Personifying Brands: Talented Artist Uses AI To Generate Fun Portraits Of Famous Brands

By Jishnu B

This is the era of artificial intelligence — there is no doubt about that. Every day newer AI that can function in various ways is being invented. We may not have flying cars, but we certainly have technology that can write essays and drive our vehicles.

As impressive as it is, there are some ethical concerns regarding AI. Technically, it is not producing anything new. It simply compiles information online and presents it depending on the prompts you’ve written. And no one has been spurned by this factor more than artists. AI collects data from their art and creates something new.

On the other hand, this technology has greatly benefited those with bright new ideas. For example, the Ukrainian Redditor (u/ThrowRAConsistent) generated these fantastic photos of famous brands as humans with the Midjourney AI. They are pretty amazing and highlight the positive side of AI. Enjoy!


One might say that the most American thing in this world is either the bald eagle or Mount Rushmore (or firearms). But nothing can beat the Americanness of the McDonald’s franchise. No wonder the USA has the highest consumption rate of McDonald’s.  

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

Honestly, the food from Mcdonald’s is just ‘Meh.’ However, there is a nostalgia factor attached to the chain. It’s so bad that, at some point, it starts tasting good! The AI edit our artist did for the chain looks like “Pennywise” during the New York fashion week. Yay, or nay?


Wildfire has nothing on TikTok. This app spread faster than the coronavirus! It feels just like yesterday when we knew nothing about it. Yet today, it feels like every grain of sand in the world is addicted to this app. 

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

There are many downsides to TikTok. However, we must admire its ability to create and promote new trends. TikTok may have crippled Gen Z’s attention span, but it also popularized these attractive e-boys and e-girls. So it’s only fitting they serve as the new AI mascot!

Taco Bell

Our love for Taco Bell is like diarrhea — we just cannot hold it in! Ironically, Taco Bell is also notorious for sending people on long trips to the toilet. Frankly speaking, Taco Bell’s food is not all that. They are the nightmare of every Mexican.  

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

Yet, for some reason, we cannot get enough of it. Half of the food is just iceberg lettuce and suspicious ground meat. Still, nothing hits hard like a Taco Bell crunch wrap supreme when you are drunk. We’re just glad they used a Hispanic model, even though Taco Bell is miles away from authenticity.   


We all have memories of this brand, although we mostly do not recall it since we were infants. Even if we did not exclusively wear Pampers, we definitely wore diapers. And Pampers is undoubtedly the most popular brand among parents. 

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

Pampers has prevented children from soiling their surroundings for 62 years. That feat deserves a round of applause. This brand is from a time when changing babies was done exclusively by women. However, in the modern era, fathers also change their children, and that’s why this mascot is a win.  


Capitalizing on the dreams of innocent children should be illegal. Yet, Disney got away with it for so many years. Their business strategy is frighteningly genius. Step one was introducing kids to all sorts of amazing places and people in their movies.  

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

Next was to make dreams come true by making theme parks and ensuring no one can enter them without becoming semi-bankrupt! If you think you can visit Disneyland daily by becoming an employee, give up. Only conventionally attractive people like her, who could easily be cast in the live-action, are hired. 

Burger King 

Burger King is a thousand times better than Mcdonald’s. Go on, prove us wrong. You know you can’t. McDonald’s beef patties are cooked on a griddle. On the other hand, Burger King flame broils their patties. Hence, they always have a sublime smoky flavor. 

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

The only thing still keeping Mcdonald’s going is their chicken nuggets and nostalgia. You could argue that the Burger King mascot looks creepy. However, that’s probably because you have never met Ronald Mcdonald. Look at this jolly man. He is like the kind of Santa that gives you burgers for Christmas! 


Many say that alcohol is the most evil of all liquids. That is probably because they never had a sip of chilled Coca-Cola on a summer day. This drink will convert you. Once you have a sip of it, you’ll wake up as a different person!

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

It’s safe to say that this drink is addictive. That said, did you know that Coca-Cola once had cocaine in it? They say it was for medicinal reasons. However, many theorists believe that the corporation wanted everyone to be addicted to their product. The inhuman AI design here is quite fitting.  


We never thought AI would make us philosophers, yet here we are. This photo holds layers of meaning for millennials like us. Back in the day, Facebook was actually a prestigious website. Having a Facebook account could make you the star of the party. 

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

However, nowadays, it has lost its eliteness as everyone and their mother (especially mothers) have a Facebook page. Social media joined the game with a promise to connect everyone. However, in reality, we have never been more disconnected. We can’t help but see that through this masterpiece.


Say what you want about AI art, but you have to admit how respectful the AI artist is. They must have given specific prompts to Midjourney to make sure the mascots of the brands were as racially and culturally accurate as possible.  

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

For example, the famous instant coffee brand Nescafe is from Switzerland. Although the owners of the brand are white, the company’s coffee beans are harvested by people of color. Africa, Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, and Indonesia are currently the largest suppliers. Kudos to u/ThrowRAConsistent for placing a Hijab on the model. 


If you are a devout iPhone user, please look away because we are about to spill the undeniable blasphemous reality: Android is better than iOS. An average iPhone cannot compete with the technology of a Samsung. We will argue that even cameras from the latest model compare to the ones from iPhone.  

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

Did you know that Samsung is a South Korean brand? Currently, it has one best brand values in the modern market, as Samsung products are well known for being excellent. Once again, kudos to u/ThrowRAConsistent for making sure the photo was racially accurate by using an Asian mascot. 


Elon Musk as a person may have lost many fans. However, Tesla is still winning. The brand is going strong. Once you understand the car’s mechanics, you will see why. The world is rapidly deteriorating, and electric cars may be the only way to drive automobiles sustainably. 

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

Tesla uses electricity to function. Unlike natural sources, electricity can be man-made — therefore, it’s a sustainable source. Aside from the eco-friendly benefits, Tesla also has wonderful features like self-driving. Even if you hate Musk, you must admire the genius of this man. Therefore, it’s only fitting to have him here.   

Ali Express

The invention of AliExpress is simultaneously the best and the worst thing that has happened to us. They give us access to the cheapest possible products, often sourced straight from the producer. Hence, due to the lack of an extensive chain of middlemen, most products are worth a drop of water.   

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

However, this is a double-edged sword as gullible people like us have lost control and cannot stop shopping. Everything seems affordable, and we keep buying things we do not need. Hence, we spend more than we should. That pile behind this woman is tragically smaller than ours! 


Starbucks is not all it’s made out to be. There, we said it. We know some people may not agree and maybe even take offense, but the truth must prevail. You could throw your money in NFTs, and it would still be better than buying Starbucks. 

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

Please don’t say their coffee is excellent. It is just okay. No one buys coffee from Starbucks for taste. They buy it for brand value and Instagram likes. This photo is quite accurate. There’s usually someone with bright hair like this at the shop.   


We feel that no one has quite emphasized the importance of cameras in the modern world. Almost every piece of content we see has some kind of photo or video. Studies have shown that we prefer content with some kind of visuals attached to it. 

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

Cameras can encapsulate moments from our lives. At some point, the photos you leave behind might become the only proof of your existence. Therefore, we all need a good camera — and there is no better camera than Nikon. You might have to sell your kidney to buy it, but it’s worth it. 


Those who think that reading Hebrew or hieroglyphs is difficult have clearly never purchased furniture from Ikea. The company did its best in designing the instruction manuals. However, they did not dumb it down enough, as we still can never figure out what they are saying.  

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

We just go there for food. Yes, Ikea indeed has some banger food (e.g., Swedish meatballs). Aside from furniture, you can purchase all sorts of household appliances, such as lamps, frames, or utensils. This photo depicts Ikea’s vast collection. The only thing missing is a plate of delicious Swedish meatballs.   


Google is perhaps the most lethal and effective invention of the 21st century. Think about it, millennials and Gen Z would be crippled without IT. Curiosity is a key characteristic of humanity. Fortunately, there is Google — a search engine that can answer all your questions. 

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

This AI image could easily be used as a Google Doodle. We would not be too surprised if Google started making their doodles with Midjourney because this was simply brilliant. You appreciate all the ‘gears’ that turn just so you can see who won yesterday’s match.


Your ex may forget you and move on with their life. However, FedEx will never forget you, as delivering your items safely to you is their goal in life. FedEx has the largest transportation and delivery range in the world. 

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

If your FedEx driver cannot reach you, you might be the problem! This AI image, however, is quite misleading. FedEx does not have delivery women like this who could walk on a runway. The delivery men we see are mostly balding middle-aged men. 

Dairy Queen 

The only people who hate Dairy Queen are most likely lactose intolerant. There is nothing not to like about this place. They make banger soft serves and milkshakes. For birthdays or anniversaries, you could get an affordable ice cream cafe from them. 

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

If you are not into sweets, fear not. You could have burgers and other savory items (depending on the location). The young lady in the photo reminds us of our high school days when we used to have soft serves almost every day. 

Home Depot 

You can not call yourself an adult without ever making a trip to Home Depot. This store is essential if you ever start a  project or establish your home. They’ve got virtually everything that can make your work a bit easier.

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

Home Depot would not be Home Depot without its employees. We do not know what kind of training these people go through. They always accurately pinpoint which shelf has your desired item. Also, most of the employees are of large stature and will almost always help you load your cargo. Another apt description.


This brand will forever be iconic. You know about this brand. Chances are, even your grandmother knows about this brand. That is because L’Oréal started its journey 113 years ago. It has faced numerous ups and downs on the way. 

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

However, they’ve stood strong. Currently, L’Oréal is the biggest cosmetics brand in the world. They produce nearly all kinds of cosmetics a person can need. Their products are used by women all over the world. Hence, it’s good to see such diversity on screen.

Louis Vuitton 

Numerous luxury brands have been launched and gone under over the years. But Louis Vuitton has stood the test of time for the last 170 years, and has no signs of slowing down. We find it remarkable how they stood tall through so many economic crises and trend changes.

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

The brand’s strong point is adapting to change while maintaining authenticity. The LV monogram on the brown bag is undoubtedly iconic. LV was initially designed for women. However, the postmodern era of the brand also started creating items for men, as seen here.  


America would not be America without CVS. The average CVS in your area is likely more lifeless and colder than your ex. However, you cannot deny their role in saving and caring for the lives of billions of Americans for decades.    

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

They provide you with medicine 24/7, and that is something worth admiring. However, sometimes entering a CVS feels like entering a morgue. Everything is so blank. There is also a medicinal scent always wafting through the air. The fact that the employees look this stern does not help their case either. 

Fox Media 

You either love Fox Media, or you detest them with a burning passion. We won’t mention it, but we’re sure you know how Trump feels. Over the years, the news company has been accused of many things. For example, they have been blamed for making up fake news.    

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

Fox News also likely has some political bias (which is something firmly believed by Donald Trump). Regardless of the dirty water, they are still the highest-rated news media. Many believe that Fox is controlled by the 1%. It wouldn’t be surprising to learn that’s true. 


There’s no denying it — Microsoft is amazing. It’s why Bill Gates is who he is. He deserves every penny for founding it. Modern computers are shaped by the groundwork that Microsoft laid down. Technology, especially computers, wouldn’t be where they are today without it.

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

Aside from the basic computer functions, Microsoft popularized Word documents, excel sheets, and slides. Apple, Google, and other corporations may have come up with their own versions, but Microsoft is definitely the forefather. The AI model in the photo has the iconic colors of the corporation’s logo. 


Those who say that money cannot buy happiness have clearly never felt the joy of having a full wallet and getting to impulse buy everything they ever wanted. We have never understood these people. Money is our best pal, and we refuse to believe otherwise.  

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

We are the kind of people who prefer to wipe our eyes with dollar bills than smile while homeless. If you think your money cannot bring you happiness, feel free to transfer your funds to us. Use PayPal so you won’t have additional charges! 


Those who use Shopify likely never switch back to anything else. People from the States may not be as familiar with Shopify. However, Canadians swear by this company for good reason. Slowly, other countries are also devoting themselves to it. 

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

Shopify is very user-friendly. It’s especially useful for new small business owners who are trying to get a good kickstart. The app is very customizable and has a wide price range. It also helps that they charge less for delivery than most of their competitors.


There is something about Target that immediately lights us up. Perhaps it’s the red color of the interior, or it could also be that they have such a wide collection. However, what makes Target most attractive is the affordability of the items.   

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

People of all ages, gender, and beliefs have something for them in Target. We should also give props to the layout of the store as it’s very useful to navigate. Everyone always ends up staying longer than intended at the store due to this. 


We have never met people who exclusively swear by Walmart. Neither have we ever met someone who loves this retail store blindly. The company definitely has some good sides. If not, they would not be as big a corporation as they are. 

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

However, it’s undeniable that they are not the best. The company claims to sell only the best quality products. Sadly, we all know that’s a lie. The memes about the Walmart version of famous celebrities exist for a reason. It seems even AI is not a big fan of Walmart! 


Kids these days know nothing about Yahoo, and it pains us to our core. Us ’90s kids vividly recall the joy of using Yahoo emails and search options. Google and Facebook later emerged and revolutionized the social media and search engine game.  

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

However, there is no doubt that Yahoo pioneered the game. Without them laying down the groundwork, some modern-day programs might not even exist. Therefore, we are overjoyed to see the AI artist paying proper homage to our beloved Yahoo. We’ll never forget you!


If you have never heard of the Sony brand, chances are you live under a rock. At this moment, you most likely have at least one electronic from Sony in your house. Even if the item does not have the label, at least the raw material was sourced from the company for sure.  

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

That is because Sony is the largest manufacturer of electronic goods in the world. Even the video games you play are made by the company. Sony is like oxygen — you cannot escape it while you are alive. And that’s exactly the kind of vibe we get from this picture.     


We do not know about you, but ever since Netflix emerged, we have not switched to a regular TV channel. We often get news from YouTube. This kind of situation was unimaginable back in the day as TV was essential to our recreation. 

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

However, Netflix revolutionized modern media and gave viewers the power to choose what they want to watch. They even started making their own original movies, documentaries, and series. Though there are some questionable shows and films, you will find many treasures on there as well.    


To those of you who are not yet adults, you have no idea how lucky you are. Being a grown-up has its perks. You get to have your own money and estate. And you can also have ice cream for breakfast, and no one can stop you. 

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

However, this freedom comes at a high price. As an adult, you will start worrying about paying taxes. You’ll understand how loathsome tax season is. Auditing and arranging all the paperwork on your own is an absolute nightmare. Thankfully, Deloitte will be your best friend during those hard times.  


Cisco has provided Americans with a variety of networking services for almost four decades. Ironically, their own server often crashes despite claiming to be a networking specialist. Other than their bizarre obsession with abbreviations, they seem to always hire a particular type of employee. 

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

Most of us know at least one long-haired male acquaintance in our life who works at Cisco. These specimens are often high while on the clock, yet they somehow manage to get their work done. It is sort of a marvel! 


Never make the mistake of looking up your symptoms on Bing. We assure you Bing will always insist that a cough will lead you to death in a few days. Other than being the most dramatic among all search engines, Bing holds almost no relevance.

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

After Google became popular, this search engine was nearly forgotten. However, there are some things that Bing is better at than Google. The image quality on Bing is far superior to Google’s. Therefore, you should give poor Bing a chance once in a while.   


Say what you want about Jeff Bezos. He may be a maniacal tyrant or the real-life Lex Luthor. However, no one can deny his genius when it comes to conducting business. It’s hard to imagine Amazon started off as a humble online bookstore. 

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

However, he elevated it to the largest online commercial service in the world in less than three decades. Other than human organs, you might find everything under the sun on Amazon. Notice how the arrow in the logo starts at A and ends at Z? That’s because they can provide you with everything.   


Adobe is heavily underrated, and it hurts our hearts when we think about it. Over the years, many animation and illustration software have emerged. Some are actually quite easy to use. However, Adobe was the one that came up with the idea first.  

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

The initial learning period of memorizing different buttons and functions is mildly difficult. However, once you get the gist of it, Adobe lets you take a myriad of routes. Looking at this picture, you can tell the model is definitely artsy. The colors are what let you in on the platform.  


It’s safe to say that Apple helped shape how modern technology functions today. It’s not just a device. Owning this brand’s products is a status symbol. The last time a fruit held such influence over humanity was probably the forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden!

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

In Western society, especially, having an iPhone is a must. There is no nice way of saying this; however, you will often be considered the scum of society if you use Android instead of Apple (even though Android is way better).  


Humanity has always had a taste for luxury goods. Hence, brands like Cartier have survived effortlessly for the last two centuries. Nothing screams ‘boujee’ like a Cartier on your body. This is why the brand is so highly coveted by everyone.

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

The jewelry company manufactures various items with precious jewels. However, diamond rings from Cartier are probably the most popular item. You have bragging rights for life if you have a Cartier ring on your finger. Therefore, it’s only fitting that the AI version of the brand is the literal personification of luxury.  


Not many people seem to acknowledge the effect that Intel had on computer technology, and we think it’s unfair. Old is gold — and Intel has proved this statement over and over again. Many companies have released CPUs over the years. However, nothing can beat the performance of an Intel product. 

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

It is basically a veteran in the field of technology. If you love gaming or doing complex animation work, Intel will be your best friend. They are also very good with AI. We bet these photos were made by an Intel computer.      


Adidas may claim that “Impossible is nothing,” but that is probably because they never peeked inside our wallets. It’s impossible for us to buy their products because there is nothing in our wallets! How is that for “all in or nothing?”. 

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

Our middle-class souls can barely afford eggs. What makes them think we can buy their overpriced tracksuits? Besides, sportswear is useless to us since we refuse to move unless it’s absolutely necessary. This creepy AI mascot is not very inviting to us either. 

American Express

Our life is like an American Express credit card. We are either being used or denied. We once dressed up as an American Express card for Halloween. When asked why, we gave the same reason. Hence, we collected tons of pity chocolate that evening.  

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

We have no idea what delusion American Express is under. However, their experience is nowhere near as luxurious as they claim. While it’s helpful that they are good double-duty, this photo is misleading. We’ve never felt like 1920s flappers after using their cards. 


We genuinely believe that luxury goods are useless, especially clothes. These brands sell the simplest shirt for thousands of dollars. If that is not robbery in broad daylight, we don’t know what is. We do not have much good feeling for Chanel as its founder Coco Chanel was a Nazi sympathizer.

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

Their makeup and clothes are not all that, in our opinion. This is not an instance of calling grapes sour because we couldn’t reach them. However, if you must invest in their product, go for the perfumes. Chanel knows how to please a person’s olfactory senses. 


If you are not an avid gamer or you live outside of America, chances are you know nothing about this company. However, you are just as affected by their work, whether you know it or not. Their services are amazing. 

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

The company specializes in graphic design and generating games. They are most famous for making the world’s fastest GPU. nVidia is responsible for designing some of your favorite video games. Therefore, it’s quite fitting that the company’s AI avatar looks like a character from a sci-fi video game. 


People outside of Western Europe are likely unfamiliar with this brand. However, people from the United Kingdom swear by this company. Shell provides Britain with gas, electricity, and broadband connections. However, they are most known for providing electricity in homes. 

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

However, Shell does not generate their own electricity. Instead, they purchase it from neighboring countries. The brand is very recognizable due to its simple yet bright yellow logo. Kudos to the artist for making this image so accurate. The mascot looks like she’s wearing the logo!


There was a time people claimed that YouTube would not work. Yet here we are. Almost all of those people are currently addicted to the video platform. The invention of YouTube significantly decreased the viewership of TV. Now, even TV channels are migrating to YouTube.  

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

The rise of YouTube also gave rise to YouTubers. Many of them have millions of followers. Most famous YouTubers have dyed their hair in various bright shades at least once in their lifetime. Hence, this avatar is quite accurate for the platform. 


The battle between UPS and FedEx is never-ending. Everyone in America has their postal service of choice, and they swear by it. Just like FedEx, UPS has its own set of perks. FedEx may have the largest delivery range, as mentioned before… 

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

but it is undeniable that UPS is better and faster at delivering items. That is because they use trucks for delivery. This AI art of UPS is quite interesting. The UPS delivery man looks like the lovechild of Pete Davidson and Rami Malek. 


We have no idea how Mcdonald’s was the highest-selling fast food chain in America when Wendy’s also existed. This delightful chain sells the freshest burgers in the country. The square patties they serve just make the eating experience more fun. 

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

Besides, we think Wendy’s has a bigger menu, and their food also seems fresher. Do yourself a favor and try their chili. It’s phenomenal. The red-haired mascot of the brand was allegedly the daughter of the founder. We wonder if she looked like this in real life. 


Today’s kids will never understand the pain and fear of being stranded in the middle of nowhere without a ride. We don’t know if we should be enraged or relieved. Back in the day, leaving kids in the middle of nowhere was the ultimate form of bullying. 

Image Credit: u/ThrowRAConsistent

Millennials shed tears of joy the day Uber was invented. All you need is a good internet connection and the Uber app. A vehicle will pick you up even if you are stranded in the heart of the Arctic (that’s obviously an exaggeration, but you get the point!)