Deal Or No Deal: 40+ Odd Second Items That Are Not Worth Their Price

By Aileen D

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and these sellers deeply embody that saying. Instead of hauling their pre-loved belongings to the bin, they decided to take photos and post them on Facebook Marketplace to make money from them.

Many would argue that no sane person would buy any of this stuff. But professional sellers will tell you that closing a sale has little to do with the product. It mainly depends on the person selling. If the buyer trusts and likes you enough, they will gladly pay for these pieces of garbage.

There is a lesson to be learned from these strange sales, which is you can make a profit out of nothing. It just takes a certain degree of self-delusion and an online selling platform!

Vintage Scratchpost

First off the list, we have a furball trying desperately to make some money from his used scratch post. He swears that it does its job. Expect there to be minimal scratches, but the beauty of this particular one is that this item can also function as a chandelier.

Image courtesy of Kryzal Wilson/ Facebook

This kitty remembers the very day he bought the item and how much it meant to him. Though he may not have a need for such a precious metal, he has a love for all things sparkly and expensive. His reason for selling? He wants a felt scratch post!


Second, we have what appears to be a successful attempt to cover a scratched Ottoman lounge chair. The seller probably nicked it at some point, and out came its fabric contents. Desperately needing the money, he posted it on Marketplace to make a quick buck.

Image courtesy of gabrielle morton / Facebook

Unlike other items on this list, this seller can guarantee that this plush set is brand new. Rest assured, you will fall asleep in 5 minutes and wake up 10 minutes later! It’s the perfect seat for when you need to take a power nap since there’s no way you’ll sleep deeply on this.

Must Send Offer

This is the premier Apple watch. Although it does not have the Apple logo on display, the buyer guarantees that it’s indeed an apple watch. Expect it to cost you a hefty amount. With no dials, there’s no reason for you to be distracted by the time!

Image courtesy of Elora Wright/ Facebook

Delivered fresh from the warehouse, you’re guaranteed a brand-new watch from the manufacturer. It comes with a month-long warranty should there be any bugs within. But with an insecticide-laden apple tree, the chances of biting into a worm are highly unlikely.

For all the guac lovers out there

This is the fifth time this seller has posted this item on Facebook Marketplace. That’s mainly because the previous times they posted, some people made complaints about it being inappropriate. The way we see it, there is nothing wrong with selling a guacamole holder.

Image courtesy of Abby Glidden / Facebook

This seller knows better than to sell a live kid on Facebook Marketplace, so he just shaped this guacamole holder from the inanimate body of a baby doll. You gotta love how some people’s minds work. How did he even land on this idea?

One Too Many Times

Technology has evolved at rocket speed. Whereas before, you only had a couple of Kbs worth of storage on floppy disks, now you have terabytes upon terabytes of space on your cloud storage. You can also stream movies on the internet. No need to pop in CDs or VHS tapes.

Image courtesy of Sheryl Jean / Facebook

So, for a collection like this, $1 seems fair. Of course, it would have been better if the guy sold a VHS player along with the tapes or sold them entirely to an antique store. Though we adore Tom Hanks, we must admit this has to be his biggest fan!

A Taste of the Paranormal

Ever thought about getting a pet but then decided against it because of the mess you’d have to deal with? Well, to address that, you can order this hamster cage. It will make you believe that you have a pet at home. You’ll even believe it as soon as you hear the cage rattling!

Image courtesy of Janet Campbell / Facebook

It’s such a shame that they had to remove the hamster wheel. It would be the perfect conversation starter when it randomly starts spinning when you have guests over. Note that exorcisms are not included in this purchase, so buy at your own risk.

Sold Per Piece

We have been told that you need not create a product to make money. You can repackage or re-sell a store-bought item for a lesser price. Take it from this person. After buying a bag of chips, she decided to sell the contents per piece. Wonder how that’s going…

Image courtesy of Felicia Jellum / Facebook

Just look at that. It’s perfectly baked to crunch. And it is seasoned with different herbs and spices. But of course, Elise didn’t disclose the exact spices or ingredients used. Maybe it’s a trade secret? Either way, we’re definitely trying this next time we have a bag of extra chips!


This is pure sabotage. But this homeowner can’t do anything about this mess because it’s his dog that was the culprit. He found this lone can of Pringles nearly ruined by the far end of the room, with its seal miraculously intact.

Image courtesy of Morgan Murphy / Facebook

However, he was certain that with a little marketing, he would be able to re-sell these ‘FrankenPringles’ for a whopping cost. To date, there haven’t been any takers, but when you post things on this platform, you need to understand that sometimes, these things take time.

Simple isn’t always best

This Facebook user thought she had seen it all before she got a sudden notification on her phone about an item she might be interested in. It was a bedside table. She had been looking for one, and so she thought, this might just be it!

Image courtesy of Caitlyn Ash / Facebook

There’s no denying that it is simple! When you look closer, it becomes apparent that it is a drawer turned on its side, repurposed as a table. Its selling point is that it takes minimal space, and you can always shelve it away in case you need more room. It’s a sure win for $5.

’90s Marketing Be Like

Here are all the ways you can tell we’re ’90s kids without us telling you what year we were born. First, we grew up watching a barrage of TV commercials while eating breakfast. At the time, advertisements would bombard us with questions that ended with us yelling yes!

Image courtesy of Ash Uh Lee / Facebook

Need a conversation starter? *Cue item being shown. Want to make it look like you had gone on a weekend trip? *Forest springs being shown. Well, we’ve got the item for you with this ancient stone! With its effortless beauty, you will certainly be the center of attention as its owner!

The Power of Oreo Compels You

Have you ever gone too long without food and experienced how soul-depleting it feels? You will yourself to breathe and try as hard as you can to keep one foot in front of the other. However, sometimes your knees just buckle.

Image courtesy of Stephanie Victoria Shatto / Facebook

But with a pack of these in your pocket, you’ll never have to worry about those sugar crashes. Of course, you can never be too sure if it’s the lack of sugar or divine intervention that’s causing the general lethargy. So this seller made sure to provide a 2-for-1 service!

What does it do?

Every now and then, we marketers come across a product that is tough to sell. That said, you would be surprised at the number of ways we re-purpose it just to make sure it can satisfy a common problem in the market.

Image courtesy of Emma Mette / Facebook

For example, you can also use this rock to gauge your bodily strength. Hoist it over your shoulders to see if you can take on the Titan Atlas, carrying the burdensome heavens for all eternity. Just ensure you can take the ‘L’ if you lose.

Banged up but still functions

What’s the most common reason people buy pre-loved items? Being strapped for cash. Every now and then, you could come across a bargain deal on these online groups. All you need to do after the purchase is to repair the product and sell it.

Image courtesy of Andy Utz / Facebook

It’s common for people who are relocating to put up much of their stuff for sale. So, you can buy these items at a discount and then sell them on Amazon, E-bay, or Facebook Marketplace. We think that’s exactly what the person who bought this did.

For Real?

This guy wasn’t having any of it. He didn’t want to spend time dragging this furniture set from one room to another and out of the house. So, he decided that he would rather have the customer hire a hauler to get the set out of his house.

Image courtesy of Aimee Starr / Facebook

When asked what happened to the sofa, he wouldn’t disclose the details. Rest assured, this item only appears to have gashes across it. The only thing we can’t tell is if it reeks of urine or other strange odors, and given that it’s free, we doubt we’d want to take our chances with it.

Up for Negotiation

Haggling is just as much a skill as selling is. Take it from veteran thrifters. Once they spot an item that has the potential to rake in profit for them, they will give the seller a counteroffer. This dog food holder is just one prime example. We’ll take it for $5!

Image courtesy of Ashley Dennis Hardin / Facebook

And so the process of negotiating begins. You pitch a number, and the seller refuses. They then offer a different amount, but now, less than $10. We really pity the dog that became the unfortunate owner of this abomination. It must have been left wondering what it did wrong t deserve such a punishment.


There’s one other thing you have to learn when you’re a marketer or a seller. You have to be able to read people without giving away your own emotions. This sales agent could barely stifle his laugh when he was told this cat tree was barely used.

Image courtesy of Addie Leach / Facebook

Would you buy, trade, or ask for this to be thrown away? The answer is crystal clear. This cat tree deserves to be disposed of. That was the obvious thought strewn across the sales agent’s face when he saw this item put up for sale.

Collectible Item

The idea of collecting and selling air exhaled by celebrities has gained popularity in recent years for some inexplicable reason. This picture of an empty mason jar used for this purpose is a symbol of this trend and epitomizes how low we have fallen as a people.

Image courtesy of Makenna Heller / Facebook

The trade is called “celebrity air collection,” and it is proof that people will buy just about anything. Have we lost our collective marbles as humans? Though we know we shouldn’t judge, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t judge this prospective buyer.

On Cloud Nine

Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your hats (or heels, in this case) because we’ve got a fashion trend that’s about to blow your mind. Introducing the newest addition to the exciting world of women’s footwear: shoes with balloons as heels!

Image courtesy of Lucy Pybus / Facebook

Not only will you be walking on air, but you’ll also be floating on cloud nine with these babies. These would be great for a day at the carnival, and if you like attention, they would definitely have you covered. Just be careful not to pop your heel, or you might end up feeling deflated.


Folks, have you ever looked at your dryer lint and thought, “this stuff is just too valuable to throw away?” Well, we’ve got a game-changer for you. Also, it’s a twofer – not one, but TWO 50-gallon bags full of dryer lint!

Image courtesy of Aaron Miller / facebook

With this purchase, you could have enough lint to make a sweater, a scarf, or even a LINTZILLA monster! It is the perfect gift for that special someone who has everything and is impossible to buy for. Who knew that lint could be so exciting?

Items Sold Separately

Ladies and gentlemen, do you ever feel like your lawn mowing game is lacking that certain “je ne sais quoi”(marketable quality)? Well, we have a perfect solution that will elevate your lawn. Introducing the defunct homemade custom-built lawnmower, now without tires!

Image courtesy of Phyllis Rae Vandenberg Olivarez / Facebook

It’s the perfect way to show off your DIY skills while also letting the world know that you don’t need fancy tires to get the job done. Sure, it might not move, but who needs mobility when you have style?

Got Dough

Get ready for the biggest scam since the “pet rock.” Next up, we have a bunch of overpriced bread clips. Yes, you read that correctly. These tiny pieces of plastic are the latest must-have item for the discerning bread aficionado.

Image courtesy of Jessie Rae McDougall / Facebook

For this very affordable price, you, too, can be the envy of your entire neighborhood. Sure, they might look like ordinary bag clips, but they are made from space-age polymers and are guaranteed to keep your bread fresher for longer.

Fruit Molds

We’ve got a fruit emergency on our hands. Reports are coming in that a plum in the shape of a butt has been spotted out in the wild. We suspect that mother nature has been playing around with the fruit molds again.

Image courtesy of Janelle Dancer / Facebook

We’re not saying that this is inappropriate, but it might make you think twice before biting into it. We can’t help but feel sorry for the peach since this singular plum seems to be giving it a run for its money as the fruit that represents butts!

New levels of comfort

Get ready to flush away your old gaming chairs after saying hello to the latest innovation in gaming comfort. It’s the toilet bowl gaming chair! As the name suggests, it’s a toilet bowl converted into a gaming chair. Now you won’t have to take bathroom breaks!

Image courtesy of Mads Grace / Facebook

It might not be the most comfortable seat in the house, but you’ll never have to interrupt another game because you need to pee. It also has that authentic bathroom smell that will make you feel like you’re really there!

For the Serious Gamer

For only $90, you can buy yourself the newest release of the Xbox controller. Wonder what makes this particular one so special? Well, the allegedly “new” controller sports a few extra air holes and a unique “pre-loved” look. See for yourself.

Image courtesy of Myka Moultrie / Facebook

Apparently, it’s not a manufacturing error – it’s the latest fashion trend in the gaming world. Now you can show off your battle scars as a serious gamer. Just be careful not to accidentally break your new controller since you might have to wait a while for the next “pre-smashed” release.

Lookin’ Like A Hobo

Ever dreamed of owning a classic vehicle from the early 1900s? Well, now you can! Introducing the 1901 Dodge Challenger grocery cart. It’s the perfect way to cruise down the aisles as you pick up your favorite groceries as jealous shoppers look on!

Image courtesy of Vania Kay / Facebook

It might not have the horsepower of the original Challenger, but who needs speed when you have comfort and enough storage space for all your snacks? Plus, it’s got that classic vintage look that is all the rage these days.

Fuel for the Fire

It’s time to go back to basics with the latest innovation in home heating – the wooden fireplace! It’s an eco-friendly way to stay warm and cozy all winter long. You may have to deal with a few smoke alarms going off, but think about the charred charm it’ll bring to your home.

Image courtesy of Amy Jones / Facebook

It is the perfect excuse to gather your friends and family and tell ghost stories. Well, until you are all choking on smoke and just about to get roasted! This person should have just settled on furniture because we can’t understand how they thought this was a good idea.

Straight to the ER

We have a cracking deal for you! The next item on our list is four “slightly” expired eggs that are up for grabs. We know what you’re thinking, “expired eggs? Gross!” But hear us out. These eggs are still edible and are a sure way to see the doctor!

Image courtesy of Patti Schulze / Facebook

Who doesn’t love a little bit of danger in their breakfast routine? Plus, these eggs are like fine wine – they only get better with age! Why settle for fresh eggs when you can have ‘slightly expired’ ones? Get them while they’re still “fresh-ish.”


This next item is one of the most perplexing items we have come across on the list. For anyone who was scouring the internet for a second-hand sofa, coming across this one must have made them rethink their choice to get a pre-owned one.

Image courtesy of Tan Ya / Facebook

On the flip side, why settle for boring new furniture when you can have a piece of history? Oh, the stories this sofa set could tell if it could talk! Get your hands on this dilapidated couch today and start making more memories.

Pointless Consumer Goods

Folks, we’ve got another wacky deal for you. Introducing the overpriced bag of squishy gel, the latest innovation in pointless consumer goods. It might look like it’s full of air, but it’s actually full of…well, we are not sure either.

Image courtesy of Sarah Uland / Facebook

But that is not the point! The point is that it is overpriced, so you know it’s a high-quality product. Plus, think of all the fun you will have squishing it and watching it fail to go back into its original shape!

Lots of Inclusions

Tired of frying your food in a boring pan? You’re in luck! Up next, we have a used food fryer. It’s got leftover food particles to add more flavor to your next charred meal! To seal the deal, we’re packing it with used vegetable oil!

Image courtesy of Crystal Porter/ Facebook

Think of all the money you will save by buying a used fryer with oil instead of a new empty one. Though we know that not washing pans to enhance the flavor of the next meal is a thing among some people, this is just ridiculous.

Short Lifespan

Introducing the world’s most expensive potato chip. This is an expired potato chip sold for the low price of $100,000! You read that correctly. Based on the photo, it is not only expired but also packed with mold and a little bit stale. Yum!

Image courtesy of Taylor Abfalder / Facebook

Just think of the bragging rights you’ll have when you tell your friends you own the world’s most expensive potato chip. However, you might want to act swiftly since the stock is limited and may only last until the end of the week!

Keeping Out Guests

Have you been searching for the perfect way to combine rustic charm and potential tetanus in your home decor? Look no further than this homemade table stand with barbed wire! It’s also a great way to keep unwanted guests out of your personal space.

Image courtesy of Angie Brown / Facebook

You might get a few cuts and scrapes while using it, but at least it has a fighting chance against any feline pets around the house. With this one-of-a-kind purchase, they will never again use your precious furniture as a scratching post.

Got Her A New Home

Once upon a time, in a far-off land, there lived a Rapunzel doll with an alligator head. She had a fiery temper and an insatiable appetite. She also loved feasting on kids’ cries. But after being displaced from the murky ponds, she’s out trying to find a new home.

Image courtesy of Bailey Cellars / Facebook

What kind of twisted fairy tale is this? Well, only your kid has the power to change the ending. Our ideas are she was cursed by an evil witch or was the product of some genetic experiment gone wrong. Rapunzilla would make a great film, though.

Regal As They Come

Oh, a crown royal chair? Sounds like something fit for a king…or at least the most regal-looking drunk in the room. Nothing says “I’m fancy” quite like a chair made from an old whiskey barrel. Now you can get yours for the affordable price of a thousand dollars!

Image courtesy of Nagle / Facebook

Though it has the signature purple and gold embroidery we all associate with royalty, it’s still just a glorified barrel. But who knows, maybe sitting in it will make you feel like a king, or maybe it’ll just make you want to take a nap. Either way bottoms up!

For the (Snow)Man In the House

Ah, the beloved Lay-Z-Boy – it’s the epitome of relaxation and comfort. But what happens when you take that comfy throne and cover it with fake leather? Well, my friend, you get a fake leather lazy boy. It’s the wannabe version of the real thing.

Image courtesy of Anna Marie Francoise / Facebook

It looks the part, like those knockoff designer bags you see on the streets that you know don’t measure up to the real thing. The cover looks like it could stick to your skin like cling wrap. We wonder why it was left out in the snow, though.

Some Lovin’

Oh, the wonders of nature! Who needs to sculpt a heart when you can find one in a spud? Someone posted this naturally heart-shaped potato on Facebook, and we couldn’t help but add it to our list. It’s perfect for those looking for a unique way to show their love for their spud-loving significant other.

Image courtesy of Bethany Jane Miller / Facebook

Imagine the surprise on their face when they see this romantic tuber on their plate! And don’t worry, this potato won’t break anyone’s heart or wallet. It’s reasonably priced, and it comes with a bonus: a free peeler! We’re sure this sold fast on Valentine’s!

Wrong Person

Speaking of Valentine’s, nothing says “I love you” better than giving your significant other something that someone else already used to profess their love. However, let’s give the seller some credit for trying to make a quick buck from lovers online.

Image courtesy of Shelby Eperjese / Facebook

Maybe they are hoping that someone out there has a girlfriend or wife named Elise and is in need of a sign just like this one. Luckily, with things like this, you can easily customize it to suit your needs, so maybe this wasn’t too bad after all. Love truly is a gamble, folks.

Out of A Movie Scene

This beat-up Honda Civic looks like it’s seen better days. The paint is chipped, the doors are dented, and the tires look like they’ve been through a marathon. But what really catches your eye is the one and only Jason Voorhees standing in front of it.

Image courtesy of Kayla Poll / Facebook

Is he trying to scare off potential buyers? This is certainly not the best marketing strategy. Who would want a car that reminds them of a horror movie? Maybe if he included a hockey mask with the purchase, it would sweeten the bloody deal.


You might be wondering, “why has this reptile terrarium been put on sale?” Well, as you may have guessed, its resident decided to break out of prison, and this time, he’s gone for good. After shedding his skin, there’s nothing left to track him.

Image courtesy of Laura Cartwright / Facebook

So, why purchase this used reptile terrarium? It’s time to bring out your inner reptile and slither into some humor! It has obviously seen its fair share of action. If you decide to use it for something else, consider the fact that it can fit a human.

For Free

Ahoy there, matey! Are you looking for a new container? Well, shiver me timbers, do we have a deal for you! We’ve got a used aquarium that’ll make you feel like you found treasure! Though it has some scratches and a load of mold, the best part is that it can be yours for free!

Image courtesy of Katie Puccini / Facebook

It would make the perfect home for your little sea monsters. You just have to spend a week’s worth of time cleaning it out. So, what are you waiting for? Come claim it before someone else does, or you’ll be walking the plank! Argh!

For the Snack Enthusiasts

Ah, the elusive Cheeto dragon. It’s a mythical delicacy that has been the subject of many stories, whispered about in hushed tones by snack enthusiasts everywhere. But what happens when you come across a piece of Cheeto that doesn’t look like a dragon at all?

Image courtesy of Alexis Deuel / Facebook

Well, you don’t put it up for sale, that’s for sure. It’s a sad day for whoever bought this. A day when their hopes and dreams were dashed by the rocks of reality. They were expecting a fire-breathing monster, but instead, they got a limp, misshapen blob. Just a stale disappointment!

Got History

Who needs the thrill of skydiving when you can have the same feeling by sleeping on someone else’s old bedding? This particular queen set has been through it all; snoring, drooling, late-night Netflix binges, and maybe even a little bit of romance.

Image courtesy of Karina Pena / Facebook

It has been around the block a few times. Judging by its disheveled appearance, you will certainly get some free bed bugs as a bonus with this purchase. So, go ahead, treat yourself to this pre-loved, possibly haunted, queen-sized bed.

Any risk-takers?

Massage chairs are supposed to be the ’90s symbol of luxury and recreation. At least that’s what we thought until we laid eyes on this monstrosity. Even the seller admits that it’s not all that, so because of the aesthetic drawback, you can buy it for a discounted price of $50.

Image courtesy of Leah Leonard / Facebook

Don’t even get us started on the massaging capabilities. We’re sure the experience would feel less like a massage and more like a frantic attempt to dislocate every bone in your body. Who needs relaxation when you can have a near-death experience instead?

A survivor

This cup has been through it all as far as cups are concerned. It has been filled with scalding hot coffee, freezing cold soda, and even lukewarm tap water. It’s been dropped on the floor, kicked around, and even used as a makeshift pen holder.

Image courtesy of Chloe Welt / Facebook

And let’s not forget about the countless times it’s been squeezed, crumpled, and bent out of shape. But despite all of that, it still manages to hold liquids (to a maximum capacity of 50 ml) like a champ. How about we raise of glass – or cup – to this survivor?

Wanted: New Owner

Oh boy, have you heard about the unique preserved turtle with a deer for a face? Yes, you heard that right, a deer for a face! What kind of weird genetic experiment gone wrong had this turtle been put through?

Image courtesy of Katie Franceshine / Facebook

Anyone would feel self-conscious about having such a face. So naturally, it often burrows its head inside the shell. Luckily, we chanced upon the creature stretching its neck before it went back into hiding. Would you ever keep this as a pet?