Clever Over-the-Toilet Storage Ideas For Smaller Bathrooms

By Harpreet K January 28, 2024

This article was originally published on mydiwise

Welcome to the world of smart bathroom solutions! Unlocking a secret code when it comes to limited places is similar to discovering ingenious ways to maximize storage. And we will tackle something revolutionary today: toilet storage options. These ideas aren’t just about organizing—they’re about transforming that frequently underutilized area over the toilet into a storage powerhouse—in those small bathrooms where every inch counts.

We’re looking at inventive ways to make the most of this sometimes-overlooked space, from clever shelves to artistic organizers, so that your tiny bathroom retreat may have both elegance and practicality. So grab a seat and get ready for an adventure full of creative hacks to turn your tiny bathroom into a well-thought-out, functional haven!

1. Reclaimed wood shelves for farmhouse style bathroom

Let’s transform your house with a few touches of creativity and reclaimed wood shelves—they’re like the trendiest secret sauce for that rustic, farmhouse-style vibe. Crafted from reclaimed barn wood, these shelves sit snugly on pipes-turned-supports, giving your bathroom a chic yet down-to-earth look.

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Pop them right above the toilet, turning that often unused space into a treasure trove of storage. Whip up as many shelves as you fancy and sprinkle some farmhouse-style decorations for that perfect finishing touch. Your bathroom’s gone from plain to charming in no time.

2. Decorative over the toilet storage shelves

The shelf brackets steal the show because the magic of these decorative over-the-toilet storage shelves is exceptional and beyond any creative style. They’re like the unsung heroes of bathroom decor, where the brackets themselves are so darn pretty they take center stage.

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Whip up these shelves tailor-made for those stunning brackets. A dab of stain here, a splash of decorative paint there. These shelves aren’t just practical; they’re drop-dead gorgeous. So, not only do you get extra storage, but you also score major style points in your bathroom game.

3. Ladder with DIY wire basket storage

Imagine having a bathroom ladder that’s not just a pretty face but a storage wizard too! This DIY over-the-toilet ladder is like the superhero of a bathroom organization. The rungs hang onto your towels, doing their job, while the real MVP here is the homemade wire basket. 

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Meet the bathroom’s unsung hero—the budget-friendly basket! Paired with our ladder, the dynamic duo brings storage swagger and rustic charm to the washroom. It’s not just an upgrade; it’s a budget brilliance, proving that functional and stylish can indeed share the same bathroom spotlight! 

4. Simple DIY wooden crate style shelving units

Let’s turn those humble wooden crates into your bathroom’s storage superheroes. Those store-bought crates might be a tad too deep for the over-the-toilet gig, but fear not because DIY magic is here to save the day! Imagine crafting your own crates, tailor-made to fit snugly in that space above the loo.

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And get this: all it takes is a handful of supplies and a sprinkle of creativity to whip up these beauties. Before you know it, you’ve got yourself some gorgeous, personalized over-the-toilet storage that’s functional and oh-so-easy on the eyes.

5. Easy rustic toilet ladder shelf DIY project

You are at the right place if you want to utilize that empty space above your toilet without breaking the bank or cramping up the bathroom. A DIY ladder shelf might just be your golden ticket! It’s like a handyman’s secret weapon to maximize that area without making things look crowded.

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Plus, bonus points: it’s a nifty spot to hang those fluffy bath towels, giving your bathroom a touch of functionality mixed with rustic charm. All you need are a few supplies and some creativity, and you’re on your way to creating your rustic toilet ladder shelf.

6. Diy over the toilet storage floating shelves

If you have that little nook between the walls over your toilet, just hanging out, doing nothing. Imagine turning that space into a total game-changer! DIY floating shelves—the unsung heroes of utilizing those wall gaps. These shelves aren’t regular; they’re like the magician’s trick, making awkward spaces look intentional and oh-so-functional.

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Think wall-to-wall floating shelves that turn that seemingly useless spot into prime storage real estate. You can keep everything you need within arm’s reach: baskets, neatly folded towels, tissues, cute decorations, and even a stockpile of extra toilet paper rolls.

7. Open airy baker’s rack style bathroom shelving

Convert your bathroom into a modern and functional oasis with the charm of an open, airy baker’s rack! This clever over-the-toilet storage solution is a game-changer for smaller bathrooms. Its sleek and metal design adds a tinge of polish and offers ample storage without crowding your space.

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Boasting two spacious shelves, it’s a perfect spot to stash all your bathroom essentials within easy reach. Say hello to a clutter-free, organized bathroom without compromising on style! You get two shelves to stash all your bathroom essentials, keeping things neat without cramping your style or space.

8. Rustic floating shelves for extra bathroom storage

A touch of rustic charm right above your toilet! These DIY floating shelves are your ticket to adding style and function to that empty space. Imagine thick, gorgeous wooden shelves showcasing their natural beauty while bringing a rustic yet elegant vibe to your bathroom.

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They’re not just pretty; they’re incredibly useful too. Need a spot for folded towels? Check. Small toiletries or those cute little home décor pieces are perfect. These shelves are the secret weapon for turning that unused wall space into a practical yet beautiful storage solution that adds character to your bathroom!

9. Wooden shelves with pipe supports

Get ready to level up your bathroom game with these super cool wooden shelves supported by pipes—it’s the trendiest thing right now! These shelves are here to change that! They’ll transform that bare area into a stylish storage haven. They bring a whole new vibe to your bathroom.

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Paint these shelves to match your bathroom’s look and feel, blending seamlessly with your decor. It’s like giving your bathroom a mini makeover while saying goodbye to that wasted space above the toilet. These aren’t just shelves; they’re a statement—practical, trendy, and chic!

10. Ladder style over the toilet storage shelving

Imagine bringing a twist to the classic ladder-style storage and popping it right over your toilet! This fresh take offers that great height advantage and brings in extra depth to play with. Instead of just rungs, picture narrow shelves at every step. 

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Here’s the fun part: deck those shelves with baskets or cute jars to stash all those everyday toiletries or go wild with some snazzy decorations. It’s like turning each level of that ladder into its mini-storage zone! These shelves aren’t just practical; they’re a new way to jazz up your bathroom.

11. Floating shelving for over the toilet storage

These floating shelves are your ticket to a clutter-free bathroom with a touch of style. Think about it: extra toilet paper neatly tucked away, folded towels within arm’s reach, or even some fancy decorations adorning these shelves. Here’s a tip: a dark stain can bring a cozy warmth to a light-colored bathroom.

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Creating that perfect contrast. But hold on, if your bathroom is on the darker side, switch it up! Lighter stains or even a fresh coat of paint can make these shelves blend in seamlessly with your decor. It’s like customizing your storage to match your bathroom’s vibe, making it both practical and a visual treat!

12. Shelving unit with toilet paper cubbies

ntroducing the bathroom MVP—the cuteness overload that is your toilet’s new sidekick! This shelving sensation perches gracefully over the throne, TP game strong. Three cubbies below? The secret hideout for your precious rolls. It’s not just a shelf; it’s a bathroom hero, ensuring you never face a TP emergency again!

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Sneakily hidden storage in the middle section just below a taller top area–it’s like a secret stash spot for all your bathroom essentials. This shelving unit covered everything from extra toiletries to those bits and bobs you need but don’t want on display.

13. Pipe and wood shelves for bathroom storage

If you are ready to turn that empty wall space above your toilet into a storage and style paradise, say hello to these fantastic pipe and wood shelves! They’re like the perfect blend of practicality and home décor magic. Picture gorgeous wooden shelves supported by trendy pipes.

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Not only do they scream style, but they’re also champs at providing extra storage where you need it most. It’s like giving your bathroom a chic makeover while solving all your storage woes. With these shelves, your towels and decor pieces won’t just be stored; they’ll be showcased better.

14. Boho style wood and twine shelving unit

They’re like a breath of fresh air floating right above your toilet, bringing that light, airy vibe that every space craves. But they’re not just shelves; they’re a beautiful piece of décor on their own. Imagine these gorgeous wooden shelves suspended by twine, adding a hint of Boho chic to your bathroom. 

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And here’s the fun part: these shelves aren’t meant to just hold stuff; they’re designed to steal the spotlight! Pop in a few simple yet charming décor pieces or display your fancy toiletries to turn these shelves into a focal point. It’s like creating a mini art installation that’s both functional and incredibly stylish.

15. Over the toilet storage station with hooks

The ultimate multitasking storage station for your bathroom is like a superhero for all your stuff! This genius station is a game-changer, seriously. A basket, ready to cradle your lotions or neatly fold those towels, making it a tidy spa-like haven. 

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But that’s not all—there’s a nifty small shelf just waiting to hold your folded washcloths or dainty hand towels, keeping everything within easy reach. Two hooks chilling below the shelf, eager to take on towels, bath scrubbies, or even more baskets if you fancy!

16. Mixed wood and metal industrial look shelves

Revamp your bathroom with a splash of style by jazzing up that often-forgotten space above your toilet! These mixed wood and metal shelves are like a mini industrial makeover for your bathroom. That spot above your loo is a goldmine for storage potential! Imagine adding these chic shelves there.

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Label these baskets, whether by family members or the types of stuff tucked inside. It’s like giving each item its stylish address! These shelves don’t just add flair; they turn that blank wall space into a storage haven that’s both practical and totally Instagram-worthy!

17. Rustic crate storage shelf with towel rack

The slats give off that cozy, rustic crate vibe, but here’s where the magic happens—an open-air top, creating space for larger items! That bottom shelf is a game-changer. It’s like a designated spot for neatly folded towels and all those little bits and bobs you need in easy reach.

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It’s like turning a simple shelf into a multitasking wonder! This storage shelf isn’t just about looks; it’s an innovative solution for keeping your bathroom organized and stylish, adding a trace of rustic charm while making towel storage a breeze!

18. Four tiered over the toilet shelf system

Level up your storage game with this fantastic four-tiered shelf system! It’s like the superhero of storage solutions, seriously. Not one, not two, but four wide shelves waiting to be filled with all your bathroom essentials. We are talking about tons of room here—practically everything you need!

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These shelves aren’t bulky at all! They’re designed to be open at the back and sides, giving you all that storage without crowding your bathroom. It’s like having your mini storage empire right above the toilet, where you can neatly organize all your stuff without sacrificing space or style.

19. Hanging three tiered shelf with towel rack

Let’s discuss a game-changer for your bathroom: this super cute three-tiered shelf with a nifty towel rack! It’s like a mini storage masterpiece suspended by a long, sturdy rope, adding a dash of charm and height above your toilet. The three shelves are just waiting to be filled with all your bathroom essentials.

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Behold, the TP nest deluxe is an architectural wonder for your bathroom rolls! Three snug spots for the paper party and a towel rack below, ready for hand-towel acrobatics. The top shelf? An open stage for tall items, ensuring everything’s within reach. It’s not just a bathroom organizer; it’s a space-saving spectacle!

20. Ladder with shelves for over the toilet

This ladder with shelves is a game-changer for over-the-toilet storage! It’s like the clever solution you never knew you needed. Unlike those deep and bulky shelving units, this ladder is all about efficiency without taking up too much space. Not rungs, but three shelves hanging out on this ladder.

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This ladder doesn’t just organize your stuff; it adds a touch of style to your small bathroom, too. It’s like turning that often-neglected space above the toilet into a charming focal point, giving your bathroom a chic and functional upgrade.

21. Hanging shelf and basket organizers

Hanging shelf and basket organizers! Picture wired and roped baskets dangling above your toilet, creating this nifty storage spot for your hand towels and washcloths. A few baskets and a hanging shelf could transform your bathroom into an organized oasis.

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But wait, there’s more: a small hanging shelf nestled above these baskets, perfectly poised to hold your body washes, shampoos, and conditioners in sleek decanters, all within arm’s reach before your shower or bath. It’s like creating your little storage haven using everyday items! Simple, practical, and super cost-effective.

22. Rustic wood bathroom organization shelves

Rustic wood shelves bring a touch of old-fashioned charm into your bathroom! These shelves aren’t just shelves; they’re like a rustic statement piece for your over-the-toilet storage. Made from sturdy barn wood and secured with thick rope, they’re practical and add that cozy, rustic vibe to your bathroom.

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And here’s the best part: these shelves aren’t just for holding stuff; they’re your canvas to showcase your bathroom style! From storing all your necessities to displaying coordinating accessories that match the bathroom’s vibe, these shelves are more than just storage; they’re a way to add personality and character to your space. 

23. Diy pipe and wood shelves

Pipe and wood shelves! Solid and sturdy industrial pipes holding up rustic wooden planks create the perfect spot for comfortable entry to all your bathroom essentials. Think towel stacking, neatly placing your must-have bathroom stuff, and having your shower accessories within reach.

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This project is doable for anyone keen on a bit of DIY! It’s like a hardware store adventure waiting to happen, where you can roll up your sleeves and create a functional storage masterpiece for your bathroom. A trip to the hardware store could turn pipes and wood into savvy and stylish storage.

24. Easy DIY bathroom storage baskets

It’s all about getting creative with wrought iron or mesh metal containers! These versatile gems can be game-changers for your space. Imagine containers with attached towel bars, ready to hold your washcloths or small towels snugly. Then there are those open wooden crates or box-like containers, perfect for neatly organizing paper goods and toiletries.

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You can hang these metal containers on side walls over your toilet for quick and easy access to all your essentials. It’s like having a customizable storage solution you can arrange wherever you need, making your bathroom organized and super stylish with just a touch of DIY magic!

25. Country chic metal and wood bathroom shelves

With these delightful metal and wood bathroom shelves, there is a touch of country charm right above your toilet! A distressed wooden shelf resting on dowels or pegs creates a quick and effortless storage solution for that space above your toilet. But here’s the fun part: these shelves are like a blank canvas!

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You can easily give them a makeover by whitewashing or using chalk paint in charming colors, giving them a traditional or rustic country-style look. It’s like adding a dash of personality to your bathroom storage in a snap. They’re a way to infuse a bit of country chic into your space!

26. Above the toilet bathroom shelves

Step up your bathroom game with these sleek, clean white shelves with a fantastic lighting bonus! It’s like having a spotlight on your over-the-toilet storage, making it both practical and a total eye-catcher. These shelves aren’t just shelves; they’re designed with enough space on each level to store all your bathroom essentials.

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Plus, the lighting feature adds a whole new dimension, bringing brightness and focus to your bathroom storage zone. It’s not just about stacking things; it’s about creating height, depth, and a perfect spot for all those natural bath goodies and everyday basics. 

27. Farmhouse bathroom hanging over-toilet shelves

We are stepping into a farmhouse-inspired bathroom paradise with these hanging over-toilet shelves! It’s like a quick fix that adds great charm in no time. Think of a hanging shelf with these sleek eye rings and long insertion hooks—it’s an easy way to assemble some seriously stylish shelving. 

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Here’s the kicker: even though it’s anchored securely to the back wall and ceiling, these shelves give off that floating illusion. It’s like having a freestyle look that can mesh perfectly with any bathroom décor or bath essentials you throw at it. These shelves aren’t just practical; they’re a nod to farmhouse chic!

28. Above the toilet bathroom storage baskets

You can snag these gems from home, department, or discount stores. They’re like magic receptacles for storing all sorts of bathroom goodies. They’re super easy to hang or tie directly onto existing towel bars! Imagine having quick access to towels, toiletries, and even medical essentials.

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Everything you need for a shower or bath is neatly stowed in these convenient baskets. It’s like a fuss-free way to keep your bathroom essentials organized and within arm’s reach. With these versatile containers, your bathroom storage becomes practical and effortlessly stylish!

29. Over the toilet bathroom storage system

Step into your bathroom and transform that space above the toilet into a stylish storage haven! It’s all about jazzing up that area with cool stuff like towel bars, cute little shelves, baskets for your essentials, and even holders for your candles and soap.

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These things aren’t just functional; they’re the secret sauce to adding personality to your bathroom. Think about it: instead of a plain ol’ wall of shelves, these bits and bobs break up the monotony, giving your bathroom a unique vibe. They’re like the cherry on top, turning your toilet area into a personalized spot.

30. Rustic barn board bathroom shelves

Bring a touch of that cozy, rustic barn vibe right into your bathroom! These nifty wooden wall shelves do way more than just hold your stuff—they’re like a canvas for creativity. You can showcase your favorite family photo, add some greenery with cute plants, and toss in those little trinkets that bring you joy. 

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They’re not just for show! You can also stash all your bathroom essentials there, making them super handy to grab whenever you need them. It’s like having a stylish storage space that doubles as a mini art gallery in your bathroom!

31. Over the toilet ladder organizer

This neat little trick to maximize your bathroom space: a ladder organizer that sits snugly over your toilet! It’s like a secret space-saving superhero because it doesn’t hog any of your precious floor space, yet it’s perfect for storing all sorts of bathroom goodies.  

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You can customize those ladder rungs or shelves to fit your style and stash everything from baskets to towels and even containers for all your toiletries. It’s like your personalized storage station right above the loo—practical and oh-so-stylish for you!

32. Individual family bathroom storage baskets

These numbered baskets in your family bathroom can make your interiors look better! They’re like your little storage superheroes, helping everyone find their stuff without fuss. Imagine sturdy shelves at different heights, all reinforced and ready to hold these baskets.

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You can quickly reach out for whatever you need, making it super user-friendly for everyone. You can move these baskets around, adjust them whenever you like, and easily refill them with fresh towels, tissues, or other bathroom must-haves. It’s like having your personalized bathroom assistant—keeping things tidy and making life easier!

33. Repurposed shadow box bathroom organizer

Let’s talk about turning your bathroom into a mini art gallery! It’s like giving your toilet area a touch of vintage charm. Imagine this fancy frame with these inset shelves—perfect for showcasing all your bathroom essentials in style. But here’s the fun part: they’re like little stages for displaying all sorts of cool stuff! 

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You can pop in mementos that bring back memories, stash some bath toys for the little ones, show off your favorite candles, or even add cute figurines to jazz up the vibe. It’s like creating a bathroom masterpiece that’s both functional and charming!

34. Upcycled over-toilet bathroom storage cabinet

Let’s talk about giving your bathroom a chic upgrade! It is an excellent, rustic cabinet with that charmingly distressed look and glass doors like windows for your bathroom essentials. It’s not just stylish; it’s an intelligent way to keep everything organized and tucked away neatly.

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Plus, it’s like a shield, keeping your stuff safe from dust, moisture, and accidental bumps. No more worrying about fragile items getting knocked over! It’s like adding a touch of class to your bathroom while giving your things a cozy, protective, and trendy home.

35. Above the toilet wood bathroom shelves

The excellent wooden shelves hanging above your toilet, adding a burst of warmth and character to your space. You can jazz up that wall space between the shelves with all sorts of cool stuff, making your bathroom look like a Pinterest dream.

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And hey, these shelves aren’t just for your shampoo bottles and towels; they’re perfect for displaying your favorite collectibles, cute figurines, and maybe some vibrant flowers or leafy plants to freshen up the vibe. Even that space on top of your toilet tank becomes a potential hotspot for organizing your bathroom goodies.

36. Chic over the toilet shelves

These classy shelves are right above your toilet, but not just any shelves—these are like the superheroes of storage! They’re lower down, making grabbing your towels and all those must-have bathroom bits easy. But wait, there’s more to these shelves than just practicality!

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They’re like a design trick, making your bathroom look bigger and better. Placing pictures or other cool stuff higher up creates this cool illusion that stretches the wall and draws your eyes upwards. It’s like adding a touch of elegance while cleverly making your bathroom space feel more open and inviting.

37. Diy above the toilet storage shelves

Cool DIY shelves right above your toilet give off this sleek floating vibe that’s practical and super cool to look at. These squared-off shelves, snugly attached to the wall, create a visually intriguing neat hanging effect. They’re not just for show—they’re like a storage powerhouse!

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You can stack those fluffy towels, stash your bath goodies, and have everything within arm’s reach. But wait, there’s more to this bathroom upgrade! The metal tissue holder on top of your toilet tank adds extra storage and a funky texture to the mix.

38. Over the toilet storage cabinet

Let’s talk about elevating your bathroom game! Imagine this sleek storage cabinet above your toilet, matching perfectly with your existing mirrors, vanities, and cabinets, giving your bathroom a polished and put-together vibe. It’s not just storage; it’s like the final puzzle piece that completes the look!

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These closed shelves are like the secret hideout for all those bulky or fragile items you want to be tucked away neatly. No more worries about clutter or things getting out of place! Plus, they add this sense of privacy to your bathroom space, making it feel cozy and organized.

39. Charming wood bathroom storage shelves

Think about these adorable wooden shelves hanging in your toilet area, instantly making the whole space feel warmer and more inviting. Now, when these shelves are up high, it’s like your little display gallery! You can show off your favorite things in a way that’s easy to see and admire.

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They’re like a secret third shelf, giving you even more space to store things like bath tissue and toiletries. It’s not just about looking cute; it’s about making your bathroom super functional, too! With these shelves and baskets, your bathroom becomes this adorable blend of style and practicality.

40. Repurposed wood crate bathroom shelves

Cool wood crates transformed into shelves above your toilet, giving your bathroom a new look. It’s not your typical shelving—it’s like this open, airy box effect that’s both unique and eye-catching. They’re not just for storing your usual bathroom stuff; they’re like a canvas for creativity!

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Turn your toilet into a personality pageant! Mix your bathroom essentials with cute knick knacks—pictures, vases, the whole ensemble. It’s not just storage; it’s a bathroom personality showcase, where your toilet becomes a canvas for your quirks and practical necessities to mingle in a design fiesta!

41. Simple shadow box bathroom organizer

The big, beautifully painted shelves hanging in your bathroom blend in perfectly with the colors and style you already have. They’re not just shelves; they’re like this magic touch that makes your bathroom look more complete and spacious. You can stash all your bathroom goodies and some extra decorative pieces there.

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But here’s the secret sauce: adding a neutral-colored wire hand towel holder to the mix. It’s like the cherry on top, adding to the overall vibe and making your bathroom both stylish and super functional. With these shelves and that towel holder, your bathroom becomes this fantastic blend of practical storage!

42. Upcycled wood pallet bathroom organizer

The upcycled wood pallet shelves hanging above your toilet add this fun and whimsical touch to your bathroom. Picture a wooden shelf with slats or a backboard, giving you the perfect spot to hang up your favorite hand-drawn art, family photos, postcards, or even little notes.

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It’s like turning your bathroom into this charming gallery where everyday items meet personal touches. With these shelves, your bathroom becomes this playful mix of functional storage and a place to showcase your creativity, adding that extra spark to your daily routine!

43. Over the toilet ladder organizer

This sleek ladder-like shelf hanging above your toilet makes that space look taller and way more interesting. It’s like this unassuming yet clever addition that jazzes up the area. It’s got room for everything! You can hang those big, fluffy towels on the higher rungs while the smaller ones find their cozy spot.

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Those rungs are like a perfect spot for decorative plants, adding a fresh and lively touch to your bathroom. This setup works wonders for bathrooms with limited space and higher walls. It’s like turning a plain spot into a stylish and functional part of your bathroom, maximizing every inch with this ladder organizer!

44. Over the toilet wood shelves

Let’s talk about transforming your bathroom space into something extraordinary! Imagine these big, sturdy wooden shelves hanging above your toilet, creating this rich, textured vibe that adds much depth to the area. With the perfect combo of bathroom accessories and decorative goodies, it’s like this whole separate zone that just pops!

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These shelves aren’t just shelves; they’re like the key ingredient in making your overhead toilet area look like its own stylish look. Thick, dark wood adds this cozy and elegant touch, and when you mix in the right bathroom bits and some decorative items, it’s like creating this standout space that grabs attention.

45. Chic hanging bathroom storage shelves

Dive into bathroom chicness with hanging shelves—hello, nautical elegance! Picture cool ropes weaving tales of laid-back vibes, transforming your bathroom into a breezy sanctuary. It’s not just storage; it’s a seaside escape for your toiletries. These shelves are the fashion-forward friends your bathroom never knew it needed!

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They’re open and airy so you can place all your bathroom essentials there. It’s not just storage; it’s like bringing that easy-breezy beach vibe into your bathroom. These shelves aren’t just functional; they’re a style statement, adding that touch of casual charm to your space while keeping everything you need within arm’s reach!