Online Shopping Blunders: When Dreams Become Disappointments

By Aileen D

The joys of online shopping! There’s nothing quite like the thrill of clicking “buy now” and eagerly awaiting your package to arrive at your doorstep. But as we all know, sometimes what shows up in the mail looks nothing like what we saw in the advertisement.

You’d be shocked to discover that these folks had been sent counterfeit items, sold at the original price. Ouch! They took to Twitter or Reddit to share that they were sorely disappointed by the difference in style and material between the advertised product and what they got in reality.

You might have been a victim of these failed online purchases, too. But instead of being let down, how about sending us a picture of the item you bought, too? Maybe we can all get a laugh out of it.


This woman saw this dress and fell in love at first sight. Excitedly, she waited for the dress to arrive. When she received it, she quickly opened the package and felt her heart sink. Why would she want to buy a potato sack?

Image courtesy of NTShaby94 / Twitter

She tried it on, hoping for a miracle, but it was even worse. It was like the dress had a personal vendetta against her. The color was off, the design was crooked, and let’s not even speak about the pockets. She could have sewn herself a better dress.

Gingerbread Nightmares

This Redditor always had a fascination for Edvard Munch’s paintings. He came across this parody of The Scream with The Gingerbread Man in it. He knew he had to sport these kicks, so he hurriedly placed an order and paid for the merch.

Image courtesy of rosevillestucco / Reddit

He did a mini-scream himself after opening the box to find that these kicks looked nothing like what he had been promised. For one, you couldn’t see the background in The Scream, and second, the Cookie Monster made an unexpected appearance. No wonder the Gingerbread man is so afraid.

Breaking Into Character

Breaking Bad was a hit TV show because of its lovable characters and somewhat relatable plot. Given his terminal disease, Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher who wanted to leave behind a fortune for his family, decided to make a change and delve into the criminal world.

Image courtesy of On-the-Clock / Reddit

This Redditor wanted to break bad like Walter White and bought this mask for himself online. It might have been too good because now he’s certain he can get hired as a high school chemistry teacher who loves cooking up illegal substances in his free time.

Around the Mane

This Redditor knows that you can accentuate all the right features with the right accessories. And what better way to bring attention to your eyes and brow than with a hat? He saw the perfect one that would go well with his suit and black-manicured nails.

Image courtesy of dogbreathphoto / Reddit

Lo and behold, this Redditor got a corset instead of getting a hat. He disgustedly picked up this purchase and put it around his waist. It might have been the only way to get this hat to prop itself up.


The Tradescantia Zebrina is a beautiful plant with vibrant purple and silver leaves. But it is a bit of a diva. Demanding constant attention and care, it will wilt at the slightest neglect. Might the long transit time have been the reason this one refused to thrive?

Image courtesy of stupididiot8989/ Reddit

This Redditor shriveled up after finding out that the plant inside the box was a fake. To think that even a plant could be a counterfeit item is just ridiculous! This person might have had better luck growing the plant himself instead of ordering one.

Easy to Discard

What better way to beat the heat than with a mini-bath? You only need enough water to soak your feet and lower legs. It is a refreshing way to cool off during the hot summer months and a great way to relax and unwind after a long day.

Image courtesy of printablewisdom1 / Reddit

This woman was really looking forward to making a splash with her darling dog, but after receiving this item, she wasn’t even sure if her pet would fit in it. One thing is for sure: it can be easily stored or discarded.

Forget Fur

This Redditor was disappointed. She had spent so long dreaming of the labyrinth-style doll that this felt like a cruel trick. But then she looked closer at the action figure and realized that there was something kind of hilarious about it.

Image courtesy of emperxr / Reddit

For one thing, the figure’s limbs were all stiff and immovable, so it couldn’t even navigate a labyrinth if it wanted to. And for another, it had a ridiculous facial expression that made it look like it was perpetually surprised by its own existence.

To be Fair

We would like to commiserate with everyone who has received counterfeit items, except for this guy. This guy was asking to be ridiculed when he ordered this top online. It’s better to go bare than to be seen in public wearing this.

Image courtesy of RupertGood / Twitter

Even if he had gotten himself a refund, he still wouldn’t be getting his money’s worth. Take it from us; you can never go wrong showing up at a party well-dressed and classy because it leaves everyone with much to imagine.

Nice Try

After hitting it big, this person decided to reward himself. He had always dreamed of owning a fancy, high-end watch. He had been saving up for months and finally decided to take the plunge and order a thousand-dollar watch online.

Image courtesy of remove you / Reddit

At first, he thought it must be some kind of mistake. He double-checked the shipping label, but everything seemed to be in order. Like a kid, he actually gave this seller the benefit of the doubt, hoping to see the good in people instead of admitting that he had been duped.


Pets are the new children. That is why this Redditor puts a prime on her canine’s growth as she would if she had a kid. She wanted to make sure that her furry friend was comfortable where the latter slept, so she bought the furball a new dog bed.

Image courtesy of Riinmi / Reddit

The bed looked more like a frumpy couch than a comfortable dog bed. The cushions were lumpy, the linen was wrinkled, and the bed was barely big enough for her dog to curl up on. Like a parent, she demanded a full refund and an apology!

A Little Credit Due

This customer knew that she deserved a new dress. She found one online that would be the ultimate showstopper. She thought it looked fabulous. However, when she tried it on, she realized that the dress was not flattering on her body at all.

Image courtesy of elsavanilla / Reddit

The dress clung to her in all the wrong places. The fabric was tight around her waist and hips and did nothing to accentuate her stunning figure. Instead of the dress tapering down to mid-calf, it boxed her right in!

Comes with Salmonella

Too lazy to go to the groceries, this person tried her hand at ordering produce using InstaCart. She carefully selected all the items she needed, including a package of chicken breasts. The package looked good on the website, with plump, juicy-looking chicken breasts that promised to be delicious.

Image courtesy of Technical_Pause8769 / Reddit

She might have been one of the first few customers to place their order because InstaCart was giving out freebies. Buy one pack of chicken breasts, and you get Salmonella for free! Limited stocks are available. Half-price off for your next purchase!

A Dose of Reality

This person was browsing an online store when they came across a cute and cuddly-looking plushie toy. It was a piggie toy with soft pink fur, floppy ears, and a little curly tail. At that very moment, she knew she had to have one on her bed.

Image courtesy of Grommulox / Reddit

Upon arrival, the plushie looked like an actual pig. The fur was coarse and bristly, the ears were too big and floppy, and the tail was a tangled mess of curly hair. We would give this seller a 5/5 for exceeding expectations!


There was a fashion designer who had a vendetta against women. Whatever the reason, the designer decided to take out their frustration on the world by creating the ugliest boots imaginable. These boots were so unflattering; they made even the most beautiful woman look like a troll.

Image courtesy of @Anele / Twitter

The boots had clashing patterns and textures that made your eyes hurt just by looking at them. Adding insult to injury, he made sure to design an ill-fitting pair so they could sag around the ankles. These boots are simply tragic.

Still a Suit

This man wanted to look regal as it was befitting the occasion. He had found a decent suit online and informed the seller of his body measurements. He thought everything would go according to plan until he received the set.

Image courtesy of EzzieValentine / Reddit

As you might have guessed, this person was angry and frustrated. After all, it was neither in the shade nor the style that it was intended. But at least the suit was still befitting royalty. He’ll just have to give it to some queen.

Better Option

This Redditor was in desperate need of a new coat. It was the dead of winter, and he had been shivering in his old coat for weeks. So he browsed for one online and then chose express delivery to receive the package within the week.

Image courtesy of_artbreaker/ Reddit

Instead of sending him a lightweight coat, they sent him a heavy leather coat. It looked like he had murdered a couple of sheep (or gators) to finish the item. This Redditor had to seriously reconsider if he would ask for a refund.

Must Order Many

This person wanted to redo the matting in her house. She had carefully selected one that she knew would be perfect for rubbing her feet in. She was surprised to see the mat arrive at her front door in only a single plastic bag.

Image courtesy of Shanzaf / Reddit

She stared at the tiny floor mat, trying to make sense of the situation. How could a mat that was advertised as being a perfect size be so small? It was like she had ordered a mat for a dollhouse instead of a real house.

Dashed Hopes

This person was set on owning a couture bag. She could just imagine being the envy of everyone at the office. But little did she know that she would end up as the butt of the joke, all thanks to this seller who wanted to make an easy profit.

Image courtesy of princessLopie / Reddit

Had she spent all that money on a knockoff bag? But as she looked closer, she realized that the bag was actually a genuine couture piece – it just looked like it had been through the wringer. Maybe putting some items inside this bag might help.

By Default

On a hunt for a new watch, this guy searched high and low for the perfect timepiece. He stumbled upon an eBay listing, and boy, oh boy, he thought it was worth the deal. He found himself a new girlfriend.

Image courtesy of thefringeseanmachine / Reddit

It’s just that Stacey doesn’t know of his existence. He had bought himself a timepiece that was given to someone else. It was too important for the seller to throw away but too painful for him to keep. So the seller put up a listing on eBay.

Undoing Spell

This witch needed her daily dose of caffeine. She had to find a new pot to brew in because the last one broke. Too much hexin’. She ordered one, and now she has to rummage through her spell book to undo this glaring error.

Image courtesy of dcarey20 / Reddit

Witches aren’t easily horrified, but try as she could to convince herself that this was unimportant, she couldn’t. Every time she looked at this, she cringed. It was worse than hearing a bat screech in an enclosed room all day.


Do you want to make mozzarella cheese sticks? It’s pretty tedious, so this man decided to order some online. He nearly choked as he retrieved these items from the bag. He was too shocked to even turn the stove on.

Image courtesy fo Pikeur603 / Reddit

Imagine ordering a juicy steak, and instead of receiving a beautifully plated dish, you get a cow, a butcher knife, and a grill. Or ordering sushi and receiving a live fish, a bamboo mat, and a soy sauce packet. How has this restaurant not gone out of business?

Best for Elves

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except for a Redditor who clicked his mouse. He was surfing the web, looking for something to buy, When he stumbled upon a rainbow tree that caught his eye.

Image courtesy of suzanne_young / Reddit

When Santa arrived at the workshop, he was surprised to see a rainbow-colored tree that looked like a candy tree. He chuckled and said, “My dear elf, what have you done? This tree looks like it belongs in a circus, not a workshop of fun.”

More Than She Bargained

Sparky was a cute little Chihuahua, but he had a bit of a problem. You see, Sparky was given a bone by his owner, but the bone was almost three times his size! Sparky wouldn’t even so much as look at the thing.

Image courtesy of BuddyBonButt / Reddit

From that day forward, Sparky’s owner made sure to check the size of the dog bones he was buying online so Sparky could enjoy them without any problems. Sparky busily licked at the treats, enjoying his bones without fear of being crushed by their size.

A Laughingstock

Seinfeld is a timeless sitcom that follows the misadventures of a group of friends living in New York City. Created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, the iconic show is known for its witty humor, quirky characters, and relatable storylines.

Image courtesy of Jameskii / Reddit

To be fair, the tv show revolved around the stories of these four friends – Jerry, Jason, Julia, and Michael. So, this shirt is kind of correct. However, they have clearly mistaken the cast of Seinfeld for the cast of Friends. Whoops.

At Least It’s Fire-Roasted

This group of friends decided to order some street corn to enjoy during their backyard barbecue. They eagerly awaited the arrival of their food, imagining the sweet, savory, and spicy flavors of perfectly prepared snacks. They had to wipe at the drool they made on the floor as they got the delivery.

Image courtesy of mornon / Reddit

The street corn they had ordered turned out to be nothing more than roasted corn straight off the grill! It was a rude joke. What were they supposed to do with this? It almost looked like other people’s food scraps.


This Redditor ordered a beautiful dress from an online store based in Nigeria. She had seen the dress on the store’s website and fell in love with its bright colors. She knew she was taking a risk seeing that there hadn’t been any prior orders, and she later found out why.

Image courtesy of angelaonuora / Twitter

The dress was unflattering, to say the least. The bright colors clashed with each other, and the unique pattern made the outfit look like a slithering piece of modern art. She was lucky she wasn’t caught and scaled. She took it off before anyone had any funny ideas.

Still an Animal

Twitter user “Smiles” wasn’t smiling when she ripped open the package and wore this comical hoodie. It was supposed to look like a frog. After putting the hoodie on, it looked like she had grown a pair of hind legs.

Image courtesy of @gxldenbeans / Reddit

Reckon the manufacturer got a little mixed up. Sure, they’re both animals, and they use their hind legs for jumping, but one has got a slick body, whereas the other has got fur covering it. How could this seller mistake rabbits for frogs?

A Glitch in the System

This Redditor heard a knock at his door. It was the mailman, with a pile of packages so large that John couldn’t even see his front porch.”What is all this?” he asked as the mailman started to unload the boxes.

Image courtesy of NN96 / Reddit

“You tell me,” the mailman replied, “You seem to have ordered a lot of stuff from Amazon.” As it turns out, his orders came through. See, he had clicked the checkout button every time the Amazon site froze. This might be his most expensive mistake yet.

Can’t Defile Him

This Redditor was taken aback when she saw the bath mat she had ordered online. She picked a random design and let the seller pick one for her. She laid it on the bathroom floor but couldn’t bring herself to step on Jeff Goldblum.

Image courtesy of Nodifyou_underSTAND / Reddit

She just couldn’t. Jeff Goldblum is one of the most charismatic and beloved actors in Hollywood. How could she desecrate that beautifully sculpted body of his by wiping her wet feet? She needed to find a frame to hang this mat in.

Until College

Why hadn’t this mom thought of this sooner? This was a life-changing hack and one that would save her thousands of dollars until her kid reached 18 and moved out of the house. It all started when she ordered this hoodie online.

Image courtesy of the_drunken_taco / Reddit

Without any regret or shame, this mum still gave the gift to her kid. “Don’t worry. You’ll grow into it eventually. You could even use this until after you graduate from college!” Is that a parental life hack, or what?

Far from It

It’s time to hear the tale of the infamous Jack-o’-Lantern pizza that looked like it got its face smashed. The local pizza joint decided to get into the festive spirit by offering a special pumpkin-shaped pizza. The pizza was made with fresh tomato sauce and melted mozzarella cheese and topped with strategically placed pepperoni.

Image courtesy of Strict_Report_6353 / Reddit

But something went horribly wrong during the pizza’s baking process, and when it emerged from the oven, it looked like a flattened, crooked mess. The once-grinning pumpkin face was now a twisted, contorted mess that looked like it had been smashed by a giant fist.

Pizza Stump-er

The smell of bubbling cheese and tomato sauce fills the air, and hungry customers are eagerly waiting for their orders to arrive. But suddenly, the door bursts open, and in comes the delivery boy holding a box that glows with an otherworldly light. The customers stare in awe.

Image courtesy of alana269 / Reddit

The customers eagerly open the box, expecting to find a delicious pizza inside. But what they see leaves them completely stumped. It’s not a pizza at all. Suddenly, all that energy transforms into hate, and the next thing they know, their mouths spit out vehement words.


These folks found a cute shirt online and ordered two medium sizes of it. You bet they were excited to receive their new duds. They were more than surprised to see that they had been sent one shirt that was big enough to fit two people inside it!

Image courtesy of Rebound / Reddit

The shirt was so big that they could have used it as a tent on their next camping trip. They tried it on, but it was so oversized that they both felt like toddlers playing dress-up. It helped that the design was so hilarious.

Enough Protein

This Redditor was in a rush. She needed to pick up some green beans for dinner that night, but she didn’t have the time. So she quickly navigated to the online shop and asked the groceries to send her a pound of green beans.

Image courtesy of Brockaka / Reddit

After what felt like an eternity, the delivery boy arrived, holding a small paper bag. “Here you go,” he chirped, handing her the bag. Linda opened the bag and was confused to find only one green bean inside. One. Singular. Green bean.

Put On A Diet

It was a typical day for Sarah as she browsed online shopping sites for a new rice cooker. She stumbled upon one that looked like a good deal, and without giving much thought to it, she confidently placed her order.

Image courtesy of Oztravels / Reddit

Upon receiving the item, Sarah realized the gravity of her mistake. She had inadvertently put herself on a low-carb diet because of her small rice cooker. She couldn’t even make enough rice to share with her roommate! What a scam!


It was supposed to be a dream come true for Sarah. She had been eyeing a Kate Spade makeup kit for months and finally decided to splurge and treat herself to it. But everything had been a hellish nightmare as she removed the item from the oversized box.

Image courtesy of alaskanamber95 / Reddit

“I think I just got the most expensive makeup bag in the world,” Sarah informed a customer representative. The representative apologized and offered to send her the correct item. Of course, Sarah is lucky that this product mix-up was covered by warranty, or else…

That’s What Bears Do

This Redditor had always been an animal lover, and her cat, Fluffy, was no exception. She loved to dress up Fluffy in cute outfits, and when she stumbled upon an adorable bear hat for cats, she just had to have it.

Image courtesy of JJsNoodles / Reddit

The hat was designed to look cute on a cat, but instead, it almost looked like her cat was in a bear’s death grip. That didn’t stop this Redditor from taking a couple of pictures of her crushed feline before taking it off. Gotta get her money’s worth!

Comes in Handy

This Redditor was in for a rude awakening. Instead of receiving a backyard pool that he could prop up for the family, he had received this handy pool fit for a family of dolls. He’s way too old to be playing make-pretend.

Image courtesy of jacksrv / Reddit

Needless to say, this Redditor had been duped by the misleading advertisement. He was expecting to be able to float around the pool, but instead, he could barely fit his entire right arm inside the pool. What was he supposed to do with this – use it as a washbasin?

Fashion Flop

When Melissa saw the dress advertised online, she couldn’t believe her luck. It was the perfect shade of blue, had a flattering silhouette, and looked like it would be perfect for the upcoming wedding she was attending. She would look presentable without overshadowing the bride.

Image courtesy of 88outtatime / Reddit

Well, there was certainly no way she could overshadow the bride, let alone be let in the reception area with this faux pas. She fumed. It was too late now to bail on the wedding. What was she gonna say, that she had a bad case of food poisoning?


Try as he might, he couldn’t get his roommate’s cat to like him. He had tried everything – holding out a bouquet of catnip, offering it premium canned tuna, and even setting up his leg as a scratching post. Nothing worked.

Image coutesy of gingerthegreat / Reddit

He stumbled upon this catsuit and had it sent to his apartment. As he looked in the mirror, he realized he had made a mistake, becoming an unlikely hero in this multi-verse. The suit had hundreds of tiny cat faces printed over it. But at least his roommate’s cat finally approached him.

*Cue Barf

“You sure it isn’t made of styrofoam?” The bride looked at the receptionist and back at the cake. It was vastly different from the cake advertised, and she was certain that she would munch into spongy styrofoam instead of mush buttercream.

Image courtesy of ThrowRA-cookie-ad / Reddit

As soon as she took a bite, Martha’s face twisted in disgust. The cake was dry and tasteless. The small amount of cream couldn’t save it. She demanded that the organizer fix this problem as she turned on her heels and fled the room.


When this Redditor saw this product design on Etsy, he knew it would make a fantastic addition to his collection. He didn’t mind splurging on it so long as he would have a rare collectible decorating his shelf. After all, good things don’t come cheap.

Image courtesy of aNiceHeart / Reddit

But he received an unexpected horror from the mail. The product was poorly made and was a lackluster attempt to recreate the art piece. As the anger rolled through him, he could feel something in himself changing, as if he were morphing into the very villain he had wanted to put atop the shelf.

Keep ‘Em Rollin’

When Bob ordered the transparent glass dice online, he was expecting to receive dice that would be completely see-through. He had been planning on using them for his Dungeons and Dragons game, and he wanted them to look cool and futuristic.

Image courtesy of Sparkleskeleton / Reddit

But when the package arrived, he realized something was off. The dice weren’t see-through at all. In fact, they were made of a solid, opaque material that looked like rubber. Bob couldn’t believe it. This would definitely ruin the game night. If not, his sour mood would.


The Johnsons wanted to go all out for Christmas this year, so they decided to order a giant outdoor decoration for their backyard. They wanted something that would really impress their neighbors and make their house stand out from the rest.

Image courtesy of Sabrientje2 / Reddit

The Johnsons were disappointed as they unboxed the item and pulled out what seemed to be an inflatable. It barely stood up on its own. They were only able to prop it up as Mr. Johnson puffed all his anger into this Christmas flop.

Lacks a Wooden Handle

A man named Jack was looking to buy a bear mask for his upcoming costume party. He searched high and low for the perfect mask and finally found one online that he thought would be perfect. Or so he thought…

Image courtesy of poppigsteah / Reddit

To his shock, instead of a bear mask, he found a broom mask. Although there hadn’t been a wooden handle attached to it, it was made of bristles. You bet this Redditor left a scathing review on this seller’s page!

World’s Tiniest Scale

If this listicle has taught us anything, it’s that online shopping can be a massive resource for entertainment. Well, at least if you are not the unlucky victim of a botched order. For this poor customer, her day of reckoning came when she ordered scales.

Image courtesy of NnatMmac/Twitter

We don’t know if it was a problem on her side or if someone from the store decided to play a trick on her, but she ended up with this tiny scale. What did they expect her to measure with this? It looks like something that would only fit in the bathroom of a dollhouse!