From Bargains To Blunders: 35+ Tales Of Black Friday Shopping Fiascos

By Jishnu B

Ah, Black Friday – the annual shopping extravaganza where eager bargain hunters dive headfirst into a whirlwind of deals and discounts. Yet, amidst the chaos of crowded aisles and virtual carts brimming with potential treasures, there lies a trove of amusing mishaps and unexpected blunders. In this article, we unravel the quirky tapestry of Black Friday fails – those hilarious, head-shaking moments that punctuate the shopping spree frenzy. From TVs with a sudden aversion to screens to parking escapades that defy all logic, join us on a journey through the comical side of the much-anticipated shopping holiday, where excitement often collides with the unexpected. These are not just shopping anecdotes; they are the comedic interludes that make the day more than a mere retail event – it’s a hilarious rollercoaster of misadventures that leave us chuckling and questioning, “Was that discount really worth it?”

Clothing Avalanche

The aftermath of a Black Friday sale at the local Macy’s resembled a fashion war zone, with clothes scattered haphazardly in a chaotic mess. Shoppers, in their quest for the best deals, had left the store’s clothing racks in complete disarray.

Image Credit: @Dankaay/Reddit

Piles of discounted clothes lay in random places as if a tornado had swept through the store, leaving behind a trail of fashion chaos. This humorous yet slightly chaotic scene highlights the lengths people are willing to go for a good deal, even if it means turning a department store into a fashion battlefield.

Price Paradox 

Here is another case of a ‘sale’ price being more expensive than the original price. In a bid to trick consumers into parting with their hard-earned money, big companies have fallen to the lowest of lows by employing these tactics. Since when did a discount mean spending more?

Image Credit: @NGNLZero/Reddit

Let this be a lesson to everyone not to be easily tricked into supposed sales. Everyone needs to be vigilant and not believe everything they see. People often say, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is,” and that also applies to shopping deals.

Careful With Placing Signs

Shops need to be careful with how they place their sale signs because those things could give people the wrong impression and expectation. What is this store trying to say? We’ll give you time to guess, but we assure you it’s rated PG.

This Black Friday fail isn’t about deceptive marketing practices or fraudulent pricing. It’s more about spelling. The store has a sale on shoes, ‘Buy 1 Get 1 for $5,’ or $5 for two pairs of shoes. However, the column has covered the S, so it now reads, ‘All Hoes Buy 1 Get 1 for $5.’

Unexpected Arrival

In a twist of fate that no one could have predicted, a baby decided to make a grand entrance into the world at a Walmart on Black Friday. Amidst the hustle and bustle of eager shoppers and discounted items, the store unexpectedly became the backdrop for the miracle of life. 

Image Credit: @crass_anon/Reddit

While undoubtedly surprising for everyone involved, the birth added a unique and heartwarming chapter to the shopping saga. As folks paused to witness the unexpected event, it was a gentle reminder that life’s most precious moments could happen when and where you least expect them – so don’t risk shopping when you’re due.

Double Trouble Scam

Imagine the excitement of spotting a seemingly incredible bargain, only to discover it’s a double-dealing deception. In one unfortunate case, a crafty retailer applied a new price sticker over the original, proudly promoting a jaw-dropping discount. The twist? Both the original and “bargain” prices were slyly set at a flat $129.

Image Credit: @Zoykah/Reddit

Shoppers were left scratching their heads as they realized they fell victim to a clever marketing ploy. It’s a reminder that during the Black Friday shopping frenzy, not every deal is as sweet as it seems, and some retailers might just be playing a sneaky game of pricing déjà vu.

Sneaker Shuffle

After the Black Friday sale at a Nike store, the once orderly display of shoeboxes turned into a chaotic dance of disarray. The shoes, normally neatly aligned like disciplined soldiers, were in a state of rebellion, scattered and tossed randomly. 

Image Credit: @IramFlorCamacho/Reddit

It’s like the sneakers inside decided to break free and explore the world beyond their designated shelves. Shoppers, hoping to snag the perfect pair, were left with a scavenger hunt through the aftermath of what can only be described as the “Post-Black Friday Sneaker Shuffle.”

Black Friday Line at Walmart

In a rebellious act against conventional queuing, a Black Friday line at Walmart took an unconventional route that defied all pedestrian norms. Instead of politely turning down the sidewalk like civilized humans, the line crossed the street, blocking traffic in a bold display of shopping rebellion. 

Image Credit: @Alldamage/Reddit

It extended down the parking lane, creating a spectacle that bewildered shoppers and drivers alike. It’s the kind of Black Friday saga where lines turn the pursuit of discounts into a street performance that challenges the concept of orderly queues.

The Penny Pincher’s Dilemma

Prepare for the ultimate Black Friday rollercoaster: a deal so epic it shaved off a whopping one cent. The original price proudly stood at $70, only to be discounted to the earth-shattering price of $69.99. What were they thinking when putting this sticker on? 

Image Credit: @that1w3irdk1d/Reddit

It’s a deal that makes you question the lengths retailers will go to claim they’ve slashed prices, leaving shoppers both amused and slightly puzzled. Every cent counts in the world of Black Friday bargains, even if it’s just for the thrill of saying, “I saved a penny.”

How they do it in Portugal

If you think other countries are less deceitful about shopping deals, there’s a chance that you’re mistaken. This was seen in Portugal, and you can see that they have similar practices there. See the price on the white tag and the price on the yellow tag.

Your eyes are not deceiving you. Both are similar, so there’s no point in telling customers they’re having a sale. Or are we mistaken, and the slashed prices on top are the original prices? This is confusing, and you know what they say about confusion, it will make some people buy.

A Summary of Black Friday Deals

If you’re bad at Math, you can always take your phone out and do a simple calculation. 2 for $10 means it’s $5 apiece. So, how are you saving money when the price tag says $3.80 per piece? What is going on in the world right now?

Sometimes, it makes more sense to stay at home and ignore all advertisements for discounts because, at the end of the day, only a handful of them are real. Do you also fall for these gimmicks and get to the store as soon as they open to score deals?

Delivery Drama

Embarking on the inaugural “big purchase” during the Black Friday bonanza, these individuals envisioned a triumphant arrival of their new TV monitor, a symbol of technological bliss. Little did they know, the plot would take an unexpected twist. The delivery guy, possibly overwhelmed by the chaotic rhythm of Black Friday, executed an unfortunate drop-down-the-stairs-and-run maneuver. 

Image Credit: @BabyinAjar/Reddit

Alas, their eagerly anticipated monitor, now a seasoned warrior with scratches as battle scars. This tale is a melodrama of high expectations meeting the comedic reality of a stairway misadventure during a delivery drama. Whoever handles these things should be more careful.

Security Camera Switcheroo 

After dealing with a real-life psycho, investing in a security camera seemed like a wise move. Little did this man know triumph would transform into hilarity when the eagerly anticipated package from Target revealed an unexpected twist. Instead of the state-of-the-art device, the box unveiled a surprising guest – a bag of rice. 

Image Credit: @Shadowflare000/Reddit

This mix-up, a cosmic joke in the world of Black Friday surprises, turns a quest for safety into a comedic tale of unexpected culinary additions. How can rice help record videos and sounds and monitor the goings-on in an area?

Sticker Shock Chronicles

In the annals of Black Friday history, a deal emerged that left shoppers doing a double take. The original price, a modest $88, got a makeover when a sale sticker was triumphantly slapped over it, proudly proclaiming the new price as a jaw-dropping $159.99.

Image Credit: @Fugim/Reddit

It’s the kind of sticker shock that transforms a seemingly great deal into a comedic masterpiece, showcasing the art of salesmanship gone wild. Shoppers, expecting a steal, found themselves in a price-tag paradox, wondering if the discount was on the item or just the sticker itself.

The Scam Game

In the vibrant land of samba and sun, where Black Friday in Brazil takes on a unique flavor, we encounter the artful dance of scams. Sticker shock ascends to new heights as both the original and sale prices proudly proclaim the identical figure of $79.90.

Image Credit: @Mr_Ramiro/Reddit

It’s a brazen display of scam artistry, where the sheer audacity of identical price tags shatters the illusion of a deal. While Brazil may not officially embrace Black Friday, it seems to have mastered the act of leaving shoppers scratching their heads in a carnival of consumer confusion.

The Grand Line Spectacle

Venturing into the realm of a Walmart in Alabama during this bustling season resembles entering a carnival of anticipation. Scores of eager patrons form an elaborate queue, weaving through the parking lot like threads in an intricate tapestry. The line is a living organism of expectation.

Image Credit: @tjburns85/Reddit

In fact, the line stretches as far as the eye can see, creating a visual symphony of patience and excitement. Each person becomes a participant in the grand narrative, waiting not just to shop but to experience the communal buzz of the Walmart line spectacle.

Crowded Clash

In the heart of shopping fervor, an unexpected drama unfolds – a Black Friday failure of epic proportions. The crowd becomes a battleground, and skirmishes erupt over coveted products within the sea of shoppers as people grab things they want for their homes.

Image Credit: @RealBasedMAGA/Reddit

The shopping carts transform into chariots of conflict, and the pursuit of bargains takes an unforeseen turn into the realm of retail warfare. Amidst the chaos, the true victors are those who emerge unscathed from the product melee, not the shoppers with the most items.

FedEx “Efficiency” Odyssey 

Embarking on a logistical odyssey, this individual’s eagerly anticipated package, ordered on the illustrious Black Friday, embarked on a curious journey. Living in Oregon, one might expect a direct route, but no—the map reveals an intricate dance across several states. 

Image Credit: @mtheory11/Reddit

In a display of FedEx’s “efficiency,” the package takes the scenic route, exploring unseen landscapes before finally reaching its destination. It’s a tale of logistical whimsy, turning a simple delivery into a cross-country escapade that challenges the very notion of geographic common sense.

The Illusive RMG Sale

Step into the whimsical world of retail mathematics, where a 5% discount unveils its enchanting dance. Once priced at $11.99, the product now graciously sells at the magically increased price of $12. The original $12.99 tag? Fear not; it gracefully pirouettes into the limelight at the new sale price of $13.

Image Credit: @fourNtwentyz/Reddit

In this retail ballet, numbers waltz to their own rhythm, and the concept of discounts takes a delightful detour into the realm of mathematical marvels. It’s not just a sale; it’s a numerical performance where prices dance, and shoppers marvel at the illusive charm of retail mathematics.

Amazon’s Price Ballet 

Here is another example of a price ballet, this time by Amazon. Priced at a reasonable £169.99 mere hours before the grand Black Friday “sale” spectacle, the chair takes a daring leap into the realms of pricing acrobatics that doesn’t make any sense.

Image Credit: @XcoldmineX/Reddit

As the sale curtain rises, behold the chair’s pirouette to £199.99, accompanied by a website proclamation of a £75 saving. It’s a grand performance in the theater of deceitful online deals, where the chair, now a prima ballerina, twirls through inflated discounts, leaving shoppers amused and angered by the audacity.

Costco’s Unconventional Sale 

In the realm of unbeatable deals, one shopper’s purchase turns into the macabre. Behold the black comedy of a coffin being acquired during the Black Friday sale. Usually filled with bulk bargains, the aisles now witness an unconventional addition, and even coffins are not spared.

Image Credit: @joonbug2010/Reddit

It’s a quirky reminder that Costco’s deals extend beyond the mundane, offering discounts for the living and those preparing for an eternal slumber. This purchase becomes a peculiar plot twist that elevates the art of bargain hunting to unexpected heights or, in this case, depths.

Bacon Bonanza 

Amidst the fiery spectacle of Black Friday sales, one offer stands out in the sizzling landscape – the $6 bacon packet gracefully marked down to the irresistible price of $5.95. It’s a deal so hot it could rival the flames of a culinary inferno. 

Image Credit: @JayBowdy/Reddit

The bacon, usually a breakfast delight, becomes the unexpected star of the Black Friday show, with a discount that’s as subtle as a tantalizing aroma. This bonanza takes center stage, leaving people’s taste buds and wallets equally delighted, even if their savings were only $0.05.

Glitchy Monitor Misadventure 

In the land of discount conquests, a shopper’s virtual victory takes an unexpected turn. The eagerly purchased laptop, acquired during the online frenzy, unveils a glitchy monitor upon arrival. What was meant to be a sleek technological marvel becomes a pixelated puzzle. 

Image Credit: @ZedOnNutella/Reddit

We can only imagine this customer’s disappointment when he was unboxing his newest digital prize. The excitement and anticipation of using a new device only to find it in this state. Sadly, this happens more often than people think. Hopefully, this guy got a refund or a device exchange.

Baby vs. Bargains 

In the chaotic ballet of Black Friday, one shopper’s decision raises eyebrows and questions about priorities. Picture this surreal scene: a baby nestled beside a pile of Black Friday treasures in the same grocery cart. It’s a juxtaposition of parental responsibility and the alluring call of bargains. 

Image Credit: @uvasif28/Reddit

In this odd dance of consumerism, the question arises – on Black Friday, is saving 30 bucks more crucial than ensuring your baby’s well-being? The grocery cart becomes a stage for a quirky parental dilemma, where bargains and babies share the spotlight in a curious retail theater.

Fitbit Fiasco 

A Fitbit enthusiast’s excitement turns into a comedic twist during the most anticipated shopping day of the year. Two Fitbits were ordered, but the package unveiled a surprise in the form of paper plates. The fitness journey takes an unexpected detour into the world of disposable dishware. 

Image Credit: @Parish87/Reddit

It’s a reminder that even the most straightforward transactions can unfold into unexpected narratives in the whirlwind of online shopping. Is this a sign for him to pause his health goals and treat himself to a buffet after this dilemma? He might as well treat himself to something tasty.

Stroller Struggles 

Embarking on a Black Friday shopping adventure, one parent’s memory lapse becomes a whimsical parenting odyssey. Picture this surreal scene: a baby perched atop the basket of treasures acquired during the sale. The child’s stroller becomes a missing prop in a moment of forgetfulness.

Image Credit: @Kawaii_/Reddit

Concern for the child’s safety flew out the window when prices were slashed. The shopping basket transformed into a makeshift throne, and the baby, the unwitting monarch of the Black Friday expedition, adds a touch of comedic royalty to the bustling aisles.

Target’s Game Exclusion 

In the labyrinth of Target’s electronics section, a peculiar enigma unfolds through strategically placed sale signs. They proudly proclaim an offer, yet within the fine print lies the twist – certain games, the new and recent releases, stand excluded from the sale. 

Image Credit: @ilebeck/Reddit

It’s a retail riddle leaving gamers scratching their heads. What’s the point of the sale even if they can’t even get the games they’ve been waiting for? What they want continues to dance just out of reach, but this is still better than being unpleasantly surprised by the cashier.

Amazon’s Price Puzzlement 

In the grand arena of shopping scores, Amazon’s pricing dance takes a curious turn with a smart photo frame. The manufacturer’s retail price sets the stage, and Amazon enters with a theatrical twist. The original price seemingly hiked up for dramatic effect, paradoxically claims the same value as the manufacturer’s website. 

Image Credit: @zubrowka1/Reddit

The sale, presented as a great deal, leaves shoppers in a state of pricing puzzlement. The smart photo frame saga becomes a narrative of numbers that don’t add up. Lucky for this fellow, he checked the manufacturer’s website because he would gotten ripped off if he didn’t.

TV Tetris 

Marvel at the audacious spectacle as daring individuals embark on a quest that defies the bounds of reason and vehicle design. The scene unfolds with cinematic flair as two colossal 65″ TVs, symbols of Black Friday largesse, perch precariously atop the humble canvas of a trusty Honda Civic.

Image Credit: @Coachmun/Reddit

This surreal fusion of ambition and absurdity transforms the car into an unconventional flat-screen stage, challenging the norms of both transportation and TV placement in the grand theater of shopping extravagance. After all, when it comes to sales, boundaries are more likely crossed.

Nintendo Switch Odyssey

Embark on a whimsical numerical journey where the Nintendo Switch Console and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe take center stage in the price arena. Originally commanding a ticket of $399.99, this dynamic duo now graces the sale spotlight with a decimal dance.

Image Credit: @Davinter30/Reddit

The decimal dance lands at the enticing price of $399.96. Wow! What a steal! Anyone would be doing a lucky dance if they scored such a huge discount. Seriously though, what’s the point of waiting for Black Friday when you only get to save peanuts?

Elgato’s Empty Box

In the realm of unpleasant surprises, a friend’s quest for Elgato Game Capture Cards transforms into a tale of comedic missteps and unexpected illusions. The order, placed with anticipation at the reasonable price of $180, unveils a twist – not the coveted game capture cards, but two empty boxes. 

Image Credit: @ishan0102/Reddit

Amazon unwittingly takes on the role of the ultimate magician, making the actual contents vanish into thin air. This unexpected turn adds a layer of humor to the online shopping circus, where customers are left waiting for nothing. The shopping giant must have pranksters on their staff.

Toronto Premium Outlet Mysteries 

Journey through the mysterious corridors of Toronto Premium Outlet, where the Black Friday weekend reveals an enigmatic masquerade of pricing intrigue. Most stores, including this one, don disguises with stickers cunningly placed over lower prices or undergo tag transformations that bewilder the savvy shopper. 

Image Credit: @TheTrueHolyOne/Reddit

This is nothing short of a deception. How can you call it a sale when the original price is lower than the sale price? This should be a lesson to everyone that not all deals are deals. In reality, most of them are nothing but a scam. Buyers beware!

Best Buy Campout 

Step into the surreal spectacle unfolding in front of Best Buy, where anticipation reaches a crescendo as a group of determined enthusiasts takes the waiting game to unprecedented heights. Pitched tents dot the landscape as night falls, turning the storefront into a temporary campsite. 

Image Credit: @Disguising/Reddit

The question hangs in the crisp night air – what could possibly warrant such dedication? In an era of online shopping convenience, the campout becomes an elaborate chapter in the epic tale of shopping fervor, where the line between unwavering dedication and delightful absurdity blurs in the soft glow of store lights.

Walmart’s Cracked Canvas

Here’s a story of one shopper’s excitement turning into dismay upon unboxing a new TV from Walmart. The pristine screen envisioned as a portal to visual bliss, now tells a different tale adorned with cracks. It looked like someone had dropped it and continued with the delivery without checking.

Image Credit: @nwballer503/Reddit

What was meant to be a centerpiece of entertainment becomes a canvas of shattered expectations. In this saga of screen sorrow, the TV bears pixels and the scars of post-Black Friday regret. We hope they get a new TV or their money back.

Today Is Black Friday

Picture this: you’re in a hospital, perhaps the last place you’d associate with shopping. Suddenly, it hits you like a comedic plot twist – today is Black Friday. Even hospital gowns and IV poles couldn’t stop this guy when it dawned on him that it was the most anticipated shopping day of the year.

Image Credit: @emtcj/Reddit

He was bent on getting his merchandise. It’s a moment of absurdity when the seriousness of hospital surroundings collides with the frivolity of holiday shopping, leaving you wondering if there’s a discount code for medical bills hidden somewhere in the hospital corridors.

Parking Faux Pas 

Enter the theater of Black Friday parking, where the rules of vehicular etiquette are pushed to their limits, and daring drivers pen a new chapter in parking rebellion. Witness the audacity as a determined driver, fueled by the unrelenting quest for convenience, veers off the beaten path and parks snugly on the plant bed. 

Image Credit: @hansol93/Reddit

When the prices are slashed significantly, respect for plant life and boundaries fly out the window. All folks care about is scoring deals and coming home with new purchases. Furthermore, the plant bed seems to be nestled provocatively between the designated handicap parking zones.

Lancaster’s Mall Mayhem

Transport yourself to the heart of chaos in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where a local shopping mall transforms into a stage for unexpected car choreography. In a puzzling display of haste, one car collides with another, creating a vehicular ballet where one end gracefully vaults over the other. 

Image Credit: @inspectorgadget03/Reddit

The question echoes through the mall corridors – what urgent quest or whimsical motivation led to this unexpected dance of metal and motion? Did the store declare 90% off on all items? What could be worth more than your safety?

Underwear Unveiled 

In a quirky and unexpected tale of excess, the store’s bathroom becomes an unwitting stage for a spectacle of undergarment drama. Someone caught in the whirlwind of excitement or perhaps retail-induced delirium experiences an unusual wardrobe malfunction, losing their underwear in the process. 

Image Credit: @BabyHuey/Reddit

This once-private garment hangs in the bathroom, transforming into a bizarre spectacle. What could have made anyone forget their underwear? The undergarment, stripped of its usual privacy, takes on a public role, becoming a quirky symbol of overzealous Black Friday enthusiasm.

HDMI Extravaganza

Join the ranks of Black Friday excess as a coworker succumbs to the allure of HDMI cables, turning a routine purchase into an extravagant affair. The shopping spree led to the acquisition of an HDMI cable with a jaw-dropping price tag of $438. Was the cable made of gold? We want to know!

Image Credit: @ItsSnowingOutside/Reddit

Who would pay such an amount for an HDMI cable? Consumers are being hit by inflation left and right, so why would anyone spend a huge amount? Sometimes, people are so clueless that they think they’re saving a lot of money when they are actually getting ripped off.

Target’s Kids Book “Discount”

Retailers are so heartless these days that they are even targeting young ones. In this situation, children’s books become a stage for sticker shenanigans. The price tags, ostensibly dressed in the guise of discounts, are engaged in a mischievous dance that can only be described as highway robbery.

Image Credit: @banana119/Reddit

How can you call it a sale when the price is the same? This is the reason why some shoppers are disillusioned with sales gimmicks. They’re not saving money at all, and they are only made to look like fools by giant retailers who are after their pockets.

The TV Tango

One Black Friday warrior captured the essence of the shopping extravaganza in a single frame. Picture this: a passenger car struggling under the weight of a colossal LED TV. The scene is nothing short of overpowering, a visual symphony of determination and questionable decision-making.

Image Credit: @rusty_L_shackleford/Reddit

It embodies Black Friday ambition, where pursuing mega deals leads to cinematic moments of everyday life. As the car precariously balances its oversized prize, it becomes a rolling testament to the lengths people go for that unbeatable Black Friday score.

Apple EarPod Extravaganza

Step into the intriguing world of Apple EarPods as Black Friday unveils a pricing paradox. Does the modest original price of $29.99 take an unexpected turn as the sale sticker boldly presents an elevated figure of $44.10?

Image Credit: @applesaucey05/Reddit

Was this a misprint, or did one of the staff mistakenly put the sticker where it didn’t belong? But how can it be? It clearly says, ‘Wearable tech accessories Apple.’ Retailers must stop doing these so-called sales because they’re anything but and only making people mad.

GPU Unwrapping 

Does the graphics card don an unconventional guide in the captivating arena of deals? Wrapped in a mysterious cover and sealed with scotch tape, the GPU emerges as an enigma, resembling a sculpted artifact awaiting revelation that became a huge disappointment.

Image Credit: @NooneTTV/Reddit

Wow, is this an innovation? Because we’ve never seen a GPU like that before, and it’s even wrapped in black tape. Would it fit in the CPU? Probably not because of its weird size and shape. We can only imagine the curse words coming from the person’s mouth as he unboxed his newest acquisition.

iPhone Display Heist 

Can a daring individual, in an act of retail bravado, liberate an entire shelf of iPhone displays? We’re being very nice here using the word liberate when we want to say steal. The once meticulously arranged shelves have now turned into a void of iPhones. 

Image Credit: @tonermcfly/Reddit

Bear witness to a tale of shelve-snatching shenanigans. This audacious caper elevates the shopping spree into a heist-worthy narrative, leaving store staff and shoppers astonished at the boldness of this smartphone-centric escapade. If you think folks fighting to get inside a store are all shoppers, you’re dead wrong!

Screen Sorrow Saga

Awesome cousins unveil a grand 55″ TV, a thoughtful thank-you intertwined with the playful message – “We’ll be spending lots more time at your house.” Yet, the joyous unveiling takes an unexpected nosedive merely two minutes into the TV’s maiden voyage.

Image Credit: @CaliGirlKandi/Reddit

The screen decides to play hide-and-seek in perpetual darkness. What started as a generous gesture transforms into the Screen Sorrow Saga, blending gratitude with the quirky tribulations of dealing with a technically temperamental TV in the unpredictable landscape of unpleasant surprises.

Cart Chaos

If you’ve never shopped during Black Friday, you can count yourself lucky because we will tell you it’s not a pleasant sight. The number of people rushing to the stores can easily end up in a stampede, and it’s impossible not to go home unscathed from all the melee.

Image Credit: Reddit

Arguments are inevitable as people fight to get to the goods first. Just look at the photo and ask yourself if you want to go through all that trouble to save a few dollars. Sometimes, consumerism leaves such a bad taste in our mouths.

Grass-Parking Extravaganza 

In a bid to get to the store early, someone’s excitement propels them to park with wild abandon over the grass, defying conventional norms in a delightfully impractical yet oddly practical pursuit of a closer spot. This is nothing short of vehicular rebellion and disregard for rules.

Image Credit: @labmom328/Reddit

This turns the greenery into an unexpected but oddly practical parking space. In this tale of parking extravagance, the grass beneath the wheels becomes a temporary but strangely justified casualty in the grand theater of Black Friday antics, creating a grassroots parking fiesta that defies the ordinary.

Cloth Chaos 

Get ready for a front-row seat to the decline of human decency amidst the Black Friday shopping frenzy as heaps of cloth lie abandoned over the racks. In this visual metaphor of consumer chaos, the once-orderly assortment of garments succumbs to the frenzy. 

Image Credit: @Althunter_man86/Reddit

It’s a reminder that amidst the pursuit of discounts, the essence of decency can become a somewhat casualty in the retail battlefield. In this chaotic dance of cloth chaos, the quest for bargains precedes the once-sacred space of organized retail racking.

What matters?!

This one leaves us shaking our heads, and whoever thought of this gimmick must be looking for a job now. We delight in out-of-the-box ideas because the status quo can be boring sometimes. How can you make customers take notice of bland and lifeless advertising?

Image Credit: almostparallel76/Reddit

However, boundaries must never be crossed. Black Lives Matter is a political and social movement that highlights the discrimination and social inequality experienced by Black people, and we feel that it shouldn’t be reduced to such a cheap sales gimmick. We share the same sentiments as the person who posted this.

What Sale?!

Thanks to folks who now look behind sale tags and stickers, retailers are exposed for their scams. Who would have thought that a sale item for $3.99 was originally priced at $3.99? These deceptive gimmicks are getting out of hand. Are retailers that desperate?

Getting access to better deals during Black Friday has now become a myth. We’re shaking our heads with disgust at these photos. Imagine braving the crowd to buy something for $2.99 when you could buy the item anytime at the same price.