Marketing Mishaps: 30+ People Who Tried To Sell Their Things And Failed Laughably

By Aileen D

Adverts hold the keys to a secret kingdom of influence! They’re like little magic spells that hypnotize us into craving stuff we didn’t even know we needed. The mastermind behind the top-selling items understands our brains better than we do. They sneak into our minds like mischievous elves, planting the seeds of desire. Next thing you know, you’re convinced you can’t survive without that self-stirring coffee mug. It’s hilarious how some folks underestimate their power!

And then, there are the failed adverts turned into comical bite-sized treats. We’re talking about those commercials that hit rock bottom in the influence department but skyrocketed in hilarity. From uninspiring pitches to dysfunctional products, these ads are the go-to guide on how NOT to sell. Take notes, especially if you plan to sell a pre-loved item on the Marketplace.

Doesn’t Inspire Confidence

This quirky seller is trying to trade his old, rusty bike “for anything he likes.” Now, we’re all for spontaneous exchanges, but this guy’s lack of confidence in his own ride is downright alarming. It’s like he’s saying, “I don’t even know what my bike is worth…

Image courtesy of danii Frost/ Facebook

but please take it off my hands!” How can we trust him if he can’t even vouch for his own trade? This is playing a game of chance with a blindfold on. We’ll pass on this one and keep our belongings safe from the “anything-goes” trader!

A Gem

Here’s a real gem of an offer you won’t believe! This guy’s got a rattan garden sofa that’s seen better days, and he’s so desperate to part ways with it that he’s giving it away for free! Yup, you heard that right—no cash is required.

Image courtesy of Lois Artpeach/ Facebook

Just come and haul it off his porch like a garden treasure hunt. He’s probably praying for a tornado to swoop it up! Who needs a gym membership when you can “exercise” by taking this sofa away without breaking a sweat? One man’s trash is another man’s problem, right?


We have got ourselves a hilarious typo-turned-sales pitch! This seller’s offering a perfectly good tire, but instead of calling it an “All-Purpose Wheel,” they go with the “Apology Wheel.” It is like saying, “Sorry in advance for your bumpy ride!”.

Image courtesy of Mark Elliott/ Facebook

We’re apologetically taking a hard pass on this one. Imagine cruising down the highway, constantly saying sorry to your car for that odd tire choice. It’s a quirky mix-up, but hey, we’ll keep our wheels and our apologies separate; thank you very much!

What Language Is This?

Oh, captions, the unsung heroes of online selling! Let me tell you, a good caption is like a magic spell that can attract buyers faster than a kid to an ice cream truck. It’s the key to unlocking a potential buyer’s curiosity and trust.

Image courtesy of Ashleigh McNamara/ Facebook

We stumbled upon this bicycle listing on Facebook Marketplace, and can’t crack the caption code! Someone unleashed a linguistic tornado, and now we’re left scratching our heads, wondering if it’s in Klingon or Elvish. We need a decoder ring to figure it out!

Universally Not Accepted

You don’t need a rulebook for this one – it’s like a universal no-no! Trying to sell funeral flower letters is like selling a kite in a snowstorm – just not gonna fly! Imagine the awkwardness of saying that you had gotten the bereaved’s consent.

Image courtesy of Helen Morley/ Facebook

Cue the crickets and uncomfortable glances. It’s like crossing a sacred line with a big, bright, neon marker. Let’s save the funeral flower letters for their proper purpose and leave the bartering for happier occasions. These things are best blessed and discarded.

Spelling Mishap

This poor seller is on a mission to move some celery, but instead, they hit us with the epic typo – “selery”! They might have been better off calling the vegetable “sellery” because that is what he wants to be done anyway.

Image courtesy of Jackie Holmes/ Facebook

We can imagine the puzzled buyers scratching their heads and wondering if “selery” is some exotic celery variety. Hey, mistakes happen to the best of us, but this one takes the cake! Let’s hope they correct the spelling before this vegetable goes rotten.


This savvy seller offers fancy pavement tiles, but there is a slight twist – they are calling them “paving slaps”! These tiles are going rogue, giving us a playful slap on the face with their punny name. Always proofread posting.

Image courtesy of Noots McVee/ Facebook

We can’t help but admire the seller’s creative flair, turning something as mundane as pavement tiles into a comedy act. So, if you’re in the market for some pavers with a sense of humor, these “paving slaps” might be just the quirky touch your walkway needs!

Free Water-borne Disease

This seller is attempting to pawn off a humble water container for birds as a fancy “Victorian Drinks Fountain” – seriously? It’s like trying to pass off a tricycle as a vintage bicycle! We can see it now, all those unsuspecting buyers envisioning themselves sipping from a delicate Victorian-era fountain…

Image courtesy of Anita Anderson/ Facebook

….only to suffer a 21st-century case of buyer’s remorse. It’s like time travel gone wrong! Unless you’re a history buff with a thirst for historical diseases, I’d suggest sticking to a regular bird water container. Let’s leave the Victorian vibes to the museums, shall we?

From Our House to Yours

Hold your mops, folks; we’ve got a futuristic cleaning contraption on the loose! This brave soul is trying to resell an AI vacuum cleaner that looks like it’s ready to bring not just cleanliness, but a whole lot of grime to your home!

Image courtesy of Jackie Holmes/ Facebook

But hey, who can blame them for trying to find a new home for their robotic sidekick? Imagine this AI vacuum zipping around like a mini UFO, leaving a dirty trail. So, if you’re ready to welcome a bit of cosmic chaos into your cleaning routine, this might be the ticket!

For Those Who Want to be Stung

Brace yourself for the craziest “lighting” deal on Facebook Marketplace! This daring seller is trying to pass off a hornet’s nest as a chandelier! Can you imagine the audacity? It’s like saying, “Hey, want some stinging insects to brighten your home decor?”

Image courtesy of Emma Louise/ Facebook

Imagine potential buyers running for their lives instead of hitting that “Buy Now” button. Who needs a chandelier that doubles as a hive of buzzing troublemakers? It’s one way to add excitement to your living room, but we’d rather stick to regular light fixtures and keep the hornets at bay.

For Spare Planes in the Backyard

Buckle up, folks, because we’ve got an airborne sales pitch! This brilliant mind offers airplane seats online, thinking they might just be the perfect fit for RVs or even as extra seats on planes in the backyard. Talk about thinking outside the overhead compartment!

Image courtesy of Ben Derbyshire/ Facebook

Can you picture it? The family road trip in an RV, feeling like you’re soaring through the clouds with those airplane seats! Or hosting a backyard BBQ with your pals chilling – like a “plane” old party in the skies! Forget about regular outdoor furniture.

Someone’s Stoned

We’ve got a genius plan for easy money! This ambitious seller is ready to strike gold by offering a bag of garden pebbles. Yup, you heard that right – rocks in a suitcase! They’ve cracked the code to the “Pebble Fortune 500.”

Image courtesy of Johnathon Tango/ Facebook

Just imagine the excitement when buyers realize they can have their very own suitcase full of rocks for the bargain price of… well, rocks! Who needs gemstones when you can have a rock-solid investment like this? If only this seller could tell us what we need these pebbles for.

A Mystery Box

You won’t believe this one, folks! Someone’s got the deal of the century – a million-dollar mystery box! And the best part? It’s all because the package was mistakenly delivered to the wrong address! Talk about turning lemons into lemonade, or should we say, turning misdeliveries into money-making magic?

Image courtesy of Anthony Eccles/ Facebook

Who knows what’s inside this high-stakes treasure chest? A rare artifact, or just a bunch of mismatched socks? It’s a gamble worth your savings! So, if you’re feeling adventurous and have money to spare, why not take a chance on the most expensive mystery box in history?


Get ready to travel back in time to the Stone Age, courtesy of IKEA’s “Flintstones Special” kitchen set! This seller is channeling their inner Fred and Wilma, offering a stone-themed kitchen set that even the cave dwellers would envy. We’ve got stone pots, stone cups, and even a stone table!

Image courtesy of Ross Kennerell – Walters/ Facebook

Imagine whipping up a prehistoric feast while yelling, “Yabba Dabba Doo!” Sure, it might not be the most practical kitchen items, but hey, who needs modern amenities when you can cook like a caveman? You can cater to your dinosaur-sized appetite with these.

Serious Saller

This seller’s got a “grayt” sense of humor and a low tolerance for silliness! They’re offering a pedal stool – emphasis on “pedal” – but folks keep asking if it comes with wings or rockets. Can you believe it? They must be expecting a ride to the moon!

Image courtesy of Nick Houdjik/ Facebook

So, this no-nonsense seller has had enough and is putting their foot down. They’re only interested in “serious bayers, no time waster,” when there’s a pedal stool to sell! So, if you’re serious, step right up and claim your ordinary, down-to-earth pedal stool!

Wrong Pussy

Hilarious mishap alert! So, this seller’s all pumped to list their jewelry holder online, but they couldn’t have messed up more if they tried. What do we get instead of a picture of the fancy jewelry holder? A snapshot of their sneaky feline furball, paws deep in their phone.

Image courtesy of Jonathan Jagoe/ Facebook

It is a purrfectly adorable disaster. Poor seller, talk about a cat-astrophic mix-up! Maybe they are trying to tell us their jewelry holder is so secure even their clever cat can’t get to the valuables. It’s a fur-midable sales strategy.


Oh, the technologically challenged strikes again! This hilarious seller took a selfie instead of a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow pic – talk about a classic mix-up! Is he selling his charm instead of a luxury car? It might have worked if he grinned.

Image courtesy of Lewis Norman/ Facebook

They’re showing off their best side, but hey, it’s not a Rolls Royce! Bless their heart; the older generation can be like cavemen in a digital world. So, let’s cut them some slack and hope they find the right photo of the Silver Shadow without any accidental selfies!

Worse than School Lunches

This seller’s offering platters for Mother’s Day, but they’ve got a funny twist – they’re catering to those who secretly detest their mothers! These platters are practically screaming, “Here’s a gift for those who secretly wish that they were never born.”

Image courtesy of Owen Dawson/ Facebook

While we appreciate their attempt at humor, maybe it’s time to switch gears and offer something more heartfelt and mother-approved. Let’s save the sassy platters for April Fools’ Day, shall we? Because whether or not this seller intends to, this “platter” is coming off as a joke.

Fresh from the Hollywood Set

This seller is offering a used refrigerator that looks like it’s gone through a wild west shootout. It’s like playing fridge roulette – how long can it keep the cold air? Who needs a fridge with sleek stainless steel when you can have one adorned with bullets?

Image courtesy of Lynette Melton/ Facebook

This brave fridge rode into town fresh from the set of the latest action blockbuster. So, the next time you grab a drink, remember you’re chilling with a movie star – and those bullet holes? Those are battle scars from its epic on-screen adventures.

Quite a Pitch

Parents, we have the perfect gift for you – introducing the “Future Rockstar Drumset!” This electric drumset isn’t just for music practice; it’s for training your little one to become the ultimate neighbor annoyer! This will make the next-door neighbor tear their ears off.

Image courtesy of Dawn Clarke/ Facebook

Who needs peace and quiet when you can have a household with a built-in rock band? If you’re ready for some musical mischief and colorful neighborly comments, this electric drumset is the key to your child’s rhythmic rebellion! Grab the deal now.


Oh, snack lovers, you’re in for a treat – or should we say, a “Crisp Wall Frame” extravaganza! This seller has us fooled with a clever twist – it’s not a frame, it’s a clothesline of delicious snacks! This is a chip lover’s dream come true!

Image courtesy of Paul Matthew/ Facebook

Who needs family photos when you can have a gallery of tasty treats hanging on your wall? This “chip-tastic” creation is the ultimate décor for any potato chip enthusiast. This is perfect if you’re ready to elevate and show off your chip collection.

A Tech-less Distraction

Parents, prepare for the ultimate engineering marvel that will fuel your child’s imagination! Introducing the “Racer’s Dream Chair” – a child’s seat with a racing-style steering wheel installation. Imagine a mini Grand Prix in your living room!

Image courtesy of Clair Sabrina/ Facebook

Say goodbye to tantrums and boredom, and hello to epic adventures! Watch as your little one becomes the captain of their own race car, zooming through imaginary tracks and leaving weariness in the dust. It’s not just a chair; it’s a portal to endless fun.

Worn by a Pig

It is time for some fashion-forward fun! Is this seller pulling out all the stops to showcase their crop top and model of choice? A pig stuffed toy! Talk about haute “ham-ture”! We are witnessing a fashion revolution, folks.

Image courtesy of Han HR/ Facebook

Move over, supermodels, because this little piggy is stealing the spotlight. Who knew a crop top could look so stylish on a snuggly swine? If you’re ready to embrace the latest in porcine couture, this crop top and pig combo might be the trendiest.

Reality: Uprooted

Well, look who is selling nature’s newest disaster art piece! This seller’s got a “drug-out tree” up for grabs, but here’s the secret – it’s a victim of the recent storm’s uprooting escapades! Talk about a tree-tastrophe turned art installation.

Image courtesy of Lisa Morris/ Facebook

While we applaud their creative sales pitch, we might have to leaf this one alone and let the tree find its roots back in the ground. If you’re in the market for a tree with a story to tell, this uprooted wonder might be the arboreal conversation starter.

Dog House

Well, it seems our seller is offering a unique “pet-friendly” twist on real estate! You’d expect to see pictures of the cozy 2 bed 1 bath apartment, but nope, they’ve got their furry friend munching away on a Pedigree sack instead! Did they mean to say doghouse?

Image courtesy of Owen Dawson/ Facebook

This offering of a “2 bed 1 bath” will make you think it’s fit for humans, but here’s the twist – it’s secretly a hideout for canines, a real estate riddle for the canine companions. Picture fluffy pillows, water bowls, and a mini-bathroom. Move over; humans, it’s a dog’s life!

Screams Desperation

This brave soul is trying to sell a car because, well, they’ve got “one too Manny”! We can’t help but think their spelling skills are going through a rough patch, screaming “desperation” with every typo. Is spellcheck no longer a thing these days?

Image courtesy of Owen Dawson/ Facebook

“Car for sail,” anyone? We can see potential buyers scratching their heads, wondering if they are signing up for a sea voyage or a smooth ride. At least we know Manny is getting a lot of company, so long as they can troubleshoot a problematic car.

Needs More Work

Ladies and gentlemen, gather for this unbelievable “Messi Masterpiece.” This person offers a drawing of the legendary soccer player, but hold your applause because it looks more like a Picasso-inspired creation! Talk about abstract art gone wild.

Image courtesy of Ian Howard/ Facebook

If you’re looking for a good laugh and a conversation starter, this “Messi-but-not-really” drawing is for you. Who needs accurate portraits when you can have a surrealistic twist on soccer greatness? Anyone would have a better chance printing a picture of Messi on the internet.

Not-So Quality Pic

Quality pictures are like the crown jewel when it comes to selling online. But some folks take it to the next level, like capturing a ghostly selfie in a haunted mirror! Let’s face it, dressing as a ghost ain’t gonna boost your product’s appeal.

Image courtesy of Debbie Gavan Castle / Facebook

That spooky vibe might be fun for Halloween, but it’s a sales nightmare year-round. So, save yourself from becoming the laughingstock of the marketplace and invest in some top-notch photos. A professional studio can make your product shine like a star, minus the ghostly garb.


Goodness gracious, that’s a new level of picture confusion! When offering a private room for rent, the last thing you want is to give potential tenants the wrong impression with a picture of two dogs attempting to get cozy. Talk about a case of mistaken identity!

Image courtesy of Lulu Brand/ Facebook

No one’s looking to share a room with some canine romance. Save the doggy love for a pet dating site! Invest in some quality photos of the actual room to attract the right tenants, not canine escapades. Let’s keep it professional and leave the doggy business elsewhere.

Screams Liar

This will have you losing your appetite. We’ve got a determined seller trying to salvage a fallen apple pie, swearing it never touched the pavement. Is this a pie rescue mission? They’re probably thinking, “Hey, it wasn’t longer than five seconds!”

Image courtesy of Owen Dawson/ Facebook

Who wouldn’t want a slightly squished but totally edible pie? They’re spinning it like an acrobatic apple pie routine – a slip and a flip, but still intact! Let’s give them credit for optimism. We’re just not the type of people to buy from liars.

Take the Stagnant Water With You

Get ready for a “swampy” deal of a lifetime! This bold seller offers a backyard fixture full of muddied and stagnant water – the ultimate “pond” in their eyes! Forget about water parks; this is better. This is perfect for hosting a mosquito convention or growing your own swamp monsters.

Image courtesy of Nikki Lawrence/ Facebook

Look no further! Who needs a sparkling pool when you can have your own “natural habitat” at home? You can get dengue and other diseases for free so long as you keep this backyard fixture untouched for the next couple of months.

Aesthetically Unpleasing

Hold on to your lint traps because we’ve got the quirkiest tumble dryer in town! This little guy may not win any beauty contests – we’re talking mismatched colors, dents, and stickers from who-knows-where. This tumble dryer must be going through a midlife crisis!

Image courtesy of Geoffrey Wood/ Facebook

No wonder this person is struggling to find this tumble dryer a new owner. “Take it home with you,” they plead, but even the charity shops are closing their doors. Who knew that people could be picky when it comes to freebies?

Free Haul

You won’t believe this generous offer! These lounge chairs come with a bonus feature – a doggone delightful surprise! The seller threw in their furry friend for good measure, showcasing the “customized” armrests, courtesy of the pooch’s chewing skills.

Image courtesy of Owen Dawson/ Facebook

Who wants a quirky, DIY pet project? Who needs a perfect set of chairs when you can have a charmingly chewed version? We can see potential buyers thinking, “Is it a chair or a doggy chew toy?” But hey, it’s all about embracing the imperfections, right?

Visually Striking

Talk about an owl-some marketing strategy! This seller is a true social media magician, posting a picture of a majestic owl with the caption ‘c2 with alloy wheels.’ This spellbinding mystery lures curious buyers to unravel the connection between an owl and a car.

Image courtesy of Sam Reece/ Facebook

It’s working like a charm! People are flocking to see the connection, like moths to a flame. Who knew an animal could be the key to selling a car? Hats off to this genius seller for unleashing the power of the feathered allure!

in the 1800s

Hold on to your falafels, folks, because we’ve got a vintage kebab shop fan up for grabs! This bad boy looks fresh off a time machine from the 1800s – complete with a coating of tarnish and a rust party! It’s a historical relic of greasy goodness.

Image courtesy of Michael Hanley/ Facebook

Who needs a regular fan when you can have a gust of “antique air”? Picture this rusty beauty spinning away, giving your modern-day kebab shop a touch of old-world charm. Sure, it might not be the shiniest fan on the block, but it’s got character! If only there were free kebabs.

Nice Combo

This daring soul had a stroke of genius, sticking a LeBron doll’s head onto a dinosaur’s body – and voila, the “LeBronasaurus” was born! It’s a Jurassic twist on basketball greatness. Who knew King James could rock a dino look so effortlessly?

Image courtesy of Conrad Buck/ Facebook

Want some prehistoric inspiration on your desk or a sports-themed buddy for your pet T-Rex? Look no further! This oddity is a slam dunk of creativity and humor. So, if you’re ready to embrace the dino-ball era, grab the LeBronasaurus before it goes extinct!

Technician Needed

Hold the popcorn, folks – we’ve got a microwave mystery on our hands! You buy a shiny, fancy microwave oven that lights up like a disco ball, and you’re all excited to heat up your leftovers. But wait, there’s a catch – it has one tiny flaw – it doesn’t heat the food!

Image courtesy of Steve Radcliffe/ Facebook

Who needs a microwave that’s all show and no go? But you could still use it as a kitchen disco light! This is futility at its finest. If you’re ready to add a little “microwave magic” to your kitchen, be prepared for a lot of cold suppers.

Dangerous Lives

Oh, rock ‘n’ roll, duck style! This seller has unleashed the quack-tastic world of wooden ducks dressed as Elvis! Those wooden quackers are strutting their stuff in slicked-back feathers and bedazzled jumpsuits. Who’s ready to rock the building?

Image courtesy of Sarah Mallett/ Facebook

These “Elvis Ducks” are taking center stage! Can you imagine the laughs and surprises they will bring to any home? This will make guests talk and wonder. Don’t blame us if they start thinking you have a screw loose. Why else would you pay good money for these?

Nightly Terror

Brace yourself for this one-of-a-kind creation featuring a doll’s head – the perfect recipe for nightly terror! Imagine turning off the lights, only to be greeted by the most frightful thing you’ve laid eyes on. Who needs sweet dreams when you can have the stuff of childhood nightmares right by your bedside?

Image courtesy of Jo Mason/ Facebook

The only thing this lamp will light up is the fastest sprint to the bathroom for a glass of water. If you’re up for spooky sleepovers with a doll’s head, this night lamp is the frightful friend you never knew you needed! Sweet dreams, or should we say nightmares?


This enthusiastic seller is lying atop a bed like a human pretzel, attempting to snap a picture of a mirror using his feet as a makeshift selfie stick. This is comparable to watching a slapstick comedy and an acrobatics show simultaneously.

Image courtesy of Jon Strange/ Facebook

Bless his creativity, but this mirror isn’t showing off its best angles. We’ll give him an “A” for effort and a “C” for coordination. It’s better to leave the acrobatics to the circus and let the mirror speak for itself!


Oh, buckle up for the most honest car sale in town! This brave soul is offering a Hyundai Santa Fe with a twist – it runs, but there’s a tiny catch; it needs an engine! It’s like selling a bike without wheels and saying, “Hey, it’s great for stationary workouts!”

Image courtesy of Owen Dawson/ Facebook

Kudos to the seller for their refreshingly candid approach. Imagine cruising down the road, wind in your hair, and pretending you’re on your way to the office! If you’re up for a “rolling” challenge and a laugh-filled journey, this Hyundai Santa Fe might be your ticket to engine-less excitement!

Is anyone interested in a marble toilette?

Unless you restore a home from a specific time, we don’t recommend buying a used toilet. However, as mentioned, it can’t be avoided if you’re committed to staying true to a period. With thorough cleaning, you’ll be able to restore a period piece and use it.

Image courtesy of MIchelle Hutchinson/ Facebook

Does anybody want to shell out £100 on a marble toilette that looks like this? We’re afraid that this piece will start munching on our legs when we do our business in the morning. We can’t help but think of teeth when we look at it.

Get yourself bargain ham

We’re not going to pretend that we’re not tempted to hit the “Message Seller” button because the ham looks like it will fill our hungry tummies for breakfast. Folks, £5 for this bunch is an excellent deal, so you better consider it.

Image courtesy of Zoe Francine/ Facebook

Whoever posted this must have wanted to make a quick buck. Of all the postings we’ve seen so far, this is one of the most realistic and convincing. The food isn’t rotten, and it doesn’t seem like a shady deal.

This does not belong on Marketplace

If this is the good side of the couch, we’re left to wonder what the other side looks like. This one is a hard pass. Even if it’s free, it’s just too much work cleaning and repairing it. We doubt anybody would sit on that.

Image courtesy of Zoe Francine/ Facebook

This belongs in a dumpster and not on the FB marketplace. Who in their right mind would pay for such a thing? You’re better off spending your hard-earned money in yard sales where you can find decent furniture that won’t give you diseases.

People swear this is comfortable

This thing might not be a beauty, but many folks who used to have or currently have this at home swear this is one of the most comfortable furniture ever. However, this seat looks defeated and sad. It has seen better days.

Image courtesy of Nik Crosby/ Facebook

Others are in better condition for sale online and in brick-and-mortar second-hand shops. Try looking around; you might score vintage furniture in excellent condition that will look like a million books after cleaning and conditioning.