No Holds Barred: 35+ Brutally Honest But Humorous Amazon Customer Reviews

By Aileen D

Let’s talk about everyone’s favorite go-to place for online shopping: Amazon. When it comes to scoring the best deals, the shopping giant has got your back. However, read the customer reviews before you part with your hard-earned money. Just like a BFF, they’ll give you insights into product quality and value for money. A little research goes a long way in ensuring you get the best bang for your buck.

Be careful not to fall down the rabbit hole of Amazon reviews. They’re like stand-up comedy routines but for products. When you’re ready to click that “Add to Cart” button, they pop up and make you keel over in laughter. Sure, they can be a little distracting, but you’ll realize how valuable they are. To further expound, we have compiled the most brutally honest thoughts on the shopping platform.

Nag No More

Oh boy, it sounds like someone’s in need of some earplugs! We’ve all been there. When the nagging wife’s rants reach a frequency that could shatter glass, it’s time to take action. Enter earplugs, your ultimate weapon against relentless verbal bombardment.

Image courtesy of thusiast / Reddit

Slip them in, and suddenly the world becomes a serene oasis of blissful silence. No more annoying rants piercing your eardrums! And this user couldn’t help but share how much more peaceful life has become for him. He has them on nearly 24/7!

Becoming a Plant-Tita

You embark on growing a basil plant armed with high hopes and a watering can. Little did you know, this innocent endeavor would transform you into a full-fledged plant parent overnight! You watch with anticipation as tiny green sprouts emerge from the soil, and suddenly, you feel a surge of pride.

Image courtesy of pjoni / Reddit

You find yourself talking to your basil plant and singing lullabies (yes, lullabies!). You celebrate its growth milestones like it’s your child’s first steps. Who knew nurturing a plant could awaken the inner parental instincts you thought were never in you?

From a Near-Failing Relationship

You’re dealing with a failed relationship, feeling down in the dumps, when suddenly you stumble upon the solution to all your problems—traction boots! These magical gadgets give you the power to walk on the ceiling like a gravity-defying superhero.

Image courtesy of laaplandros / Reddit

Suddenly, your world turns topsy-turvy, quite literally. You find yourself giggling and gawking at the world from an upside-down perspective. Your failed relationship? Who needs it when you can conquer ceilings? It’s the ultimate distraction, a hilarious hobby that lifts your spirits and flips your perspective.

Sucks (in Dirt)

Ah, the bagless canister vacuum, the champion of clean floors… or so you thought. With a glimmer of hope in your eyes, you welcomed this new addition into your cleaning arsenal, giving it the benefit of the doubt. But alas, reality covered your floors in a layer of dirt.

Image courtesy of ritsushi / Reddit

Turns out it does suck! Well, not in the way you hoped. Sure, it may have promised effortless dirt removal, but it’s more like a dirt redistribution machine. You find yourself chasing debris around the house, wondering if this vacuum has a secret vendetta against cleanliness.

What Really Matters

Brace yourself for a tale of oblivious artistic passion! You’re lost in the world of woodcarving, entirely consumed by the artistry and the sweet scent of sawdust. Little did you know, your marriage quietly slipped through your fingers like a freshly carved masterpiece. Whoops.

Image courtesy of orrcarmen / Reddit

While you were painstakingly perfecting every intricate detail, your wife packed her bags faster than you could say “whittling.” Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees! It’s a hilarious yet bittersweet reminder that sometimes, our hobbies can steal the limelight.


A mother sits down to write a review about an oversized shirt she bought. Little did she know this review would take a hilarious turn. She starts by praising the shirt’s comfort and versatility, but then, in sheer honesty, she spills the beans.

Image courtesy of cottoncandygumdrop / Reddit

She admits that the shirt was so cheap she could have bought a whole pack of contraceptive pills! Cue the facepalm moment. She playfully regrets not using them before having her daughter, turning the product review into a confession booth.

Kid Wonder

Alright, fashion-forward folks, we’ve got a unique Halloween costume idea coming your way! Using a 5’7 male model, we have a look inspired by the iconic character Eleven from that binge-worthy series. But here’s the twist—instead of her usual outfit, you’re rocking the perfect pink dress.

Image courtesy of allisinwnderland / Reddit

Who says guys can’t slay in a fabulous frock? You will strut your stuff confidently, channeling Eleven’s fearless spirit while turning heads with your fashion audacity. It is a costume that breaks boundaries, blurs gender norms, and celebrates individuality.

Stray Cat

This is not what this pet owner intended for his cat. He had wanted to buy a cute keepsake his cat would play with. But after purchasing a pair of fishnets, the odd furball started to rebel and stray around the neighborhood in search of pleasure.

Image courtesy of DanielleBaabe / Reddit

Next thing this cat owner knew, his feline was strutting his stuff all over the neighborhood, showing off his new accessory to every catch in sight, partying with the litter, and indulging in the “sins of the fur.” That fishnet turned his cat into a nightlife-loving playboy.

Right Round

This guy stumbled upon an amusing query on Amazon about a spinning office chair. Someone asked if it could make them feel like they’re in a Flo Rida music video. Unable to resist, he replied with a witty twist.

Image courtesy of Ethan_Crabb / Reddit

“You’ll be feeling like a superstar, grooving to the beat while filing reports. Warning: spontaneous dance breaks may occur.” This Amazon user hopes the answer wouldn’t offend the reader. In fact, he hopes that it made the person sing a little.

Soiled by Tears

Ah, the algebraic calculator. That little gadget brings back memories of sleepless nights and traumatic moments in college, especially during accounting. It’s like a time machine that transports people back to when numbers haunted their dreams. Batteries rusted as these were soiled by tears.

Image courtesy of skdfdfsk / Reddit

Remember that balance sheet that made you cry? Yeah, this calculator was there for that. And don’t even start on those equations that seemed to have a vendetta against you. But hey, looking back, those struggles are now hilarious stories to share.

Military Grade

This guy was cruising down the road when suddenly CRASH! His car becomes a chaotic mess, and he is left looking like he went head-to-head with a blender. He was mottled with bruises. But amidst the chaos, his trusty iPhone (case) emerges unscathed.

Image courtesy of M88L8 / Reddit

Not a scratch, or dent, just there, mocking his battle wounds. We can’t comprehend how a piece of technology survives a vehicular disaster while a person is left with more bruises than a clumsy banana? We’re definitely adding this to cart.

Well, No Wonder

The wonders of misplaced questions on Amazon. This user stumbled upon a gem the other day. Someone innocently asked, “Nose.” Now, as tempted as this user was to reply with a textbook-worthy explanation, he couldn’t resist a bit of humor. So, he chimed in, saying…

Image courtesy of annaw92 / Reddit

“The nose has a crucial function: the built-in aroma detector, the ultimate fragrance sniffer! It’s also perfect for holding up glasses when you need a break from wearing them. But beware, excessive sniffing of freshly baked cookies may result in sudden cravings.”


Someone had given a humble bucket a glowing five-star rating, and their reasoning was pure genius. They praised its “roundness factor,” stating it was the epitome of perfect circularity. Then, they marveled at its exceptional “bucket-ness,” appreciating its ability to embody everything a bucket should be.

Image courtesy of cyan__mik / Reddit

But the pièce de résistance was their commendation for its impeccable water-holding skills. After all, what good is a bucket if it can’t hold water, right? Kudos to that reviewer for recognizing the true essence of bucket greatness. Not many of these in the market.

Mr. H.

We stumbled upon a review that took overselling to a whole new level. This genius, let’s call them Captain Hyperbole, left a glowing review on Amazon, claiming the product they bought was so utterly mind-blowing that it should be worth a thousand times its market price.

Image courtesy of HealsonJoh / Reddit

They went on about how it transformed their lives, cured all their problems, and even gave them access to pop music. Talk about high expectations! But hey, if you’re in the market for this kind of product that could make you a chick magnet, go ahead and snag that thousand-times-overpriced gem.

Yeah, Yeah, I’m Listening

We have a genius idea for those who love living in their virtual reality (VR) world but still want to be sociable. Attach googly eyes to your VR glasses, making it abundantly clear to everyone that you’re paying attention to them.

Image courtesy of Tina C/ Amazon

You may be exploring the depths of simulation reality, but those googly eyes say, “Yeah, I’m listening.” It’s the perfect way to hit two birds with one stone – maintain your social reputation, and enjoy the life you want.

Not so Common

So, there’s this woman, bless her adventurous heart, who had a brilliant idea. She thought, “Why not use my trendy wedges to scale a mountain?” And off she went, strutting her way up the trail. We know what you’re thinking. Common sense isn’t so common after all.

Image courtesy of nyssarenee / Reddit

Cue the dramatic music as they give way, leaving our intrepid fashionista in a precarious situation. Naturally, she leaves a scathing one-star review, blaming the wedges for her footwear fiasco. Because we need to say it, mountains are scaled with hiking boots, not fashion pieces.

Unmet Expectations

This person, let’s call them Nature Enthusiast Extraordinaire, who decides to watch “The Wolf of Wall Street.” They thought it was a nature documentary! Can you imagine their confusion when instead of serene landscapes and majestic wolves, they’re greeted with Leonardo DiCaprio’s wild antics on Wall Street?

Image courtesy of SassMastergingerSnap / Reddit

Talk about a wilderness gone wrong! We can only picture their shocked faces as they quickly realize this is no National Geographic special. Note to self, friends: always read the movie description, and gauge the movie poster, before assuming you’re in for a wildlife adventure.

Quite the Confidence

A curious customer asks, “Is this patch washable?” Now, you’d expect a straightforward answer, right? Wrong! The seller, bless their heart, manages to contradict themselves in the most comical way possible. First, they respond with a deflating “no,” and a confident and resounding “yes” the same day.

Image courtesy of drowsy_damad / Reddit

Talk about a plot twist! We can only imagine the confusion on the customer’s face, trying to figure out if this patch is destined to survive the spin cycle or disintegrate in the blink of an eye. When it comes to giving customers washing instructions, consistency is key!

Roomier than Expected

So, this person bought a cat kennel, thinking it would be the perfect cozy spot for her furry friend. But curiosity got the best of her, and she decided to see if she could fit inside. Lo and behold, it turned out to be roomier than she expected!

Image courtesy of F-this / Reddit

There she was, folded up like a human origami masterpiece, realizing she could throw a party in this thing. Who knew cat accommodations could be so spacious? Never underestimate the comfort level of your pet’s furniture—sometimes, it’s surprisingly roomy for humans too!

Magnitude of Ten

This customer bought two sensors to measure something crucial, thinking, “Double the sensors, double the accuracy.” Boy, was he wrong! One sensor came through like a champ, giving precise measurements like a seasoned pro. But the other one? Well, it had a flair for the dramatic.

Image courtesy of B1GBAC0N / Reddit

Every reading it gave was a magnitude of ten, as if it had a secret love for exaggeration. If it measured height, anyone would be mistaken for a skyscraper! So yeah. It’s an excellent call to have the dramatic sensor sent back.

Not the Hard Drive in Mind

You won’t believe the shenanigans this customer encountered when ordering a computer hard drive! She eagerly awaited the delivery, only to open the package and find…a chip of wood. Apparently, someone at the shipping department mistook the hard drive for some kind of high-tech timber.

Image courtesy of (deleted) / Reddit

Sure, technology evolves, but this is taking “going green” to a new level. Now she’s stuck with a wooden chip that won’t store a single byte. Who knew her computer’s storage upgrade would be a lumberjack’s dream? Time to contact customer support.

Picture for Proof

There’s this remarkable woman, let’s call her the Jegging Warrior, who decides to promote a pair of jeggings that miraculously survived a major wipeout. She takes a tumble, landing her whole body weight on a slippery slab, and slides across the surface like a human curling stone.

Image courtesy of Cory H/ Amazon

Those jeggings remain intact! Not a single tear or rip in sight. It’s like they were made from indestructible fabric forged by fashion gods. Move over superheroes; the Jegging Warrior is here to save our wardrobe from embarrassing disasters, one slip, and slide at a time!

The Great Wall

Ah, the infamous weighted blanket, the ultimate source of marital hilarity. The wife discovers the wonders of this cozy contraption and instantly falls in love. It’s like a warm, snuggly hug all night long. But the husband finds himself on the other side of a fluffy fortress.

Image courtesy of almaupsides / Reddit

That weighted blanket has become the Great Wall between them, leaving him longing for the days of unimpeded cuddles. Who knew a simple blanket could transform the bed into a battleground of warmth and compromise? Now, the husband stays up all night, regretting his decision.

Quite the Opposite

So, our hero decides to dive into Dale Carnegie’s book “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” thinking it’s the ultimate guide to social success. With newfound knowledge, they set out to make friends like a pro. But here’s the twist…

Image courtesy of Chapman / Amazon

Every attempt backfires spectacularly, resulting in more enemies than a reality TV show. It’s like they took the book’s advice and flipped it upside down. Maybe “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People” should have been the title?

Life Choices

So, this curious customer asks if a lamp cord has any cancer-causing chemicals. Now, before we delve into the answer, let’s take a moment to appreciate the sheer creativity of this inquiry. But fear not because a witty soul steps up to the plate and replies.

Image courtesy of coffinfits / Reddit

“Well, unless you plan on eating that cord like a spaghetti noodle, I think you’re safe!” Cue the laughter and applause! Seriously folks, who would munch on a lamp cord? Let’s say this question sparked a hilarious moment that jolted everyone awake.

The Fictional World

There’s this person, let’s call them the Mischievous Wizard, who claims to have crafted an actual invisibility cloak. But here’s where the hilarity ensues: they took it off, hung it on a hanger where it fell off and, you won’t believe it, fell into oblivion.

Image courtesy of cthulhu-kitty / Reddit

Poof! Gone! Talk about a disappearing act gone wrong. Now they’re left with a hilarious tale of an invisible cloak that is invisible even to themselves. Of course, we know better and the Wizarding World is only fiction, but it’s funnier to play on someone hopeful of the existence of Hogwarts.

Out of the Ordinary

This person feels compelled to write a five-star review for a spoon. Yes, a humble, everyday spoon. Now, you might be scratching your head, wondering how on earth they are going to do it. Well, let’s say that this person…managed.

Image courtesy of vaxgyarados / Reddit

It’s like a Shakespearean sonnet dedicated to cutlery. So, here’s to the brave soul who dared to extol the virtues of the almighty spoon. It takes a true wordsmith to make us laugh without explaining why this spoon differs from the rest on the market.


This absentminded person had the good idea to store her laptop in the broiler. Yes, you heard it right. The broiler, that fiery oven of culinary goodness. But wait, there’s a twist! Thanks to the divine intervention of a laptop case, that trusty electronic companion survives the blazing heat unscathed.

Image courtesy of ImmortalSheep / Reddit

It’s like a superhero cape protecting the laptop from its fiery nemesis. Who knew laptop cases doubled as fireproof shields? Let this be a lesson, sensible folks: always give your laptop a cozy home, just not one preheated to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Settle for Another

There’s this manufacturer who had advertised a trusty time-keeping gadget that takes an entire hour for all the sand to settle at the bottom. This customer put it to the test, and he was grievously disappointed. Find out why.

Image courtesy of gdcurl / Reddit

We can only imagine the frustration of watching that hourglass, waiting for time to finally run its course. So if you need to measure time with precision, maybe opt for a good ol’ reliable clock that you can take your eyes off.

Budget Deal

You’re trying to save a few bucks, and your husband just finished his intense workout. And then it hits you: why not add cat food to his post-workout meal? You’re sure it’s got all the necessary nutrients, after all.

Image courtesy of (deleted) / Reddit

Little does this husband know that his well-intentioned spouse has switched the can with… cat food! Gasp, but here’s the kicker: the guy doesn’t even notice the difference! It’s like a comedic mystery where feline flavors blend seamlessly with his unsuspecting palate.

Priests Sold Separately

This Cricket Connoisseur decides to order a thousand crickets. Their excitement levels are off the charts. They eagerly open the box, expecting a symphony of tiny cricket voices. But here’s the twist: instead of the anticipated crickets, they’re greeted by swarming coffee grounds.

Image courtesy of DarkWaiter / Reddit

Can you imagine the disappointment of being unable to start your own plague? Of course, having two priests to rally crickets to the cause would be better. Surely, you can devastate societies and cause widespread famine, but hey, one can only dream.

Ninja no More

This feisty ninja alpaca refuses to heed his owner. He keeps roaming in the dark, despite this owner calling out to him. Of course, the person is up all night, sick, worrying about this alpaca’s whereabouts. But not anymore, thanks to this glow-in-the-dark necklace.

Image courtesy of Polomare/ Amazon

Ninja alpaca no more. This pet owner can rest easy knowing that the alpaca is still within the five-acre farm. He has to orient everyone else, lest they scream in the middle of the night wondering why a glowing ring is orbiting around the farm.

Wrong Creature in Mind

For reasons unknown, this customer decided she had to purchase a balaclava. When the package arrived, she unwrapped it anxiously, only to find a knitted headwear with one giant hole in the middle. Talk about a fashion statement meant for a fashionable Cyclops!

Image courtesy of fiore589 / Reddit

Of course, she had been doubly disappointed. She couldn’t sew the hole and then put a tear in it for her two eyes. She had rmeant to use it (to rob a bank this weekend), but thanks to this seller, the day is saved.

Unsolicited Relationship Advice

This relationship was on the verge of falling apart. And a computer mouse was to blame for it! The woman had to work odd hours from the comfort of her home. Every time she had to type, she used the mouse, which often startled her boyfriend awake with its ‘clicks’.

Image courtesy of LooseSeal/ Amazon

It’s like a tiny symphony of annoyance at the most inconvenient hour. The partner’s frustration peaked, and he threatened to end the relationship. But alas, he had a breakthrough and decided to buy a better-quality mouse that was dead silent at night.

A Grown Man

Get ready for a duvet cover revelation. There’s this grown man, the ultimate skeptic, on a quest to find the perfect duvet cover. Eye-rolling and doubtful, he dives into thread counts and fabric choices. But lo and behold, he stumbles upon the Holy Grail of bedding.

Image courtesy of Erikawaskiki / Reddit

As he sinks into that fluffy oasis of comfort, a look of pure bliss spreads across his face, and he keels over in sheer pleasure. Yes, folks, the duvet cover has officially won him over, transforming a grown man into a snuggly puddle of contentment.

Miserable Attempt

This customer writes a scathing one-star review for a pair of fake shoes, exposing their poor quality. But wait for it—the seller dares to reply with a simple “hehe.” Seriously? “Hehe”? Is that their attempt at brushing off this guy’s legitimate concerns?

Image courtesy of GautamXo / Reddit

Unlike other sellers, this guy could care less if he received a one-star rating. The seller might have been expecting it, so long as they got the money for the product. This seller could always lure other customers and con them for their money.

Each to His Own Agenda

This person brought a colossal beach ball to the shore, and pumped it up for two hours like a tireless marathon runner. He’s feeling like the king of the beach, ready to make a grand entrance. But here’s where the hilarity kicks in: the wind decides to join the party.

Image courtesy of dawnmoon13760 / Reddit

That beach ball becomes a mischievous giant. It takes off, wreaking havoc as it rolls across the sand, parting crowds and crushing sand castles like a rebellious beach deity. Believe this guy: don’t underestimate the power of wind, or the uncontrollable spirit of a fleeing beach ball.

Reading Comprehension Matters

There’s this cunning prankster who decides to toy with their stubborn mailman. Armed with a mischievous sense of humor, they place a labeled envelope that says “do not bend” on top of a 50-pound bag of play sand. Why, you might ask?

Image courtesy of Josh/ Amazon

The mailman arrives, dutifully tries to fit the package into the recipient’s mailbox, and let’s say, bending becomes an Olympic sport. We can only imagine the hilarity that ensues as he wrestles with this unexpected challenge. If only he had listened.

The Actor

This guy, David Harper, proudly leaves an Amazon review for his fiddler’s cap. He boldly claims it as his favorite hat, and boy, does he make it sound like a musical masterpiece! He strums the strings of his words, praising its snazzy style.

Image courtesy of like_nicememebro / Reddit

It makes him feel like a folk legend. His head becomes a stage, and that cap is his spotlight. Kudos to you, David Harper, for turning a simple hat into a lyrical adventure. Your review deserves a standing ovation and a toe-tapping fiddle solo!

The Kind of Man We Need

This savvy marketer is promoting an eyeliner, claiming it doesn’t run around like your man does. Talk about a bold claim! We’ve all experienced that elusive eyeliner that smudges and wanders, similar to partners who can’t stick to a single person. But fear not.

Image courtesy of refresh2glow / Reddit

This magical eyeliner promises to stay put, unlike the ever-roaming male species. It’s like having a loyal companion on your eyelids. Who knew makeup could outspan your relationship. So, rock that eyeliner, and let it remind you that while your man may wander, your eyeliner will always stay by your side.

Call for Help?

This teenage tale will have you shaking your head and chuckling! So, there’s this teenager who refuses to leave her cozy den. Concerned for her social life, the parents finally muster up the courage to chide her about it. But oh, the irony!

Image courtesy of butwhoisthatbitch / Reddit

The rebellious teen decides to prove a point and buys a package. What’s in it, you ask? Well, that’s unimportant.She goes out of her room, down the stairs and to the front porch, proudly bringing back the package to her parents to prove her point.

Quite the Stinger

Hold on to your honey jars because we’ve got a buzzworthy tale for you! This person dresses up his spunky 80-year-old grandma in a bee costume, complete with a full-on stinger. You should have seen her rocking that outfit like a queen bee!

Image courtesy of Cabass / Amazon

With her bee-tiful spirit, Grandma brought new meaning to the phrase “golden years.” It was a sight to behold, a sweet reminder that age is just a number when it comes to embracing the joy of silliness. And she had Grandpa beside her, housing a hundred other bees.

Have Subs

This imaginative customer (who might have been feeling more lonely than usual), decides to buy a thousand sponges. But get this—not for dishwashing! Oh no, these sponges have a greater purpose. They’re destined to become fictional friends with faces drawn on them!

Image courtesy of TellYourDogISaidHi88 / Reddit

Who needs real friends when you have a thousand sponges ready to listen and never argue? The person even calls them a gift from God! We can’t help but think that this kid had gotten hold of adult money and decided to splurge.

For Himself

So, this guy, let’s call him the Scented Sensation, gets his hands on a sandalwood candle marketed as “for her.” And boy, does he have something to say about it! He takes to the review section, complaining about how he can buy it for himself too.

Image courtesy of JD/ Amazon

Who said sandalwood is exclusively for the ladies? He proudly declares that he’s rocking that candle “for himself” and demands equal candle rights for all genders. You go, Scented Sensation, breaking down gendered candle stereotypes like a boss. But really, there’s no need to mansplain!

Identity Makeover

So, our daring chef decides to rate a sharp-edged knife a glorious five stars. Why, you ask? During a valiant attempt at making potato scallops, this intrepid cook manages to slice through their own thumb, leaving a lasting mark on their fingerprint.

Image courtesy of RocZX / Reddit

Talk about commitment to culinary excellence! But hey, let’s give credit where it’s due—this knife could make the toughest of ingredients tremble. Remember, my friends, when handling sharp objects, keep your fingers out of harm’s way unless you’re aiming for a unique identity makeover.