All Hail Queen Bey: 40 Fun Facts About The Queen Herself

By Ekhama O

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When you’re as high-flying in showbiz as this superstar, all eyes are bound to be on you. Beyoncé Carter Knowles started her journey as a pint-sized dynamo and turned into one of the music industry’s absolute greats.

She’s broken barriers, shattered records, and kept us all in awe over her many, many years in the limelight. Honestly, she’s like a walking wonder-show, and even the little tidbits about her life are jaw-dropping. So, whether you’re buzzing with the Beyhive or just a casual admirer of her artistry, here are some fun facts about this phenomenal force of nature that’ll surely bring a smile to your face!

Four is her favourite number

Born on the fourth of September, she tattooed “IV” (which is the Roman numeral form of four) on herself and named her fourth studio album four; those are just three instances out of many where Beyoncé expressed her love for her favorite number!

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Some rumors even have it that it was also the inspiration behind her first child and first daughter’s name, Blue Ivy, with the IV in Ivy standing for the number four. Her wedding anniversary is also on the fourth day of the fourth month of the year!

Won a talent show at just seven

Lots of the mega-famous celebs we admire today got their start at a young age, and Beyoncé is no exception. While some stars needed time to reach their dazzling heights, Queen Bey didn’t really have to wait all that long at all!

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She entered a talent show when she was just seven and beat competitors more than twice her age with her thrilling performance of John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Just more proof (if we even needed any) that Beyoncé has always been that star, and this isn’t new to her.

Clean up duty

Even though Beyoncé always had the star power within her, she had quite humble beginnings like many other big-time entertainers. Did you know that Queen Bey is the daughter of two down-to-earth people, a hairdresser, and a dedicated sales manager.

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She used to tag along with her mom to the salon, running little errands. One of her main gigs as a little tot was sweeping up the hair and keeping the floor spick and span. It’s pretty mind-blowing when you consider just how far she’s journeyed from those humble beginnings!

Record making

Sure, everybody knows Beyoncé’s a music legend just because she’s so darn famous, but some folks might not realize the sheer number of records she’s set and how mind-blowingly great she truly is. And in 2020, she decided to add yet another shiny achievement to her already enviable list!

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Joining the ranks of Mariah Carey, Queen Bey is one of just two solo artists to clinch a chart-topping hit in four different decades. It’s a rare sight to see a star shine so brightly on the charts for so long, making it truly commendable that Beyoncé is one of those exceptional two!

Kicked off her career in a girl group

Practically everyone on the planet knows Beyoncé, and they’re likely familiar with Destiny’s Child, one of the most legendary girl groups ever. But that wasn’t Beyoncé’s very first girl-group rodeo. Nope, she was part of “Girl’s Tyme” with three other talented young girls just like her!

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They competed on one of the largest talent shows on National television at the time, and although they lost, Beyoncé, alongside the other members, Kelly Rowland, La-Tavia Roberson, and Tamar Davis would go on to be part of Destiny’s Child.

She’s named after her mother

Do you know how folks often name their kids after other family members? Well, that is exactly what happened with our superstar. Beyoncé’s name was actually inspired by someone who is very near and dear to her heart—her mom, Tina Knowles!

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Beyonce is actually Tina’s last name as “Celestine Beyonce” was her maiden name and one the mother of two passed down to her first child and first daughter, Beyonce. The name itself has Creole origins and apparently means “beyond others,” which fits the star perfectly.

Suffered depression

It’s a common misconception that once you’ve got the cash and fame, all your problems magically vanish or can be effortlessly solved. But in reality, some issues go way beyond the realm of dollar bills, and even the wealthy and prosperous can find themselves grappling with them too.

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Beyoncé came out to reveal that she’s actually struggled with depression and also struggled to speak up about it, seeing as her girl group had just won their first Grammy at the time. She thought no one would take her seriously if she revealed it.

Excellent breath control acquired from rigorous training

There are entertainers, and then there is Beyonce! Have you ever wondered how the star can dance energetically and sing while performing strenuous activities without losing her breath? Well, that is because she engaged in Olympic-style training for the skill.

Instagram via beyonce

One part of her vocal training involved the star running long distances while singing to build stamina, a skill she still has and utilizes during her performances today. If the level of dedication to her craft isn’t impressive, we don’t know what is.

Met her husband when she was just a teen

Many people like to assume that teenage romance is just that, and it’s a phase most people will grow out of. While that’s true to an extent, many of these young lovers grow up to stay together and build lives for themselves as a couple, just like the ones we have below.

Kevin Mazur/Wireimage

Beyoncé met her now husband and the father of her three kids, Jay-Z, when she was 18. The pair only started dating a year and a half later, when she was nineteen, and sometime in 2008, they tied the knot at a super quiet service.

Breaking the internet

The fastest way we get information about our faves is through the internet, so there’s usually loads of engagement on sites, especially when we receive news about them since there’s nowhere else we can express ourselves and show excitement over the information.

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When Beyoncé revealed she was expecting twins in 2017, she broke the record for the most-liked image on Instagram. The first image she uploaded of her and the twins about five months later would become the second most liked post, behind the announcement.

Headlining Coachella

Coachella is one of the biggest and most thrilling music and arts festivals in the United States. It’s organized annually and attracts crowds of over a hundred thousand people each weekend, so headlining it is a bit more than a big deal.

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Beyoncé stands as the sole black woman to achieve this monumental feat in the entire history of the festival. Her Coachella performance is widely hailed as the pinnacle of the event, affectionately dubbed “Beychella” by countless fans and critics alike.

Would have been cast in A Star Is Born

One of the most talked about and most popular movies in 2018, A Star Is Born is a romantic musical starring Hollywood giant Bradley Cooper and the multifaceted Lady Gaga as the lead. However, they might not have been if things had gone differently.

Instagram via beyonce

The role was initially intended for Beyoncé, with Clint Eastwood set to direct. However, Beyoncé’s pregnancy and Eastwood’s commitment to another project led to the cancellation of the Beyoncé-Clint version of the film, leaving fans wondering what might have been.

Coined a word in the dictionary

Over the years, we’ve seen slang come and go and terms that might have caught on online and in urban use but have never officially been recognized. A song by one of the most prominent girl groups of all time, Destiny’s Child, has its title accepted by dictionaries.

Instagram via beyonce

The term “bootylicious” was coined from a song with one of its writers being Beyoncé and means an attractive woman with an admirable figure. Although Bey has admitted to being embarrassed by it, we still think it’s cool that she’s got that much influence.

Closeness to fellow Destiny’s Child singer

Many stars, like Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio, have known each other since childhood and grew to continue their relationship even as big-time Hollywood stars. Although we don’t get much information about Bey’s personal life, this is one aspect we hear plenty about.

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Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland have not just been part of a girl group but even lived with each other, with Tina Knowles sighting Kelly as one of her kids. The two have been close since they were little girls and, about three decades later, are still going strong.

She made the louvre more famous

Many people know Paris for its countless spectacles, from the Eiffel Tower to the Moulin Rouge; it’s famous for many landmarks. One of its biggest has got to be the Louvre, an art museum that once had the privilege of being the set for a Beyoncé hit.

Instagram via beyonce

The Queen and her beau, Jay Z, teamed up for a song, “APESH*T,” in 2018; the captivating music video was shot at the famous museum. After its release, sources have it that the museum’s attendance increased by 25% that year!

Named as world’s most beautiful woman

It is undeniable that some of the celebrities—scratch that, most of the stars in our world today are stunning when it comes to physical features. In fact, they set the benchmark for some of the beauty standards we have today.

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Beyoncé, a global icon, earned the title of the world’s most beautiful woman from a prestigious magazine shortly after giving birth to her first child, Blue Ivy Carter, in 2012. It’s a well-deserved recognition for her remarkable beauty and talent.

Strict diet to get her performance ready

Many people see her Coachella performance and say, “Wow,” but don’t know what it took for this mother of three to put on a fantastic show. In her Netflix documentary, Homecoming, she gave us a glimpse into some of it.

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Beyonce revealed that she had to cut out carbs, sugar, dairy, and a lot more to get her ready for the big show. This came after she welcomed her twins, Rumi and Sir Carter, so she wanted to ensure her body was banging again for the event.

Insects named after her

Beyoncé’s influence is undeniable. Not only has she left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry, but her name has also made its way into science, demonstrating her far-reaching impact. This multifaceted recognition showcases her status as a cultural icon transcending boundaries and fields of expertise.

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In the year 2011, a species of fly found somewhere in Australia was named after her. This was because of the fly’s unique thick gold hairs on its abdomen that inspired the scientist to name it after the legendary singer.

One of the most Grammys in a night

Although many people like to make the point that award shows don’t matter, it’s nice to see their hard work getting recognition, and we’re sure many of the artists who receive the awards agree, especially when it comes to the revered Grammy.

Instagram via beyonce

Many artists over the years have had the privilege of taking one or two in a single night, but just a handful take home much more. Alongside Adele, Beyoncé has received six Grammy awards in a single night, adding her to the few celebrities that have received the most.

Another first in Glastonbury

Beyoncé hasn’t just set and broken many records as a black woman but as a female artist in general. From her fantastic record sales to Instagram posts, Grammy awards, and headlines, she’s pretty much paved the way for many other female artists.

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Beyoncé’s impact transcends genres and demographics. She has shattered records in album sales, dominated social media with her posts, and amassed numerous Grammy awards. Her achievements have set benchmarks for black women and paved the way for female artists across the music industry. 

First solo recording was with future husband

Looking back at some things that have gone down, one can’t help but wonder what they’re past selves would say or feel if they knew things would turn out that way. That’s exactly what we always wonder about Beyonce and her husband, the rapper Jay Z.

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Her very first solo recording was with her future husband for the song “Bonnie and Clyde” where she was featured and it was released months before Beyonce issued her first solo album. The song did well, peaking at number four on the billboard.

Consecutive album record

The entertainment industry has been male-dominated for as long as it has existed, so it’s always nice to see female artists making strides despite all that. If anyone has pushed boundaries as a woman in the industry, it has got to be Queen Bey.

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Alongside her long list of firsts and records broken lies this one that has to do with her albums. Ever since her appearance as a solo artist, she’s had the whole world in a chokehold, with the first six of her albums debuting at number one, the most for any artist. 

She only had one boyfriend before Jay

Unlike many other stars (*cough*, Taylor Swift, *cough), Beyoncé’s dating list isn’t as extensive as you’d expect despite her being the absolute bombshell that she is. It isn’t even a list at all, seeing as there are just two entries there.

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Before this pop queen met her current husband when she was 18, Beyonce had been in a relationship with just one other guy who was with her when she was about 13 till she turned 17 or so. I wonder what he must think about his childhood crush now!

“CUFF IT” is her longest charting song

Just as quickly as a song can rise to the billboard Hot 100, it can just as well fall. But despite it rising and falling, some songs stand the test of time and spend quite a while on the chart, just like some of Beyonce’s greatest hits.

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Beyoncé’s seventh studio album, “Renaissance,” debuted in late July 2022. One standout track from this remarkable album, “CUFF IT,” has now broken her previous record, previously held by “Halo,” as her longest-charting solo hit, solidifying her ongoing influence and chart-topping prowess in the music industry.

She owns beehives

Just about every big-time celebrity has a loyal fanbase. For Nicki Minaj, we’ve got the Barbs; Taylor Swift has the Swifties; Justin Bieber has called his “Beliebers,” and The Queen Beyoncé has her loyal fanbase named the hive, the Beyhive to be more precise.

Instagram via beyonce

But Beyoncé doesn’t have the beehive; she also owns actual bees. In a British Vogue interview, she revealed that she’s got two beehives with about eighty thousand bees that she keeps in her house. I wonder if they recognize her as their queen, too.

Her father used to be her manager

Many celebrities make their stardom a family affair. We see many instances where stars pave the way for their other family members to join them in the business and others where they become part of their team, making them even more significant.

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It was the latter in Beyoncé’s case, where her father was initially the star’s manager. He had been so from the onset of her career in the nineties until sometime in 2011 when he stepped down. He was the manager for Destiny’s child as well.

Donated her salary

It’s common to see most of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry engage in some philanthropy. Whether for genuine reasons as a show of concern or to up their public image, it’s still lovely to see them help people who need it.

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Beyoncé is no doubt known all around the world for being a musician, but that’s honestly just one of her talents. She’s also an actress and once starred in the musical drama Cadillac Records, the salary she donated to charity.

Has an alter ego

Many celebrities in the entertainment industry often wear a public facade to conceal their true selves or appear more captivating. Beyoncé, however, did the opposite, presenting her genuine self to the world, which was a refreshing departure from the norm in the world of showbiz.

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The multi-time Grammy award winner created the alter ego, Sasha Fierce, sometime in 2008. She did it to separate her more confident and outspoken on-stage persona from who she is as a shy and just all-around a bit more timid.

Award winning record set

At this point, it should come as no surprise whenever anyone who keeps up with entertainment news sees that Beyonce has yet again made headlines for something she’s done that only very few others have or no one else has.

Instagram via beyonce

They don’t call her Queen Bey for nothing, and if you didn’t believe it before, the fact that she’s got the most Grammys in the history of the awarding bodies’ name should have you sold. With over thirty trophies, she’s more than a dominant force in the music industry.

Has dealt with infidelity

Some members of the public like to assume that someone being in a particular position in life or having certain qualities would make them immune to most of the problems we regular folks face, but that just isn’t true one bit.

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They’re still human, and even a self-made woman who has been ranked as the most beautiful in the world can get cheated on. Sources have it that Jay Z publicly admitted to cheating on his wife, Beyoncé, due to conflicts with his childhood, with infidelity being the way to deal with them.

Beating Kanye West at a Board Game

We love a queen who can sing, act, and think. Although many people like to assume most stars are just good-looking people with no brains, it’s nice to see that being disproven with little acts like these now and then.

Twitter via UberFacts

Either that or Kanye West sucks at connect four, seeing as Beyoncé has reportedly beaten him at it a staggering nine times. He should have known she’s a pro because four is her favorite number, and it’s part of the game’s name.

Setting records in Europe

It’s always interesting to see how many stars fare on foreign ground and if the love is still as much as if it were in their home base. When it comes to Beyoncé, everyone must feel at home with the reception she always receives.

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Even in unlikely countries like Sweden, she’s still being honored with sold-out crowds and cheering fans. In 2023, she became the first female act to sell out two shows on just one tour at the Friends Arena in Stockholm for her “Renaissance World Tour.”

Her favourite indulgence is an Italian dish

Even those dedicated to strict diets occasionally indulge in their favorite guilty pleasures. Beyoncé, too, succumbs to this temptation with a widely beloved and well-known comfort food that brings joy and satisfaction despite dietary restrictions. It’s a reminder that even superstars have cherished culinary indulgence moments.

It turns out that Beyoncé’s favorite indulgence is a piping hot slice of pizza. In interviews, she mentioned that Sundays are her days to enjoy whatever she craves, and pizza frequently makes the cut. Beyoncé’s relatable love for this classic comfort food resonates with many pizza enthusiasts.

Bodyguard has broken her toe

Some stars have had to endure quite a lot of crazy stuff in their careers, especially Beyonce. From her extreme dieting for Coachella to running while singing to help train her on vocal stamina, it’s impressive how much she’s had to do for what she loves.

Instagram via beyonce

Beyoncé has faced some challenges because of her fame. On one shopping trip, her bodyguard accidentally stepped on her foot while trying to protect her from fans, resulting in a broken toe. Despite the pain, she handled it gracefully, showing her resilience in the face of such mishaps.

Revealed first pregnancy during performance

If anyone knows Beyoncé, they know she likes to keep most matters about her personal life and affairs… well private. That’s why her fans go wild whenever she gives them a sneak peek into the things happening in her life.


When Beyoncé revealed she was pregnant with her first child during the MTV Music Awards 2011, the internet could not get enough. She did an iconic stomach rub after her performance that sent the crowd roaring and is still the most memorable moment of the night.

Is a pro at improv

Despite how hard anyone tries to practice and prepare for a special event so everything goes as planned, there are still chances to have one or two hiccups along the way. It all depends on how well we can handle those challenges.

Instagram via beyonce

Beyoncé spent months preparing for her Coachella performance, but a minor hiccup occurred that night. While performing with her sister Solange, they had a momentary fall on stage. In a remarkable display of professionalism, they laughed it off, kicked their legs in the air, and continued, turning an unexpected moment into part of the iconic performance.

Suffered a miscarriage

For a happy, expectant mother, the worst thing that could happen to her is if something terrible happened to her baby. All the joy turns to sorrow, and what could have been a happy occasion would turn into something depressing.

Instagra via beyonce

That’s the story of many pregnant women who suffered miscarriages just like Beyoncé did. She spoke publicly about it, revealing that it had occurred before she again got pregnant with Blue Ivy and that it was the saddest thing ever happening to her.

One of highest grossing tours of all time

Every time people think that Beyoncé has fallen off, she proves to them that she’s just getting started. Decades upon decades deep into the business, this Queen is still breaking records and shutting down haters who think she’s fading away.

Instagram via beyonce

In 2023, Beyoncé embarked on the tour for her seventh studio album, “Renaissance,” and stats from part of the tour have already put her in one of the top spots for one of the highest-grossing tours of all time with each show bringing home more than ten million bucks.

Has got an unlikely allergy

Regardless of how tough some of us might appear to be, we still fall ill and get irritated from our allergies. Whether it’s dust, pollen, nuts, or a particular condiment in food, there’s just that one thing that doesn’t sit right with us and our bodies.

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For Beyoncé, that is perfume. This might sound a bit wild and even be a shock, seeing that she has a line of fragrances herself, but it is true. Most of what she wears has to be chemically altered so they don’t irritate her.

Spotify record

ow that almost everything in the world is digital, a musician’s popularity is no longer measured with CD sales, oh no. Today, it’s measured by how much engagement you get on social media and streaming services like YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify.

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The latter of the three released information sometime in 2018, revealing that Beyoncé is the first female artist to have three albums surpass a billion streams on the platform. Just another first added to her long list, it must have been.