Unlocking The Charm: 35+ Beauty Secrets Straight From Our Favorite Hollywood Stars

By Joyce S

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As a public figure, scrutiny is constant, especially for women. Dealing with the focus on physical appearance is tough. And women are known to try every fad and trend out there in an effort to look good. Ever heard of crazy beauty hacks celebrities swear by? These tricks are out of the box, from washing hair with Coca-Cola to using glue as an eyebrow gel.

A-listers have access to skin care products, spas, and tips we can only dream of. How do they always look flawless? They have the best plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and makeup artists at their fingertips. It’s natural to be curious, right?

Some beauty tricks are incredibly wacky, making it hard to believe they’re real. Olive oil as skincare, butt cream, and ketchup to maintain gorgeous features are just a few examples. A-listers don’t always spend big to look good—or so it seems.

In fact, many use cheap and easy tricks to keep their image on point. Did you know everyday household items can improve your skin’s pores, radiance, and texture? Let’s explore some of them!

Suki Waterhouse – Weird Shampoo

Ah, the constant battle of desiring fresh, clean hair with volume and bounce. The culprit behind lackluster, flat hair? Frequent shampooing. Waterhouse, however, has some tricks up her sleeve, and one of them involves a well-known carbonated drink. She has experienced it firsthand, made the switch, and bid farewell to store-bought shampoos for good.

Image courtesy of @SukiWaterhouse / Instagram

So, get this: the model swears by soda for washing her hair. Surprisingly, it provides a gentle yet effective way to add body and texture to her locks. The multi-talented artist shared her unconventional approach, mentioning that she occasionally rinses her hair with soda as an alternative to regular shampoos and conditioners.

Zoe Saldana – Mayonnaise as Hair Moisturizer

Have you admired Zoe Saldana’s stunning, glossy locks? They are a sight to behold! She has finally revealed her secret to maintaining their health and hydration: a yearly application of mayo. Who would have thought that a condiment could work wonders for your hair?

Image courtesy of @ZoeySaldana / Instagram

During an interview, she mentioned that her family has a quirky tradition of gathering once a year to apply mayonnaise to their hair simply for fun! Just picture the whole family with their locks drenched in a creamy coat of mayo.

Gigi Hadid – Sugar To Exfoliate Lips

Gigi Hadid dominates the modeling industry and consistently appears flawless, whether she opts for a full face of makeup or embraces a natural look. As a toddler mom transitioning back into the workforce, she is committed to maintaining a fresh and radiant complexion for those special makeup moments.

Image courtesy of hadidscloset.com

Hadid uses a fresh mascara tester wand to gently rub sugar onto her lips to keep her lips luscious and hydrated. According to her, this method works wonders in exfoliating the lips effectively yet gently. Incorporating this practice into our daily routine might be worth a try.

Camila Cabello – Egg White

Camila Cabello, the American singer born in Cuba, credits her radiant complexion to an unexpected secret—egg whites. In an interview with Elle magazine, she revealed that she learned this technique from her mother, and it has since become one of her go-to skincare rituals.

Image courtesy of @camila_cabello / Instagram

She applies egg white to her face, allowing it to dry and work magic in tightening her pores, then rinsing it off. She shared that whenever her pores enlarge, blackheads appear, or dehydration causes those pesky laugh lines to show up; she happily turns to egg whites.

Beyoncé – Glue Stick On Eyebrow

Whenever we hear about Beyoncé’s latest beauty routines, we can’t help but be inspired to try them ourselves. While she has had some questionable tips in the past (who could forget the master cleanse?), we can’t deny that she consistently looks flawless. So, it’s only natural to believe that she must have discovered something great this time.

Image courtesy of @beyonce / Instagram

Queen Bey’s makeup artist, Sir John, disclosed that she relies on Elmer’s glue sticks to keep her eyebrows perfectly groomed. It may sound unbelievable, but this ordinary school product has no harmful ingredients and is safe for the face. Not only does it avoid clogging pores, but it also effortlessly washes off without any hassle!

Kim Kardashian – Controversial Skincare

When it comes to bizarre beauty rituals, Kim Kardashian reigns as the queen! Her social media is brimming with the most unconventional treatments that have captivated the world. One particular selfie she posted on Instagram caused a frenzy with her vampire facial. However, she insists that she wouldn’t undergo it again.

Image courtesy of @KimKardashian / Instagram

This treatment aims to enhance your skin’s cell turnover, resulting in a revitalized and renewed complexion. However, Kim Kardashian made it clear that she won’t be repeating this experience due to unexpected circumstances (her pregnancy). The numbing cream she typically used became ineffective, leaving her to endure the unconventional treatment without pain relief.

Billie Eilish – Lip Gloss

It’s not just about the music for Billie Eilish. Surprisingly, she has a fondness for a specific lip gloss that also treats skin irritations. Who would have thought? As she concludes her luxurious facial routine, she effortlessly reaches for the reliable multi-use lotion she swears by.

Image courtesy of @mmillyys / Twitter

She candidly expressed her disinterest in lip gloss during a sponsored YouTube video with Vogue. According to her, it was always excessively sticky, had a strange taste, and tended to get stuck in her throat, posing a real challenge when singing her heart out.

Hailey Bieber – Face Moisturizer

Hailey Bieber, a trailblazer in the fashion industry, is known for her impeccable appearance. One of her secrets lies in using an expensive face cream infused with her own blood. According to Hailey, moisturizer is the ultimate holy grail in skincare.

Image courtesy of @Haileybieber / Instagram

Unsurprisingly, the price tag of this face cream exceeds the cost of one month’s rent. The process involves getting your blood drawn and incorporating the plasma into the cream at a doctor’s office. Considering the expenses, a more conventional and affordable solution might be a wiser choice.

Laverne Cox – Baby Shampoo

Laverne Cox stands out by choosing something unique in a world filled with countless face wash options. She prefers to use baby shampoo, reasoning that if it’s safe and gentle for the delicate skin of infants, then it’s surely suitable for her own.

Image courtesy @Lavernecox / Instagram

After using the baby shampoo, she reaches for a wipe and applies moisturizer to her skin. It’s hard not to admire how her complexion always radiates with a flawless and blemish-free appearance. According to her, the secret to achieving impeccable foundation application lies in starting with a clean canvas.

Chloe Grace Moretz – Olive Oil Love

As she was growing up, Chloe Grace Moretz had to face a lot of cystic acne. It was a real pain, both physically and emotionally. It was a tough time for her, as it really took a toll on her self-esteem. 

Image courtesy of @chloemoretz / Instagram

Surprisingly, it turns out that her secret to achieving radiant skin for some celebrities is olive oil. Who would have thought such a common ingredient could have remarkable effects on the skin? While many of us try to avoid anything oily, these stars fearlessly embrace it, and the results speak for themselves.

Halle Berry – Coffee Grounds

Halle Berry, at the age of 56, continues to exude absolute beauty! If you aspire to maintain smooth and flawless skin, look no further than her for inspiration. Face masks are her go-to indulgence, but it’s light therapy that truly captures her heart.

Image courtesy of @HalleBerry / Instagram

To maintain tight and smooth skin, Berry has a hidden trick: coffee grounds! This natural exfoliant works wonders for her by reducing the appearance of cellulite. It’s a fantastic way to promote fresh skin, although it’s important to remember that completely eliminating those little bumps and dimples is virtually impossible.

Sandra Bullock – Hemorrhoid Ointment As Face Cream

Let’s delve into an intriguing beauty secret! Have you ever heard that Sandra Bullock swears by using hemorrhoid cream to eliminate under-eye bags? It may sound peculiar, but according to her, it works like a charm! Sandra was surprised to learn that applying hemorrhoid ointment on the face is a well-known practice in the beauty industry.

Image courtesy of celebritypets.net

One thing is certain: the skin around your eyes is incredibly delicate. While hemorrhoid cream may be effective for some, choosing a product specifically formulated for the under-eye area is important. Opting for a cream or gel designed to cater to the needs of your peepers will help keep them in excellent condition.

Sienna Miller – Ketchup As Hair Bleach

Sienna Miller’s hair has been a playground for various colors throughout her career—from pink attempts at red to daring ventures into green while aiming for brown. However, faced with restoring her hair’s original shade, she found herself rummaging through her refrigerator in pursuit of a solution.

Image courtesy of kichi.studio

Ketchup became Miller’s unlikely savior. For a remarkable span of 18 months, she would generously apply ketchup to her locks and expose them to heat until her hair gradually regained its natural color. The journey that led her to this unconventional solution remains a mystery, but the effectiveness of ketchup on her hair is undeniable.

Anitta – Face Cream With Her Own Blood

Anitta, the Brazilian singer and Grammy nominee, recently revealed her skincare routine. She prefers to keep it simple and sweet with high-quality products, avoiding the need for an extensive routine. As the reigning Brazilian royalty, the singer surprised fans with her approach.

Image courtesy of @anitta / Instagram

She shared her skincare routine on Instagram, and one surprising detail emerged—she uses a face cream made with her own blood plasma. Quite unconventional, isn’t it? The artist uses a personalized facial cream sourced from Miami to complete her routine. And here’s a spoiler: she’s not the only trendy celebrity opting for this unique approach.

Freida Pinto – Special Eyelids Moisturizer

Freida Pinto, best known for her role in Slumdog Millionaire, is a mesmerizing beauty on screen. Her makeup skills are impeccable, but she radiates elegance even without a full face of products. She is particularly enamored with the dewy eyelid trend, effortlessly achieving it with a single product. 

Image courtesy of Youtube / Vogue

Freida’s secret for achieving a heavenly gaze lies in the reliable power of Vaseline. The glossy finish it imparts to her eyelids is simply divine. Her natural radiance is captivating, and now we have insider knowledge on how to recreate her elegant looks flawlessly.

Blake Lively – Mayonnaise

When it comes to impeccable hair, Blake Lively is the epitome of perfection. Her hair is phenomenal. What sets her style apart is its unconventional nature. In a recent conversation with Byrdie, Blake revealed her secret hair ingredient, and it happens to be a delightful culinary item.

Image courtesy of @Blakelively / Instagram

Blake Lively divulged a beauty secret passed down to her by her mother. In the past, her mother had a peculiar habit of applying oil or mayonnaise to the lower half of her hair before showering. The trick was to shampoo in a way that wouldn’t leave the hair parched and fragile.

Emma Stone – Olive Oil As Face and Body Moisturizer

Grapeseed oil might not be a staple in everyone’s kitchen, but it deserves a spot on your culinary radar. Although it’s not as popular as other oils, grapeseed oil shines when it comes to high-temperature cooking methods like searing meats and vegetables

Image courtesy of @rachel_goodwin / Instagram

Surprisingly, the La La Land star has found a unique use for grapeseed oil in her skincare routine. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, she revealed her no-fuss approach to skincare. Rather than following an elaborate routine, she simply applies a little grapeseed oil to moisturize her sensitive skin.

J-Lo – Olive Oil Is The Family Secret

Do you want to know the secret to eternal youth? Look no further than Jennifer Lopez. Despite being 53 years old, J.Lo seems to defy the aging process with her flawless appearance. One of her beauty secrets lies in using olive oil for her skin and hair.

Image courtesy of @Jlo / Instagram

J.Lo not only incorporates the benefits of olive oil into her beauty line but also enjoys using it in its pure form. This age-old beauty secret has been passed down through generations in her family, and she continues to uphold the tradition.

Shailene Woodley – Uses Clay As Toothpaste

If you’re seeking eco-friendly alternatives, look no further than Shailene Woodley. Known for her commitment to sustainable practices, she has taken an unconventional approach to oral care. Woodley has ditched traditional toothpaste and instead embraced a clay toothpaste created by a friend.

Image courtesy of net-a-porter.com | Deirdre Lewis

Woodley discovered that clay, being non-absorbent by the body, can have beneficial properties. Its negative charge enables it to selectively bind with similarly charged isotopes, potentially aiding in the removal of heavy metals and promoting internal detoxification. While it’s an unconventional approach, we might try this one out.

Gwyneth Paltrow – Bee Venom

We are well aware of Gwyneth Paltrow’s penchant for adventurous beauty experimentation. She consistently seeks out the most cutting-edge and unconventional beauty products and routines. Paltrow’s lifestyle brand, Goop, is a testament to her daring nature. They’ve got many articles about the craziest treatments you can imagine.

Image courtesy of @gwynethpaltrow / Instagram

One aspect that truly caught our attention was Gwyneth’s unconventional skincare approach involving bees and harnessing the power of bee stings to maintain a youthful and radiant appearance. It is rumored that this method can work wonders in reducing inflammation and diminishing the appearance of scars.

Debra Messing – Facial Cream with Snake Venom

It’s undeniable that many people harbor envy for celebrities and their luxurious lifestyles. While becoming a star may not be within reach for us ordinary individuals, achieving flawless skin akin to theirs is not entirely impossible. But, the journey towards achieving such perfection may not be as effortless as it seems.

Image courtesy of @therealdebramessing / Instagram

Here’s something truly out of the ordinary: Debra Messing, the actress, swears by an eye ointment infused with snake venom to combat wrinkles. This venom, acting as a milder form of Botox, purportedly relaxes the facial muscles, reducing visible wrinkles.

Cindy Crawford – The Milk Hydration

It’s not just for breakfast anymore. Cindy Crawford has adopted a rather unconventional approach to her beauty routine. The supermodel swears by spritzing milk all over her face to maintain optimal hydration and moisture. You know what they say, there’s always a method to the madness!

Image courtesy of @cindycrawford / Instagram

And in this case, the unconventional beauty secret lies in milk. This dairy product is rich in minerals, protein, and calcium, all contributing to maintaining healthy and radiant skin. While using milk on the face may raise some concerns, it’s understandable that many of us prefer to stick to our reliable moisturizers, avoiding any potential discomfort.

Angelina Jolie – Caviar To Keep A Glowy Skin

Another timeless beauty and limitless talented artist: Angelina Jolie. Do you ever wonder what Angelina does to keep her body in such great shape despite having six children? The solution is caviar. Knowing the hurdles a mother of six goes through is impossible, but Angelina seems to be doing great.

Image courtesy of Under Secretary Zeya Meets With UNHCR Special Envoy Jolie / Wikipedia

Over time, the renowned activist and artist began searching for ways to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and she stumbled upon an unexpected solution: caviar. It has been reported that the high oil content in fish eggs makes them an excellent moisturizer.

Demi Moore – Detox Sesh With Leeches

At 60 years old, actress Demi Moore appears more youthful and vibrant than many individuals half her age. In a discussion about her skincare routine, the star revealed her experience with a cleanse she underwent in Austria. During her time there, she bravely decided to try leech therapy as part of her beauty treatment.

Image courtesy of @DemiMoore / Instagram

These small creatures possess a fascinating enzyme that enhances blood circulation, leading to a supposed detoxification effect. While the concept of using leeches for medicinal purposes may appear intense, it has actually been a long-standing practice with a history spanning centuries.

Mariah Carey – Peppermint Oil As Lip Balm

Mariah Carey has gone under the knife to keep her youthful glow intact. But there’s one natural trick up her sleeve that she uses to enhance her already stunning appearance. Here’s a little secret about Carey—her lips are full and luscious, but she likes to add a touch of a food condiment.

Image courtesy of @mariahcarey / Instagram

The diva adds peppermint oil to her lip gloss for an extra plump pout. This little wonder is famous for boosting circulation and calming down parched skin. Just put some of it on your lips, and voila! You’ll get that plumped, and tingling look you’ve been craving.

Catherine Zeta-Jones – Beer As Her Hair Conditioner

When Catherine Zeta-Jones was asked about the secret to her age-defying looks, she explained that it’s all about her garden and makeup bag. In her quest for smooth and youthful skin, she turns to a natural remedy of salt and honey to gently exfoliate imperfections.

Image courtesy of @catherinezetajones / Instagram

One of the quirkiest things about her beauty routine is that she uses beer to wash her hair. While we may not be particularly enthusiastic about smelling like a frat house, Catherine Zeta-Jones claims that the combination of beer and honey works wonders for her locks, leaving them glossy and strong.

Song Hye-Kyo – Honey And Egg White Face Mask

You know what they say: finding the perfect facial mask is the key to achieving radiant, dewy skin. It’s considered so essential that even the stunning Song Hye-kyo, known for her role in the hit show Descendants of the Sun, has created her unique face mask.

Image courtesy of @kyo1122 / Instagram

Her secret is simple: she mixes egg white with honey and applies the mixture all over her face. She allows it to sit until it dries and then rinses it off. Song loves pampering her skin with a delightful honey-water facial mask. Finally, she applies warm milk to her face to remove dead skin.

Victoria Beckham – Geisha Facial

Many people believe that Asian skincare is ahead of its time. Victoria Beckham, however, has a different perspective. She believes in setting trends rather than following them, so she decided to try the bird poop facial, also known as a Geisha facial.

Image courtesy of @victoriabeckham / Twitter

The term “poop” is quite repulsive, making us reluctant to try anything associated with it. However, the facial, primarily composed of dried bird droppings, is intended to enhance your inner radiance and appears to have the desired effect on her.

Cameron Diaz – Eye Drops & Pain Relief Cream for Acne

It’s remarkable to consider that even the rich and famous, who have access to all the luxurious cosmetic treatments, still struggle with breakouts. Cameron Diaz, for instance, faced a significant battle with acne on her cheeks and chin. However, she eventually stumbled upon a remedy that proved to be effective.

Image courtesy of @camerondiaz / Instagram

You wouldn’t believe what Diaz has up her sleeve—her secret weapons are none other than eye drops and pain relief cream. Utilizing these products has helped her recover faster and reduce inflammation. Her complexion has undergone a remarkable transformation and now glowing like never before.

Salma Hayek – Avocado and Mayo As Hair Moisturizer

Selma Hayek’s hair is simply breathtaking. It’s always on point, which is why she always exudes chicness. Hayek swears by a hair care hack where she mixes avocados and mayo, spreading the mixture on her locks for serious hydration. Just look at those lushes locks.

Image courtesy of @salmahayek / Instragram

She has yet another trick up her sleeve to make her hair truly shine: a mixture of egg yolk and lemon. So there she was, with a dollop of green goop on her head, resembling someone in the midst of preparing some guacamole.

Shay MitchellBeet

Rumor has it that Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars has an incredible hack where she bypasses the cosmetics aisle and heads straight to the vegetable section at the supermarket. After all, who needs makeup when you can achieve a radiant glow with fresh produce?

Image courtesy of fashionmagazine.com

If you’re searching for an all-natural lip pigment that delivers a vibrant impact, she suggests trying raw beet. She is confident the color will maintain its natural look throughout the day. While we haven’t personally tested this trick yet, it is accessible and relatively inexpensive. Let’s give it a try.

Cardi B – Face Shaving Hack

Makeup artist Erika La Pearl has revealed her secret for achieving Cardi B’s fierce makeup looks. The key lies in using a dermaplaning tool to shave Cardi’s entire face. This technique results in exceptionally smooth skin, free from the peach fuzz, allowing the makeup to stand out and blend seamlessly.

Image courtesy of @iamcardib / Instagram

Cardi B relies on her devoted fans for much-needed skincare advice, highlighting the relatability of skin problems even among the rich and famous. This connection underscores our shared experiences and reminds us that caring for our skin is a universal concern, regardless of status or wealth.

Chrissy Teigen – Cool Eye Cream

When sharing makeup-free snaps, Chrissy Teigen doesn’t hold back. She’s the ultimate beauty guru, always providing the most helpful hacks and tricks to help you radiate like a goddess without relying on a highlighter. One of her game-changing secrets? Placing her eye cream in the freezer. Trust us; it makes a remarkable difference.

Image courtesy of @Chrissyteigen / Instagram

Nice and chilled, just the way she prefers it. As soon as you apply the eye cream, the magic begins. It’s akin to a gentle nudge that jolts you awake and invigorates your senses. And those bothersome under-eye bags? Poof! They vanish in an instant.

Suzy – The 424 Skincare Routine

For Suzy, maintaining fresh-looking skin is a top priority. She firmly believes that a robust cleansing routine is the key to achieving this goal. Taking the time to cleanse her skin thoroughly not only helps prevent signs of dehydration and dullness but also keeps her complexion radiant and healthy.

Image courtesy of @baesuzyasart / Twitter

The cleansing regimen she devised and shared with her followers is her creation, known as the “424” facial cleansing method. It involves gently massaging cleansing oil into the skin for four minutes, followed by two minutes of massaging cleansing foam. Finally, the face is rinsed with water for an additional four minutes.

Scarlett Johansson – Sour Face Wash

When Scarlett Johansson isn’t occupied with work or walking down the red carpet, she indulges in her passion for skincare by reading up on the subject. She experienced a struggle with breakouts for some time and has discovered an unconventional solution for them.

Image courtesy of scarlett-johansson.net

Johansson stated that apple cider vinegar works wonders for skin issues. Apparently, it’s a natural spot eliminator. Sure, it’s got a bit of a stench, but trust me, the benefits are totally worth it. She prefers to keep it natural, as the harsh chemicals just don’t play well with her multiple makeup applications. 

Lady Gaga – A Quick Face-Lift

Lady Gaga finds inspiration in drag queens, performers, and other artists who proudly showcase eccentric styles. She has always embraced bold makeup choices and isn’t afraid to make a statement. In an interview, Gaga revealed that she consciously determines how she wants to present herself to the world each morning.

Image courtesy of @ladygaga / Instagram

Using just a tiny piece of tape, Lady Gaga can effortlessly alter her eye shape and create a subtle facelift effect when she wears a wig. Additionally, by adjusting her neck position, she determines the level of drama she wishes to incorporate into her daily appearance. 

Kendall Jenner – Face Mask For Breakfast

Much like her older sister Kourtney Kardashian, fashion icon Kendall Jenner indulges in a simple yet delightful DIY honey face mask. The base ingredients of her mask include creamy avocado, sweet honey, healthy oats, and a touch of soothing lavender oil.

Image courtesy of glamour.com

This concoction could either be a recipe for a face mask that will leave you glowing like a goddess or a lip-smacking breakfast dish that will make you want to kiss the chef. Regardless, it sounds like an intriguing and delicious recipe that we should all consider trying at some point.

Lais Ribeiro and Alessandra Ambrosio – Velaterapia

As we endeavor to stay abreast of the ever-evolving realm of beauty, with new treatments and products emerging constantly, our beloved celebrities are embracing some rather unconventional methods to maintain their best looks. Ranging from the peculiar to the outright comical, these extreme beauty treatments garner attention and raise eyebrows.

Image courtesy of @laisribeiro / Instagram

Prepare to be amazed by the extreme measures Victoria’s Secret models take for flawless hair! Lais Ribeiro and Alessandra Ambrosio rely on Velaterapia, or candle therapy, to care for their hair. This Brazilian technique, though time-consuming, yields remarkable results. By carefully using a naked flame, they precisely eliminate split ends and flyaways.

Rashida Jones – Face Yoga

In an interview, Rashida Jones shared her experimentation with “face yoga” as a means to stretch her facial muscles. Interestingly enough, she admitted uncertainty about its effectiveness. While the results remain unclear, one thing is certain: she thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Image courtesy of @rashidajones / Instagram

Although uncertain about its impact, Rashida Jones noticed her muscles becoming fatigued during face yoga, indicating its positive effects on her skin and muscle health. Her enthusiasm for the benefits of face yoga is evident as she thoroughly enjoys its perks.

Stella Maxwell – Snake Massage

Stella Maxwell, the esteemed Victoria’s Secret Angel, recently visited Instagram to share her delightful experience at a trendy spa. She couldn’t help but rave about her “amazing” time there. This particular spa is renowned for its unconventional snake massages, which promise to leave you feeling both refreshed and intrigued.

Image courtesy of @StellaMaxwell / Instagram

The model fearlessly embraced the presence of two enormous boa constrictors as they gracefully moved across her curves. According to the spa website, these non-venomous snake sessions are a must-try for those who are seeking inner peace in our chaotic world.

Jessica Simpson – Fish Pedicure

Jessica Simpson is always up for trying new things; you better believe she’s not afraid to flaunt it to the world. Simpson shared in her show The Price of Beauty one of the weirdest things she has ever experienced: a fish pedicure that she just couldn’t stop talking about.

Image courtesy of hollywoodlife.com

Simpson shared an intriguing practice involving dipping one’s feet into tanks filled with Garra Rufa fish, which feast on the dead skin. It may sound quite unconventional, but she assures that it’s an authentic experience with remarkable results. Despite not being the most appetizing thought, Simpson stands by its effectiveness.

Jennifer Aniston – Ice 25 Times A Day

If there’s one celebrity who continually astounds the world with her eternal youthfulness and grace, it’s the iconic Jennifer Aniston. Despite being in her 50s, our beloved “Friend” generously shares her ultimate beauty secrets with fans. Brace yourself for a cool and rejuvenating skincare tip.

Image courtesy of glamour.com

Jennifer Aniston is a true advocate for staying hydrated. She drinks water religiously and incorporates a revitalizing step into her morning routine. She begins her day by splashing her face with ice-cold water a whopping 25 times to achieve a more energized appearance.

Margot Robbie – Interesting Lip Balm

The talented actress from I, Tonya, has an interesting theory about commercial lip balms. She believes they make our lips drier, creating a cycle of continuous purchases. Robbie’s got a clever trick up her sleeve to tackle this issue—nipple cream.

Image courtesy of vmagazine.com

In an interview, the Academy Award nominee revealed her secret for achieving a luscious and hydrated pout: nipple cream. Yes, you read that correctly. The same cream used by nursing mothers to moisturize their nipples is what she relies on to keep her lips looking plump and juicy.

Nicole Kidman – Champagne as Hair Rinse

Among the many eccentric skincare routines we’ve seen from celebrities, one has indeed intrigued us. Nicole Kidman’s hair journey revolves around two captivating shades: fiery red and luscious blonde. She graciously shared her secrets for maintaining a radiant and glossy look for both hair colors.

Image courtesy of @nicolekidman / Instagram

To maintain its healthy and vibrant appearance, she swears by two secret rinses. Her fiery locks result from a secret mix—a splash of tangy cranberry juice. And for her golden tresses, she indulges in a luxurious rinse of bubbly champagne. Blondies, get ready to break the bank if you want her looks!