Black Leggings: 35+ Ideas On How To Make Fashionable Pairings

By Harpreet K January 9, 2024

This article was originally published on befashionly

For every fashion-conscious woman, black leggings hold a special place as a versatile and indispensable item. Whether you’re dressing up for a night out, running errands, or simply aiming for a casual and comfy look, black leggings are the ultimate go-to option.

One of the best features of black leggings is their versatility. When it comes to matching them with different items, the options seem limitless. But the one downside to limitless options is that they can make picking one so much more difficult!

But fret not, we’ve got you! In this listicle, we have put together some looks that we guarantee will always go well with black leggings. These ideas will equip you with the inspiration you need to curate your perfect outfit in no time.

1. White tank top and black leggings

We begin with white tank tops and black leggings, which are a basic yet effortlessly stylish outfit that will never disappoint. It’s a true wardrobe essential. You can wear it to get some fresh air or even when you’re doing outdoorsy chores but still want to look cute!

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There is no styling limitation to this combination. On a warm day, this is a go-to fit for running errands like shopping. Also, to amp the look up while you’re heading out, add a few colorful accessories, and you have a style upgrade!

2. Hoodie and black leggings

Hoodies are a winter favorite, and when paired with black leggings, they are a go-to look for the entire season. They are the epitome of ease when it comes to coordinating clothes. This outfit provides a warm, fashionable look for anyone wearing it. 

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For those with petite bodies, black leggings paired with a hoodie are a versatile option suitable for various settings. You can also coordinate solid sneaker and hoodie colors for a unified appearance. Alternatively, if you’re feeling it, you can opt for patterned sneakers for added flair.

3. Leather jacket and black leggings

Black leggings and a leather jacket make a confident, edgy outfit. For a casual look, pair them with a simple top. To transform the outfit for a night out, put on a silk or lace top, heeled boots, and statement accessories, et voila!

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For rock concerts, go with a vintage tee and rugged boots. During chilled times, layer a leather jacket over a warm sweater or hoodie as a warm yet stylish option. This is a forever adaptable combination for casual Fridays and weekend adventures.

4. Crop top and black leggings

A crop top and black leggings are two things you can combine for style and comfort. For example, they’re perfect for your workouts as well as casual outings. Also, they can be made urban with the help of a denim jacket and high-top sneakers. 

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For festivals, you can spice up the look with a fun crop top and rugged footwear. And when you are going for a night out, try a sequin-studded top, high heels, and sparkling accessories. Finally, when it’s layering weather, go with some knits to be warm and easy. 

5. High heels and black leggings

High heels and black leggings sound so fancy as a look, so if ‘fancy’ is the theme, pick this! This outfit will elevate your style for an elegant evening. It can also be worn in professional settings as a polished business casual outfit when paired with a blazer. 

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Basic heels and leggings are affordable, so practically everyone owns this outfit. For a romantic night, showcase your fashion-forward creativity and try experimenting with this look. To keep it casual, put black leggings, black heels, and a well-fitted top together. 

6. Overcoat and black leggings

An overcoat and black leggings can bring out the bold woman in you. In winter, an overcoat adds a little more refinement to your outfit. When worn with black leggings, a knit top, a scarf, and knee-high boots, it looks absolutely gorgeous! 

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For a business-casual office look, combine an overcoat and black leggings with a tailored blouse and classic pumps. Alternatively, you can go all-black with a black overcoat and black leggings. To introduce some color to the outfit, use a scarf or handbag.

7. Shorts and black leggings

Pairing shorts with black leggings creates a trendy look. For added coverage during workouts, layer some shorts over your black leggings. You can also adopt this look with a T-shirt for nearby outings. For a sporty-chic style, go with an athletic top over leggings.

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In transitional weather, add a light sweater or jacket, and for a bold streetwear flair, a graphic tee, a cap, and high-top sneakers will do. While heading out to the gym or practice, adapt this combo to suit your style and activities.

8. Long sweater and black leggings

A long sweater with black leggings is what you need when you want a quick winter fit. It not only provides warmth but also communicates your style. For an elegant yet fancy outfit, dress it up with a statement belt and jewelry. 

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When you do not feel like dressing up for an alone night, throw on a pair of socks with this look, and you are good to go. On the weekend, add a scarf and ankle boots for a relaxed, put-together look. 

9. Sneakers and black leggings

Sneakers and black leggings are like the power couple in the fashion world. There is a certain flexibility this pair offers that can’t be replicated. You can wear this combo while meeting friends for coffee and having a relaxed day or even a busy day with a long to-do list.

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Also, when it’s gym time, sneakers and black leggings are your best allies. This pairing will have your back when you are on a run or doing other physical activities. Black leggings offer mobility, while the sneakers ensure stability and cushioning. 

10. Sweater dress and black leggings 

For a comfy yet stylish street look, go for a sweater dress with black leggings. This is a pair that allows you to experiment with known and unknown patterns and designs and effortlessly add a touch of richness to your wardrobe. 

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However, when selecting a dress, opt for one that contrasts with black leggings. Avoiding dark colors will make your outfit appear lighter. Soft shades, like pastels or vibrant hues, can work wonders in creating a more balanced and eye-catching look.

11. Black leggings with jackets 

Black leggings are a timeless staple, and as such, they can undergo a stylish transformation when paired with the right jacket. For a basic or casual chic look, pair them with a denim or utility jacket, a tee, and sneakers or boots. 

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You can also achieve a sporty look by combining black leggings with a lightweight athletic jacket and running shoes. And to dress up for night outs or special events, go with a stylish jacket like leather and add a pair of heels. 

12. Beanie with black leggings 

Beanies and black leggings form a timeless and versatile combination that always comes through as the weather changes. As winter sets in, a beanie becomes your best friend. Pair it with black leggings and a coat to keep the cold at bay. 

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During spring, this combination makes a dynamic pair and gives your outfit a sporty feel when you add a light jacket. As it gets warmer, they effortlessly adapt fashion when complemented by tank tops and sandals. A beanie can make your seasonal fashion choices a breeze.

13. Black leggings and a cap

Black leggings and a cap are a comfy and versatile choice as you travel. Leggings offer freedom of movement and are easy to pack, while cap provides style and sun protection. This outfit can also be adaptable if you like to experiment. 

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A cap, while adding a touch of style to your travel outfit, also comes in handy for concealing “bad hair days” during your journey. And as you probably know, leggings are super comfy, which is what you want during travel.

14. Fur coats with black leggings

Fur coats with black leggings are one of those few combinations that give off a classy appeal. This timeless outfit is perfect for glamorous nights, dates, and formal events. The plush fur coat exudes luxury, while black leggings offer flexibility. 

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For that chic touch, wear the fur coat over black leggings and a fitted black turtleneck or a simple blouse. This look is a celebration of both timeless luxury and contemporary style, making it a standout choice for winter occasions.

15. Chunky sweaters and black leggings

The chunky sweater and black leggings look is one of those good old winter wear outfits. If you’re looking to make a fashion statement, think warm oversized sweaters paired with a pair of sleek leggings. It’s the fashion equivalent of a warm hug!

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You can also layer a jacket over your chunky sweater and black leggings when the weather gets a little cold. As we’ve mentioned, this gives off cool, edgy vibes. When you want to go from casual to more dressy, there is no end to this versatile duo when you channel some creativity.

16. Oversized jacket with black leggings

Another fantastic choice to complement black leggings is an oversized jacket. Sometimes when you pair your leggings with a fitted jacket, it can lead to a sense of imbalance. So, go with an oversized jacket to add extra dynamism to the fit. 

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Furthermore, oversized coats can create a visually slimming effect when paired with leggings, making this combination not only stylish but also quite flattering. Even more importantly, these jackets provide room for self-expression through layering, and it’s an excellent option for cooler days.

17. Striped shirt and black leggings 

A striped shirt matched with black leggings is a classic pairing that creates a balance in your outfit. It is a subtle look for basically everyday wear. Additionally, nautical flair can be added with a blue and white striped shirt. 

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If you are thinking of wearing it on a casual outing, top it off with some boat shoes and a sun hat. This simple yet chic look will add an easy, breezy, seaside vibe, ideal for a day at the beach or a relaxed summer outing.

18. Mules and black leggings 

Mules, open-back or closed, add a touch of minimalism to your outfit. With black leggings, you can go for classic mules in neutral shades like black and white. Their uncluttered design effortlessly enhances your overall look as they often serve as the finishing flour. 

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Whether you are going out for a brunch date with friends or on an exciting shopping adventure, they allow you to enjoy your day, regardless of the occasion. However, the effectiveness of this combination depends on the style of the mules and leggings.

19. Thermal shirt and black leggings 

Pairing a thermal shirt with black leggings is a practical way of dressing up. You can style this combination by layering the thermal shirt over a simple white or black top. To complete an outfit like this, use sneakers or boots. 

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Alternatively, you can pair a thermal shirt and black leggings with a puffer vest or lightweight jacket for added warmth. This will make the perfect outfit for outdoor activities and brisk morning workouts. Achieve a smart-casual style with a more refined thermal shirt. 

20. Basic T-shirt and black leggings

If you’re all about casual comfort, you definitely know this look. With a basic tee, some leggings, and some comfy slip-on shoes, you have the ultimate fit for those “I-don’t-feel-like-doing-anything” kind of days. Easy, relaxed, and still cute – that’s the power of this simple combo!

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If you’re drawn to the great outdoors, switch out those slip-on shoes for sneakers. With that, you’ll be prepared for a spontaneous hike or a stroll in the park. So, go ahead and make these looks your own, one outfit at a time! 

21. Black leggings with long-sleeve t-shirts

Black leggings are not just comfy; they also give you a sleek, put-together look. Long-sleeve t-shirts provide you with extra coverage, making them ideal for cooler days. Opt for plain leggings and a classic tee, or experiment with patterns for a personalized touch. 

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You can also throw on a statement necklace or a cozy scarf for some extra flair. When you have black leggings and a comfy long-sleeve t-shirt in your wardrobe, you’ve got the freedom to rock your unique style and stay cozy all day long.

22. Black leggings with thigh-high boots 

This one is another classic. Black leggings always pair well with black thigh-high boots for a streamlined look. However, experimenting with different colors to create a more dynamic outfit never disappoints. All you need is the right pair of boots and matching outfit elements.

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For example, for a rockstar vibe, you can pick studded or embellished boots. These edgy footwear choices add a touch of rebellion and individuality to your overall look, making them the perfect choice if you want to channel your inner rockstar!

23. Black leggings with ankle-length boots

There are endless fashion possibilities when it comes to pairing black leggings with ankle-length boots. For example, low-heeled ankle boots are perfect for professional settings. Opt for classic black leather ankle boots for a sophisticated look, or go for suede boots for boho chic. 

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On the other hand, chunky combat boots give off an air of confidence and a hint of punk rock to the fit. During the snowy season, wear leggings with long socks and ankle boots. Finally, if you’re feeling outdoorsy and adventurous, go with animal print accents. 

24. Black leggings with loafers 

The beauty of pairing loafers with black leggings lies in their ability to take you from a casual day out to a more dressed-up evening affair with ease. During daylight hours, opt for classic and comfortable loafers with your black leggings for an effortlessly chic look. 

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As the sun sets and your schedule calls for a more formal setting, these loafers seamlessly adapt to the occasion. They can go with events, whether you’re attending a business meeting (add a blazer), a social gathering, or a night on the town.

25. Black leggings with oversized sweaters

Alright, here’s how to pull off this chic look. Step one: make sure the sweater is in top-notch condition and not see-through. Another crucial thing to remember with this combo is the need for balance. After all, no one wants an unintentional fashion faux pas. Think of it like a style teeter-totter. 

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Since the sweater is big and comfy, pair it with fitted black leggings. Also, remember that color coordination is the icing on your fashion cake. And since black leggings are your trusty sidekick, style them with sweaters in any bright shade. 

26. Black leggings with a bomber jacket

This one is for the chic girls who like effortlessly classy looks. Black leggings paired with a bomber jacket, a basic tee, and sneakers are the perfect combo for casual days. For a sporty look, a sports bra and athletic jacket work well with leggings. 

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To create a monochromatic style with leggings, go for an elegant-colored bomber. You can also keep it minimal with a black-on-black look and ankle boots. Bomber jackets are also great while traveling. Just go for lightweight ones, as they are more comfy. 

27. Platform sneakers with black leggings

Platform sneakers are a fun and trendy footwear choice. Wearing them with black leggings provides a height boost, boosting your confidence and elongating your legs. Furthermore, this combo creates a look that’s fashion-forward and comfortable, making you an instant trendsetter among your peers.

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Pick your sneakers in whatever style or color you prefer to match your taste and the occasion. Whether you go for classic black or opt for a pop of color, you are sure to turn heads with this effortlessly cool fit. 

28. Poncho and black leggings

The type of poncho you decide to go with when pairing your black leggings is essential, as it sets the tone for the entire outfit. Whether you opt for a classic knit poncho or one with bohemian patterns, the coziness and comfort these items offer are undeniable. 

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Well-fitted leggings help balance the voluminous nature of the poncho, creating a polished silhouette. If you want a more put-together look, you can add a belt. It will cinch the poncho at the waist and define your curves while adding a stylish touch.

29. Kitten heels with black leggings

Pairing kitten heels with black leggings is ideal for office wear. The combination of black leggings and kitten heels with a sleek blazer offers a professional and stylish look. Kitten heels elevate with poise, while black leggings ensure your style remains chic.

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To complete the outfit, add accessories like a gorgeous watch or a stylish office bag. Whether you are in a board meeting, attending client appointments, or navigating a busy workday, this outfit ensures you make a fashionable yet office-appropriate impression.

30. Plaid shirt with black leggings

Plaid shirts came into fashion a long time ago, and since then, they have been seen as a staple. Some colors are seemingly defined for certain occasions. For instance, a classic red and black plaid shirt paired with black leggings is perfect for casual outings or chilly winter days.

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A blue and white plaid shirt and black leggings create a fresh and clean outfit. Further, a green and brown plaid shirt paired with black leggings gives off a rustic, sporty, and adventurous vibe. So, depending on which one(s) you own, we trust you’ll make the right choice!

31. Cardigans and black leggings

The next item to pair with your black leggings is a cardigan. Choose a cardigan with pockets (it’s more practical). To enhance the look, try adding a turtleneck and a crossbody bag. This outfit is ideal for small errands or a weekend getaway. 

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If you have a cropped cardigan, pair it with black leggings for a playful touch. Cardigans are everyone’s go-to when it comes to comfort, and it’s easy to see why. You can throw them on, and just like that, you are all set for a chill night at home. 

32. Blazers and black leggings 

When you’re aiming for that classy, dressed-up vibe, reach for a sharp blazer in timeless colors like black or navy. Pairing these with black leggings is a go-to move for formal scenes. Pair them up with black leggings and a crisp white blouse, and you’ll be owning professional occasions in style!

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If you’re going for something a bit casual, go for linen or cotton in terms of blazer fabric. You can then layer this over a graphic tee and black leggings. To finish off the look, add sneakers or ankle boots, and your comfy yet trendy outfit is ready. 

33. Denim jackets with black leggings

Denim jackets are something that will never go out of style, and that makes them perfect to pair with black leggings. For hot days, you can wear yours open over a tank top and black leggings for an easy, relaxed look.

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In winter, layer it over cozy sweaters or add a scarf to keep the body covered. Still, in cold weather, you can use it as a mid-layer or add a hoodie underneath. So, all in all, denim jackets adapt to all climates, keeping you comfy and stylish.

34. Tunic dress with black leggings

First off, tunic dresses are beloved by many for their flowy and comfortable design. However, matching them with other pieces can be tricky. But black leggings are a simple piece of clothing that will make the outfit come together like glue. Trust us.

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To complete this look, all you need are the right accessories. A stunning handbag and a pair of chic high heels are just the icing on top of the final look. With such stylish additions, you will be turning heads wherever you go.

35. Black leggings with sandals

Pairing black leggings with sandals creates a comfortable and stylish look, especially in summer. Simple slide sandals, whether flat or with a slight wedge, give off a casual vibe. Sandals work really well when paired with black leggings, a loose, flowy top, and accessories.

Image courtesy: Victoria Spirina | Pinterest

When you’ve got your black leggings on, together with a loose, flowy top, don’t forget to top the look off with oversized sunglasses. Also, try wearing espadrille sandals with black leggings and an off-the-shoulder top for a touch of Mediterranean charm.

36. Crop top jacket with black leggings

Another clothing item to pair up with black leggings is a crop top jacket. Honestly, it is quite a stylish choice. The style of the jacket can be sporty, a hoodie, or even a windbreaker for a more athleisure feel.

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A style tip you can try is pairing this look with a white tee and high-top sneakers. For a more polished appearance, select a crop top jacket with a blazer-like cut perfect for smart casual outfits, and wear that with black leggings and heeled ankle boots.

37. Oversized shirt with black leggings

The oversized shirt and black leggings combo is very trendy and just screams ‘Kardashian!’ Oversized shirts bring an airy and relaxed vibe to your look. But that’s not where the story ends. This combo is as versatile as it gets, meaning you can play around with it in so many ways.

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If you’re feeling edgy, knot the oversized shirt at the waist and add ankle boots or sneakers. For a more sophisticated twist, tuck it in with a belt and opt for heels or flats. When it’s chilly, layer up with a denim jacket, cardigan, or scarf.

38. Blouse with ruffled sleeves with black leggings 

Black leggings are your confidence-boosting, go-to foundation piece. But here’s the magic trick: pair them with a ruffled sleeve blouse for that hint of classy charm. For a dash of extra flair, opt for a blouse with fun colors and playful patterns. That way, you’re nailing that perfect equilibrium in style.

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Whether you want to tuck in the blouse for a polished look or leave it untucked for a relaxed vibe is a personal choice based on your style. To add more flair, accessorize it with a belt, some fun footwear, or minimal jewelry. 

39. Mini skirt over black leggings 

Styling a mini skirt over black leggings is a testament to the fashion adage that “less is more.” This combination blends both chic and edgy elements seamlessly. From a classic denim skirt for a casual and laid-back look to a leather mini skirt for a bold and daring edge, the possibilities are endless. 

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And when you pair them with black leggings, it adds a touch of modesty, allowing you to flaunt your style confidently. Also, layering with a stylish top is essential to achieve the desired look. Go for a fitted blouse that exudes sophistication. 

40. Lace-up boots with black leggings

Lace-up boots are a winter wardrobe must-have. They’re the versatile go-to that pairs effortlessly with loose-fitting tops and, of course, black leggings. And don’t forget the power of belts! They add a contrasting touch to those black leggings, making your whole outfit pop!

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Also, carrying a handbag that’s the same color as the belt really elevates the outfit. To add an equestrian touch to your look, particularly if you have knee-high lace-up riding boots, pair them with a tailored blazer and a small silk scarf.