35+ Unintentionally Amusing Ads That Make Us Want To Go Online Window Shopping More Often

By Amy M

Shopping online and purchasing affordable secondhand products, well, who could say no to that? There are often very good deals that you can find on different websites such as Facebook Marketplace and eBay, which are normally people’s number one go-to.

And if you search on a site for a pre-owned item, you might be walking away with more than a “slightly worn” pair of shoes or a giant teddy bear. You’ll happily log off with a big smile on your face. Why, you ask? Well, that would be due to all the wonderfully absurd advertisements that people create. There are really odd descriptions, bizarre choices of placement for the product, or the item itself that can be peculiar and frankly quite hilarious.

Have a look at this list, and you’ll see it for yourself. These adverts are so random and strange, you’ll love them.


“Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na…Batman!” Or should we say “Batma.” If they got the spelling wrong, can we really trust that the math is correct? It’s hard to tell the sizing from the photograph, but that action figure does not look three feet tall. You would only know the truth if you purchased it.

Image courtesy of Flora Cate/ Facebook

Pfft, why would someone want an action figure of the Dark Night? It is such a waste of space. We’re totally kidding; it’s really cool. If it actually is that size, five pounds is such a bargain. You can proudly display it in your living room, like in The Big Bang Theory.

Scary Vintage Dolls

Yikes, that doll has been through it. We truly hope that no one bought that because they’ll be haunted. Have we learned nothing from Annabelle? Take a close look at the bottom right photo and you can see skulls by the doll pram. Um, that’s horrifying.

Image courtesy of Emily Kate Smith/ Facebook

They mentioned their selling not one but two spine-chilling prams with dolls. We don’t even want to know what state those other scary dolls are in. If someone is brave enough to buy this, they must expect the lights to turn on and off by themselves. So good luck to them.

Good For Kids

Toilet paper costs almost as much as food nowadays. So if you come across cheap rolls, we say buy them. So what if they’re a little misshaped? We think these toilet paper rolls are A-Ok; it’s just peculiar that they said it’s “good for kids.” That’s oddly specific.

Image courtesy of Rob Tatton/ Facebook

Is it just us, or does the part where they said “Just the ends around an angle for details” not make any sense? Anyway, we doubt anyone will really be focusing on that when there’s a whole bag of cheap toilet paper rolls up for grabs.

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Someone wants twenty-five pounds for this bed, but we’re guessing no one is going to buy it knowing it’s been in that awful room. By the looks of things, you wouldn’t just be buying the bed but a couple of bed bugs as well.

Image courtesy of Sam Chappell/ Facebook

No wonder his poor son moved to his mom’s house. If someone purchased this, all we can say to them is we are very surprised, you must have gotten a very good deal, and goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.

Unique Jewelry Holder

Guess someone is a huge fan of the James Bond actor. Or we should say “was” because they’re selling it—probably because it started to creep them out. It would actually make for a great Halloween decoration. We do, however, have to applaud whoever made this, as it looks exactly like Daniel Craig.

Image courtesy of Colin Berrisford/ Facebook

A person could use this as a jewelry holder. You might think that’s not a great idea, but just hear us out. You can store your headbands on his head, hang your bangles from his ears and place your chokers on his neck. And voila, you’ve got yourself a really unique place to store your jewelry.

World’s Ugliest Lamp

And here we have the world’s ugliest lamp—according to a guy’s girlfriend. Guys must know that when they move in with a female, they forfeit all the décor decisions in the house. They mustn’t even think about buying a lamp, or else it will end up being sold like this one.

Image courtesy of Mike Heffernan/ Facebook

We actually don’t think this lamp is that bad, but to be fair, we can’t see if it matches the décor. We can see a bit of the couch in the photo, and we have to say she made the right choice selling it ‘cause the colors don’t complement each other.

Gazebo Struggles

Free gazebo, anyone? Just a warning: according to the seller, it’s a pain to put up and take down. You can tell how frustrated they are with this thing; it’s hilarious. At least they’re being honest and not charging anything for it.

Image courtesy of Jessica Rose/ Facebook

There might be someone willing to take this off their hands. But who knows, maybe they’ll get fed up with it and give it away as well. The chances of that happening are high after seeing what this person wrote about it. They only have pure hatred for it.

Rusty Council Chair

Every garden needs decent seating, preferably one that isn’t covered in rust, though. They said it needs a lick of paint, but we think it needs the whole bucket. What it really needed was something to protect it from rust, but it’s a bit too late for that.

Image courtesy of Kim Allibone/ Facebook

The easiest way to remove rust from metal furniture is by rinsing it with white vinegar with some salt and scrubbing it with steel wool. We’re not sure that would work here, though. Maybe it’s better to just buy a brand-new bench.

Photoshop Fail

Scammer alert! If this person wants to scam people, which they absolutely shouldn’t, they should at least learn how to use Photoshop properly. First off, that bike almost looks like an emoji, and secondly, it’s not even on the ground.

Image courtesy of Stuart Byrne/ Facebook

Wait a second. We think they actually copy-and-pasted the bike from Fortnite. They didn’t even put the effort into taking a picture of a real bike. At least no one will fall victim to this scam, hopefully, as it’s as clear as day that it’s fake.

Mmm Cornish Pasty

Mmm, Cornish pasty. Oh wait, weren’t we meant to be looking at a prom dress? Well, someone clearly inserted the wrong photo. At least they didn’t accidentally upload a selfie. Now that would be embarrassing. Anyway, who else is hungry now?

Image courtesy of Owen Dawson/ Facebook

The other slides probably include photos of the dress, but it’s so funny that the first pic is of food. People will probably see that, feel hungry and forget that they were searching for a dress. Oh well, it wouldn’t take much for them to remove it… but we kind of hope they don’t.

Crusty, Dusty, Musty, Rusty

This sun bed looks crusty, dusty, musty, and rusty. We don’t think anyone should be using that if it even still works. Everyone should steer clear of sun beds as they increase the risk of skin cancer. Think about it: you’re basically cooking yourself in there like a roast chicken.

Image courtesy of Ruby Tuesday Kemp/ Facebook

Most people are a sucker for free things… unless the free item is falling apart, like this tanning bed. We can see why they want to get rid of it but good luck to them. We doubt anyone would want to own this death trap.

Car Not Included

Giant brown bean bag for sale. Car not included. They probably took a photo of it like that to show people what they would be getting themselves into if the potential buyer plans to pick it up with a small car.

Image courtesy of Owen Dawson/ Facebook

This bean bag looks like it needs a whole moving van to transport it. Ok, we’re over-exaggerating. A pick-up truck would be able to carry that. If a person doesn’t have access to either one of those, they can try stuff it in their trunk or tie it to their roof.

Snorlax With Cat

Aww this is so adorable. Sadly it’s the giant Pokémon that they’re selling, not their cute cat. They probably left it there for scale. Either that, or it was comfortable, and they didn’t want to move it—which we completely understand.

Image courtesy of Flora Cate/ Facebook

This is going to be the bean bag situation all over again when it comes to transporting this scaled-down Snorlax. It probably won’t be as challenging to get in a car, but it doesn’t mean it will be easy to fit in a small vehicle. That plush can weigh up to forty pounds!

Cabin in the Woods

Oh, look, it’s a cabin in the woods. Hmm, that sounds really familiar. Isn’t that the title of a 2011 horror movie? This setting does look like something straight out of a scary film. We doubt anyone would have peace of mind there.

Image courtesy of Andy Hiley/ Facebook

The woods are often the most popular setting for scary movies. We don’t see how anyone can feel at ease in a place like this after watching all those films. Wouldn’t you rather stay in a five-star hotel where there’s room service and no masked people, like in Friday the 13th?

Seen Better Days

These shoes aren’t made for walkin’, and that’s just what they won’t do. That’s our version of Nancy Sinatra’s hit song “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’.” As you can see, these Dr. Martens, as they put it, “have seen better days.” These certainly look like they’re beyond repair.

Image courtesy of Ingrid Allen/ Facebook

At least you’ll know that these shoes have been broken in. You won’t be walking around in severe pain and coming home with blisters on your heels. Have you ever tried to walk a distance in brand new Dr. Martens? It’s worse than stepping on a Lego.

Unsolved Mystery

What has four legs and is in the middle of the road? If you guessed “an animal,” you’re wrong. Why exactly is that a bed there? We’ve got no idea. A bedroom would’ve been the appropriate setting to capture the photo, but maybe they thought this backdrop was really nice.

Image courtesy of Owen Dawson/ Facebook

We are curious to know if they removed it from a room, snapped a pic, and then lugged it all the way back. That doesn’t make any sense. Oh well, we guess this mystery will just remain unsolved. Dun, dun, duuun!

Romance Is Dead

Ah 14th of February, Valentine’s Day, the day of love. More like the day of sadness are we right? It’s not just singles that are miserable on Valentine’s Day but couples as well. It’s because people either didn’t get a gift or their significant other gave them this.

Image courtesy of Sarah London/ Facebook

Unless you love cleaning like Monica from Friends, this would be a terrible gift. Someone would be more likely to appreciate this if it was given to them as a housewarming present. But for V-day, absolutely not. C’mon, people need to be showered with roses and chocolates on that special day.

Unsanitary Therapy

“You know what sounds really great? Cold water therapy in a bin,” said no one ever. This is kind of gross, and it probably is not very sanitary. It also looks uncomfortable and quite difficult to climb in and out of.

Image courtesy of Kate Greene/ Facebook

All the sanitizer in the world wouldn’t be enough to make a garbage bin clean enough to bathe in. If a person wants to do cold water therapy at home and they don’t have a bath, we suggest they buy a kiddie pool instead of this.

Exclusive Muffin

Here we have another Valentine’s Day gift. Would you rather have the cleaning supply gift basket or these muffins? Honestly, we can’t decide which one is worse. This doesn’t look very edible, and that price isn’t appealing either. What is it made of? Gold?

Image courtesy of Julia Meehan/ Facebook

There are so many bakeries that make good quality, heart-shaped goodies on Valentine’s Day. People would likely be more inclined to buy a whole box of muffins that are actually baked properly for half the price. Plus, it sounds kind of dodgy to buy a muffin from a stranger on the internet.

Not So Eggcellent Tulips

When someone says edible bouquet, we instantly think of one made with chocolate or fruit. Never in a million years would we have thought someone would create tulips made with eggs. It’s quite creative, we’ll give them that. But romantic? Not so much.

Image courtesy of Emma Fleming/ Facebook

It actually looks quite pretty served on a plate, but we can’t see someone being happy if someone presented this to them on a special occasion. Just imagine, “Happy anniversary, dear. Here are some egg tulips.” That just doesn’t scream “romance.”

Chester Dresses

So many people have gone their whole lives thinking that chest of drawers is Chester drawers or, apparently, Chester dresses. It’s a common mistake. Just go up to someone and ask them what this item is called, and you’ll see.

Image courtesy of Jen Dabinett/ Facebook

If this person goes looking for a new set of drawers and types this in their search bar, they’ll be confused when they can’t find what they’re looking for online. Not even autocorrect will be able to help them with that one.

Life-size Leo

Forget a poster. Everyone should have a life-size cardboard cutout of their fave celebs like this Leonardo DiCaprio one. We wonder why they got rid of it. Oh, it’s probably because they turned twenty-five. Get it? It’s because he dumps all his girlfriends when they reach that age.

Image courtesy of Emma Meen/ Facebook

People buy random, useless things on the internet all the time, so we can see this being quite popular. There’s even someone on Amazon who makes cardboard cutouts of the buyer. So a person can buy this Leo cutout and have one of themselves in their room.

Kitchen for Sale

Kitchen for sale? Huh? How does that work? They don’t even mean the appliances are for sale; they’re talking about the sink and the cabinets. So basically, they want people to pay them to remove everything and do their dirty work for them.

Image courtesy of Sara Wilson/ Facebook

They’ll probably use the money that someone paid them to remove their cabinets for the renovations. Maybe they will find yet another way to trick people into paying them to redo the whole kitchen for two hundred pounds. They should at least give people that bottle of soda for their free labor.

SpongeBob SquarePants!

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob SquarePants! This may seem like a cute toy to buy for one’s kid until it turns on by itself in the middle of the night. SpongeBob’s laugh is kinda adorable, but not if you hear it in the dark.

Image courtesy of Nic Grainge/ Facebook

“SpongeBob what sings and tells jokes,” it sounds like they’re asking SpongeBob a question in their ad. We’ve seen worse mistakes, so it’s fine. This toy is a bit creepy, but it’s better than an antique doll. He can also sing and tell jokes, which is cool.

Pepper Pigs Mascot

We thought clowns were scary to hire for a birthday party, but oh boy, were we wrong. This Peppa Pig—not “Pepper Pigs”—mascot just ruined everyone’s childhood. We wish we could erase this thing from our memory, but this image is going to be hard to forget.

Image courtesy of Flora Cate/ Facebook

Looking for entertainment for a party? If so, then please don’t hire this person. They’re literally doing this for free, which seems sketchy to us. You don’t want to be responsible for scarring everyone for life with this scary-looking mascot, so rather go with a magician or even a birthday clown.

One of a Kind

Paper mache clown for only two hundred and fifty pounds? What a steal! In all seriousness, would you pay to have this in your home? This clown is what nightmares are made of. We’re sure that everyone is thrilled that this is only “one of a kind.” Imagine if there were more in existence.

Image courtesy of Al Bigg/ Facebook

We can see this person is into, how could we put it, unique art. Just look at those statues in the background. They look like Slender Man. How can they sleep at night knowing they have these “crafts” around their home?

Pet Tiger

Are you looking to own a pet tiger? Well, that’s illegal, so here’s the next best thing. Just check out how happy this guy looks. That could be you with the stuffed tiger for only five hundred pounds! It’s pretty bulky, but who cares? It’s so cool.

Image courtesy of Flora Cate/ Facebook

This looks quite realistic, so if you have a pet, we don’t suggest that you buy this. Your poor furry friends will be terrified if you bring this into your home. Plus, moving it around when you need to clean will be such a hassle.

Framed Trash

We’re all for recycling and turning trash into treasure, but this ain’t a treasure. After all, it’s been in someone’s mouth. The rainbow design is lovely, but we think it would look better if something other than vapes were used. Picture how spectacular this would look with multicolored crayons.

Image courtesy of Rose ER/ Facebook

It’s disturbing to see how many discarded vapes were found just lying around. Vaping is bad for your health, and remember, health is wealth, so if you vape, consider ditching that bad habit. If you must vape, then at least don’t throw it away. Take inspiration from this and get creative.

Junk For Sale

“Very nice chair and flowers.” This person has a different definition of nice. We’d take the flowers, but not that chair that’s giving off haunted vibes. You can see that stuff has been sitting there for a very, very long time. If someone sat on that, it would probably fall apart.

Image courtesy of Bea Morbidge/ Facebook

If they don’t manage to sell this, it can be repurposed as a garden decoration with flowers. They can spraypaint it with bright colors and surround it with those planters to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Their garden could also look so nice if they brought in a landscaper.

Tiny Bath

Buy this if you want to scrub-a-dub-dub in a tiny bathtub. This guy doesn’t even look that tall, and he can barely fit in there. They didn’t really need someone to model for this, but we’re glad to see they’re fully clothed.

Image courtesy of Hannah Liddle/ Facebook

It would’ve been nice if the ad was more descriptive. We would like to know more about it, like if it’s hardly been used, or if it’s ceramic or plastic. We needed more than just “bath.” All we know is that it’s quite small.

Looking For a Loving Home

Wowee! Get a load of this sketch. The drawing is absolutely fabulous, but the candles might be a bit over the top. It’s also not the best idea to have an open flame near paper. They missed the opportunity to spell out his name with rocks. What a shame.

Image courtesy of Jessica LP/ Facebook

Someone should give Kevin Hart a heads-up that this drawing is for sale. He’d probably love to display a tribute like this in his home since those two are best buds. Or Dwayne can show some self-love and buy this.

Smiling on the Inside

“Still works need battery but still fun.” Yeah, she looks like she’s having a blast. Maybe she’s just smiling on the inside. Oh, she’s probably disappointed that she couldn’t take it out for one last joy ride as the battery is dead.

Image courtesy of Owen Dawson/ Facebook

We don’t see why people feel the need to pose with their products. Well, at least we know that an adult can fit in that toy car. If you didn’t get one when you were little, then purchase this to heal your inner child.

Unrequited Love

This one is so sad. We wish we could know the whole story because something definitely went down. If the girl is selling the engagement ring, then her fiancé must’ve done something really terrible. If this doesn’t signify that their relationship is dunzo, then we don’t know what would.

Image courtesy of Flora Cate/ Facebook

This is a stunning ring that is quite reasonably priced, but we don’t know if it would be good luck to propose to someone with something that has a sad history. But many people wouldn’t want to walk away from a good deal, so it would probably get snatched up real quick.

Shash Longe

“Shash Longe,” we think they mean chaise lounge. They can be forgiven for this mistake as it’s a pretty difficult word to spell. If you’ve never taken French, then it can be quite hard to get the spelling right. But they could’ve at least double-checked the spelling online by Googling “day bed.”

Image courtesy of Owen Dawson/ Facebook

This shash longe, we mean chaise lounge, looks like it needs a good clean and should be reupholstered. It doesn’t look great, but just as well. They included a photo of this seating, or else who knows how long we’d be here trying to figure out what they were trying to say.

Yucky Massage Chair

You know what people say, “It’s not what is on the outside but what is on the inside that counts.” Welp, that can only apply to people, not massage chairs. This chair better work great if it looks like that.

Image courtesy of Lindsey Rd/ Facebook

When a person sits on a massage chair, it’s supposed to help put them in a relaxed state. But we don’t see how anyone could feel chill and comfortable knowing that they’re sitting on a gross-looking chair. We’re surprised this still works.

Couldn’t Be Bothered

Vegas lazy spa hot tub… that’s not the only thing that’s lazy here. They said they couldn’t be bothered to find the puncher—correction puncture. We understand, though. Finding a tiny hole in that would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Image courtesy of Rachel Kabambe/ Facebook

Their enthusiasm for the product should really help them get a quick sale. We’re being sarcastic here, but at least they’re being honest. After all, honesty is the best policy. Once the sale is made, they’ll be happy knowing that thing is gone and there won’t be any returns.

Sentimental Coin

This coin is, uh, interesting. The concept is cool, but let’s face it, cameras do a better job of capturing people’s likeness. This looks kind of freaky, don’t you think? If the results can come out looking less disturbing, then we could see this being a hit.

Image courtesy of Rachel Burton/ Facebook

They said that it will “never lose its value forever,” which is quite redundant, but they aren’t wrong. It might not hold monetary value, but it will always be of sentimental value. Like we said, as long as it doesn’t look scary, then people would probably love to gift this to someone.

Chickens Unite!

Chicken unites? For a second there, we thought they were trying to say chicken units. But then we thought, “How could someone keep chickens in there?” It took us a few minutes to figure out that they meant to write “kitchen units.” That was seriously confusing.

Image courtesy of Su Jones/ Facebook

There were probably so many people out there concerned that this person actually kept poultry in that cabinet. Kitchen units or cabinets and chicken unites—does that sound like the same thing to you? English is probably not their first language but yikes.

James Corden Look Alike

It probably took people a while to notice that the Jordan sneakers are in the photo as one would be too busy staring at the gentlemen in the background who doesn’t seem to be wearing a stitch of clothing. He actually looks like James Corden, don’t you think?

Image courtesy of Owen Dawson/ Facebook

We wonder why they didn’t take the photo elsewhere or just crop this guy out. Well, they certainly got us to notice their ad. The questionable background choice aside, these sneakers are super cheap. They’re only twenty-five dollars. What a steal!

Smelly Socks

Here’s a bag of twenty-five pairs of socks for sale to keep your feet nice and toasty. Don’t mind that they look like they haven’t been washed or that there’s hair and lint on them. But seriously, would you feel comfortable buying and wearing someone’s old socks?

Image courtesy of Sarah Prattki/ Facebook

Five dollars isn’t bad for that many socks, but knowing that has been on someone else’s feet kinda feels ugh. Even after you wash it, you’ll always know that someone else wore it. If it was gently used, then it might be alright, but we can see that they are old.

Closing Down Sale

Linen that hasn’t been washed and is stained, now that’s just nasty. They said they couldn’t wash it because they sold their machines. It’s hilarious how they put a smiley face at the end like that would make it ok.

Image courtesy of Susie Watts/ Facebook

Hold the phone; they said they’re not selling it separately. So one would have to buy that whole mess and still wash it! The general public wouldn’t be able to afford this, and we can’t imagine any family needing a whole room of linen, so maybe another hotel would probably look into buying this.

The Mess and the Lovely Wardrobe

Tidy space equals a tidy mind, so we’d hate to know what’s going on in this guy’s head; it must be a mess. He should’ve done a bit of a tidy-up for the photo. Guess he doesn’t care what people think.

Image courtesy of Lisa Ormesher/ Facebook

This brand-new wardrobe is indeed lovely, so it’s a pity he’s giving it away for free. It looks really nice, but maybe he needs that space for something else. He might actually have been decluttering his home when he posted this picture. We hope that’s the case.

Traveling in Style?

We can see by looking at this ad that math and spelling are not this person’s strong suits. The mistakes aside, we’d say this is a bargain. Also, does anyone else think that the red suitcase resembles the costume symbol from The Incredibles?

Image courtesy of Ellie Bennett/ Facebook

This might actually not be worth buying. We say this because there could be a problem with the zippers. As you can see, they aren’t closed in the photo. Perhaps that’s why they’re so affordable. Or maybe we’re just overthinking it.

25ft Gigantic Toy

Oh wow, look at this aircraft carrier. One would definitely need an aircraft to carry this to their house. This toy replica is gigantic and won’t be able to be displayed in most people’s homes unless they have a mansion.

Image courtesy of Andy Cameron/ Facebook

Most people would have to store this in their basement or garage or just keep it out in their driveway. It would probably have to be the last option; we can’t see someone managing to get this through the front door.

Electric Fire and the Surrounding

We have a few questions regarding this ad. Why did they take a photo of the phone instead of just posting the picture, and is this even theirs to sell? Our scammer senses are tingling. So many unanswered questions it’s frustrating.

Image courtesy of Toby Kenchington/ Facebook

They said they are selling the surroundings, but they aren’t being specific. We wonder if they are just selling the stuff on the mantle or if the nice wooden flooring is also being sold. This ad leaves us with more questions than answers.