Here Are The Top-Rated Pillows This Year

By Toby T

If you want a great night’s sleep, you need a comfy pillow. Even if you don’t wake up in discomfort every morning, you may need a new pillow if you change position several times during the night. A comfortable pillow can aid in maintaining sleep and avoiding aches and pains in the neck and back. The following are three top-pick pillows in 2022 that you should consider.

The Eden pillow

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The Eden pillow is ergonomic and soft, and you can alter its shape and volume to suit your preferences. The pillow may appear underfilled upon first inspection, but a tiny bag of additional foam is included in the package. After you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to wash and dry the pillow, the foam will expand to around twice or three times its original size, so there is enough fill for those who prefer a hard or soft pillow. 

Alternative Down Parachute Pillow

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The filling of your Parachute down substitute pillow will remain smooth and fluffy even after numerous washes and several nights of use. While there are options for people who require more or less support, the medium firmness pillow is comfortable for both back and side sleeping.

The Heirloom European white goose pillow

The Garnet Hill Heirloom pillow is so soft and fluffy that it feels like sleeping on a cloud. It is filled 100% down for a luxuriously quiet night’s rest. Unlike other down pillows, this one doesn’t lose its form during the night, and it’s available in soft, medium, and firm densities to give you the support you need.