40+ Charming Garden Design Ideas That We Didn’t Know We Needed

By Iulia P

This article was originally published on morehackz

There comes a time in everybody’s life when going out a to party is not as fun as it used to be. When this time comes most of us turn towards more laid-back activities. Home deco, DIY-ing, and, for those who were blessed enough to have a green thumb, gardening. You only realize how much your younger self slept on gardening the moment you get that shovel and start planting those seeds. These little grains will eventually grow into beautiful flowers or even the food you will put on your plate. Gardening is pure therapy, and it is accessible to anyone and it can be done anywhere: balcony, apartment, house, or yard. Here are some gardening hacks and ideas that will help inspire you to start your own plant family today.

Herb Ladder

Here is a good idea for what to do with those pieces of wood your husband left in the garage ages ago, just in case one day he will need them for something. have some free time, a saw, and some nails? Tada: herb ladder.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/Danitay

If this is not the easiest DIY to do on a Sunday afternoon then we don’t know what it is. And the best part of it is you can keep it outside and give your backyard fresh, green decor or put it in your kitchen or living room.


Composting spoiled veggies or throwing the stems of the good ones in the dirt outside is a good way of being friendly to the environment. But what if we told you that there is another good way of being nice to Mother nature and also to your wallet too?

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/gettystewart

The solution: regrowing your veggies. You cut the stem of the lettuce, place it in a container, add water and the stem and place the container in a window where the stem can get some love from the sun. Give it no more than two weeks.

Stress free

Going on a holiday soon and you don’t have anybody to come and feed your leafy babies? Worry less, we might have a hack that will most likely help you relax on that well-deserved holiday that you are going to.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/5_Frog_Margin

Grab a chair and some string, preferably yarn. Place the water pot on the chair and all the flower pots all around it. Place one side of the string in the water and the other side one inch deep in the flower pot. Now that your babies are hydrated, you can go have fun!


It’s the 21st century and it’s fair to say that plastic has gained a terrible reputation. But you can still find plastic everywhere: it’s used to package everything, from food products to toys and essential items. We love to upcycle as much of it as possible.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/38and45

Most of us know this and yet not many of us recycle our plastic. But here is an idea of what to do with those milk bottles: a flower wall. Use a wooden rack and some plastic bottles and here you have a very sustainable flower wall in which you can grow whatever you want.

Crocheting and gardening

Crochet lovers, this one is for you. Yes, we’ve seen that you can crochet tops, pants, and even toys but can you crochet a hammock for the produce of your vertical garden? This Reddit user used her skills in her garden activities.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/Anna_Banananana

Her cantaloupe plant’s fruit grew a bit too big for the stems to be able to support it so this gardener had to do something creative. So she crocheted a little hammock so the little guy can grow. That is a solution we need to keep in mind.

The mirror hack

This Reddit user had a plant nursery placed next to the window, but they were still not getting enough light. Lucky for her plants she was inspired that day and she moved the furniture around and placed the shelf adjacent to the window. What a great idea!

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/warrenwoodworks

In order to make sure that the plants would get the benefits they need from the sunshine, she also backed the garden’s shelves with a mirror. She nailed it because those plants could not look any healthier and happier than this.

Old fence

If you have an old fence, we suggest you not throw that fella away. There are so many possibilities for you to re-use the wood from your busted-up old fence that we do not even know what to start with.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/kingpig2017

But since we are talking about gardening, here is one hack that will help you upcycle old wood: gardening beds. Genius, right? The only thing is, before doing this hack make sure that the wood is not treated so the chemicals would not leach into the growing plants/veggies.


It’s been a while since teepees became a really cool item to have in your kid’s bedroom. Aside from how it looks, it seems like the little ones really love it. And no wonder; they can hide in there, and pretend that it is their own little house.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/cookieoutpos

But do you know what is cooler than an indoor teepee? A natural teepee made out of ivy. Not many of us would have thought of this but this grandpa wanted to protect his bean plant at all costs, so he planted wildflowers around it.

The perfect husband

The perfect husband does not exist… That’s what we thought before seeing the pictures below. This guy had some free time on his hands during quarantine and decided to impress his soulmate by building a lil project in their backyard.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/jhenning04101

What an amazing husband this guy is. We are sure that his lady was just as impressed as we all are when she saw this. They make a great team; the wife did an amazing job plating all of that.

It will be okay

No matter what you are going through right now, it will be okay. This is a lesson that Mother Nature taught this Reddit user who, one day when she was feeling down, went out in the cold to plant some tulips.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/HomeFin

Even though it was not the right time to plant, she planted them anyway, saying that if they are meant to bloom they will. And she was so right. We told you that gardening is one of the best at-home therapy you can do.

Vertical garden

Sure, normal gardens are cool but have you tried plating your flowers in a vertical garden? It looks so good you will definitely want to build your own. This one is an awesome idea for small backyards or those who live in apartments.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/kiel2155

Or for those gardens that look a bit too boring and need a little something different in order to break the monotony. And if you are still not convinced, here is another reason to try this: taking care of a vertical garden takes less time than taking care of a normal one. Boom.

Halloween hack

With Halloween coming, this little hack is more than needed. Why we never thought of this we don’t know, but it turns out that you can carve anything on a green pumpkin and you will be impressed with the final product.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/RigaMortizTortoise

Sure you will have to wait a few weeks but trust us, what you see will most likely have you making this hack a tradition. Because at the end of the day who would not want to have some unique pumpkins to decorate their porch for autumn?

Goodbye, pool!

A couple bought a new house that had a pool. What a dream, right? Well, it turns out that the pool was really old and it was built following old regulations that are not acceptable nowadays. What did they do?

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/plxxlq

They created a huge tank to collect rainwater and they gardening beds on top. Most of us would probably try to rebuild the pool but in case of an apocalypse or alien invasion, these are the people you’d want to be friends with.

The magical table

The table pictured below looks like it came out of a fairy tale. As magical as it looks, it is equally as practical and sustainable. Because it has a garden incorporated in it. Whoever came up with this idea is a genius!

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/KevlarYarmulke

And can we take a moment to admire that little stream that crosses the table from an end to another? We don’t know about you but as for us, we would love to have this table in our dining room or back yard.


If you have ever done veggie or fruit gardening before, you know that the moment you get to eat the produce that you planted and helped grow, it’s one special moment. The amount of pride you feel is really hard to express.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/Johnny_Carcinogenic

Not only this but it feels like it tastes different. It’s ten times better than the one you buy. So next time you want to throw out those stems, or roots or seeds, think about replanting them. This is what the person behind these two beauties above did.

Some inspo

If you feel like your garden lacks a little pizazz, here is a very Pinterest-y idea that will make your garden look like it’s straight out of a magazine. This project is very simple and cheap to do, yet very eye-catching.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/biborno

You need: two sticks, a hook, a watering can and fairy lights. You can do the same exact thing as above or you can freestyle it and add your personal touch. Either way, we assure you that it will look awesome.

The succulent heaven

When we first saw this picture, we really thought that this is a sneak peek of succulent heaven. It turns out that it is actually a succulent obsessed person’s garden and a dream many of us would love to make a reality.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/donorum88

We don’t know who this garden belongs to or how long it took to put together, but we do know this is our new inspiration. Imagine the number of succulent hacks and tips you can learn from a person like this.

Before & After

Here is a before and after that left us really impressed. The person who posted this picture bought the house with the garden back in 2016 and 5 years later this is how it looks. They had a beautiful vision, and they made it happen!

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/Mumster

We can only imagine the hard work and hours the homeowner put into this masterpiece but we can all agree it was worth it. Fair to say that this person should make a career of decorating gardens. We would totally hire them.

The seed library

Some years ago, a great mind came up with the idea of placing mini libraries around towns and cities. The rule is: you take a book and replace it with a book of your own. The idea and practice spread worldwide.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/spicymoustache

Not only did it catch on, but it inspired other little movements like this. For example, this little seed library was placed on a front lawn to encourage the community to share their seeds. The gardening community is really strong and wholesome as heck.

Urban garden

Who said that if you live in a city you can not have an amazing garden? Meet Alessandro! He lives in London and nothing could stop him from creating his own little green urban paradise. He did a fantastic job.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/-LargeHardOnCollider

The greenhouse looks amazing, his little hang-out corner seems very comfy and on top of this, according to him this garden also gives shelter to beehives. Everything is organic and bee safe. This guy is inspiring us to do something with our apartment balconies.

Lock-down transformation

The pandemic had its positive side too. Staying home helped inspire a lot of us to change things, either about us or around us. Below, you can see what a lot of free time and boredom can do to a person.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/5_Frog_Margin

The amount of creativity and hard work put into this project led to a garden that looks like it was designed by a professional. The simplicity and serenity of this place are so obvious that you can feel your batteries recharging just by looking at it.


If you are a gardener, chances are that you too value rainwater as much as us and other adults do. Rainwater is relatively clean and not only you can use it to feed your plants but also for consumption, if you can purify it.

Photo courtesy ofReddit.com/saltynurs3

Here is a really cool rainwater system that will take care of your green babies for you. And if you think that there would be a flooding risk to this system, the rocks are there to drain the water and make sure that the plants are not flooded.


We don’t know about you but we used to love clean, unadorned lawns. You know, those that are symmetrically cut. Now, we love those lawns that have flowers, plants, or even fruits and veggies planted there. We love a packed yard!

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/Creepercraft110

The second house looks so full of life and color, it is magnetizing. They used every square inch of space available, right up to the end of the property line. This might take a lot of effort to start, but once you make it to this point, it would be beyond worth it.

Brick garden

Do you know that pile of bricks that were left after building your garage, the ones you kept just in case you’d need them one day? Well, we may have a tip for you on how to finally use them.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/tomfruin

A brick garden! The idea is all in all very practical and looks like the blocks were created for this purpose. And if it looks like this at the start, imagine how cool it will look when the flowers start growing.

Colorful glass

One can never get enough of the beautiful colors of a garden but if you are not this type and you want to see more, we have the solution: a colorful stained-glass greenhouse. In an environment like this, gardening would be even more of a pleasure.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/HomeFin

This awesome greenhouse was spotted in Brooklyn at a community garden and it makes us want to go to the shop and get some panels and start building. The only thing is, it is scientifically proven that the best environment for plants is given by clear or yellow light.

The succulent bench

This is something that we never knew we needed but now that we’ve seen it, we want it badly. What a brilliant way to incorporate some greenery in your outdoor seating. The final result came out so perfect, we really need a tutorial for this.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/TryMyBalut

Despite the fact that it looks gorgeous, the project does not look like it cost a fortune. The wood looks like it was leftover wood from the fencing. We cannot help but wonder how much time it took the person to finish this.

Drought resistant flowers

There is nothing better than a front lawn that is packed with flowers, that is full of life and color. Sure, it is pretty hard to have a lawn like this when the weather outside is really hot. Notice we said “hard,” not “impossible.”

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/Eva the Egg

Well, there is a solution for this little problem too: drought-resistant flowers. Or better known as wildflowers. They are colorful, beautiful, and very diverse. And they are able to resist the sun, wind, and rain. These flowers are real baddies.

Bee crisis

For some years now the world has been going through a bee crisis. Bees are the main pollinators of the world and because of all the chemicals sprayed on the plants and trees, they are slowly disappearing. This person decided to do their part.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/Eva the Egg

None of us want to know what would a world without bees look like. So because of this many people started taking action. Here, above, is an example of what you can do to help the fight against the bee crisis.

A sanctuary

There is nothing more battery recharging than a natural sanctuary like the one pictured below. A circle made up of very tall sunflowers is not something we would have thought of but we have to admit that it is an awesome idea.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/matzoballsandchoppedliver

One can hide in there, be protected from the sun, and even snack on the sunflower seeds while doing the things that they find relaxing. Not to mention, if you have kids, they will love playing in there. This is one of our favorite ideas.

Draining in style

And we have to say that this is a style most likely inspired by an article from Architectural Digest because the outcome looks really good and is also practical. And even when it’s not raining, the little project would still sparkle.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/BeeSilver9

In order not to flood the lawn, the little rock “pathway” for the rainwater will help lead the water to the road, and most likely to drainage channels. This is also a great idea for those who are not interested in stagnant water.

Roof top paradise

If you think that living in an apartment can stop you from achieving your dream garden, then we have happy news. Here is the proof that you can garden everywhere, no matter the size of your space, as long as you have what is needed: water, soil, seed, and sun.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/momtazali

Apartment living did not stop this man from starting his own garden on top of his building, where he decided to plant fruits, herbs, and veggies. Here is him next to his dragon fruit plant. These are so expensive if you get them from the shop!

From nothing to something

Here is another reason for you not to throw away that pineapple top. You can plant it in a pot, take good care of it for a couple of years (usually 2 or 3) and then enjoy the brand new pineapple you helped give life to.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/iis4isaa

That is exactly what this couple did and the happiness on their faces the day they got to harvest their plant is obvious. Pineapples are pretty though plants; they don’t really need much so here is your sign to give it a try!


Some of us get bored and waste our time in front of the TV or on our phones scrolling up and up. And some get up and work for their dreams, big or small. This Reddit user is definitely of this latter type.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/Effulgence_

She moved into a new house and while her husband was at work, she started to build her dream garden. According to her, this was her first time ever building something. The boredom got the better of her and drove her to do her best.

Cascading flower

Have you ever wondered how the plants from a flower bed are planted in order to look like a flower cascade? We sure have asked ourselves this, so here is the little trick that stands behind this awesome effect.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/hertoolbelt

Here it is: a flower bed with holes in it, with the plants planted vertically on top of each other. The blossoms in the picture are petunias and they sure make us consider building our own cascade of flowers to give life to our balconies.

Small back yard

If you have a small backyard, don’t get discouraged! You can still create a beautiful and serene corner for yourself despite the lack of space. All you need is a bit of inspiration and creativity to help you manage the space you have.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/kearneycation

This project progression is a great example that small gardens, too, have potential. You might think there are fewer options, but you can still create a cozy place where you can sit back and relax after a hard day at work.


There is no support in this world like the support a well-fitted bra can give you. The woman who came up with this idea knows this very well. No wonder she sacrificed one of her bras in order to help her melons.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/Dr-Dendro

This time we’re talking about real watermelons. Because the little buddies were getting too big and heavy for the vines to be able to carry them, she had to do what she had to do to make sure her melons were supported.

Support level: 100

And since we are already talking about good support, here is another picture that shows support comes in all shapes and forms. This time it took the shape of a very abstract object. But it does not matter as long as it works.

This Reddit user’s orange tree made its first fruit but it was in danger of snapping off its home branch. Something had to be done and now this smol boi was supported and the branch seemed to be much less strained.

Small garden magic

If you are the owner of a small garden and you tend to neglect it, then this is the sign you never knew you needed that it’s time for you to put in some extra work and love into your garden.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/Vogelina

The amateur garden architect who stands behind this project put a lot of work into it. It took him some time to clean up all those weeds, the trash, and who knows what other things were there. But it was worth it because the result is so cute.

Pure talent

There are people out there that practice their hobbies pretty often and that are so talented at them that they could literally make mad money from them. The artist who created this masterpiece below is definitely one of these favored people.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/fluffycatbelly1

This person was indeed blessed with a very creative mind and eye because only a talented person could create such an oasis of serenity and peace. Not to mention those Koi fish are the cherry on top. This could be a public park.

The fight

While big agricultural companies spray chemicals on our foods, affecting the bees and slowly making them become an endangered species, some farmers in Europe agreed on planting flowers on their crops to help feed them. This has led to a beautiful arrangement.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/NulloK

This is the solution the European Union decided on in the battle against the bee crisis. The EU supports the farmers who do this by giving them a bonus. Not ideal but at the critical point that we are in, we should do whatever it takes.


This little building detail that can go unnoticed is found on an apartment building in Seattle. It looks pretty abstract and cool but we have one question that really bugs us. How did they get these plants all the way up there? Oh, yeah, ladders.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/5_Frog_Margin

We do have to admit that whoever thought of the piping system is most likely an expert gamer because this entanglement of pipes looks a lot like those brain teasers that we sometimes see on our Facebook timelines. Maybe we’ll try our hand at them in case we ever live in a building like this.


Since we mentioned the bees a couple of times, here is a cool idea inspired by them: honeycomb gardening beds. Sure any shape would do, as long as it fits your space right, but these are more fun in our opinion.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/sexy_guid_generator

The project is not expansive at all. You would need the same materials as usual: boards, nails, bags of soil, and the seeds of your choice. We assure you that the bees will thank you for this nod to them and that it will look really cool on your front lawn.


This plant mama wanted to protect her leafy babies from critters at all costs so she went to the pet shop and got some bird cages. this is definitely something that other gardeners have used but we came late to this party. We’re super impressed.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/Understanding-Seeker

Not only do the cages protect the plants from little beings who are curious about what these plants taste like but they (the cages) make it easier to cover them with blankets and protect the plants from the cold too.

4 years

This is what four years of work and consistency look like. The owner of this beautiful garden started giving it more love than usual in 2017 and the result has left us speechless. The garden looks like a place from the movie Alice in Wonderland.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/PhraxesL

And speaking of wonders, how awesome all those flowers must smell once spring comes. Lying there on the grass, under the warm spring sun while inhaling all those calming fragrances could really be considered our new favorite pastime. This is goals.

Grandma’s hack

A bit of passion combined with the free time that retirement gives and there you have it, the garden of your (and our) dreams. The garden pictured below looks nothing but amazing. Grandma and Grandpa went above an beyond with this one.

Photo courtesy of Reddit.com/Where_Lions_Roam

It looks like Grandma was growing a lot of vegetables and fruits, yet the garden does not look overly crowded at all. The secret? Little alleyways placed in between the plants. Fair to say that each corner of the garden was used wisely.

Handwashing station

When you are having a busy, productive day in your garden, it can be very inconvenient having to go wash your hands in the house every time you need to. Luckily, we have a solution. You’ll need a jerrican or a water jug like the one pictured below, a golf tee, twine, soap, and pantyhose.

Photo courtesy of hearthandvine.com

First, place your soap in the pantyhose and tie that to the can’s handle. Next, tie the tee to a small piece of twine and insert it into the corner of the can. This should also be fastened to the can, like the pantyhose. Finally, suspend this on a tree and you’re done!

Garden walkway

This project is perfect for you if you have a couple of wooden planks lying around somewhere and a yard in need of a little love. This particular one was made to connect a garage to someone’s backyard, and it worked perfectly. Start by leveling the area where you want your path to be located.

Photo courtesy of funkyjunkinteriors.net

The area should be a bit lower so that when you place the planks, they will be on the same level as the adjoining grass. Next, place your planks, ensuring to leave tiny spaces to collect runoff. In between them, you can add some soil to enhance the stability of the planks.