40 Celeb Quotes That Netizens Around The World Will Always Remember

By Isabel K

This article was originally published on tunefulsoul

Twitter is arguably the perfect social media platform for those who live to share their opinions, but it can be an overwhelming space for others like celebrities. Aside from the whole world wanting to know every single detail about your life, celebrities also have to deal with nasty comments and lame trolls watching everything they say and do.

Twitter, like all the other platforms, has its pros and cons. While it offers opportunities to connect positively, there are constantly people writing long threads and essays based on rumors that have no value whatsoever. Is that it? Of course not! Don’t forget that once a superstar posts anything on Twitter, you can bet that thousands of people take a screenshot of it seconds after it goes live!

So whether you want to delete the tweet a few moments or years after imposing regret starts to cast shadows of doubt across your noggin, it will still be available on the internet. And we have taken the liberty to find 40 of the most rememberable tweets from celebrities that will live on the internet for the foreseeable future.

Jaden Smith

Education is the key to success, according to most people. While the average teen is trying to survive high school or college, Jaden Smith didn’t seem to think school was worth it. At 15, the young actor and musician had much to say about education, considering he was home-schooled. 

Image Source: @Jaden/Twitter

Jaden Smith is the son of power couple actors Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. According to Jaden, education is rebellion, and if newborn babies could speak, they would be the most intelligent beings on Planet Earth. Most people disagreed with the young actor (thank goodness). 

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is one of the most recognizable celebrities in Hollywood. But living life as a reality TV star undoubtedly makes every day different compared to the average person. In 2018, Kylie shocked her fans when she tweeted that it was her first time eating cereal with milk. 

Image Source: @KylieJenner/Twitter

Yes. Cereal with milk. It’s a staple American food. For one of the most famous Americans to say she has never eaten this combo made many peoples’ jaws drop. Some even think the tweet was a joke. With the Kardashians, that could definitely be true. 

Kris Jenner

Another Kardashian to make it to this list because of her tweets is the matriarch herself, Kris Jenner. This “momager” has made a couple of controversial statements since becoming famous, but one thing she isn’t going to let anyone do is lie about her family. 

Image Source: @KrisJenner/Twitter

Especially when it comes to money. In 2018, People Magazine reported that Kanye West finally shared pictures of his $20 million home. Kris Jenner was quick to correct People Magazine by quoting their tweet, “Wow wrong again! Their house is $60 Mil.”


Superstar and musician Fergie is known for her voice and captivating lyrics as part of the Black Eyed Peas band. When TGIF became popular, many learned quickly that it stood for “Thank God It’s Friday” because, well, everyone is excited when it’s Friday! 

Image Source: @Fergie/Twitter

While everyone thought TGIF meant one thing, Fergie changed their minds. She took to Twitter and wrote, “TGIF- Thank God I’m Fergie.” Who wouldn’t be happy to be Fergie, though? She is a fantastic musician with a beautiful family and career. So, she has a point. 

Kris Jenner

People say the strangest things on Twitter. But once it’s posted, there is no way of taking it back. We’re sure Kris Jenner would have this tweet deleted from the internet entirely if she could. In 2012, she shared with the world that she had sharted herself. 

Image Source: @KrisJenner/Twitter

Sharted, according to Kris Jenner, is “when you fart and sh** yourself” by mistake. While the reality star is known to create new words like the term “Momager,” this was one thing we never expected from Kris Jenner. You can even buy a pillow with this tweet on it!

Kanye West

Most of Kanye West’s tweets are enough to fill and sell a book. While some may not be friendly, there are a number of times (that we can’t count on one hand) Kanye has come to Twitter to rant about his life when it isn’t going as expected. 

Image Source: @KanyeWest/Twitter

One of those moments was when Kanye couldn’t find the rug he wanted. The fashion icon and musician said he couldn’t get the Persian rug with the cherub imagery he ordered. Well, we kind of understand. What’s the point of being worth $2 billion if you can’t get a simple rug? Ughhhh!

Hailey Baldwin

No one can predict the future, not even Hailey Baldwin. We bet you anything she would have never tweeted about her future husband and his ex-girlfriend if that were the case. In 2011, the world, including Hailey Baldwin, was in love with Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber as a couple. 

Image Source: @haileybaldwin/Twitter [Deleted Account]

That’s why she tweeted that they together are the definition of a teenage dream. Little did Hailey know that she would end up married to Justin Bieber in 2018 and be subjected to constant ridicule from trolls who can’t let the past go. Life definitely has a way of surprising you. 

Ryan Lochte

With Twitter refusing to offer us their version of Grammarly, typos are not going anywhere anytime soon. Ryan Lochte is one of the most successful American Olympians. During the course of his successful career as a swimmer, he won 12 medals, six of which were gold.

Image Source: @Ryan Lochte/Twitter

What shocked his fans was he couldn’t spell the word scissors. You’ve likely come across this word during English class or playing games, but it seemed Ryan hadn’t. Everyone took it lightly. Glad we all knew what he was talking about. 

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian likes to let the world in on her thoughts via Twitter. With her family being a staple of reality tv, they have to keep up with social media apps like Twitter. So it wasn’t a surprise when Kim K hopped on Twitter to ask the public an important question. 

Image Source: @KimKardashian/Twitter

What if ‘people’ was spelled ‘peepole’? Funny right? If you look at the tweet closer, she was actually saying a pole for pee. It’s safe to say, most people didn’t get the joke and thought she was serious about her suggestion. You know, maybe Kim Kardashian is brighter than people think. 

50 Cent

When it comes to opinions, 50 Cent has a lot of them. The famous musician and TV producer is known for a lot of things, including his tough-guy persona. The last thing anyone expected was his grandmother to put him in his place. 

Image Source: @50Cent/Twitter

In 2010, 50 Cent was ranting about his grandmother making him take out the trash. At the time, he had an inspiring and thriving music career. With all that money, he wasn’t excited when his grandmother told him to take out the trash. 

James Blunt

Most people know James Blut as a talented singer and songwriter. Very few people also knew he had a sense of humor until he posted this. When the pandemic hit, one thing that musicians did was host mini-concerts from their homes to entertain their worldwide fans. 

Image Source: @James Blunt/Twitter

While some at-home concerts were fun, the world was going through a pandemic, and not everyone wanted a happy show while simultaneously experiencing a traumatic crisis. James Blunt was generous enough not to throw a concert from his home to focus on staying calm and safe. 

Leslie Jones

American comedian and actress Leslie Jones always has something funny to say, whether on SNL or Twitter. She jumped on Twitter to explain why she is still working out at her age. But don’t we all want to stay healthy? 

Image Source: @Lesdoggg/Twitter

Well, Jones had a different answer for her fans. According to the comedian, she is still motivated to work out because she wants to be fine as hell before she gets old. But we understand her; looking good greatly benefits your confidence and happiness. 

James Blunt

James Blunt seems to love Twitter. That’s how he made it to this list again. The musician gained fame with his global hit, “You’re beautiful.” The unique song was released in May 2005 and took the music industry by storm, topping music charts worldwide. 

Image Source: @James Blunt/Twitter

With how Twitter is set up, everyone has an opinion about everything. So when one fan tweeted asking whether James Blunt’s You’re Beautiful money is over, the singer wasn’t going to miss the chance to reply. It’s clear that royalty money is still flowing to his bank account. 

Camila Mendes 

Riverdale star and actress Camila Mendes has had to deal with fans and the twitter-verse just because of her name. Even though they’re not an item anymore, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello were one of the most famous couples in Hollywood. 

Image Source: @camilamendes/Twitter

Like other famous couples, their fans come together to create fan pages, and Twitter accounts to post videos of Camila and Shawn. The Riverdale star must have received tons of tweets from the couple’s fans, thinking her account was just another fan page.  

Lil Jon

There’s little you can do to help yourself when you’re pressed to use the bathroom. Especially when you’re not near a toilet or at home. That’s what American rapper and DJ Lil Jon experienced when he was trying to rush home to take a dump. 

Image Source: @LilJon/Twitter

Lil Jon just had to hop on Twitter to complain when he wasn’t able to get home fast enough. He was rushing home when a bus full of school kids was taking its time in front of him. Lil Jon says it was the longest 30 mins of his life. And we understand why. 

Cardi B

What would you do if you were related to one of the most famous celebrities in the world? Probably tell people, right? Well, that’s what Cardi B’s niece told her classmates at school. But nobody believed that she was related to the pop star. 

Image Source: @iamcardib/Twitter

But in Cardi B style, she had to show up for her niece and prove to the school that she wasn’t lying. And what better way to do that than pick her up from school? We can only imagine the commotion and traffic she caused that day. 

Justin Bieber 

Justin Bieber is a renowned superstar and musician from Canada. In 2009, a short while after he was discovered, he released one of his most popular hits, Love Me. It was the first single as part of his debut studio album, My World

Image Source: @justinbieber/Twitter

To promote the single, he came to Twitter and said that “if chickens could say love me love me that would be awesome.” And we totally agree. But if chickens could talk, we doubt that’s the first thing they’ll say. 

Frankie Muniz

If you’ve watched Malcolm in the Middle, then you know who Frankie Muniz is. Although the star left his acting career behind and became a full-time race car driver, he still has a loyal fan base that follows him and is genuinely curious about his life. 

Image Source: @frankiemuniz/Twitter

And he delivers! He came to Twitter to confess his love for sausages. And it wasn’t the first time he made this confession. But we don’t blame him because we love sausages, too. We sometimes get excited when we love something and want to tell the world about it. 

Kat McPhee

As much as being a celebrity might seem fun from the outside, actually being one might not be so exciting. At least Kat doesn’t feel the same way. The American singer and songwriter didn’t really like the fact that the paparazzi were constantly on her tail. 

Image Source: @katherinemcphee/Twitter

When vacationing in Europe, Kat was tired of the paparazzi ruining her relaxing time. So to distract them, she went on Twitter and wrote that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner were two yachts over. So they should focus more on them and not on her. Hopefully, it worked! 

Justin Bieber

Justin Beiber made his way to the list yet again, but it’s not because of the chickens. This time, the Canadian singer was all excited about a specific body part, and he just had to let everyone on Twitter know how he was feeling. 

Image Source: @justinbieber/Twitter

In three simple words, Justin Bieber came clean about how much he loved his arm. We’re not sure whether he feels the same way about his other arm, but maybe one day, he’ll let us know. However, this isn’t the weirdest thing the singer has said. 

Lady Gaga

How many times a week do you use coupons? It’s probably one or two because they come in handy when you need to save some coins. But the last person you would expect to use one is singer, songwriter, and actress Lady Gaga. 

Image Source: @ladygaga/Twitter

The singer went on Twitter to rant about why people were so surprised that she was using coupons at the grocery store. Well, the star was raised in New York, so you know she is going to bargain until she gets the right price for anything, and that includes food. 

Ryan Renolds

Deadpool actor and comedian Ryan Renolds is one of the funniest people in Hollywood. But thankfully, he shares his funny opinions with his fans on Twitter. Ryan is married to Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively, and they are blessed to have three children together. 

Image Source: @VancityReynolds/Twitter

He loves talking about his children because he loves spending time with them. He came on Twitter to tell the world how much of a great dad he is. He started by saying how he would walk through fire for his daughter and dialed it down to walking through a humid room. 

Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick is a successful actress known for popular movie franchises like Twilight and Pitch Perfect. In 2015, Anna made a critical realization and was ready to share it with everyone who would listen. She realized that she was only stuck with herself. 

Image Source: @AnnaKendrick47/Twitter

We know how it feels. It is sometimes exhausting to be human, and we think Anna felt that way when she tweeted this in 2015. But who wouldn’t want to be stuck as Anna Kendrick their whole life? She is fun, funny, and intelligent. We hope Anna is happy about that fact, too. 

Ryan Reynolds

One thing Ryan Reynolds will do is make jokes about his family and his beautiful children. Most parents know that when you have kids, the TV is no longer yours. It belongs to your children, and you will watch whatever they want to watch. 

Image Source: @VancityReynolds/Twitter

That includes animated movies like Frozen. Ryan Reynolds found out how much his daughters have him wrapped around their little fingers. Even when his kids weren’t around, he found himself watching Frozen. Even though he says it’s despair, we are sure Ryan was singing along to the songs. 

Kim Kardashian

There are many things that Kim Kardashian has said on the internet, but none are as surprising as what Kim wrote in 2010. While not everyone is a genius, there are some things that we always assume most people know, like cucumbers. 

Image Source: @KimKardashian/Twitter

Her fans and the internet were glad to help her discover this vital information. While some thought her account had been hacked, Kim was happy to understand what a pickle is finally. We learn new things every day. 


Social media can be overwhelming for most people, including celebrities, who many people around the world recognize. With people having opinions about every single aspect of a celebrities life, it makes sense that some celebs don’t want to hear it. 

Image Source: @cher/Twitter

It is not surprising that the legend Cher had a couple of run-ins with some unfriendly people on the internet. And the best way for her to keep away trolls on Twitter was to block each and every one of them, even if they were someone’s dad. 

James Blunt

James Blunt loves sharing his opinions on Twitter. With his fans and some haters always mentioning his name on the Twitterverse, he refuses to remain quiet. When a fan said something about the singer in 2014, he quickly replied with a snarky comment. 

Image Source: @JamesBlunt/Twitter

One person on Twitter was upstairs wondering whether their day could get any worse because a James Blunt song was playing downstairs. James Blunt replied to the tweet with ‘Coming upstairs.’ If that’s not how you respond to your haters, then what is?

Seth Rogen

The comedian and actor had some not-so-nice words to say about the Cats movie. And he wasn’t the only one. The Cats movie had one of the worst reviews in recent history. So saying the movie was terrible is an understatement.

Image Source: @Sethrogen/Twitter

Like everyone else who had the guts to spend time watching the movie, Seth Rogen was also wondering what Jellicles were. The cats kept singing all about it but never explained what it was. It is evident that almost no one enjoyed this movie. 

Frankie Muniz

Frankie Muniz has had a long successful career as an actor before moving to the world of race car driving. In 2002, Frankie’s life was in a totally different place than where it is now. At that time, he was 16 and nominated for a Golden Globe. Being nominated is an achievement on its own. 

Image Source: @frankiemuniz/Twitter

In 2020 though, Frankie was just at home staring at his balding head. And while balding isn’t a laughing matter, his fans were delighted. Most of them replied with, “life is unfair,” which is part of the Malcolm in the Middle theme song. We hope that at least put a smile on his face. 

Cardi B

As much as Twitter is an excellent place for entertainment, you can also learn a lot of things from this bird app. And Cardi B had some questions she needed answered. So she went on Twitter and asked the public one burning question. 

Image Source: @iamcardib/Twitter

Do ants poop? While most of her fans just assumed she was having a sleepless night, some knew exactly what she was talking about and gave her an answer. Yes, ants excrete waste like most living creatures. But we’re sure she wasn’t the only one to learn that. 

Hulk Hogan

Not everyone is quick to jump on the wagon when most apps start to trend. Twitter was launched in 2006, but it wasn’t until 2010 that some celebrities, including WWE wrestler Hulk Hogan, joined the app. And he was happy to tell everyone. 

Image Source: @HulkHogan/Twitter

He went on Twitter on August 19th and wrote, “First tweet of My life.” While this could actually be the first tweet of his life, some of his fans didn’t find this to be the most helpful information on the internet, and they let him know in his comments. 

Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin is a famous child actor known for his starring role in the Home Alone franchise and, most recently, American Horror Story. This is probably one of your favorite childhood movies if you were a child during the late 90s and early 2000s. 

Image Source: @IncredibleCulk/Twitter

Although Macaulay hasn’t had the best relationship with the internet and his fans throughout the years, he decided to treat them with a bit of an update of what Home Alone would look like in the present day. From the laptop to the food on the couch, he definitely got it right. 

Paris Hilton

American media personality Paris Hilton has been in the limelight for well over a decade. Throughout her career, the socialite started businesses and dabbled in the entertainment world as an actress, singer, and model. But this superstar and DJ aren’t going anywhere soon. 

Image Source: @ParisHilton/Twitter

She recently declined the chance to DJ at the White House to attend Britney Spears’s wedding. Who wouldn’t? It’s Britney Spears! With all that life experience, she decided to give the Twitterverse some advice about jealousy. And we totally agree with you, Paris; it is a disease. 

Kim Kardashian

The Kardashians have definitely dipped their feet in hot water for saying things the public thinks are absurd. In 2010, Kim Kardashian went surfing and tried to fit in with the surf crowd by talking like them. It’s safe to say it didn’t go the way she planned. 

Image Source: @KimKardashian/Twitter

Again, people thought she was hacked because she has never spoken this way on her reality show or on Twitter. From the wording to the spelling, it was hard to believe Kim was the one behind the tweet. And her fans saw right through it. She must have been promoting a product. 

Billy Eichner

Billy is an American comedian and actor famous for creating Funny or Die’s Billy on the Street, which is a comedy game show. As most actors do, they wish other actors a happy birthday on their special day. And it just happened to be Paul Rudd’s birthday. 

Image Source: @billyeichner/Twitter

Paul Rudd is a famous American actor known for his comedic roles and movies like Ant-Man in the marvel universe. Paul is now 53 years old, but you can easily confuse him with a 30-year-old man. Rumour is he never ages.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is a successful billionaire, and she hasn’t reached the age of 26 yet. But in 2020, when the pandemic hit, that amount of money couldn’t do much when the world was shutting down. Like everyone else in the world, the reality star wasn’t happy about the lockdown. 

Image Source: @KylieJenner/Twitter

But in February 2020, she had no idea how bad things would get, and she had already had enough of 2020. Nobody knew what was waiting for us in the next couple of months. This is one of those tweets that didn’t age well. Considering she is a billionaire, how bad could it have been? 

Ken Jennings

Although Ken Jennings is famous for being a TV host, author, and personality, he has become one of the funniest people on Twitter today. One of his most knee-slapping tweets was about raising his kids. Being a parent is tough, and your actions will determine the kind of children you raise. 

Image Source:@KenJennings/Twitter

When Ken realized that his kids didn’t like cold pizza, he felt like he had failed his children. He would have liked his kids to enjoy day-old pizza as a parent. While this fact disappoints him, his kids aren’t the only ones with a preference for hot pizza. 

Chelsea Peretti

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star hopped on Twitter to share that she was hiding from her son because he said he wanted to play Candyland. Candyland is a child’s game, but if you’re older than six years old, it isn’t that interesting to play. 

Image Source: @chelseaperetti/Twitter

The game is appropriate for children between the ages of three to five. While it is great to keep your child busy, most parents know how Chelsea feels. Sometimes, you just need a break from your kids and the games they want to play 24/7. 

Dax Shepherd

In 2020, one of the most popular shows on Netflix was The Tiger King, which was a documentary-style series about Joseph Maldonado-passage (Joe Exotic) and his life. The Tiger King was controversial, but he owned one of the largest zoos in his hometown. 

Image Source: @daxshepard/Twitter

Parenthood actor Dax Shepherd, like the rest of the world, was intrigued by the show and wanted to play Joseph if a biopic was to be made. With the Netflix show’s success, he might not have to wait long to be cast as the lead actor.  

Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer is a famous childhood actress and singer. The 28-year-old star also dabbled as a TV host on Strahan, Sara, and Keke, earning her a Daytime Emmy award. So, it’s no surprise that this talented young woman has a net worth of nearly $8 million. 

Image Source: @kekepalmer/Twitter

Being this famous and wealthy does come with some responsibilities, like taking care of your younger siblings. She could have been joking when she tweeted this. But we understand that sometimes, you just have to say no and let your younger siblings work for what they need.