Jar-iffic Organization: 35+ Mason Jar Hacks For The Home

By Louise T January 28, 2024

This article was originally published on mydiwise

Who says sophistication can’t start with a splash of fun? Spruce up your space without losing your flair! Dive into some nifty tricks to tidy up your living areas while sprinkling in a bit of charm. Imagine a chic bathroom or a smartly organized garage—enter Mason jars, the heroes that marry functionality with style. Get cozy with these crafty ideas to transform those jars into multitasking marvels all over your home!

Who wouldn’t want a home that’s not just organized but also radiates charm, whether it’s your office nook, bathroom vanity, or craft corner? Check out our genius Mason jar hacks to unlock the potential of these humble jars. From keeping your kitchen tidy to jazzing up your craft supplies, these ideas will jazz up your space in ways you never thought possible!

1. Tissue Dispenser

Here’s a delightful way to jazz up your tissue game! All you need for this snazzy setup is some coiling twine, a cute burlap flower, and a trusty canning jar. While this combo rocks, feel free to dive into other color combos too!

Image courtesy of www.etsy.com

Additionally, you can  choose between colors that match your decor or your taste. If you are really talented, you could even embellish these jars with glitter to add even more enchantment. This is something we would try, what about you?

2. Keep Your Makeup Brushes Organized 

Keeping those makeup brushes in line is key for a flawless beauty routine! A tidy setup means easy access, keeping those bristles clean and the germs at bay. When each brush has its special spot, finding the right tool becomes a breeze, making your makeup routine smoother than ever!

Image courtesy of makeup.vidalondon.net

An organized setup also preserves the longevity of brushes by preventing damage and deformation. Ultimately, maintaining order with your makeup brushes not only contributes to an efficient beauty routine but also promotes hygiene and extends the life of your tools.

3. Black Metal Hanging Shelf

Check out these slick and straightforward black hanging shelves made for three trusty canning jars! We’re totally vibing with this design, especially its no-fuss vibe. Even though the clear glass might seem modest, it’s a perfect spot for stashing those essential items you reach for every day!

Image courtesy of www.etsy.com

If you’re all about that minimalist vibe, this setup’s a winner! But, hey, if you’re bursting with creative energy, why not jazz it up? Get crafty and customize to your heart’s content! Try a splash of paint on those canning jars for a trendy, modern twist! Let your imagination run wild!

4. Using Painted Jars For Kitchen Utensils 

Brightening up those jars with paint in the kitchen isn’t just about looks—it’s a game-changer for organization! Check out this setup—it’s like a utensil catalog, making it a breeze to sort and find what you need in a snap! With each tool having its spot, your cooking adventures just got a whole lot easier!

Image courtesy of www.esty.com

Bringing paint into the mix for those jars is like adding a splash of creativity to your kitchen style! Mix and match colors to fit your kitchen vibe or go wild with funky patterns. It’s not just about function; it’s about giving your kitchen that extra oomph! It’s like art for your cooking space!

5. For Bath Coordination 

Mason jars are incredibly versatile! They’re not just for storing; they bring both functionality and style to the table. Take this jar, for instance—its captivating color makes it a breeze to spot your bath products at a glance! It’s like a practical and pretty storage solution rolled into one!

Image courtesy of www.etsy.com

Mason jars can store bath salts, body wash, bath bombs, toothbrushes, or other items neatly and keep them within reach. The uniformity of Mason jars creates a cohesive look in your bathroom, contributing to a well-organized and visually pleasing space.

6. Perfect For Picnics

Picture this: you’re all set for a lovely picnic, only to realize you forgot the cutlery back at home. Not a great start, huh? But fear not! Stash your picnic utensils in Mason jars, and voila! Say goodbye to forgotten forks and spoons—it’s the ultimate hassle-free solution for your outdoor dining adventures!

Image courtesy of smallhomesoul.com

Mason jars provide a compact and organized way to carry utensils, keeping them in one place for easy access during picnics. The sturdy nature of Mason jars also helps protect cutlery from damage during transportation if you’re worried about them breaking.

7. Keeping wipes 

It’s crucial to have wipes within reach for both practicality and cleanliness. Be it baby wipes, sanitizing wipes, or makeup removers, having them at the ready ensures quick access whenever you need them. This quick fix is especially handy for tackling spills and various unexpected situations!

Image courtesy of onedio.ru

With wipes at arm’s length, you’re all set for a speedy and efficient response to any surprise situations, stepping up the cleanliness game and boosting overall comfort. This setup’s got our thumbs up for its effectiveness! It creates a smoother, tidier, and well-organized space, making upkeep a breeze!

8. Keep Pens And Paints In Mason Jars

Using Mason jars to keep pens and paints in check is both practical and visually pleasing for organization. We’re particularly fond of this specific jar’s elegant white hue. Despite its simplicity, it brings a touch of style that’s totally our jam!

Image courtesy of www.kreativk.net

On top of that, we’re seriously impressed by how organized and tidy this individual appears to be. Those Mason jars truly bring a delightful vibe to their workspace, adding to the overall neatness and fostering a creative atmosphere. It’s a smart move for keeping art supplies in check—efficient and stylish!

9. Different Colors Of Mason Jars

A Mason jar is ideal for the countertop for several reasons. The compact size is space-efficient, making it suitable for smaller countertops. Mason jars also add a rustic aesthetic, contributing to kitchen decor. We love how colorful these ones are. 

Image courtesy of popsugar.co.uk 

They are very versatile in terms of storage, allowing you to store a variety of items like utensils, or even small kitchen gadgets. This person decided to organize theirs using colors, and labels for easy identification. Isn’t it a lovely idea?

10. Sewing Kit Storage 

Here is another brilliant idea to maximize your jars: use them to store your sewing kits! It’s a practical and delightful solution. The transparent nature of the jar makes it a breeze to see what’s inside them at a glance.

Image courtesy of itallstartedwithpaint.com

Finding your sewing supplies becomes a breeze with this setup. Mason jars act as a shield against dust, keeping everything in one organized spot. Plus, their compact size is just perfect for neatly arranging small sewing must-haves like needles and buttons.

11. Organization By Color 

Next up on the list is organizing items according to their colors. This picture is a treat for the eyes and brings a feeling of harmony. It cuts down on the time spent hunting for items and creates a unified, peaceful atmosphere.

Image courtesy of colormadehappy.com

For those who lean towards visual cues, this method is a practical way to remember where each item belongs. Moreover, a color-coordinated system has the power to stir positive emotions and add to a visually delightful ambiance, fostering a feeling of tranquility and harmony.

12. For Cupcake Cups Storage 

The jar acts as a transparent and orderly holder, giving you a clear view and easy access to the cupcake cups. This setup keeps the cups shielded from dust or any impurities, guaranteeing they stay pristine and ready for use whenever you need them.

Image courtesy of tablefortwoblog.com

In addition to shielding cupcake cups from dust, Mason jars also safeguard them from moisture, ensuring their quality remains intact. It’s a straightforward yet efficient method to store your cupcake cups neatly, safeguarding them while adding a dash of visual charm to your kitchen or pantry. We’re definitely giving this a shot!

13. Try Vertical Arrangement 

Experimenting with new ideas is always a fantastic notion. How about arranging your bath products vertically on a rustic board? It’s a clever way to gather and organize all your essentials in a single spot. By mounting Mason jars on a vertical board, you’re making the most of your wall space!

Image courtesy of camelotartcreations.blogspot.com

This way you get easy access to your bath products. This approach not only saves countertop space but also adds a charming and rustic aesthetic to your bathroom decor. The vertical arrangement makes it simple to locate and grab the items.

14. Organizing Female Necessities 

Despite its rustic and antique appearance, we’re totally smitten with this setup. It’s a straightforward and effective storage solution. Whether it finds its place in the bathroom or the bedroom is entirely up to you—just as long as it helps cut down on the stress and keeps things organized!

Image courtesy of www.etsy.com

This setup not only keeps things tidy but also supports cleanliness by stopping clutter from harboring germs. With proper cleaning, these jars can stick around for a good while. Plus, the perk of knowing where each item is saves time.

15. For Hardware Components 

Using Mason jars to store nails and other hardware is a clever and systematic approach. If you want to replicate this, gather a variety of Mason jars in different sizes based on the quantity and assortment of hardware items you own.

Image courtesy of apixl.org

Divide your nails, screws, and other hardware into groups by size or type. Drop each group into its designated Mason jar. Thanks to the jars’ transparency, identifying what’s inside is a breeze. If you prefer, you can even add labels for extra organization!

16. Mason Jar For Cotton Wools

Here is another nifty Mason jar concept. Just make sure to hang it securely to keep it in place. One idea is to store cotton wool and cotton pads by attaching jars onto rustic boards—a clever storage solution worth considering!

Image courtesy of masonjarcraftlove.com

With transparent jars, you can easily spot when your supplies need replenishing. Incorporating a rustic board adds a delightful flair to your bathroom decor, bringing a sense of unity and order. This setup exudes a flawless and stylish vibe that ties everything together!

17. Make Your Own Apothecary Jar

Crafting your own apothecary jars can be an imaginative and budget-friendly DIY endeavor. Look for clear glass jars with lids in different sizes to create an assorted showcase. Thrift stores or dollar stores are excellent spots to snag these affordable glass containers for your project.

Image courtesy of bonitismos.com

For a personalized touch, consider spray painting the lids in a color that complements your decor and let them dry completely. To enhance the vintage vibe, add labels to the jars. You can use a label maker, pre-made labels, or handwrite them for a custom and charming appearance.

18. Toothbrush Holder

To replicate a setup like this, start by cleaning and choosing jars that suit your requirements. If you’d like, personalize them with decorations. Arrange toothbrushes inside, ensuring easy access and proper ventilation. The transparent jars provide clear visibility, making it a breeze to spot your brushes.

Image courtesy of thecountrychiccottage.net

Customize further by securing lids to prevent dust. This DIY solution combines functionality and aesthetics, turning ordinary items into a delightful and practical bathroom accessory. Embrace the simplicity and creativity of using jars to elevate your daily routine with organized charm.

19. Outdoor Entertainment 

Revamp your outdoor area with decorative Mason jar organization. If you’re feeling extra creative, consider wrapping lights around your Mason jars for a more radiant appearance. It elevates the overall look of your decorations, adding a charming glow to your space!

Image courtesy of indulgy.com

Fasten Mason jars onto a wooden board to craft a rustic outdoor utensil or tool holder. The clear jars offer a vibrant and orderly showcase, and their durable build can handle outdoor elements. This inventive use of Mason jars not only amplifies functionality but also adds a touch of creativity to your outdoor setup.

20. Keep Pantry Staples Organized 

Efficiently organize your pantry by storing staples in Mason jars. Clean and label jars for items like flour, sugar, biscuits, rice, and pasta, maintaining freshness and visibility. The transparent jars simplify inventory management, allowing you to quickly assess stock levels. 

Image courtesy of thecountrychiccottage.net

Use uniform-sized jars for a cohesive look, enhancing the overall organization. This method not only keeps pantry staples neatly arranged but also adds a nice look to your kitchen storage. The airtight seal helps preserve the quality of your staples.

21. For Candy Storage

This is for you if you have a sweet tooth like us. Firstly, clean jars thoroughly and select various sizes for different treats. Fill each jar with colorful candies for a delightful presentation. Add optional decorations like labels or ribbons.

Image courtesy of livingwellspendingless.com

Arrange the jars on a tray or shelf for easy access. This way, they not only keep candies fresh but also contribute to a neat and inviting display, perfect for both everyday enjoyment and special occasions. You can easily recreate this.

22. Simple Art Organization 

Having a messy art area is a really bad way of doing things. So, you can revamp your art space effortlessly with Mason jars. Clean jars and assign each to specific art supplies like brushes or markers—label jars for quick identification.

Image courtesy of eighteen25.com

Arrange them on a shelf or a designated area, creating a visually pleasing and organized display. The transparent jars make it easy to locate materials, streamlining your creative process. This straightforward art supply organization keeps essentials within reach when in use.

23. Keep Art Supplies Together 

Start by collecting jars of different sizes to organize various art materials. Clean and label each jar for paintbrushes, colored pencils, markers, and small tools. Opt for larger jars to facilitate the storage of paints, ensuring a well-organized and accessible art supply setup.

Image courtesy of ourhandcraftedlife.com

Attach the Mason jars to a wooden board or directly to the wall using clamps or hooks, creating a vertical display. This not only maximizes space but also adds a decorative touch. Group similar items together, ensuring an organized arrangement.

24. Store Your Twines In A Jar

Streamline twine storage by neatly arranging it in a large Mason jar. Insert twines through a screw attached to the jar’s lid. The transparent jar offers visibility, allowing you to easily assess each twine’s length for a practical and visually appealing storage solution.

Image courtesy of acasarella.net

This straightforward method not only keeps your twines untangled and easily accessible but also adds a charming touch to your crafting. Enjoy the simplicity and functionality of using a big Mason jar for an efficient and visually pleasing twine organization.

25. Office Supply Organization

Enhance your workspace by organizing craft supplies using Mason jars—clean and label jars for items like pens, paper clips, rubber bands, and markers. Utilize various sizes to accommodate different supplies. A well-organized office environment fosters productivity, creating a conducive and efficient workplace.

Image courtesy of itallstartedwithpaint.com

Arrange the jars on your desk or a shelf, creating a visually appealing and organized display. You can customize further by adding decorative touches or painting the lids. This way, you get to add a touch of creativity to your office.

26. Organizing Office Stationery

Organizing office stationery in a jar offers several benefits. Firstly, it provides a visually appealing and clutter-free workspace, promoting a more focused and productive environment. Additionally, using jars prevents stationery items from scattering or getting misplaced, ensuring they remain within reach. 

Image courtesy of eclecticmomsense.com

Efficiently organize frequently used tools—pens, erasers, markers, and scissors—with this method. Not only does it streamline access, but it also introduces order and aesthetic charm to your desk. The result is a more pleasant and inviting work atmosphere that enhances functionality and visual appeal.

27. Construct A Simple Shelf For Storage 

A simple shelf provides efficient and accessible storage solutions. Install them in various rooms to keep items organized and within reach. In kitchens, shelves can hold cookware or spices in jars, while in offices, they can store books and supplies. 

Image courtesy of livelovediy.com

Opt for durable materials and adjustable shelves to ensure both longevity and flexibility. Versatile and clean, simple shelves complement various decor styles while maximizing vertical space. Their design facilitates easy decluttering by neatly displaying items and balancing functionality and aesthetic appeal in your space.

28. Create A Revolving Storage And Drink Station

Crafting a revolving drink station with Mason jars adds flair to your entertaining setup. Find a lazy revolving turntable to serve as the base for your drink station. Choose various-sized Mason jars and containers to accommodate different beverages or garnishes.

Image courtesy of freshoom.com

Fill Mason jars with iced tea, lemonade, or water for refreshing beverages. Opt for smaller jars to showcase drink garnishes like citrus slices or mint leaves. Enhance the cooling effect by placing ice in some jars. Decorate the jars for a festive touch, creating an inviting and visually appealing drink station.

29. Redo Your Makeup Organization With Jars

Elevate your makeup organization with labeled jars, creating a sleek and customized setup. Designate jars for various cosmetics like lipsticks, brushes, and eyeliners. Whether on your vanity or a shelf, this arrangement keeps things organized and presents a visually pleasing display for all to admire.

Image courtesy of photagram.org 

You can decide to customize further by arranging items by color or function. This simple yet stylish organization not only adds a touch of sophistication to your beauty routine but also streamlines your daily ritual. Even makeup should be fun.

30. Store Your Business Cards

Showcase your business cards uniquely with this small jar, exemplifying excellence in any aesthetic. Why settle for conventional storage when you can embrace creativity and make a statement? Elevate your presentation with this imaginative approach, demonstrating that your business cards stand out as the best in the business.

Image courtesy of www.etsy.com

This jar may be little, but don’t let that fool you. It would look great as a wedding décor, a coffee bar makeover, or even a candy jar filled with your favorite chocolates. You can also add a twine for flair.

31. A Four-Compartment Jar Holder

This heartwarming Christmas gift, a four-compartment sewn jar holder, offers versatile utility. Beyond jars, organize sewing essentials like needles and threads. Its thoughtful design serves multiple purposes, making it a practical and delightful present for those who appreciate functionality and a touch of handmade charm.

Image courtesy of atkinsondesigns.com

The four compartments facilitate quick access to various sewing tools, streamlining your sewing process and saving time. The sewn holder also provides a compact and portable solution, allowing you to carry essential sewing supplies conveniently, whether you’re sewing on the go.

32. Storing Mason Jars On Shelves With Hooks

Innovatively store Mason jars on shelves with hooks for practicality and enhanced aesthetic appeal. This setup ensures easy access, making it convenient to grab the jars whenever needed, combining functionality and visual appeal for an organized and stylish storage solution.

Image courtesy of weddingdecor.club

The visual aspect of hanging Mason jars adds a rustic or farmhouse charm to your kitchen or storage area, contributing to a stylish and organized look. Additionally, it maximizes vertical space, optimizing storage efficiency. This arrangement is nice but also functional.

33. Ceramic Mason Jar Set For Utensils 

Embrace this arrangement style, especially when hosting guests, as stylish cutlery caddies eliminate the need for searching. Their universal appeal complements any kitchen design, style, or interior decor, ensuring a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetic charm for a well-organized and inviting space.

Image courtesy of www.amazon.com

The white color gives them a cool and unique look but also makes it more appealing and shows that simplicity is chic. Make the next party or picnic something to remember. These small jars can make even throwaway cutlery appear elegant.

34. Hand-Painted Rainbow Jar

The colors of the rainbow are a fantastic delight, no matter the scene or theme you use them for. Rainbow colors soften your space with an organizer painted in rainbow shades. This canning jar organizer adds a touch of joy.

Image courtesy of www.etsy.com

Mixing and matching clear or white canning jars creates a subdued yet attractive effect. Enhance the subtlety with a playful touch by adding a thin twine bow, elevating the room’s ambiance with a delicate charm that balances attractiveness and understated elegance.

35. Wooden Mail Organizer 

Crafted with a classic, vintage-inspired design, this mail organizer complements any wooden setting. Constructed from high-quality pine, it ensures durability that lasts a lifetime. Enhance its functionality by incorporating brass hooks as key holders, adding style and practicality to this timeless and sturdy organizer.

Image courtesy of www.etsy.com

This stylish and functional piece adds sophistication to your space, offering a designated spot for incoming mail or keys. The wooden construction provides durability, while the brass hooks add a touch of elegance. Hang it near your entrance for easy access.

36. Use Asymmetrical Jars

Transform your desk organization with an asymmetrical canning jar desk organizer. Arrange different-sized jars in an irregular pattern on a wooden base for a visually dynamic look. Clean and label each jar for pens, scissors, paperclips, markers, and other essentials.

Image courtesy of www.etsy.com

Embrace modern artistry with asymmetry in your workspace, marrying functionality and aesthetic appeal. This DIY project transforms desk essentials into a stylish display, infusing a unique and personalized touch that enhances practicality while elevating the overall visual charm of your workspace.

37. Customizable Canning Jars 

The hardwood tray accentuates the canning jars and secures them in place, preventing potential spills or falls that may occur on countertops. Its sturdy design enhances visual appeal and practical functionality, offering a reliable solution for displaying and organizing jars.

Image courtesy of www.etsy.com

Choose colors suiting your preference and function for these versatile jars, as illustrated in the photo. Tailor them for various purposes, allowing customization to align with your needs. Enhance their functionality by incorporating a wooden tray, offering practicality and aesthetic appeal.

38. Customizable Jar Shelf 

Opt for a shelf setup to store your jars, allowing customization to match your taste. A DIY project opportunity grants the freedom to choose a design that aligns with your preferences. This method offers a practical and creative way to organize and showcase your jars.

Image courtesy of www.etsy.com

This particular shelf comes with hanging hardware and is constructed from premium pine. You can customize the canning jars to fit your space as you like. Just make sure to find jars that fit into the shelf to avoid them breaking.

39. Four Jar Set 

The versatile wooden shelf demands no traditional space, accommodating up to four jars with ample freedom. Offering substantial storage, it minimizes home footprint, providing an efficient and space-saving solution for organized storage without compromising on capacity or cluttering your living space.

Image courtesy of www.etsy.com

Store your utensils, pencils, and cosmetics here to free up counter space. You can also decide to be more creative by planting and hanging your favorite herbs in your kitchen to make a pleasant cooking garden. The canning jars are customizable.

40. Three Jar Colorful Set 

Challenge the conventional use of sprinkles as mere toppings; apply them creatively to adorn jars for a magical and unique aesthetic. Elevate the charm by incorporating various colors, transforming ordinary jars into captivating pieces with a delightful and enchanting allure.

Image courtesy of www.etsy.com

In all the right ways, whoever came up with this idea has us hooked. These color blends radiate a gentle glow. However these jars are not dishwashing safe. If these colors don’t exactly match your decor, you can choose another.

41. Jars In A Wooden Box

Incorporate positivity by featuring the word “gorgeous” on a wooden box, a reminder of everyone’s inherent beauty. This subtle design addition promotes a warm atmosphere and serves as a simple yet effective way to bring smiles into your space through thoughtful interior decor.

Image courtesy of www.etsy.com

Enhance someone’s day by incorporating various affirmations into your routine. Craft a custom box tailored to your available space, recognizing that not all bathrooms offer ample room. This personalized touch ensures that positive words seamlessly integrate into your daily environment, fostering a consistently uplifting atmosphere.

42. Hand-Painted Gray Marble Jars with Copper Rings

Elegantly upgrading small-item storage, these jars blend rustic quilted charm with opulent gray marble aesthetics. Playful patterns adorn the ridged ring and quilted jar, offering a distinct and sophisticated fusion that enhances your storage solutions with a touch of style and refinement.

Image courtesy of www.etsy.com

Discovering an unexpected synergy, copper and gray create a pleasing contrast, lending the jar a modern, sophisticated aesthetic. Gray paint transforms the canning jars, imparting a steel-like appearance. This unforeseen combination elevates their visual appeal, infusing a contemporary charm to the overall design.

43. Jar Set

This set is available in various sizes and allows effortless customization to suit your style. The outcome exudes elegance and class. Incorporate natural materials like hessian, string, or lace to impart a rustic touch, softening the appearance of the jars for a charming and sophisticated aesthetic.

Image courtesy of www.etsy.com

White jars describe modern sophistication. The pearls give the jars a pop of color and radiance that blends all the colors together. This collection of canning jars will look great in a modern farmhouse, rustic farmhouse, or even in your home.

44. Try Three Jars Instead Of One

The first thing we noticed about these three jars is that they are sure to spark conversation because they stand out and are easily noticeable. The color pattern is also unique, and whoever designed it put in much effort and skill. 

Image courtesy of www.etsy.com

Opt for a different color scheme if white-on-red doesn’t suit your decor; choose a more subdued tone for versatility. Beyond bathroom organization, these attractive canning jars serve as ideal containers for various items, expanding their practical use throughout your living space.

45. Store Baking Accessories 

The major reason why we love jars is due to their versatility. Storing baking accessories in apothecary jars serves decorative purposes. Apothecary jars historically were used by pharmacists, or apothecaries, to store and display medicinal herbs, spices, and other ingredients. 

Image courtesy of www.pinsdaddy.com

Today, these jars are often decorative containers with a vintage or antique aesthetic. The transparent nature of the jars allows easy identification of ingredients, ensuring quick access during baking. This organization method promotes a tidy and more visually appealing kitchen.