Smart Giving: Unwrapping The Year’s Top Practical Presents

By Navkiran K December 13, 2023

Ah, the sweet scent of a new year! Ready to spice up your collection of old stuff? Hold onto your excitement because we’ve got the top 45 gifts that are not just eye candy but also practical wizards. Whether it’s your pal, colleague, family member, or the love of your life, we’ve got you covered.

Sure, everyone loves gifts, but let’s be honest—usefulness and thoughtfulness beat a generic market find any day. No more “Oh, thanks, I guess” moments! Say hello to gifts that will have them singing your praises.

Get ready for a gift revolution! Dive into this list, and let’s celebrate the new year in a way that says, “I care about you, and here’s something awesome to prove it!” Why settle for the ordinary when you can gift the extraordinary?

1. Leather tote bag

You may look at this gorgeous tote bag if you are looking for a practical gift for someone close to you. It is big, roomy, aesthetically pleasing, and durable. If your friend works at an office or goes to college, this may become her first choice, regardless of the outfit they choose.

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Even if you want something for your mother, you can consider this fantastic bag as it will easily carry her phone, makeup products, favorite book, and even the groceries while she still stays in her style. This leather bag will last years and look perfect if you use it with care.

2. Facial applicator brush

If you love self-care and are always looking for a good product, this facial applicator brush will improve your self-care Sundays. This can also become a great gift if you have a friend who is also into self-care. If you use them right, they save you a lot of time.

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This product has two of them, meaning you can keep one for yourself and give one to your friend or your sister. Run them under hot water for a few seconds and wipe the residue with a towel if you want to clean them, and they will be as good as new.

3. Bathtub caddy

If you have a friend who works very hard and hardly rests on some days, you can give them this gift to express your care for them. This bathtub caddy has all that you need in a gift. It easily fits a large bathtub or even a smaller one.

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The best thing is that you also get a free soap holder and a natural bamboo color that goes with the aesthetics of your bathroom. Now, you can easily get the premium spa experience you have been longing for and that your friends deserve. You can put your candles, towel, phone, and laptop.

4. Claw clips

The quest for a perfect claw clip—like searching for a mythical creature! Many look good but crumble under pressure, trapping you in a loop of disappointment. Fear not! Behold these sturdy heroes—claw clips of legend! Not just pretty faces, they wrangle even the wildest manes. Bid farewell to the endless loop; it’s claw clip nirvana!

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If you were looking for a gift idea for a friend, these clips can also be a good gift idea. With all these different colors, you can easily wear them on other occasions and day-to-day errands. These clips are designed for all-day usage, so you can easily trust them in events and functions.

5. Instant pot

If your best friend’s birthday is near and they love to cook, this may be the nicest gift you can give them. This instant pot’s seven-in-one feature makes it worthy of a birthday gift. It can keep your food warm for a long time.

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Traditional pressure cooker, meet the kitchen superstar—the instant pot! Say farewell to your old cooker; it’s about to collect some dust. From eggs to ribs, and yes, cheesecake, too! All those one-pot wonders you’ve been eyeing? Time to shine! The dinner table’s not ready; it’s ready and set for a culinary symphony!

6. Soft knit socks

Getting some pairs of socks is always a good idea, whether you are getting ready for the upcoming fall or winter. Socks are not just a piece of cloth; they can add more beauty to your whole outfit and keep you warm at the same time if you buy different colored socks.

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These socks come in 9 different colors, and they are soft knit. They keep you warm and change colors to match your outfit or even make an outfit for your socks. They come in beautiful colors like yellow, white, green, black, red, and many more, and they are easy to wash.

7. Gold eye treatment masks

If you like to binge-watch Netflix series in one go, you may be looking for ways to reduce your dark circles. As you keep on watching your favorite shows at night, you are greeted by sleepiness and puffy eyes when you close the T.V. screen. To avoid such problems, you can try treatment masks.

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These gold eye treatment masks change everything once you use them. They give you a mini spa-like experience at home and help your eyes feel better. You have to give it half an hour to see the results; they work like magic. This hydrating product can help your friends as well.

8. Faux shearling moto jacket

If you have a female friend who likes to ride bikes and feel the breeze, now is the best time to gift her a shearling moto jacket. As winter is around the corner, looking for a gift for your friend is the gesture they deserve, and this jacket is perfect for that purpose. 

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It will ensure your friend stays warm and protected from the cold winter winds. If you are looking for something for yourself, then you can give it to yourself as well. Now, you can go out in style even if it is snowing as this jacket is warm.

9. Heated razor

If you have a friend who always goes for those extra fancy things in their wardrobe, consider giving them this heated razor. You will find many razors in the market that promise no cuts, comfort, four blades, and whatnot. But this heated razor adds so much comfort when you shave.

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This blade comes with its charging station and connects wirelessly, and you can even adjust the heat levels to have the right comfort level. Whether you use it in the sink or during the shower, the razor will be with you as it is waterproof and has a sleek handle for easy use.

10. Modern geometric trays

Whether your friend likes minimalism or is a fan of hoarding kitchen supplies, you can consider this fun and functional gift for them. If their birthday is near, then this may be all you need to impress them and give them the gift of the year. This gift is perfect for special occasions and gatherings.

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You can gift them a set of geometric trays to help them level up their house aesthetics. The true beauty of these gifts shows when you place a cup on these majestic trays; the squared-off designs match the circular cups at home, and the color palette of the tray matches the house’s interior.

11. Mini waffle maker

Eating waffles is on everyone’s to-do list now and then, but it is also suitable as an everyday breakfast idea. If you were also thinking about getting a waffle maker, you may only get the big ones, which are inconvenient to use and may affect your buying decisions.

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Eating waffles is on everyone’s to-do list now and then, but it is also suitable as an everyday breakfast idea. If you were also thinking about getting a waffle maker, you may only get the big ones, which are inconvenient to use and may affect your buying decisions.

12. Fifth-gen Echo Dot

You can gift them a set of geometric trays to help them level up their house aesthetics. The true beauty of these gifts shows when you place a cup on these majestic trays; the squared-off designs match the circular cups at home, and the color palette of the tray matches the house’s interior.

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You can gift them a set of geometric trays to help them level up their house aesthetics. The true beauty of these gifts shows when you place a cup on these majestic trays; the squared-off designs match the circular cups at home, and the color palette of the tray matches the house’s interior.

13. Toucan pitcher

If you were looking for something adorable that could store your water, milk, and juice, this toucan pitcher will be perfect for you. Its handy design and ability to hold 2 liters at once are immaculate. It comes in two beautiful colors, yellow and turquoise. 

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Cleaning this pitcher is easy, and it is dishwasher-safe as well. This product is BPA-free and uses food-grade material, and it also comes with a unique patented design, which means you will not find many of these at every other home. Easily put iced tea, juice, and water in it.

14. Laptop cooling pad

Laptops are handy and great for getting your work done, but they heat up a lot over time and slow down. If you are also going through the same pain of having a slow laptop, or if you have a friend in the same situation.

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When you keep your laptop on the couch or the bed, it starts to heat a lot, and this pad will help you avoid that; it also has fans that ensure optimal airflow. Your friend will be able to work for longer hours without getting frustrated about the slow laptop.

15. A Bluetooth speaker

A speaker is something that everyone needs, but they may not know it yet. Being able to play loud and clear music in your room or during a trip introduces a pleasant feeling in the friend circle, and a good speaker changes everything. This Marshall Bluetooth speaker is a gift idea no one will hate.

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You can give this to a friend with good taste in music, so when you go on trips with your friends, your ears don’t hurt from random bad songs. You can even give this speaker as a gift to yourself as it is sturdy, portable, and produces good-quality sound.

16. Twist ties

You may have a friend who likes organizing things. If their birthday is near, consider gifting them this convenient organizer. These twist ties are cords that can do great organizing and are also reusable. You can use them to tie and organize your earphones and chargers and seal your nachos packet.

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If you are in for fun, you can even make glasses for your dog out of this. Once your friend gets a hold of this gift, they will be inseparable. They are sturdy and waterproof, ensuring the longevity of the product. The sizes range from 3-inch gear ties to 18-inch gear ties. 

17. Food tracker

This is a gift that all cat owners can get, and they will be happy and relieved simultaneously. If you know a friend who has a pet cat, then you know how beneficial it can be to have a schedule and a systematic order to track their cat food.

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You can take this hectic task away from them by gifting them this adorable cat food tracker that can be easily mounted on the walls and can be tracked for the whole week. The plus point is that now other family members can also know whether the cat has been fed or not.

18. Toothpaste holder

Ever wrestled with your toothpaste like it’s a heavyweight champion? Enter the toothpaste holder—the unsung hero of dental battles! No more squeezing wars; pop it in, stand back, and marvel at the tube-taming magic. It’s not just a holder; it’s the sturdy savior making your morning routine a paste-squeezing breeze!

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Got a friend racing against time? Gift them the superhero of toothpaste struggles—the time-saving holder! No more battling for that elusive paste. For little ones, it’s a milestone toward toothy independence. It’s not just a holder; it’s a minute-saver and kiddo empowerment device rolled into one. Brush on, champions!

19. Nespresso Vertuo Next

When looking for good gifting options for a close friend or relative, you can’t go for low quality. If you consider them valuable and irreplaceable in your life, you may consider getting them a Nespresso virtual next as a token of appreciation. Now they’ll get their coffee at home.

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Join the coffee club and gift yourself the ultimate brew buddy! With this magical machine, you’ll be sipping cappuccinos and espressos galore, all from the cozy confines of home. It’s a silent coffee symphony accompanied by bonus gifts. It’s not just a machine; it’s your personal barista with a side of surprises!

20. V-neck ribbed sweater

The v-neck sweater is perfect as a birthday gift to your beloved female friends who you care for. The sweater provides warmth even in the cold days of the winter season. The soothing colors of the sweater also help your friends stay in their style. 

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Their quality is so good that your friends will cherish this gift for ages. Birthday gifts are given with love and warmth, and if your friend’s birthday is around winter, then you can ensure she stays warm wearing this beautiful sweater. You can also consider giving this adorable sweater to your mother on her birthday.

21. Drain protector

One of the best things you can do at home is install a drain protector at your drains. They collect all the dirt and hair that fall into the drain, preventing it from clogging and avoiding costly problems. This little tool helps you catch all types of residue.

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When drains malfunction, it is mostly because of the slow buildup of residue that keeps collecting itself in the drain, and then, before you know it, heavy bills start coming from your plumbers. You can easily avoid these troubles by simply getting a drain protector.

22. Milk frother

A milk frother can help you make the coffee of your dreams right at home without putting extra effort into the process. If you have a friend who is always thirsty for coffee, you can give them this convenient tool as a gift and help them decrease their visits to expensive cafes.

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Now, you can be your barista and make your morning coffee with a sandwich in minutes. When you turn this frother on and put it under your coffee mug, you will see the magic happen as you wait for your coffee. It can easily make a good coffee and offers a good battery life.

23. Water bottle

Hydration, the survival dance! Enter the superhero water bottle—a hydration sherpa with level indicators for your daily sipping quest. It’s not just a bottle; it’s an H2O sidekick, ensuring you stay alive, thrive, and conquer thirst. Gift it to a friend: what says “I care” better than the gift of survival?

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This adorable water bottle can keep you hydrated and match your outfits simultaneously. The calming color palette of this water bottle can complement any outfit your friend has if you are thinking about giving this as a gift. Your friend will have glowing skin after you give them this gift.

24. Body exfoliator

You may know a friend who is all into skincare and personal hygiene; they may have taught you about the subject, and you may want to express your gratitude towards them. A gift can help you convey those feelings better, and this can be the perfect gift for his occasion.

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This body scrub can help your friend take better care of their skin as its long length helps reach areas where a hand typically can’t. This is the ideal body scrubber that your friend has been searching for. The scrubs are hygienic, dry quickly, and come in 3 different qualities: soft, medium, and hard.

25. Mini fabric steamer

For the globetrotting fashionista, behold the superhero of wrinkle wars! This travel-sized wrinkle remover is like magic for your garments. Fast, effective, and portable—making your outfits jet-set-ready in a flash. It’s not just a remover; it’s a travel essential for fashion emergencies. Because who says wrinkles get to have all the fun?

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This is a good purchase, even if you are considering getting it yourself. It is gentle on every fabric, so you don’t have to worry about ruining your favorite shirts and dresses. Removing wrinkles is therapeutic, and you may fall in love with it.

26. Piping kit

If you have a baker at home or one of your friends who loves to experiment with dough, then you can consider this as a gift to them. This kit has a color swirl that bakers love as it adds a pop of color to the goodies. It amplifies the experience that a cupcake carries.

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It is also straightforward to use and does not take up much space; you can easily take it out anytime and use it to decorate your cupcakes. If you are considering getting a piping kit to kickstart your baking journey, this cost-friendly tool will help you get closer to your baking dreams.

27. Air fryer

You can get the 6-quart Vortex air fryer for your family or friends this New Year. Its ability to create crispy yet moist dishes without much oil makes it an ideal fit. It heats quickly, has good space capacity, and is easy to clean. You can make tastier vegetables and restaurant-quality chicken.

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It appears to be a boon for picky eaters and those seeking healthier yet flavorful options. Plus, the promise of achieving such results without excessive oil is quite impressive! As for the shipping options, it’s great to know that Amazon Prime offers two-day shipping, making it convenient for last-minute holiday shopping.

28. Breakfast sandwich maker

Give your friend a simple breakfast sandwich maker to handle all the early morning labor. Making breakfast before going to the office will now be simple. It’s tempting to make inventive combos like waffles with eggs, avocado, cheddar, and ham or waffles with eggs by using frozen waffles as bread.

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Amazingly, you can make sandwiches on par with Egg McMuffins in less than five minutes! One major benefit is that the parts are dishwasher-safe, making cleanup simple. When a kitchen gadget works well and simplifies cleanup, it is always a relief.

29. Trtl neck pillow

Say goodbye to the nod-and-strain game with the Trtl neck pillow! It’s got fleece support and an ergonomic design—your travel comfort dream team. Bonus: it’s washing machine-friendly, so your travel buddy stays fresh. It’s not just a pillow; it’s the MVP against in-flight nods and the neck strain brigade. Sleep tight, jet-setters!

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The adjustability aspect is a plus, allowing for a customized fit to ensure comfort during those crucial naps on long flights. The lightweight nature of the pillow and the ideal warmth of the fleece have contributed to a more relaxing and comfortable sleep experience on the plane.

30. Slip-on shoe

If you’re looking for versatile, comfy, and environmentally responsible footwear, these Thousand Fell slip-ons seem like a fantastic choice. The supple insole, made from repurposed yoga mats, is a standout component that exudes a Cloud Nine feeling with each step.

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The ability to send them back to the company for recycling and receive a discount on the next purchase encourages responsible disposal and contributes to a circular economy. You can be free of the odor problem due to the breathable nature of this slip-on shoe.

31. Non-stick pan

Behold the kitchen wizard—the Always Pan! It’s not just cookware; it’s an 8-in-1 multitool, a kitchen superhero mastering the art of frying, braising, serving, and storage. With a style that shouts, “I belong here,” it’s the elegant powerhouse your kitchen never knew it needed. Culinary feats commence!

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One excellent benefit of the nonstick surface is that it allows you to regulate how much oil you need. Users may find the ideal match for their kitchen’s style and culinary requirements more efficiently, thanks to the variety of colors and sizes offered.

32. Book embosser

For friends who value their literary treasures and love books, the book embosser is the ideal present. It’s a kind and tasteful method to ensure that books that are checked out—especially those classic Jane Austen novels—find their way back home! It is clear how well-made and useful the embosser is.

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For those looking to get their bookworm friends a unique, personalized gift, this is a speedy and straightforward buy, especially considering the order’s 24-hour processing time and 3- to 6-day projected delivery. Available in 10 personalized styles, it is a charming and practical present.

33. Canvas cup holder

The portable canvas cup holder from VIS Paradise Goods sounds like a fantastic accessory for anyone who loves iced coffee and needs to multitask while on the move. It’s a practical solution for keeping hands warm while enjoying a drink and a functional addition for those constantly on the go.

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Sip, don’t slip! The straw holder in this cup is a VIP section for straws, a thoughtful haven for those who like to take things slow. It’s not just a cup; it’s a color palette of personalization and a nod to eco-coolness. Your drink, your style, and a sip-worthy eco-conscious experience!

34. Theragun Mini

The Theragun Mini is a game-changer for anyone with sore muscles post-workout. The compact size of the Theragun Mini makes it portable and convenient for targeted relief on specific muscle groups. It works magically on your sore muscles, and you will feel great the next day.

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Thanks to Prime, hop on the muscle relief express with Amazon’s speedy delivery magic! This nifty gadget comes in four shades, making it a stylish sidekick for fitness buffs and workout warriors. It’s not just a tool; it’s the muscle whisperer, turning post-workout woes into a colorful relief journey. Amazon, here we come!

35. Champagne stopper

The leakproof champagne stopper sounds like a fantastic addition to any brunch enthusiast’s collection. It’s not just a stopper but a handy tool for extending the life of those delightful fizzy bubbles, allowing for a weekend of leisurely enjoyment without worrying about the champagne losing its effervescence.

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The ease of use and effectiveness in preserving the bubbles are appealing. Equipped with a date tracker, this stopper adds an element of convenience, ensuring you always know how long the bottle has been stored in the fridge. This attribute helps in maintaining the quality and freshness of the beverage.

36. Ceramic mug

If your friend is a coffee lover and likes to have those fancy cup collections, then a ceramic mug is a must to give. Its functionality and aesthetic appeal blend make it a standout option for those rushing through mornings.

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The comfortable grip due to the rubber lining and the cozy feel while holding it, thanks to the combination of ceramic and silicone, seems to enhance the drinking experience. The ability to place it silently on a desk due to the bottom rubber cover adds an element of convenience.

37. Oversized blanket

The machine-washable, oversized blanket from Muslin Comfort sounds like a dream for anyone looking to revamp their bedding for a more comfortable and versatile sleep experience. It’s excellent to hear that it caters to both hot and cold sleepers, offering a solution that’s breathable and lightweight to prevent uncomfortable night sweats.

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Meet the blanket magician—it plays the temperature game like a pro, ensuring night-long comfort. With 16 colors and four sizes, it’s not just a blanket; it’s a cozy, breathable, and size-for-everyone snuggle buddy. A worthy investment for the seekers of bedtime bliss. Sleep tight, comfort enthusiasts!

38. The Wand

The Wand from PureWine is a game-changer for wine fans who want to enjoy their favorite beverage without experiencing unwanted side effects like headaches or allergic reactions. The ease of use, simply swirling the wand in the wine for 20 seconds, makes it a convenient solution.

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It is a three-pack product and is available in five sizes. This product is a worthwhile investment for wine enthusiasts wanting to enjoy their favorite drink without the morning-after discomfort. Reduce wine-related discomfort without altering the taste of their drink significantly.

39. Mike’s hot honey

Mike’s Hot Honey is a delicious complement to any cook’s supply. It is the perfect ratio of spice and sweetness to improve a wide range of foods. It has an enticing flavor profile thanks to the marriage of hot sauce and honey.

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Its ability to be used on various dishes, such as pizza, wings, and tacos, enhances its allure and encourages inventive cooking. Mike’s hot honey is a tasty and adaptable condiment that provides a mouthwatering blend of sweet and spicy flavors. It comes in packs of two and four.

40. Makeup organizer

Anyone who is a makeup artist needs a makeup organizer capable of accommodating various shapes and sizes of products. This makeup organizer can include creams, serums, and makeup items from subscriptions, making it an attractive option for those with diverse collections.

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It is available in two sizes and nine colors; this makeup organizer is a worthwhile investment for those seeking a tidy and stylish storage solution for their beauty products. Its ability to keep products organized and easily accessible while maintaining a clean countertop seems like a winning combination.

41. Cooling rack

The Wilton cooling rack with three collapsible tiers is a fantastic addition to any baker’s toolkit. Its ability to accommodate three dozen cookies at once and its versatile use beyond baking make it a highly practical and versatile kitchen tool.

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From acting as temporary dish-drying racks to being ideal for drying out waffles or pancakes, it proves to be a handy item for various kitchen tasks. Its lightweight design seems perfect for drying plastic and melamine items without compromising their structure.

42. Silicone ice molds

The jumbo silicone ice molds you’ve mentioned sound like a fantastic addition to any home bar, offering style and functionality to elevate homemade beverages. Their ability to produce large, slow-melting ice cubes adds a touch of sophistication to drinks while preventing the dreaded watering down of spirits.

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It’s a convenient and affordable purchase for anyone seeking to upgrade their drink game or looking for a thoughtful gift for cocktail aficionados. It is available in three colors; these jumbo silicone ice molds seem like a smart investment for amateur bartenders aiming to impress with stylish, slow-melting ice cubes that elevate the drinking experience.

43. Popcorn maker

A great present for movie night lovers is the silicone popcorn maker. It provides an appropriate and delicious approach to savoring handmade popcorn. Its dual use as a serving bowl and popcorn popper demonstrates its practicality and ease of use.

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Its folding design makes it more appealing, particularly to people with small kitchen spaces, as it saves room and is simple to store when not in use. This silicone popcorn machine, which comes in 20 colors, seems useful and entertaining to any house.

44. Eye shadow base

This reliable eyeshadow primer keeps makeup intact for hours. Its performance in controlling oily lids and extending eyeshadow wear time highlights its effectiveness, especially for those with oily skin. The primer’s paraben-free and lightweight formula. It is infused with pearl powder to enhance shadow vibrancy.

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It has sebum-controlling powder to prevent oily lids, which sounds promising for maintaining vibrant and long-lasting eye makeup. This eye shadow base is a worthwhile investment for makeup enthusiasts to enhance their eyeshadow’s color vibrancy, prevent creasing, and ensure long-lasting daily wear.

45. Mascara

This mascara is an excellent option for anyone looking for volume and length without the clumps or high cost. Its astounding performance compared to a more expensive brand demonstrates its surprisingly great efficacy and low cost. Customers seem thrilled by this mascara’s ability to make lashes fuller.

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For those looking for voluminous and longer lashes without breaking the bank, the Essence Lash Princess Mascara is a great option because of its reasonable price and great performance. Its affordable price and favorable reviews make it a strong choice for makeup fans.