Selfcare, Hollywood Edition: 40 Juicy Snaps Of Celebrities In The Bath Tub

By Valentine W

This article was originally published on travelerdoor

Very few things in the world measure up to the level of relaxation you experience when you soak into a much-needed hot bath at the end of a long work day. A 30-minute soak in your tub has numerous benefits, including relieving pain, relaxing muscles, calming the mind, and improving sleep. It’s the ultimate modern-day elixir for physical exhaustion and emotional strain. While baths are mostly viewed as a private time to relax and recharge, some people have added a fun aspect to the ritual by taking photos (sometimes absurd ones) of themselves enjoying a bath. This trend is especially popular with stars in the entertainment industry since it enables them to connect with fans as they share bits of their domestic lives. However, some of them are better than others. This is why we decided to compile a list of the best ones we could find. Enjoy some of your favorite Hollywood royalty soaking up the luxury of the tub!

Diddy’s ‘apology’ from the bathtub

In April 2010, rapper and businessman Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs was the cause of a series of disagreements between him and several owners of vodka companies. This was after he was quoted making disparaging comments about other vodkas while promoting Ciroc, which he partially owns.

Image Credits: The Cocktail Party/ Pinterest

He later released a video of himself in a bathtub surrounded by bottles of Ciroc on YouTube as he delivered his version of an apology to the liquor companies. While his statement was filled with sarcasm and taunting comments, it only further promoted the brand. In return, we got this rare glimpse of Diddy in his element.

Mariah Carey’s luxurious bath

Leave it to Mariah to take a simple activity like a bath to a whole other level. After a long day of making music and being her all-around amazing self, she decided to take a dip in the tub. She shared photos of her covered in suds and sporting diamond jewelry on Instagram to the delight of fans worldwide.

Image Credits: Rachael McGrath/

As usual, the 53-year-old looked stunning in the scandalous pictures, and we can’t help but feel a little jealous at the amount of opulence captured here. This is the epitome of luxury. She captured it all in one photo.

Halle Berry and her love of self-care

If you are an ardent follower of Halle on Instagram, then pictures like this are not new to you. The talented actress has shared pictures of herself reading, having a glass of wine, or just chilling in a bathtub several times over the years.

Image Credits: Halleberry/Instagram

She is well-known for her love of fitness and promoting self-care and wellness, and we really think that she may be onto something. After all, it seems to be working well for her since the 55-year-old doesn’t look a day over 35. We hope she continues on this trend and keeps sharing these breathtaking pictures.

Kali Uchis Stuns in sexy tub photo

Karly-Marina Loaiza, also known as Kali Uchis, is an American singer popularly known for her hit single, Telepatia. Her debut album, Isolation, released in 2018, was a major success and propelled her to worldwide fame and a large following on social media.

Image Credits: kaliuchis/Instagram

Uchis has close to four million followers on Instagram alone. On April 12th, 2021, she treated these fans to a sexy photo of her in a bathtub. In the picture, she is seen posing, covered by strategically-placed bubbles on her body. Candles also surround her in a gorgeous setting. 

Jamie Dornan’s sexy photoshoot

Fans of the Fifty Shades trilogy will love the next one. Actor, model, and major heartthrob, Jamie Dornan, posed for a shoot for Interview Magazine, which included this juicy photo of him in a tub. Dornan is especially famous for his portrayal of Christian Grey in the adaptation of E L James’ Fifty Shades books.

Image Credits: Julia Goedhart/ Pinterest

While fans get to see a lot of the actor’s desirable features in the movies, this photo leaves just enough for the imagination, which in our opinion, makes it even sexier. This is one of those instances where the saying ‘less is more’ rings true.

AnnaLynne McCord: dip, sip, and pose

AnnaLynne McCord is the quintessential vixen in almost all the roles she has embodied since she started her acting career. She is also a philanthropist and model and has appeared on several lists for the sexiest women alive. With that said, there is no denying that she is a beautiful woman.

Image Credits: theannalynnemccord/Instagram

If you have any doubts about that, just take a look at this photo of her in the bathtub holding a glass of wine and looking extremely gorgeous without makeup. What we wouldn’t do to be her at this very moment.

Rita Ora’s pre-performance update

British singer and songwriter Rita Ora has been captured in various states of being partially nude several times. Whether attending and performing at the MTV European music awards in a bathrobe or posing naked in her bathtub for Instagram, it’s clear that she is more comfortable than most with her body.

Image Credits: ritaora/Instagram

For this particular sexy snap, Ora posted this picture just before she performed, telling her fans that she was getting clean in preparation for the said gig. If it was a unique way to promote ticket sales, it definitely worked. 

Shantel Jackson’s music-filled soak

Music has always been considered an essential part of R&R. It’s the reason why people play soft music during massages and meditation, and it even helps people with insomnia to fall asleep. Listening to music is therapeutic. Combining that with a bubble bath has to be the definition of bliss.

Image credits: Shantel Jackson/YouTube

Shantel Jackson did just that for this photo, and we can understand why she has that huge smile on her face. The picture reminds us of that iconic scene in Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts’ character is singing along to Kiss as she takes a bath.

Wells Adams in Big Sur

Believe it or not, Big Sur happens to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the contiguous United States. The breathtaking views and the natural beauty of the location have ensured that it remains on most of our bucket lists.

Image Credits: wellsadams/Instagram

As if that was not enough incentive to convince us to make the trip, we now have this amazing photo of Bachelor Nation’s Wells Adams in a tub to add to that. Who wouldn’t want to be in a tub overlooking the sea while enjoying the beautiful sunlight in Big Sur? Adams posted this on his Instagram in October 2020, and we were overcome with wanderlust.

J.Lo’s fabulous forty-five

For her 45th birthday, pop culture icon, Jennifer Lopez, gifted her fans this stunning photo of her in a bathtub covered in petals. As usual, she looked gorgeous and nowhere close to her age in the makeup-free picture. She is among the popular female Hollywood stars who are aging like fine wine.

Image Credits: Martina Magalova/ Pinterest

Lopez posted this photo on her Instagram page with the caption ‘soaking it all in’ before heading to her star-studded party in the Hamptons. Some of the big names on the guest list included Khloe Kardashian, Fat Joe, Andy Cohen, and Kelly Ripa. A relaxing bath in a tub filled with petals sounds divine.

Miley Cyrus does it again

Singer, songwriter, and actress Miley Cyrus is one of those celebrities who grew up in the limelight. She has been famous most of her life as a famous musician for a dad and a star-studded role as the titular character on Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana.

Image Credits: Cody Simpson/Instagram

This has been instrumental in shaping her music career and popularity. In addition to that, Cyrus is also known for her NSFW posts and music videos. In January 2020, this photo was shared on her then-boyfriend, Cody Simpson’s, feed. As with most bathtub photos, Miley covered up with the help of bubbles and her hands.

Natasha Leggero’s definition of a bubble bath

If this is Natasha Leggero’s version of a bubble bath, we can’t argue with it. It looks absolutely luxurious. The comedian and writer posted this photo on her Instagram page with a funny caption that said, “Thank you to my boy toy @chelsanity for capturing me in my natural habitat.”

Image Credits: natashaleggero/Instagram

The photo was taken by her friend and fellow comedian, Chelsea Peretti. Her fans loved the post and continued the fun in the comments section adding on more jokes of their own. Also, can we acknowledge just how big her bathtub is! 

Heidi Klum commemorates Queen of Drags finale

German-American supermodel, TV host, producer, and businesswoman, Heidi Klum, is stunning in this bathtime photo. After the conclusion of the German drag competition show, Queen of Drags, Klum posted this alluring photo of her lying on her side in her bathtub simply captioned, “Good night.”

Image Credits: heidiklum/Instagram

In the photo, she wears her signature dramatic eyelashes that she often has on during the show, where she acts as one of the judges. Klum has posed in bathtubs before and has been featured in numerous fashion magazines in the course of her modeling career.

Jason Momoa’s juicy bathtime read

Just when you thought this guy couldn’t get any more irresistible. Fans of Aquaman and HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones were thrilled at the sight of this playful glimpse of Momoa at home relaxing with a book in his tub. He shared a video of a TV advert he was featured in with funny captions saying that he loves bubbles.

Image Credits: Jason Mamoa/Instagram

In this video, he is captured reading a book called Standing In Front of A Sunset which looks like a romance novel. As he flips through the pages, viewers can hear him making comments like, ‘No way!’ and ‘It’s getting juicy.”

Rebel Wilson’s remarkable portrait photo

This Aussie actress, singer, and comedian has been in the industry for nearly twenty years. All the roles she played have received positive reviews owing to her incredible talent. If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching any of them, you are truly missing out!

Image Credits: Michelle Day/People

With the success of her career, it didn’t come as a surprise when it was decided that her portrait should appear in the National Portrait Gallery’s 2014 exhibition. Wilson is covered in suds in the photo and surrounded by sweet treats and a cocktail. Her laugh adds to the photo’s undeniable charm.

Colin Firth sipping wine outdoors

Sipping wine in the tub and taking a bath outside are now firmly on our bucket lists. We can’t possibly imagine anything more magical than an outdoor bath after a whole day of doing nothing but frolicking around during a summer vacation in a picturesque location somewhere in Europe.

Image Credits: firthactivity/Twitter

Colin Firth makes it look so relaxing and fun. This famous British actor clearly knows how to decompress, and we advise that you take notes. Since he portrayed Mr. Darcy in the adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice so well, we couldn’t ask for more. This photo has bewitched us, body and soul.

Dua Lipa’s Quarantine Advice

When it was 2020, the world was reeling from the reality of a global pandemic. Most countries went into lockdown, and quarantine became the norm. We were all scared but also a little relieved to have some time off from the exhausting routine of going to work every day.

Image Credits: dualipa/Instagram

Like most people in those few months, Dua Lipa took to social media to share bits and pieces of how she was spending this newfound free time. In the post, she captioned, “How to pass time 101,” the singer is playfully blowing bubbles in her bathroom as she takes a bath. We hope her fans took her advice.

Kourtney Kardashian promotes her lifestyle website

This family knows how to capitalize on their fame. We would expect nothing less with their controversial lifestyles and enviable social capital. They’ve received numerous endorsement deals from prestigious brands, been on the most exclusive guest lists for glamorous parties, and starred in their own successful reality show for years.

Image Credits: Kourtneykardashian/Instagram

With all this publicity, it’s expected that they have all tried to spin individual businesses from this fame. Kourtney took this steamy snap to promote her lifestyle website named, Poosh in March 2019. Though the reality star looks absolutely stunning here, the picture received a lot of criticism, including allegations of heavy amateur editing. 

Meghan Thee Stallion’s new hit single

American rapper and all-around sensation Meghan Thee Stallion posted this sizzling hot photo of her in a bathtub to promote the release of her hit single, Plan B. She had teased fans with a short performance of the song during the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival this year.

Image Credits: Alex Gallagher/

The song is an empowering tune meant to give women confidence and encourage them to put themselves first. Given her immense popularity and the success of her career, we can’t say that she needed this show-stopping snap to promote the song. However, we remain forever grateful for it.

Joe Jonas’ fancy bath in Paris

The Jonas brothers will always hold a special place in our hearts. They have been in our lives since they appeared in Disney Channel’s Camp Rock and have since released music together, broken up, and gotten back together several times. Even though they’ve grown up and even gotten married, we still can’t get enough.

Image Credits: sophiet/Instagram

This point was driven home when in June 2019, Joe Jonas’ wife, Sophie Turner, took this picture of him and posted it on her Instagram story. The two were in France for their second wedding, which was as glamorous as you would expect it to be.

Chiara Ferragni’s style knows no bounds

Italian blogger, model, designer, and businesswoman Chiara Ferragni, is undeniably a busy woman. With a whole fashion line, an award-winning blog, and not to mention a home to run, we imagine she gets a lot done. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that she loves taking baths.

Image Credits: chiaraferragni/Instagram

With their unique ability to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after a long day, it is only fair that this style icon enjoys one every once in a while. Ferragni took this simple bath to another level in this particular photo by adding beautiful petals to the water in different patterns. There’s no denying that she is a woman of style.

Gwyneth Paltrow launches her brand of bath salts

Gwyneth Paltrow is a successful American actress and even more successful businesswoman. She is the founder and owner of the lifestyle brand and company, Goop, which deals with and discusses health and wellness products that are mostly not scientifically backed.

Image Credits: Meg Storm/

As part of her wellness regimen, Paltrow has previously claimed that she has made a habit of taking a bath with Epsom salts daily since her early 20s. In 2018, she released five bath salt brands that are said to provide several benefits, including emotional detox and expanded consciousness. This photo of her in a bathtub with one of the products on the side table was taken to promote the bath salts.

Izabel Goulart’s quick read in the tub

If you follow this stunning Brazilian model on Instagram, we are sure that you have seen this photo. She lives a full life filled with adventure and beautiful clothes in even more gorgeous settings. Luckily, she shares many of these experiences with her fans, who just can’t get enough. 

Image Credits: izabelgoulart/Instagram

This simple yet alluring photo of Goulart was taken in Abu Dhabi, where she had gone for a quick getaway with friends. She posted the photo on her Instagram feed in March 2020, and it has more than 80,000 likes.

Bruno Mars’ turkey day snap

We all love Thanksgiving and the joy it brings in the company of friends, family, and especially food. It is a chance to reconnect with loved ones and the perfect excuse to travel home after exhausting months of working. Like most people during these festivities, celebrities also love celebrating by taking photos and videos of memorable moments and posting them on social media.

Image Credits: brunomars/Instagram

That is exactly what Bruno Mars did in November 2016 when he posted this photo of him sipping champagne in a tub. Mars looked absolutely handsome, soaking in the suds, and we all love him in his signature sunglasses and megawatt smile.

Kara Del Toro enjoys a simple bath

Like we said before, sometimes less is more. Simply filling a tub and adding a small amount of salt, essential oil, or whatever you prefer and getting in can be very therapeutic in itself. Actress and model Kara Del Toro seems to be enjoying herself during this past time.

Image Credits: karajewell/Instagram

Whoever took the photo did a great job capturing her looking so blissful in this intimate moment. She looks very content and comfortable that we even feel a little jealous. Del Toro then shared the photo with her 1.7 million followers on Instagram, whom we are sure loved.

A-Rod’s pampering session

Baseball sensation and former Yankee Alex Rodriguez has lived a very colorful life. He played 22 seasons in the MLB, amassing 696 home runs and 25 grand slams, and after retiring, he became a successful media personality. In October 2020, Rodriguez shared this photo of him cozy in a bubble bath on Instagram with the caption ‘Caught.’

Image Credits: arod/Instagram

The photo was supposedly taken by Jennifer Lopez, who was his fiancee at the time. What’s even more charming than the photo is the view he’s able to enjoy from the window. And it sure looks like a mesmerizing afternoon outside.

Hailey Beiber’s remedy after a long day

To be clear, she wasn’t a ‘Beiber’ when this photo was taken. It was 2018, and Hailey Baldwin and her now-husband, Justin Beiber, hadn’t tied the knot. With that said, the model and social media personality’s photo in the tub is simple yet captivating.

Image Credits: haileybeiber/Instagram

After a long day of working in London, Hailey settled in with some wine and a bubble bath to relax. Her friend and fellow model, Kendall Jenner, snapped this photo of her in the tub, and Hailey also took one of Kendall in the bath. The perfect girls’ night in.

Rotimi’s tempting invitation

Nigerian-American actor, singer, and model Olurotimi Akinosho, popularly known as Rotimi, gave his fans something to talk about when he tweeted this tantalizing photo of him in a bathtub in September 2019. The handsome and rugged star accompanied the photo with a similarly enticing caption, ‘Come here.’

Image Credits: rotimi/Instagram

His comments section was ablaze with messages and gifs of fans replying to the invitation. We can’t say that we judge them since a bath, a glass of wine, and great company sounds absolutely divine. Rotimi has since settled down and even has a child with Tanzanian songstress Vanessa Mdee.

Sofia Resing’s wine down

Sofia Resing is a famous Brazilian model. She has been walking on runways wearing fabulous clothes for a few years now, and her modeling career is at an all-time high. Resing has been featured in notable publications, including Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, and many more.

Image Credits: sofiaresing/Instagram

With that said, she is also a designer herself. In 2018, she collaborated with designer Mery Recauchi to create her swimwear line. With such a busy schedule, a dip in the tub with a glass of wine is just what she needs at the end of a long day.

Drake’s Shoot For Rolling Stone

Drake is a certified pop culture icon. Since he landed in the industry in 2001 as a child actor in the Canadian TV series Degrassi: The Next Generation, he’s entertained us with his monumental hits. Millions consume his music, and his record sales are nothing short of impressive.

Image Credits: Complex Original Photo

With this much success, it’s no wonder he has been featured in numerous publications, including the American monthly magazine Rolling Stone. For their February 2014 issue, the rapper was snapped in a tub as he smoked hookah. Although he wasn’t featured on the cover, as was the plan, fans still got to see this new side of him.

January Jones’s glossy shoot

For this shoot that Jones did for the online magazine, The Violet Files, she looks positively radiant, even in black and white. The sleek hair, the stunning makeup, flowers, and makeup products around the tub make the whole scene glamorous. Who knew that a photo shoot in the tub could look this good?

Image Credits: Bryan Hood/

The actress and model changed into six different characters for the magazine’s before-and-after beauty tests. With the help of talented makeup artists, stylists, and photographers, all the photos taken for the test were phenomenal, including this one. We are definitely trying this out in the near future.

Chris Hemsworth is a fun dad

A far cry from his hammer-wielding Greek god character, Thor, Chris Hemsworth, is nothing more but a fun dad in this adorable photo. He and his son, Tristan, seem to be having an amazing time playing in the tub with fake beards made from soap suds.

Image Credits: chrishemsworth/Instagram

His wife, Elsa Pataky, posted this photo as she wished him a happy Father’s Day in September 2020. Apparently, Australians celebrate Father’s day in September, unlike most countries worldwide. The couple has been married for ten years and lives in Byron Bay, Australia, together with their three kids.

Kim in a tub for a salad commercial

If you know anything about the Kardashians, and especially Kim Kardashian’s famous nudes, you will agree that this particular photo in the tub is more conservative than most. Kim has previously broken the internet with photos of herself in various states of being barely covered.

Image Credits: Jenn R/

This time, however, the media personality and fashion mogul was a tad more modest than usual for this shoot that was meant to be a commercial for fast-food chain Carl’s Jr. For the advert, she was shot eating salad as she sat in the tub of a Las Vegas hotel. As usual, Kim didn’t have any trouble making it look good. 

Yolanda Hadid’s Goofy Bathtub Photo

Though most people know her just as Gigi and Bella’s mother, Yolanda Hadid was a supermodel in her earlier years. The Dutch-American TV personality grew up in The Netherlands and only moved to the US in 1994 after she met and married Mohamed Hadid. By this time, she had had a very successful modeling career spanning over 15 years.

Image Credits: yolanda.hadid/Instagram

Hadid has raised three children, who have attained various levels of success in the modeling industry, just like their mother. As a TV personality, she has many fans and shares moments of her life on social media, like this photo of her in a tub in New York.

Justin Bieber surprised beliebers with a nighttime bath snap

Just like his wife, Justin posted a photo of him relaxing in a tub on social media. Talk about kindred spirits. In 2014, when he was only 20, he posted this playful snap of himself with a soapy beard on Instagram. The photo received a lot of reactions both from haters and fans and was even the subject of several articles.

Image Credits: Emilee Lindner/

Though the photo is simple and looks innocent enough, people were very curious about who took it, why the lighting was so horrible, and why there was no caption. In our opinion, Bieber looks every part the beautiful boy we all loved back then.

Rachel Lynn Lindsay Abasolo in Bermuda

This former The Bachelor contestant stole our hearts during the 21st season of the show, and she has been doing amazing things since then. Since the end of that season, Rachel has starred as the lead of the show’s spinoff, The Bachelorette, in its 13th season and even gotten married to the winner of that season, Bryan Abasolo.

Image Credits: therachlindsay/Instagram

Abasolo is also a correspondent for broadcasting news magazine, Extra, a podcast co-host, attorney, and part-owner of a football team – an all-around busy individual. In July 2018, she shared this photo of herself in a tub relaxing after she visited Bermuda. She looks stunning, and her fans couldn’t agree more.

Jessie James Decker enlists husband as her bathtime photographer

Former reality show star and country music singer and songwriter Jessie James Decker knows how to keep the spark alive in her marriage. At least, that’s one of the things she implied in the caption of this snap that she posted. It’s hard enough getting the perfect picture with bubbles covering you while seated in a tub.

Image Credits: jessiejamesdecker/Instagram

The fact that she got a perfect one standing up is impressive, and we have to give her that. Decker said the photo was taken by her husband, Eric Decker, who was happy to oblige. Looks like an open mind and a splash of cheekiness is essential for a relationship to work.

Floyd Mayweather shares another photo of himself in the tub

If you are an ardent boxing fan, or simply a fan of Floyd Mayweather, you know that this is not the only photo of the boxing champion in a tub out there. You can find a picture of him in a hot tub on his yacht in Miami, one where he is taking an ice bath, and the most shocking, one where he has an assistant washing his back.

Image Credits: FloydMayweather/Twitter

This guy is not shy about posting these things. He posted this particular photo on Twitter in December 2013 with the caption, ‘relaxing,’ and added a few dollar signs at the end. There is no denying that the photo represents relaxation.

Mel B is the picture of relaxation

Former Spice Girl, Melanie Janine Brown, also known as Mel B, is a busy woman. Throughout the years since the Spice Girls broke up, she has released her own music, was an actress in a couple of films, hosted shows, and worked as a talent judge on even more shows.

Image Credits: Jenn R/

She had a full-time travel schedule for some of these roles working between continents like Europe and Australia. With such a demanding work life, squeezing in a bath is not only recommended, but it’s also essential. Luckily, she seems to have all that covered since she shared this photo of her enjoying a little downtime.

Lenny Kravitz surprises fans with a valentine’s day gift

Lenny Kravitz is a beloved American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and actor. He has been in the entertainment industry since the 80s and has blessed us with plenty of awesome bangers since he started. He has also won numerous awards for his work, including Grammys, for four consecutive years between 1999-2002.

Image Credits: lennykravitz/ Instagram

Yes, he is that good. With his talent, it comes as no surprise that he has a legion of fans. As a gift for Valentine’s Day in 2017, Kravitz posted this nude photo of himself in a tub wearing nothing but sunglasses. His over 1.5 million followers at the time were thrilled, to say the least.