Giggles & Gains: The Uncharted Comedy of Depop Transactions

By Amy M February 1, 2024

This article was originally published on travelerdoor

Psst, fashion thrill-seekers! Ready to dive into the wild world of Depop messages? This post is your golden ticket to the outrageous, the hilarious, and the downright drama-packed exchanges between buyers and sellers. Courtesy of the Instagram spectacle, DM Drama (formerly known as Depop Drama), we’re unveiling a treasure trove of chaos. Picture this: a pocket detective, a bug in the package critic, and the brave soul transforming Depop into their personal dating runway. Buckle up for a rollercoaster ride through the fashion bazaar filled with unexpected twists and turns! It’s a comedy of errors, a symphony of absurdity, and an epic saga of shopper shenanigans. Never a dull moment in the Depopverse – scroll down and brace yourself for the laughter-packed lunacy!

Pocket MIA

Someone got less than they bargained for and contacted the seller for answers, “Bro where’s my pocket.” Yeah, bro where is it? We would like to know what their response was. We can imagine they left the chat just like the pocket left the shirt.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

This message brought to mind a comical scene from Friends from season 10, episode 8: “The One With the Late Thanksgiving,” where Rachel asks Ross, “What happened to your shirt?” And he responded, “I got mugged, and they stole my pocket.”

Chubby the Eyewear Model

Instead of forwarding an awkward pic posing in a pair of sunglasses for someone to see what they look like before purchasing, a Depop seller uploaded a pic of their dog modeling them. How adorable! Move aside Kendall Jenner, there’s a new model in town, and her name is Chubby.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

This pup is very popular. Her owner mentioned in an interview conducted by BuzzFeed, “People have literally said to me they bought the glasses because of her, and lots of people ask me if she’s for sale and for how much…she is definitely not for sale!” We wonder if this buyer sent a follow-up message requesting to purchase her.

Depop Not Tinder

When you google Depop, this is what comes up in one of the searches, “Depop- buy, sell, discover unique fashion.” Nowhere does it say slide into people’s DM’s or discover dates. Clearly, not everyone got that memo. Check out this message.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

People say, “Shoot your shot,” but there’s a time and a place for that, and Depop is not that place. We expected the person being rejected to have a salty response, but instead, they said, “plenty more lava lamps in the sea,” which we’re pretty sure is a nod to what they’re selling. Hilarious!

Plz Tell Me

Has anyone ever asked you what perfume you are wearing or what detergent you use? Well, there is someone on Depop who received a message from a buyer very desperate to know what they they wash their clothing with.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

We would also like to know what detergent they use – it must be good if it’s got someone begging them for an answer at at almost one in the morning. Bro don’t leave us all hanging like your amazingly scented laundry!

Tell Me More Tell Me More

Depop users say the darndest things. Take this one, for example; he just had to bring up that his wife found out he cheated. If we were the seller, we would want to know more. We’d respond, to quote a line from Grease, “Tell me more, tell me more.”

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

We gotta add that the seller really deserves a five-star rating for their quick response time because if the buyer said they’re faster than their angry wife chasing them, then they must be lightning fast. Anyway, we don’t think any other message can be this random and hilarious. Or have we spoken too soon?

Strange Request

Huh, someone had a strange request; they asked for a pic of sneakers in a fridge. What’s next? Are they going to ask for a pic of the shoes in the oven? Jokes aside, now that we’re thinking about it, it’s pretty smart. It’s a way of making sure that this isn’t a scam.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the seller’s customer service. They did as they asked without question. Customers say jump, they say how high? Name a better Depop seller, we’ll wait. They actually must be pretty desperate to get rid of those shoes.

Onion Skin?

Someone wanted to notify a Depop seller that there was an extra, unexpected item in their package – onion skin. The person’s response as to how it could’ve ended up there left us with more questions than answers. Read the convo, and you’ll also be left “peeling” confused.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

We’re curious – what kind of tea is the seller’s mom making? They mentioned, “There’s sometimes onion skin on the kitchen floor from when she’s making tea.” Actually, they might’ve been using the UK slang word for meal. Anyhoo, we wonder how many people have messaged curious to know why there is onion skin in their package. 

Meet Phil

Some people find onion skin in their package, referring to the previous pic, and others find bugs. How delightful. If we found a bug in our package, we wouldn’t be laughing, but fortunately, we didn’t, so we can still find humor in this convo.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

We really love how the Depop seller is just casually like, “Yeah that’s Phil haha.” They didn’t even mention that they want Phil back. Poor Phil, he’s got a new home now. Telling from the messages, he’s not wanted, though.

Far Fetched Excuse

You get two types of Depop sellers: those who get packages delivered on time and those who come up with every excuse in the book as to why it is late. Get a load of someone’s excuse they sent to a customer – it involves a giant lizard.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

Ha! Did they really think the Depop user was going to buy this? The video footage they sent was taken from a video uploaded to many YouTube channels of a monitor lizard in a 7-Eleven in Thailand. Shaking head

Candid Man

We can’t stop laughing at this message a man sent in response to someone asking for a pic of a pair of women’s red flared pants being modelled. Let’s just say you’re really going to appreciate his candidness and sense of humor.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

There isn’t a response to the message pictured here, but we can imagine it would be something like “Much apreesh.” People go on Depop to shop, not to be traumatised by sellers. We think all Depop users should learn the correct protocol.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Don’t you just love the smell of BBQ Pringles? They smell a-mazing, but not a lot of people want their clothing to be covered in the seasoning and have that scent. A buyer contacted a seller to let them know they won’t be giving them a positive rating for sending their t-shirt in a Pringles tube. 

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

It is good to reduce, reuse, recycle things. Next time the seller must just remember to wash out the Pringles tube nicely, and maybe then someone won’t send them, not hate mail but annoyed mail for storing their package in there.

Big Spender

Woah, someone contacted a customer on Depop to inform them that they paid twelve grand for a bralette.  Yep, you read that right.  What’s crazier is the buyer didn’t even acknowledge their message. Could be a scam, you can be the judge if that.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

The person who created the DM Drama account, where these Depop messages are anonymously submitted, said in an interview with Pilot Magazine that this message is in their top three favorite submissions. We’re not surprised; you don’t read conversations like this every day.

Depop User to the Rescue

Dun da da da! Here is a Depop user to the rescue. They contacted the person who sold them a jacket to ask if they are missing any important items. They found a debit card, license and a Starbucks gift card in one of the pockets. See not all heroes wear capes, some people would’ve just kept the stuff.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

We’re cryinggg, we can’t believe they left sooo many things in their jacket pocket. We’re glad that the Depop seller can laugh at themselves, though. Let this be a reminder to always search your pockets before selling an item.

Drama O’clock

Oooh, it is drama o’clock! Here we have a conversation between two depop users who just found out that they have one thing in common; they are seeing the same guy. Unreal! Forget the slogan, “Whatever your style. Find it on Depop.” We’re changing it to, “If your boyfriends cheating with a girl. Find her on Depop” and confront her.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

Infidelity is no laughing matter, but we can’t help but laugh at how the seller still tried to see if she wanted to buy a top from her. The depop seller knows her ABCs of selling, “Always Be Closing.” Don’t you agree?

The Invisibility Cloak

Want a laugh? Someone messaged a Depop seller asking if a “genuine” invisibility cloak from the Harry Potter movie was still available and for pics of the seller holding it. Insert that meme: “I hope you’re hungry. For nothing!” The pic they uploaded is literally them holding nothing.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

To answer the Depop user’s question, as of now it is indeed still available and guess what it costs £ 3,000. For the actual invisibility cloak from Harry Potter – what a steal! That was sarcasm if you couldn’t tell.

Sorry We Can’t All Afford Fancy Packaging

For this one, we won’t be naming anyone, but we will be sharing a message of someone shaming a person for using a dirty sandwich wrapper to package their top. Color them not impressed at all. They could’ve been left feeling hungry, but they didn’t say.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

The seller decided to respond with a generous portion of attitude, with a side of disrespect. If they want to receive a good review and rating, then they shouldn’t be so rude to buyers. A friendly message goes a long way.

Confused Depop Buyer

Knock, knock. Who’s there? A confused Depop buyer who doesn’t understand how a hot water bottle works. In about ten years time, the seller will probably still be recounting the interaction they had with them – it is quite amusing. Check out the message.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

If you ever feel like you said or did something silly, just remember this conversation exists -but also no hate to them. We’ve all had brain farts at one point, or another, so let’s not laugh at the buyer too much.

Buy One Get Two Free

“Buy a pair of shoes and get an onion and potato peeler for free” was not agreed upon between a buyer and seller, so the Depop buyer reached out seeking answers. Yeah, last time we checked HelloFresh is the app that delivers fresh ingredients.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

The seller was quick to apologize for their clumsiness, but hey, we don’t think they have to be too sorry; the other person scored a freebie after all. People have sent a lot worse in a package – remember the conversation about finding Philip the bug.

Parcel Under Bucket

A less than impressed Depop user had some complaints about the courier service someone used to send their parcel. In the message, they mentioned that the courier thought that a good place to hide their package was under a bucket that is far too small. Ha! We know who will be the first to lose at a game of hide-and-seek.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

The buyer now knows from the seller’s response, it is convenient for them to use that courier service, so they won’t be using anyone else anytime soon. Well then, we can imagine they get several messages like this; customers complaining that their packages have been hidden under buckets and possibly doormats.

Golden Ticket

This has got to be our fave buyer-seller message exchange -the one where the Depop seller agreed to send the buyer some sort of note making it seem that she had won free clothing after her partner said she has a shopping addiction. Lol, the Depop seller is a real one.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

We love to see girls supporting girls – it just warms our heart. We also love the golden ticket; it looks great. We think it’s safe to say, after reading this interaction, the Depop buyer gave the seller five stars. She deserves it.

Expectations vs. Reality

You know how people say, “You get what you get, and you don’t complain.” Well, someone did complain in a message to a Depop seller after they received a headband that looked nothing like the one that they were advertising.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

We actually can’t believe the seller replied, “You get what you pay for,” when what the buyer paid for was a knot headband, not a headband with two wurli worms glued to it. Sorry, we know they buyer is mad, but we can’t stop laughing.


When someone asked a Depop seller, “Hey can I see a pic of this on please,” they didn’t specify in their message who had to be modelling the clothing. So, the buyer uploaded a pic of their doggy wearing the items. 

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

The dog looks so adorable and stylish; we just have to quote a scene from Family Guy, “Do you or do you not feel bonita?” “I feel bonita.” “Wonderful, because you look bonita.” Anyway, we’re sure this image made the Depop users’ day – it’s so funny and cute.

DIY Roller Skates

Someone messaged a Depop seller asking if a pair of roller skates were still available. That doesn’t seem particularly unusual or funny until you see that the roller skates in question are a pair of rain boots taped to dismantled office chairs on wheels. 

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

We can’t tell if they were joking or genuinely interested in owning them. Now we really need to know if they actually bought these, air quotes, “roller skates.” Guess all we know is that they were thinking about purchasing them.

Who Wants a Big Bag of Wet Eggs?

What is something you thought you’d never read? We’ll go first: “Can get you big bag of wet eggs.” Someone is really out there on Depop randomly offering to sell wet eggs to another Depop user. Have a look at the message.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

You might be thinking what we’re thinking; what on earth are wet eggs? According to Eater London, “It appears to be a hard-boiled egg in some kind of preservative liquid.” That kinda answers that, but we still don’t know why an individual is trying to sell it on Depop.

Real Face or Mask?

Someone messaged a Depop seller, who uploads images sporting a dog’s face to ask if it is their real face or a mask. Can they really not tell that it is their real face? it is so obvious, only joking.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

Judging by this message, this person has probably been told that there is no such thing as silly questions, but there is. Do they really think there could be a half-dog, half-woman walking around? Hopefully, the Depop seller cleared up their confusion.

Yeah Right!

People have been known to stretch the truth when trying to get someone to hire them. Take this person, for example; they claimed in a message to have over 20 years experience in the art industry, when it’s pretty obvious that they’ve recently just started drawing. 

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

After seeing the drawings the Depop seller mentioned were on their page, we must say they’ve got potential. Practice makes perfect, but for now, they mustn’t quit their day job (if they’re actually not still in school) and should steer clear of  lying to people about their experience.

Hidden in Plain Sight

A Depop buyer messaged a seller to let them know they located their package that they previously couldn’t find blended in with the cushions on their sofa on their porch. Well, at least they weren’t contacting the seller to say their package was stolen.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

Stephenie Meyer once said, “Sometimes the best hiding place is the one that’s in plain sight.” We think this Depop user would agree since they couldn’t find their package for who knows how long. We just have to say great job at hiding the package Mr Postman and thanks for the laugh.

I’m Afraid

Native English speakers know that “I’m afraid” can be a polite way of delivering bad news – when a non-native speaker isn’t aware of this, it can lead to a pretty humorous interaction. When someone from Germany was sent this message, “I don’t ship overseas I’m afraid,” their response was, “Afraid of what.”

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

Even though we know this is not what they meant we have to say that there are many reasons to fear having to ship something overseas, such as the high cost… that’s about it. They actually should’ve responded, “I’m afraid of the expense.”

Say What

Tell me why, ain’t nothin but a heartache – just kidding, we’re not about to sing the Backstreet Boys’ song. We wanted to say, tell us why this conversation exists. There shouldn’t be anyone on Depop talking about collecting human teeth. Have look at the whole message.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

Horrified? We are, and so is the person who enquired if those are actual teeth, we are guessing. We can honestly hope the Depop seller is joking and is just trying to get a reaction out of people. Anyway, they asked if they’re interested in the shoes with the teeth, but after what they just said, we think not!

It’s a Fake

Pfft, we can’t believe someone messaged a Depop seller to ask if a clearly fake Dior bag is real. You can see that the the brand name has been stuck on “with like gem glue” – that is not what the luxury bags look like.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

The buyer is lucky that the seller is so honest; they could’ve said it’s real Dior and even charged them a bit more. We are guessing that they would’ve bought it because they seem – look on the ceiling, what does it say? Gullible. No offence to them.

I’m At My Lowest Right Now

When haggling turns into a sweet and funny interaction: after a buyer tried to negotiate a better price for an item, and the seller responded with “I’m at my lowest rn,” they thought they meant emotionally. So, they responded with a short and sweet message wishing them well.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

This Depop seller probably deals with a lot of different people on the app, so it’s most likely difficult for them to recount all the conversations that they’ve had. We can imagine this one is going to be hard to forget, though, for positive reasons.

Is That What England Smells Like?

The thing about buying second-hand clothes is that they always come with a unique fragrance. After having a good whiff of a jacket they bought off of Depop, an individual had to ask about the scent, more specifically if that’s what England smells like, since the seller shipped it from there.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

Now that we’re done laughing at this random message, we’re actually wondering what that jacket smells like. Does it smell like tea and crumpets, rain, fish and chips, bangers and mash? You know typical British things. We’d have to order a jacket from that seller to know, since they didn’t specify what it smells like in the message.

Scammer Alert

A seller had the audacity to send someone a pair of sunglasses with lenses covered in Sharpie instead of Ray bans, and you best believe that the buyer was not going to keep quiet. They demanded a refund, but the seller basically said no way Jose.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

This convo was also posted to Twitter, and in the comment section, someone compared this situation to a scene from The Big Bang Theory where Raj says he ordered a Harry Potter wand and got sent a stick instead. They were both scammed.

Questions On Questions On Questions

After someone messaged a seller to ask for the sizing of an item, their English stopped Englishing. They kept getting confused by the seller’s responses, as if they couldn’t go back and read what they had just asked. 

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

We hoped the seller blocked them. Sorry if that’s harsh, but c’mon, they were asking too many questions, and they were acting like Depop private message is like Snapchat, where the messages just disappear, and you can’t remember what was being discussed. 

Mr Postman Made an Oopsie

A message that a Depop buyer sent to a seller about their package that landed in the toilet made quite the splash on Instagram. Let’s just say they were in a stinkingly foul mood because of what happened and demanded a refund. 

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

May this message be a friendly reminder to always leave your toilet seats down. Not only is it more hygienic, but it will also save you from having to ask for a refund because you left your window open, and the postman shot and scored the package right into the toilet.

Hope That Helps

Someone had a simple question for a Depop seller: “What’s the length on this?” but did not get a straightforward answer in return, all because the seller did not have a ruler or a tape measurer in their possession. What they did have was tablespoons, Mars Bars, and a bag of Wotsits (British crisps). 

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

We like how the seller said “hope that helps” after they didn’t actually give the buyer a proper answer and basically gave them a math problem to solve; what is the length of the item if it’s two tablespoons longways etc.? We wonder if the Depop buyer figured it out.

Because Snacks

Think we just found the most relatable person on Depop. They mentioned in a message that they can’t try on a pair of jeans for a buyer who wanted to see what they look like on, as they no longer fit “because snacks.” We get it, snacks are bae.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

 Name one person who doesn’t love a good snack – exactly you can’t there is no one that can resist a good snacky snack. If all people were this honest on Depop, then most would be saying they’re selling their items “because of snacks” and there is absolutely no shame in that.

Going the Extra Mile

Say what now – someone asked a Depop seller to test the grip strength of the shoes that they were selling by putting their foot in a tub and running the water. That doesn’t sound safe, but the seller actually did just that! There’s an uploaded pic for proof.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

If they didn’t actually buy the shoes after the seller did what few would do – seriously how many would risk slipping in the tub for a Depop buyer – then we’re sure they were gonna have some problems. Only joking, sellers are aware that the sales aren’t always locked in. 

Kind Gesture

A Depop seller’s father secretly sent a buyer some money along with a note attached to their package, stating they felt that the item was overpriced. To avoid conflict with their kid, they asked the buyer not to mention this, but guess what – they messaged the seller and told them.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

Kind gestures like this don’t happen everyday. We would want to protect that man at all costs; you can tell he has a heart of gold. Anyway, we just can’t help thinking that the buyer shouldn’t have said anything. They should’ve respected his wishes, instead of creating unnecessary drama. 

Right on the Money

When a Depop user tried to talk down the price of a money counter, they probably weren’t expecting the seller to tell them that they don’t need it. You know what TikTok sound would be appropriate here? “When they go low, I go lower.”

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

We can assume that the seller’s response left the buyer completely stumped. The seller was, in fact, right on the money. Why would they need a money counter if all they got is one hundred pounds? Boom, money counted.

Delayed Reaction

Wow, talk about a delayed reaction – it took someone twelve weeks to respond to a message on Depop. We are guessing it took them so long because they were afraid to asked what “Serbia tracked” meant. Have a look.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

Is it just us, or if someone asked you to ship something to Serbia tracked, wouldn’t you also be confused? We feel the seller asked the buyer a legitimate question. Well, at least the buyer sent a prompt response explaining what they meant.

Motivational Message

Somebody had a perfect, clever response to a Depop user asking for a better deal on an item they felt didn’t deserve its expensive price tag. Their message was nothing short of motivational. Just read it, and we are sure you will agree.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

At the end of the day, all a Depop buyer wants is a good deal, so we doubt the seller was able to sway them. Maybe next time their motivational speech will work on another buyer. We’re sure they’ll keep their fingers crossed.

Two Pack More Like Tupac

A Depop buyer caused great confusion because of a spelling mistake. They enquired about a two pack t-shirt when what they meant to say was Tupac. When the confusion wore off, the seller no doubt had a good laugh.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

The seller is a better person than most people – most people would’ve relentlessly made fun of them for sure. We do not condone bullying, so we are glad to see that the seller was not harsh in their reply.

A Little Something Extra

The award for the most thoughtful Depop seller goes to this person. They messaged a customer to let them know they provided a Gregg’s sausage roll free of charge just because. No, actually, it was because they were late in delivering their package.

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

All this talk about Gregg sausage rolls and seeing this image made us feel really hungry. If only we were the ones receiving this message to let us know we were scoring an apology sausage roll. We can only dream…

Nike Chip

In a bizarre twist of cravings, someone fell head over fries for a McDonald’s chip that hilariously resembled the Nike swoosh. Unable to resist the allure of fast food fashion, they urgently messaged the seller, asking, “Is this masterpiece still up for grabs?” Ba da ba ba ba, talk about a munch-worthy masterpiece!

Image courtesy of dmdrama/Instagram

We know Nike says, “Just do it,” but people shouldn’t always impulsively message a Depop seller to ask to purchase an item they really don’t need. If the seller messaged them back saying someone had bought it, then they saved them from wasting money.