Shein Review Photos That Are More Popular Than Their Actual Products

By Liezel L

This article was originally published on befashionly

We’re sure you’ve seen at least one or two expectation versus reality memes. Maybe some of you have even experienced them in real life. If you did, we’re sure it was awful. Who wants to waste money like that, right? Although there are plenty of places to shop online nowadays, finding quality products is getting harder and harder. We always have to do these trial and error runs and waste a little money before making a big purchase. Many online shoppers are even sharing their no-good orders for everyone’s entertainment and maybe to lift their own spirits. Because of this, online shopping fails have gained popularity. One such account that’s been doing precisely that is the TikTok account funny.shein.reviewss that shares pics of questionable items people bought on Shein. Founded in 2008 in China, the company is known for its “affordably priced apparel,” but we’re not sure what price you’re paying. Here are some of the hilarious reviews shared on the account. 

It’s Sid From Ice Age!

Classic sunnies are always great. They go with plenty of outfits. However, it’s also nice to have some unique or cool shades in your closet for style. Unfortunately, we’re not really sure how we’d describe these tiny sunnies right here. 

image courtesy of funny.shein.reviewss/ TikTok

We’re not sure who it’s made for or what it aims to cover on our faces. And besides how this person used it for that amazing photo, we’re not sure how we could style those sunnies to give justice to them. Seriously, we love the image, though.

Oh, He Wore It Better

When people make all these product photos, it’s like they make sure that no one could look better than the model wearing it. The joke’s on them, though, because this guy is pulling this wig off way better than the mannequin is. 

image courtesy of funny.shein.reviewss/ TikTok

If he were the one advertising the product, we’d be a lot more encouraged to buy it. The beard adds more character. We wish we could have seen his complete look, though. We think he’s just slaying it! Yassss Queen!

Does She Like It, Or Does She Not Like It?

One of our favorite things about having small dogs is all the clothes you can put them in. You can have them sport capes or put them in jerseys or adorable dresses! We’re not sure they like it as much, though. 

image courtesy of funny.shein.reviewss/ TikTok

This pup, for instance, doesn’t look too pleased with what she’s wearing. She’s adorable, of course, there’s no denying that, but her face looks like she’s saying, “Don’t you dare say a word if you don’t want a taste of these teeth.”

What A Great Background

Oh, no, the shirt is not the problem. The girl got exactly what’s advertised on Shein, and it’s actually cute and looks decently made. If you want to spot what’s hilarious with the pic, look elsewhere aside from the shirt.

image courtesy of funny.shein.reviewss/ TikTok

Did you see it? Yeah, it took us a while too. At the most unfortunate moment, the poor dude became an involuntary photobomber in this girl’s outfit check. We don’t think he minded, although his butt is out there for the internet to see. We wonder what’s the story behind this. 

Look At Him Slay!

It’s absolutely not the best selfie, and it does look like he is on a wild night out and accidentally took a photo with the front cam instead of the back cam, but that wig doesn’t actually look too bad. 

image courtesy of funny.shein.reviewss/ TikTok

It does look realistic enough. Sure, it’s not as amazingly styled as the one the female model is wearing, but it can pass off as natural hair. If we didn’t know this was a review of the wig, we’d think he grew his hair out.

The Elephant In The Room

If you have long or thick locks, you know the hardships of drying out your hair. No matter how strong your blow dryer is, it’s like it never ends. It’s also always quite the arm workout. Luckily, someone thought of this product. 

image courtesy of funny.shein.reviewss/ TikTok

Just plug your blow dryer at the end of that tube, put it on your head, and let it do its magic. It’s a lot easier than manually drying your hair since you just have to hold your blow dryer. The lady who bought it seems happy with her purchase too. 

Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

When purchasing mirrors online, we don’t think there’s anything that’s going to be wrong with the reflection. We often expect the defects to be in size or even the style of the mirror but just not the reflection. This one is an exception, though. 

image courtesy of funny.shein.reviewss/ TikTok

The product does look as advertised, and they do look to be about the same size, but that reflection is just hilarious. Did somebody somehow switch the fisheye mirrors to the regular ones when making these? We hope she kept them up to freak out some friends.

Those Slides Are Just Fishy

First of all, why in the world would anyone buy those things? They look like they could easily fall off, and they don’t look very comfy either. We also really hope that those things were made only for the inside of the house because we don’t think society is ready for them.

image courtesy of funny.shein.reviewss/ TikTok

Let’s say that those flip-flops are an acquired style. Not everyone can pull them off, and not everyone wants to try and pull them off. This guy is trying his best to give justice to his purchase, so we’ll leave him to it.

Thug Life!

We know those shades aren’t as practical as they should be and that we’d never wear them out, but we want a pair of those for the sole purpose of wearing them on a zoom call and blowing people’s minds when we take them off. 

image courtesy of funny.shein.reviewss/ TikTok

It would be fun to see people’s reactions to that one. And actually, it would be fun seeing people’s reactions when you wear it outside. Those shades are definitely calling for attention, and we think it’ll get all that outside. 

Classy Lady

Honestly, we can’t see anything wrong with the product on this one. The advertised product seems like whoever made those dog clothes want to make your dog look like a classy old lady who is off to tea, and it does just that. 

image courtesy of funny.shein.reviewss/ TikTok

While the poodle looks a lot more polished and photoshopped, the corgi also looks like it’s off to high tea and biscuits with some very fancy friends and she’s slaying that collar. She’s lavish, and she knows it and won’t care for your opinion.

Is Anybody Happy With Their Banana?

Oh, pet hats. Some of them look absolutely adorable and some of them just make us go, “Why?” This banana hat is one of those later ones. Maybe it’s a costume only meant to be worn once and only once?

image courtesy of funny.shein.reviewss/ TikTok

We’re not sure either creature loves it as well. The cat looks so done with all the shenanigans it’s been through, and the dog looks like it’s trying its best not to sigh and think, “Why in the world do I put up with this?”

Channeling Her Inner XMen

Those sunglasses are the kind of sunglasses only people with a lot of style and confidence or a lot of gut will buy. They’re just not for everybody. We love how this lady right here is pulling them off though. 

image courtesy of funny.shein.reviewss/ TikTok

We love how she matched the sunglasses’ futuristic vibe with this kind of glam superhero-ish get-up. She looks good in the outfit, and we think it’s a pretty great look for a type of futuristic-themed party or any costume party. 

It’s Not Really How We Imagined It’ll Look

Dolls aren’t for everyone, no matter which shape, form, or body shape they’re in. While these earrings might look cute for some people, they’re just not for us. Why would we want decapitated dolls’ heads on our heads, or anywhere for that matter?

image courtesy of funny.shein.reviewss/ TikTok

To each their own, we guess. And well, the dolls do look as advertised, although we think they would better be hanging on the ears rather than on the nose. Still, it’s funny. We still believe doll bodies are missing their heads somewhere in a dumpster.

When You Just Love Chicken So Much

Sometimes, people’s love of food goes beyond just eating the food or having tons of pictures of it. Some people create accessories for their favorite foods to be reminded of them wherever they go. Just look at this chicken necklace. 

image courtesy of funny.shein.reviewss/ TikTok

We bet whoever came up with that necklace idea must have had a special place in their heart for that crispy fried chicken. As it seems, the girl who bought it has one too. The fact that she’s trying out different ways to wear it makes it seem that way.

The Pup Is Just So Pleased

BTW, animals aren’t really made to wear clothes. It’s just us humans who keep insisting on putting stuff on them, and well, it’s easy to understand why. They either look so adorable or so hilarious like this pup right here. 

image courtesy of funny.shein.reviewss/ TikTok

Unlike the model cat in the product picture, that dog looks so happy beyond words. And really, who wouldn’t be if their favorite food is on top of the world, right? At least someone’s happy with the product! We bet the doggo owner is pretty pleased too!

Wait It Out A Few Years Harry

Harry Potter has inspired countless fan merch out there from shirts, wands, bags, and even Harry Potter’s iconic round glasses. And today, even the younger generation is discovering them just like this little boy here with his glasses and hair. 

image courtesy of funny.shein.reviewss/ TikTok

Sadly, those glasses are still a little bit too big on him. It makes him a bit closer to Harry, who also had to grow into clothes given to him by his aunt and uncle. Just wait for a few years, kid, and those glasses and that hair will get you to a tee.

Foot Undies

Now, we don’t know about you but there’s just something about feet that unsettles us. There’s really nothing wrong with them, and yes, they’re part of the human body, but why do people have the need to show them off?

image courtesy of funny.shein.reviewss/ TikTok

We kind of get this one, though. If you’re buying something like this product, how can you resist not showing them off in action? This person certainly took the opportunity to educate others on the creation and entertain people simultaneously.

Is That A Dog Or A Giraffe?

When it comes to pet clothing, we believe that some clothes are just made for some breeds of pets. Not every pet could pull off anything, especially if it wasn’t created for them, right? Just take a look at the dog on the right. 

image courtesy of funny.shein.reviewss/ TikTok

We had to do a double-take to make sure that we were looking at a dog and not a tiny giraffe for a moment. That headwear made the poor pup’s neck so long that we don’t think they appreciate the look.

Trying On A New Look

One of the best things about wigs is that you can try on different looks with them without damaging your hair and going through all the work of maintaining it. Another perk is there are a variety of styles to try out there.

image courtesy of funny.shein.reviewss/ TikTok

This person seems to be trying on a new look, and we’re not sure if they are going for what is advertised by the shop or something goofy. The wig looks great, though, and not too shabby for 20 bucks. 

Reality Pulled It Off Better

When it comes to expectations vs. reality, the reality side of things rarely wins out, unfortunately, but there are exceptions. Just take a look at the exquisite pup on the right. That’s how you make the most of your purchase.  

image courtesy of funny.shein.reviewss/ TikTok

Of course, the pup on the product picture looks great, but that canine on the right is just putting on a fashion show. Who would have ever thought that that plain jacket could be something that looks like it’s from the runway?

Channeling Batman

In order for your product to sell, you have to come up with something unique, something that no other people are wearing out there. Still, you’d also have to consider wearability, which we think the creator of these sunglasses forgot. 

image courtesy of funny.shein.reviewss/ TikTok

As cool as those shades look, they don’t look very comfortable or practical at all. The expression on the woman’s face says it all. It’s like she’s saying, “Really? This is what my 2 am purchase decision is getting me?”

Flowers For Myself

Girls don’t have to wait for boys to give them flowers in today’s world. They could get themselves flowers if they wanted to in whichever they wanted, whether through a bouquet or a pair of tulip earrings. We applaud the unique approach.

image courtesy of funny.shein.reviewss/ TikTok

While we think those earrings are cute and could work with just a little bit of styling, there are too many things to pay attention to on the girl on the right. We love her style, but you got to give us time to process her before the earrings.

Embracing His Feminine Side

We love it when men get rid of toxic masculinity and explore other facets of life that would not have been open to them otherwise. They discover a lot more about life that way. Just look at this guy embracing his feminine side. 

image courtesy of funny.shein.reviewss/ TikTok

We love how daring he is to get that adorable little tank top and even post a picture of himself. It’s not often you see a man with that kind of confidence. So keep doing you, our man. You have our support.

That’s Just Scary

Usually, we see the reviews on an online shop because we want to see the product in action, right? We want to see what it would look like on actual people and how others think about it. However, there are times when some reviews can be a little frightening. 

image courtesy of funny.shein.reviewss/ TikTok

For this one, we don’t have any problem at all with the product. It’s the feet we have a big problem with. Why in the world are those nails like that? They look like talons. And can they even walk with those nails? They give us shivers.

On Her Way To Barbie Flight School

More often than not, when we get a fail from our online shopping, we feel frustrated, and we look at the object like we’re not going to have any use for it. Some people use their creativity to make something of it to lighten up the situation. 

image courtesy of funny.shein.reviewss/ TikTok

This girl, for instance, has found a way to make use of her giant sunglasses. She made a cape, put on a hat, and made sure her ensemble was complete with the perfect barbie bag. Now, it seems that she’s ready for flight school.

Get Ready For The Blisters

There are just some pairs of shoes that will only take one look, and you know that your feet will be getting blisters from them if you choose to wear them. This shoe right here is one of those wretched shoes. 

image courtesy of funny.shein.reviewss/ TikTok

They are plastic, which can easily cut through the skin, especially in hot weather, but those shoes also don’t fit all feet shapes. Some foot forms don’t look good in them, and some are also more susceptible to blisters like our poor reviewer.

Imagine If These Were The Shades Morpheus Wore

We’re not sure if we really like the style of those glasses, but the man got what he ordered. It makes his eyes look nonexistent, which seems to be the look this man was going for and managed to achieve.

image courtesy of funny.shein.reviewss/ TikTok

Imagine if those were the kinds of glasses Morpheus or any other character on The Matrix wore. Would you be able to take them seriously? We probably wouldn’t have, and we probably would have thought the whole movie was a joke. Thankfully, they went for the more stylish ones.

Love Both!

This is often what we see in expectations vs. reality photos regarding fashion. There’s a model who’s pulling off the outfit and looking gorgeous and then there’s the reality when people wear it with body types that aren’t the same as the model’s physique. 

image courtesy of funny.shein.reviewss/ TikTok

We love this outfit on both women, though. Sure, they don’t look so alike, but they simply have different body types. Still, they both look great in the clothes. They’re rocking it in their own ways, and that’s what matters.

Who’s A Pretty Little Princess?

Dogs have their own way of letting us know what they think of something. Some dogs bark like there’s no tomorrow, others sing or whine, and others simply use their faces to show us how happy or displeased they are. 

image courtesy of funny.shein.reviewss/ TikTok

The dog on the right is telling us that she’s just done with her owner’s antics. Although she looks like a princess in her own right, she does look like she’s simply putting up with her owner’s wants just because she loves her but nothing else. 

This Is What Cinderella’s Stepsisters Must Have Felt

Sadly, not all shoes are made with every foot shape in mind. Like many clothes, some shoes are just made for those with model-esque slim feet, which is a great tragedy given how many people out there are really stylish and can put those shoes to good use. 

image courtesy of funny.shein.reviewss/ TikTok

This review proves that point exactly. While the shoe fits the model’s feet, the customer’s feet look like they will burst out of those sandals, and really, it’s not the customer’s fault. Those sandals are just really made for just slim feet. 

Finger Covers

There are so many things on the internet nowadays that you sometimes have to pause and wonder what in the world they are. These things, for example, look absolutely questionable, but they’re not what you think they are. Does anyone here work in a restaurant?

image courtesy of funny.shein.reviewss/ TikTok

They’re called finger cots, and restaurant employees often use them to protect a finger that has been cut or burned and keep it clean. Still, many people call them finger condoms, and that review proves precisely why those things deserve that name.

Did Someone Steal Grandma’s Teeth?

Usually, when we think of decor or accessories, no one ever thinks “teeth!” unless they’re animal or shark teeth. Human teeth are just a different story, but we guess if it’s Halloween, they’re genius. They’re definitely a unique idea, alright. 

image courtesy of funny.shein.reviewss/ TikTok

And while those earrings look like they’re hard to pull off, the girl on the right is just proving us wrong. She looks like some twisted version of the tooth fairy that we’ve never seen before, and she looks fantastic!