Online Shopping Mishaps: 35+ Hilarious Tales Of What People Ordered Vs. What They Received

By Aileen D

Ah, online shopping. The epitome of convenience! With just a few clicks, you can have your heart’s desires delivered right to your doorstep, all without having to change out of your beloved pajamas. It’s digital retail therapy heaven!

But hold on, before you dive headfirst into the endless realm of virtual storefronts, beware of the dark side – the land of scams and disappointments. And let’s not even talk about those “designer” handbags that turn out to be more like “designer-inspired” plastic sacks.

Shopping online is like playing a game of Russian roulette with your wallet. Sometimes you strike gold, but other times, well, you might end up with a package that could make you cry and laugh simultaneously. Either way, there’s an undeniable comedic element to the whole ordeal!


We have to tell you about this person’s bamboo blunder! She eagerly awaited the arrival of her brand-new bamboo plant, imagining how it would add a touch of Zen to her living room. But when the package arrived, all she got was a withering twig! Seriously?

Image courtesy of One_TAIM / Reddit

It looked like someone had played “plant switcharoo” on her! Her dreams were dashed. She couldn’t rely on planting one of her own as she didn’t have a green thumb. But she promised to let the sellers pay for their mistake and ship her a dozen more!

High Hopes

Talk about a slam-dunk of disappointment! This guy ordered brand-new basketball shoes with high hopes of dominating the court. But when the package arrived, he was sure he had been tricked! The supposed ‘size-13’ shoes could barely cover his palm.

Image courtesy of StoneCold_SA / Reddit

He felt like Goliath trying to squeeze into David’s slippers. He rubbed at his temples and regretted having thrown out his old shoes. He went to the emptied garbage bins in vain. Lesson learned: always check the size, or risk dribbling around with shoes meant for Thumbelina!

A Tent

Talk about a fashion disaster. This guy was expecting some cool black long-sleeved polo shirts, but the universe had other plans. When his package finally arrived, he pulled out these humongous blouses that could double up as tents! Did he accidentally order a circus collection?

Image courtesy of ch0ch32 / Reddit

He could fit his whole family in one of those shirts! Next time, he will have to be sure to specify that he needs shirts, not parachutes! Time to rock that oversized look or maybe start a new trend – Polo Tent.

Done and Dusted

Oh, the great eyeshadow mishap of the century! This woman excitedly ordered a stunning eyeshadow palette, envisioning endless facebeats. But when she tore open the package, it looked like a colorful explosion had happened inside! Instead of pristine eyeshadow pans, she got a dusted eyeshadow container.

Image courtesy of imanerrrd / Reddit

She didn’t have any need for rouge or red lipstick because she was already fuming by the time she opened the container. She had been meaning to put the eyeshadow on her eyelids, but now she could only dust off that beautiful shade off her desk.

Ten for the Price of One

This guy must have been in a really “big” mood when he ordered this toilet paper! He didn’t know the store had a special edition for Goliath, the Giant. When the package arrived, he swore he needed a forklift just to bring it in!

Image courtesy of toastytoat / Reddit

It was a toilet paper roll fit for a king… or a giant! On the bright side, this toilet paper could be used for his face and body, amongst other things. This was like ordering 10 toilet rolls for the price of one!


Ah, the great mystery packages from the depths of the internet! It’s like a game of “Let’s Make a Not-So-Great Deal” with a twist of surprise. You excitedly open the package, and there it is – something nobody wanted! You paid the price to get the store’s leftovers.

Image courtesy of PoofBam / Reddit

There’s that ‘exclusive’ gadget you’ve never even heard of – congratulations, you’re the proud owner of an obscure potato peeler! And let’s not forget the pc gamer’s statement of the century – a pair of wired earphones. Who wouldn’t want that, right?

Close Enough

Talk about a decorative disaster! This woman had her heart set on this elegant ornamental wreath to add a touch of sophistication to her front door. But when the package arrived, she couldn’t believe her eyes – it was a botanical betrayal!

Image courtesy of eriwhi / Reddit

Instead of the lush, vibrant wreath she had imagined, she got a plastic knock-off that looked like it had been assembled by a kindergarten craft class. The shade was right, but the resemblance ended there. It had fewer flowers than a desert has cacti!


Oh, the debutante drama of the century! This woman ordered these stunning shoes, imagining herself gracefully gliding across the dance floor. But when the moment finally came, it was a double right-foot disaster! She felt like Cinderella with a shoe mix-up. Well, minus the fairy godmother to fix things.

Image courtesy of ad9344 / Reddit

Imagine the debutante doing the “right-foot shuffle” all night, trying not to trip over her own fancy feet. She and her friends couldn’t stop laughing. But the silver lining to this mishap was that she literally had a reason to stumble on the dancefloor: two right feet.

Timeless Advice

You won’t believe the poolside time travel experience this guy experienced! So, he decided to learn how to care for his pool system, expecting some instructions to be sent digitally. But guess what arrived? A VHS tape! It felt like a blast from the past.

Image courtesy of Yashkamr / Reddit

It’s like these guys reached into the ’80s vault just for this Redditor! Guess he’ll just have to ask his dear old pops how to care for the pool. If it hadn’t changed from the times when VHS tapes were being used, then it’d cost him less to just ask family.


This woman ordered this fabulous red skirt, envisioning a voluminous masterpiece fit for a runway. But when she tore open the package, it was like the skirt had a serious case of the frumpies! It looked more like a shabby curtain than a chic fashion statement.

Image courtesy of whitneyaliceaud / Reddit

It was a sight to behold. She looked like a walking crimson parachute! Her dreams of twirling elegantly around town were replaced with her trying to control the wild skirt flaps in a gust of wind. She’ll just have to manage her expectations.


Looks like this person won the “Risky Business” award in the public auction realm! He ordered a CPUnit, excitedly waiting for a treasure to arrive. But upon receipt, it was like a DIY disaster waiting to happen. One side was completely exposed like it was asking for trouble!

Image courtesy of this_is_a_username78 / Reddit

Apparently, the auctioneer’s idea of “protective packaging” was just some styrofoam and a whole lot of packaging tape. We would have half-expected the CPUnit to breakdance its way out of the box when this person opened it. It even had shattered glass as freebies.


You won’t believe the comical scene we stumbled upon. This Redditor bought her dog an outdoor folding chair. She set it up in the backyard, imagining her furry friend lounging like a king. But instead of being excited to do so, she was actually pretty annoyed.

Image courtesy of reimaginestudio / Reddit

We burst out laughing when we discovered why. She had bought the lounge chair, thinking it would be perfect for her dog. However, it barely even fit the furball’s head! She and her dog sighed deeply, resigning to giving the seller a one-star rating.

Troubling Mix-Up

Top of the morning to you, or should we say, Namaste? This person ordered a set of Irish tricolor handheld flags, all ready to show off their Celtic spirit. But the universe had other plans, and his package turned into a hilarious geography lesson!

Image courtesy of sta_lijo / Reddit

Instead of getting his Irish pride on, he received a single flag of India, waving at him as if to say, “Hey, wrong continent, buddy!” Who knows, maybe this person will have a St. Patrick’s Day celebration with a touch of Bollywood flair!


Oh, the epic quest for budget gaming! This person thought he had hit the jackpot when he found a cheap PS4 online. But when the package arrived, it was like he had ordered a console for ants! It was so tiny. It was a toy, alright!

Image courtesy of grinsekatze / Reddit

Next time, they will have to check the dimensions before ordering to avoid buying the world’s tiniest PS4! That, or he can try purchasing from authorized sellers. For now, he will just have to embrace the challenge of beating his high scores with pint-sized gaming skills. It’s all about adaptability, right?

For His Paws Only

This fur mom was super pumped to surprise her furball with a brand-new tug toy. The kind that’s supposed to withstand the dog’s epic pulling power during playtime. But guess when the package arrived, she was disappointed to find a knotted rope that could’ve been used on a pirate ship!

Image courtesy of peppa_the_puppyy / Reddit

Was this dog secretly planning to set sail on a seafaring adventure? It’s not the fancy tug toy this Redditor had in mind, but hey, it’s the thought that counts, right? Now, every time she throws that rope for her furball, she half-expects him to yell, “Ahoy, matey!”

Stylish Enough

This Twitter user was browsing online for some stylish white sneakers, and lo and behold, he stumbled upon what seemed like a deal of a lifetime – Alexander McQueens at a fraction of the price! Score, right? He couldn’t hit that “Buy Now” button fast enough.

Image courtesy of Princemudi_ / Twitter

But fast forward to the day of delivery, and what does he find at his doorstep? Knockoffs, people! Instead of the classy McQueens, he got some shoes from “Already Moqdshn” – a brand we’re sure doesn’t even exist in this universe!

Rock and Roll

This person was eagerly waiting for his shiny new Sony headphones to arrive – the ones he splurged a hundred bucks on. But when the package finally came, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Instead of those glorious headphones, he found this staring back at him.

Image courtesy of s1eepy266 / Reddit

Did the shop mistake his order for a late-night snack and dental hygiene essentials? As much as he appreciated good oral care, he was really looking forward to some epic beats in his ears! He thumbed through his phone while munching on the consolation package he received.

Grand Idea

This pet owner had a grand idea of turning her backyard into a pet paradise by buying a pool for her beloved furball, who loves water. So, she eagerly placed the order for what was supposed to be a fabulous pool.

Image courtesy of offhterichter/ Reddit

When the package arrived, it was like a comedy of errors. The pet owner opened it up with giddy excitement, only to find a tiny doll pool that could barely fit her dog’s four little paws! The owner was fuming mad, and not even a splash from this basin could calm her down.

A Luxury

This person decided to treat himself to some luxurious silk pajamas online. He thought to himself, “Nothing says ‘classy bedtime’ like silk, right?” Boy, was he wrong! As he unfolded this, his dreams of sophistication quickly unraveled, and he felt like a pauper instead.

Image courtesy of K1nsey6 / Reddit

Instead of silky smoothness, he found himself face-to-face with a onesie that made him look like a construction worker who got lost on the way to the job site! It read caution: “Work Underway.” His wife had to exert much effort to keep breaking into a laugh.

To the T

This bride ordered some personalized gift bags for her wedding bash, thinking she’d include a sweet and thoughtful message on each one. So, she left clear instructions, “Customize the message with names like the mirror!” And the shop did not disappoint.

Image courtesy of TomerHorowitz / Reddit

This bride could not believe her eyes. She tried hard not to throw a tantrum. Instead of sweet names like “Jane” or “Aubrey,” the shop literally mirrored the instructions. They might as well as “better safe than sorry” at the bottom!


This woman placed a clothing order online because, hey, who doesn’t love cozy attire that makes you feel like the empowered boss babe you are? But here’s the thing: she made the grave mistake of assuming that “one size fits all” actually meant it would fit her.

Image courtesy of Pluggemmy / Reddit

She realized it was more like a “one size fits a small village” situation. The pants were longer than her entire body, the legs had an extra foot of fabric trailing behind, and she couldn’t find the stomach to wear this to a party, given how it accentuated all the wrong features.

Not A Brilliant Idea

Talk about a pool party fail! So, this mum had a brilliant idea of surprising her kids with a kiddie pool for some fun in the sun. She was imagining their squeals of delight as they splashed around like little water nymphs. But when the package arrived, she was sorely disappointed.

Image courtesy of fergiesfit / Reddit

Instead of the spacious kiddie pool she had in mind, it looked like she had ordered a washbasin for their feet only! It was so tiny that one kid could barely take a dip in it. Talk about downsizing the fun.


The joys of being a “Magneto” fan! This person couldn’t resist ordering his iconic helmet online – you know, the one that protects his magnetic powers and makes him the ultimate badass mutant. They were practically giddy with excitement, channeling their inner Magneto and raising a revolt.

Image courtesy of just-iniquity / Reddit

But when the package arrived, their dreams of magnetic supremacy took a hilarious turn. The helmet seemed like it had just been through an epic battle with the X-Men! It was all bent out of shape, looking more like a contorted colander than a powerful headpiece.

Wrong Clip In Mind

This corporate slave was trying to be all organized and responsible by ordering a set of paper clips online. You know, the humble office supplies that help keep your paperwork in check? But when the package arrived, he couldn’t help but run a hand through his hair.

Image courtesy of Miparui / Reddit

Move over, plain old paper clips – it’s time for some glitz and glam! Who knew organizing could be this fashionable? This Redditor might not have sorted his paperwork, but at least his hair could rock some bling! Sparkle on, hair clip!

Cravings Unsatisfied

This Redditor had a serious craving for some classic, saucy, cheesy goodness, so he decided to treat himself to a mouthwatering pizza. He eagerly placed an order and waited in delicious anticipation. Upon unboxing, though, he swore he would rather chew on his fingernails.

Image courtesy of BoltyMcSpeedy / Reddit

Instead of a glorious pizza, he found himself face-to-face with what can only be described as an Italian dish with an identity crisis! No sauce, no tomatoes – it was like a pizza without its pizza! Who serves a tomato-bare pizza?

Veggies Over Fruits

This collector had her heart set on this adorable plushie shaped like an upside-down strawberry. After all, who wouldn’t want a squishy fruit buddy for cuddles, right? But upon receipt, she couldn’t help but feel betrayed. It was like she had received a fresh serving of vegetables!

Image courtesy of aflamingtruck / Reddit

Her strawberry dreams were squashed faster than you can say “carrot-crazy.” Instead of that cute red berry, she found herself face-to-face with a plushie that looked more like a bright orange carrot! It’s cute alright, but that doesn’t mean it will keep this person from giving a one-star rating.

Lousy Luva

It was her lover’s birthday, and this person wanted to surprise him with a delicious cake. So, she went to the bakeshop and requested a heartfelt message on top, something like “Happy Birthday, Luva!” She didn’t want to be overly cheesy.

Image courtesy of rosemarychicken19 / Reddit

But when she picked up the cake, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Right there, in big, bold letters, was a message that said, “Many Thanks!” Did the bakeshop just thank themselves on her birthday cake? Talk about giving yourself a pat on the back!


Oh, the sweet (and slightly messy) adventure this Harry Potter fan embarked on! She treated herself to some magical chocolate, just like the wizards did on the Hogwarts Express. You know, the kind that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

Image courtesy of Deoxys100EX / Reddit

But when the package arrived, it was like a chocolate catastrophe! Instead of finding a croaking treat, she discovered a gooey, molten mess of chocolatey goodness. She’d hoped for a magical experience but got a melted masterpiece instead. She looked for her wand to undo the mess.

Education Being Difficult

This writer placed an order for a thousand-page loose-leaf book because she’s all about those massive tomes of knowledge. She eagerly awaited its arrival, thinking she would get an epic stack of pages ready for her grand literary expedition to line her shelves.

Image courtesy of ShadiwsWandering / Reddit

But when the package finally arrived, she was met with an avalanche of loose leaves instead! It was like someone threw a book-shaped confetti bomb inside the box. Pages were flying everywhere, and she had to scramble to catch them before they took flight like literary butterflies!

Time to learn how to cook

This Redditor was craving a mouthwatering masterpiece – grilled beef wedged between layers of heavenly bread and ooey-gooey cheese. His stomach was already doing a happy dance just thinking about it! So, he placed his order and eagerly awaited the sandwich nirvana.

Image courtesy of kcat94 / Reddit

Their excitement deflated faster than a popped balloon. Instead of that glorious beefy dream, he found himself holding what could only be described as a meaty optical illusion. There were three measly slices of beef sandwiched between two thin slices of bread that could’ve doubled as postage stamps!

Hilarious Surprise

This Redditor was all set to enjoy some sunny days with her new sandals, so she eagerly ordered them online. But after the package arrived, and she excitedly tried them on, she discovered a hilariously uneven surprise. Either limp or go barefoot.

Image courtesy of shanny_carr / Reddit

She couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of her feet, one comfortably snug and the other playing “slip and slide” with every step. It’s like they were experiencing an extreme case of “odd couple” syndrome. Too bad, he’ll just have to settle for old footwear.

Lilac Letdown

Oh, the great lilac letdown! This person was so excited to surprise his loved one with a beautiful bouquet of fragrant lilacs – you know, those enchanting flowers that make your heart skip a beat. But the opposite happened. He felt utterly dejected after seeing this by the side of his door.

Image courtesy of von_Bob / Reddit

He received a wooden basket filled with flower buds that were still in their “do not disturb” mode! It was like they were hibernating, waiting for the perfect moment to bloom. Try as he might, he couldn’t give this bouquet to his other half. Sometimes the thought doesn’t count.


To this person’s horror, the denim she had ordered came with a security tag still clinging to it, like a clingy ex you can’t get rid of! Whenever she tried to force it open, she could practically hear the tag taunting her with a warning: it’ll make a polka-dotted mess.

Image courtesy of unbridled_chaos418 / Reddit

She was torn between returning her cool new jeans or covering the tag up with a loose oversized blouse. Fashionista or blue-stained disaster – what a tough choice! In the end, she had to play a fashion detective and return the jeans, hoping she wouldn’t be thought of as the thief.

Fluttering Hilarity

Oh, the hummingbird hilarity that fluttered its way into this woman’s life! She was on cloud nine, imagining these exquisite earrings adorning her ear, ready to add a touch of grandeur to her OOTD. So, she hit that “order” button and eagerly awaited their arrival.

Image courtesy of LInaLulu17 / Reddit

Instead of the finely crafted beauties she had imagined, she found herself holding a pair of earrings that seemed to be the distant cousins of the ones she had ordered! It was like someone waved a “meh” wand over them, and poof – low-quality versions appeared!

Rolling Over In Its Grave

This cat owner wanted to immortalize her beloved cat in the most heartwarming way possible, so she asked an artist to create a lifelike plushie in remembrance. She imagined it would be so realistic that it could practically meow! But what she got would make her cat roll in its grave.

Image courtesy of DonutPlains / Reddit

She found herself face-to-face with what can only be described as a comical version of her cat. It looked more like a toy from a Saturday morning cartoon than a lifelike companion! The artist might have taken the word “plushie” way too literally.

Split in Half

This woman was in the mood to spruce up her hairstyle with some pretty flower hair clips. You know, those delightful accessories that add a touch of floral charm to your look? So, she excitedly placed her order online, ready to bloom with style.

Image courtesy of hayhaydavila / Reddit

But when the package finally arrived, her excitement wilted faster than a flower in the scorching sun. Instead of intact, blooming flower hair clips, she found herself holding hair clips that were broken in half! It was like someone decided to give the poor clips a karate chop before sending them her way.

Dazzle to Dull

This gown fiasco had this woman feeling like a fashion victim! She was all set to dazzle in this stunning dress she ordered online. It looked like the ones that make models look like red-carpet goddesses. She eagerly awaited its arrival, daydreaming about feeling like royalty.

Image courtesy of fiddlesticks2319 / Reddit

Instead of the elegant gown she had envisioned, she found herself holding a dress that was a foot shorter and a whole lot less fabulous than the one advertised! It was like Cinderella’s dress got hit with a shrinking spell before reaching her doorstep.

Waxy Mess

Here’s an “undertaker action figure” that turned into a waxy mess of disappointment! This fan was so psyched to add some eerie excitement to his collection, imagining purchasing this cool action figure of the legendary undertaker, complete with his signature moves and spooky charisma.

Image courtesy of Traditional-Eagle191 / Reddit

Instead, he found himself staring at what seemed to be a sad, melted wax figure of the wrestler! An “action figure” that can’t even keep its cool? Now that’s a unique kind of wrestling! He’ll just have to save up longer for an action figure that’s stellar quality.

Can Make It Work

This Redditor was all geared up for some fabulous thigh-high boots with built-in jeggings. The perfect combo of style, edginess, and comfort. She was ready to strut like a fashion warrior, slaying naysayers and fad influencers with her killer look!

Image courtesy of JenniferOkuro / Reddit

Her fashion dreams were dashed faster than a zombie chasing brains. Instead of sleek thigh-high boots, she found herself wrestling with loose-fitting jeggings that looked like they were ready for a commando mission, paired with boots that could survive a zombie apocalypse.

Outside the Box

This person must’ve taken “thinking outside the box” a bit too literally when she placed this order! She shared that she needed some laundry baskets to conquer the never-ending mountain of clothes, so she ordered four of these without checking the dimensions – big mistake!

Image courtesy of poKehuntess / Reddit

Trinket baskets? Really? Now she can have cute little knick-knacks all over the house and still maintain her mountainous mess of laundry! Well, all she could do was launch Plan B – conquer the laundry with multiple rounds of these pint-sized cuties!