A Guide to the Top Online Destinations for Lab-Grown Diamonds

By Isabel K January 22, 2024

In the realm of engagement rings and fine jewelry, lab-grown diamonds have emerged as a compelling choice for modern couples. These diamonds, identical to their earth-mined counterparts in chemical, physical, and visual aspects, offer a more affordable and ethical alternative. Given their growing popularity, here is a comprehensive guide to the top online destinations for purchasing lab-grown diamonds.

image credit: Kwangmoozaa/ Shutterstock
  1. Brilliant Earth
    A leader in the space, Brilliant Earth presents a diverse selection of traditional and unique rings. Their standout feature is the variety they offer, including lab-grown sapphires, allowing customers to explore beyond diamonds. Their website provides an interactive experience, enabling buyers to visualize how rings would look on different skin tones.
  2. James Allen
    James Allen, a pioneer in online diamond retail since 2006, offers a wide array of beautiful lab-created diamonds. Customers can personalize their experience by selecting their diamond and ring settings. The site also features fancy-colored lab-grown diamonds for those seeking a distinctive piece.
  3. Rare Carat
    Endorsed by experts like John Sorich IV of Diamonds Direct MN, Rare Carat boasts an extensive inventory and sophisticated search filters. This platform is designed to help shoppers easily find their dream ring amidst a vast selection.
  4. Kay Jewelers
    A household name, Kay Jewelers provides an immersive online shopping experience with 360-degree views of rings. Their website breaks down costs transparently and includes prices typically incurred elsewhere, bolstering consumer confidence.
  5. Helzberg Diamonds
    Known for timeless and trusted jewelry, Helzberg Diamonds now includes ethical, lab-grown options in their collections. They feature luxury collections, such as those by designer Zac Posen, adding a touch of celebrity style to their offerings.
  6. Clean Origin
    Clean Origin addresses one of the primary concerns of buyers — the appearance and source of diamonds. Their lab-grown diamonds are indistinguishable from mined diamonds, offering the same luster at a significantly lower cost and an eco-friendly footprint.
  7. Blue Nile
    Blue Nile’s user-friendly website facilitates easy customization of rings. An attractive feature is their diamond upgrade program, allowing customers to enhance or add to their diamonds later in life, making it a smart long-term investment.
  8. 12Fifteen Diamonds
    12FIFTEEN Diamonds stands out for its USA-made products and free nationwide shipping. Their website provides detailed information on each ring, including style, color, and setting, aiding informed decision-making.
  9. Lightbox
    Lightbox is a great choice for those seeking budget-friendly options without compromising on timelessness. They offer loose, lab-grown diamonds for custom ring building and also have a range of colorful diamonds.
  10. Plum Diamonds
    A female-founded business, Plum Diamonds crafts each ring from scratch in a certified sustainable facility. They offer a portfolio of timeless styles and allow extensive customization for a truly unique creation.
image credit: Levon Avagyan/ Shutterstock

Lab-grown diamonds, being identical to naturally mined diamonds but more affordable and ethically produced, are an excellent choice for couples today. These top online retailers offer a variety of styles, customization options, and price points, catering to diverse preferences and needs. When choosing your perfect ring, these destinations provide not just a product but a responsible and memorable buying experience.