like someone she knew growing up.


Oprah’s Hawaiian escape is a far cry now from what it looked like when she acquired it. She had to get a lot of work done to make it the gorgeous home it is today. That included one heck of a makeover for the exterior. 

Courtesy of Oprah/Instagram

Without a doubt, the main farmhouse is the highlight of the property. One of its most striking and notable features is definitely the house’s wrap-around veranda and gorgeous white balconies. It’s also lovely how she maintained that authentic Hawaiian feel with all the greenery.

Maui Kitchen

One thing that’s incredibly important to note about Oprah’s home in Maui is that it was renovated to be modest on purpose. The designers thought that since she already has a huge home, this would just be a small private escape for her to come chill at every now and then.

Courtesy of Michael Arnaud

That meant a huge kitchen was absolutely unnecessary, so they decided to keep things simple and cute when it came to that. It’s filled with antiques, has a roof stenciled like an old quilt’s pattern, cute polka-dotted dinnerware, and Windsor bar-styled stools. 

It’s all in the details

Anyone can have a big ol’ house with pretty decor, but it takes a lot of time and attention to detail to have a home that’s filled with unique items that fit the decor. Oprah’s Maui home shows that true luxury is all about exclusivity.

Courtesy of Michael Arnaud

For example, the curtains that cover these window panes were embroidered in India and made just especially to suit this particular room. There is also a custom sofa, chair, and even an ottoman that can serve as a table. Additionally, the decor in the room is quite exquisite.

Spanish revival ranch

A couple of years ago, the popular actor and musician Jeff Bridges put his home in Montecito up for sale, and eventually, it was bought by Oprah not long after. It’s a wonderful Spanish revival ranch with lots of features.

Courtesy of Eric Foote

She bagged the property for approximately seven million dollars, and compared to her other real estate acquisitions, this is probably one of her most modest properties. It’s about three thousand five hundred square feet in size and was initially constructed in 1919.

What it’s got

Although this property is a lot smaller compared to the others, it does not mean it isn’t worthy of some recognition for how flamboyant it still is. After all, not everyone can afford a home that costs almost seven million dollars.

Eric Foote / Elevated Horizon / Coldwell Banker

Other than the main home, this property also has one of those fancy guest houses rich people have, as well as a barn/carriage house with an office and a workshop. There’s also a pool house and even a horse barn!

Key Feature

It would be a shame to live in a sunny state and not take advantage of all the glorious sunlight to make the most out of your home. That’s one of the things we love most about the decor of this Spanish revival-style ranch.

Elevated Horizon Courtesy of Coldwell Banker

If it isn’t an open area, most of the living spaces in this place feature a lot of large window panes to let in maximum natural light in the form of sunlight. This, in turn, makes the rooms look bright, lively, and more spacious.

Equestrian facility

Besides the fully fitted guest house, main house, gardens, pool house, and carriage house this ranch houses, there’s also a gated equestrian facility. It’s all part of the beauty that is the Spanish revival style that was once common in the United States.

Elevated Horizon courtesy of Coldwell Banker

The space in this part of the ranch is quite generous, which makes a lot of sense as the horses need a lot of space to walk around. We think that’s another thing that makes this property as incredible as it is.

The pool area

One thing in all of Oprah’s homes that always captures your attention is the pool areas. There’s just something about each and every one of them that feels unique and different even though they’re all still just tiled hollow spaces filled with water.

Elevated Horizon courtesy of Coldwell Banker

This one is another we can’t help but admire. Every single detail about it just hits the spot, from the rustic brick paving, the trees, and all the greenery that offer some form of privacy as well as the living space that has a view of all this.

Living spaces

It isn’t just her beautiful home on Orcas Island, Washington, that is made of a lot of wood. Even this one is. Sure, it’s fairly common to have houses built with that material in that part of the country, but that’s also the case in the state of California.

Elevated Horizon courtesy of Coldwell Banker

This part of Oprah’s home is proof of that. It’s a stunning room that features huge glass window panes that allow a lot of light into the area, like we talked about earlier. When the sun isn’t out, there are more than enough lightbulbs around the house to keep it fully lit.

Colorado home

Since America is Oprah’s home and country of origin, it’s no wonder she has more than a few properties scattered all across the great big nation, with each being just as unique as the last. One such property is her gorgeous home in Telluride, Colorado.

Courtesy of Joshua Johnson Photography

The fourteen-million-dollar home is located on a gorgeous ski resort in the beautiful state of Colorado and has just about everything a lavish home could have. Seriously, guys, she’s even got a whole wine mine up there. Isn’t that insane?!


One thing we love about the idea of having a house on a hill or any sort of elevation is the glamorous views one gets from looking out of just about any window in their home. That’s probably what Oprah enjoys most about this place.

Courtesy of Joshua Johnson Photography

It’s nice to have a view of stunning lights, tall buildings, and all the crazy that goes on in the big city. However, it’s calming and relaxing to be surrounded by a beautiful view of the wild outdoors and a natural landscape like the one above. 

Lavish hot tub

If there’s any activity Oprah loves as a hobby, it’s got to be taking a soak. The businesswoman has stated on more than one occasion how much she loves baths, even going as far as calling it her sacred thing.

Courtesy of Joshua Johnson Photography

That’s why we weren’t surprised when we came across this beautiful hot tub. It’s surrounded by glass for lots of natural light and high treetops, so she can not just immerse herself in the water but also enjoy the environment that surrounds her.

Living room decor

The exterior of Oprah’s Colorado home is enough to leave people in awe. The mountain views are nothing short of extraordinary and breathtaking, so she had to make sure the interior didn’t fall short, and judging by how it looks, it was a job well done.

Courtesy of Joshua Johnson Photography

Most of the art here is inspired by African culture and comprises different sculptures and artworks from all over the wonderful continent. We especially love how perfectly it complements the furniture and adds more character to the entire living room.

Pool room

Now, what’s the use of all that space if Oprah can’t isolate some to enjoy even more leisure time? Sure, the living room is wonderful, her balconies are fantastic, and don’t even get us started on that hot tub. But this pool room is also something special.

Courtesy of Joshua Johnson Photography

She has a recreational room in her Telluride home in Colorado where a large snooker table just lays there with a giant screen and what appears to be a little bar by the side. We know all the guys now have an idea of what their dream game room should look like!


We might have already seen the amazing hot tub Oprah has in her big home in Telluride, but it wasn’t enough for her to get just that. She needed an equally stunning piece to suit her needs in the home’s interior.

Courtesy of Joshua Johnson Photography

The glass panes distinguish the indoors from the outdoors in this room but still allow enough views for her to feel like she’s soaking outside. She simply swirls in that gorgeous bath and soaks up all the good energy around her. 

Former condo in fisher island

We have spoken at length about what Oprah Winfrey currently owns. But what about the property she used to have? This gorgeous condo in one of the wealthiest ZIP codes in all of America once belonged to the business mogul.

Courtesy of realtor.com

Named the “Villa Del Marie” penthouse, the space spans over six thousand square feet and is located in a neighborhood favored by the elite. You even have to join a club and pay hefty annual dues before you can own a home there! 

Interior, features and decor

Oprah’s former condominium in Fisher Island is slightly different from all her other homes. First off, she needed to join an elite club before she could have a property there, and besides that, the decor is just a bit more formal than that of her other homes.

Courtesy of Brian Sokolowski

This dining room is proof of that. The super airy space is filled with bright-colored walls and large glass sliding doors that lead to a beautiful terrace. The rest of the property is covered in arched ceilings and equally wonderful furniture.

Estate in Washington

Washington is just another location where Oprah owns some property. When it comes to this state, her home is on Orcas Island, the largest of all San Juan Islands of the Pacific Northwest. This one is just as exquisite as all the others.

Courtesy of Variety

It cost her well over eight million dollars to acquire this property, and it spans about forty-two acres in size. Although she sold the property sometime in 2021, we can’t help but stare in awe at just how amazing it truly was.

Madroneagle interior

Every single one of Oprah’s properties so far has a particular IT factor that makes it really stand out. When it comes to her Madroneagle estate in Washington, it has got to be the fact it is a sustainable home.

Courtesy of Wally Gudgell/Windermere Real Estate

The main house is about eight thousand square feet in area and was made with local materials like sandstone and reclaimed wood, which is so obvious. On top of all that, it is an eco mansion surrounded by an Asian-style garden.

Book Space

One way you can enjoy a reading experience is by staying in an environment that truly lets you immerse yourself into the world created by those words in the book. Oprah being someone who doesn’t joke around with books, has a dedicated space for that here.

Courtesy of Wally Gudgell/Windermere Real Estate

Though it looks more like a small library, we like to term it a reading space. It looks so snug, warm, and welcoming with all those books and dressers for storing all kinds of reading and writing materials. A dream for booklovers everywhere.


Nearly every corner of this luxurious Northwestern abode on Orcas Island in the state of Washington is covered in wood. And that’s true for her kitchen as well; a gorgeous cooking area that leads to an equally stunning dining room. 

Courtesy of Joshua Johnson Photography

The wooden cabinets are shone to perfection, and the stainless steel countertops spell out nothing but utter elegance and luxury, giving the space somewhat of an industrial feel. There’s just a whole lot to unpack about this super spacious open-plan kitchen.